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[2007-04-30] Online dating has a bad rap but everyone's doing it these days
They might not admit it but they're doing it and why not? It's a helluva lot easier than going out blind into the night. After all, you have plenty of time to say all of the right things and use that really great picture your friend took of you. It's kind of like studying before a test; sure you can wing it but why settle for a 5 when you can easily snag an 8 with a little more effort? Too bad most online dating sites suck. I'm not going to explore many of the current options available because I don't think they're worth anyone's time. They primarily exist as a way to explore just how much [...]
[2007-04-30] Ireland's First Scientific Online Matchmaking Service for Irish Singles
The search for a life-long partner is finally moving out of the bars and online for the 755,000 Irish singles now actively seeking long-term relationships. According to, Ireland's first online matchmaking service for singles wanting a serious relationship, the search for a soulmate is moving out of bars and clubs and on to the net. 59% of Irish singles say they would sign up to an online dating service, but despite the extra choice and convenience of looking for love from your armchair, it can be tricky to get an idea about someone without real-life, face-to-face contact. The ave [...]
[2007-04-27] Online dating services are a prime target of con artists, looking to steal people's hearts and wallets.
5 On Your Side Consumer reporter John Matarese reported on how some Web sites are now stepping up their efforts to protect users. A year ago, Matarese said he investigated the growing number of scam artists preying on members of online dating sites. He said the problem has grown to be so widespread that dating sites are fighting back, trying to protect their members from the heartbreak of a lifetime. One woman thought she had met the man of her dreams on a dating Web site. Cindy, who asked that her last name not be used, met who she thought was a businessman online. "An att [...]
[2007-04-27] The Minneapolis-based dating service works by pairing people who share the same drink characteristics from professionals who would describe themselves as "martini," to the sophisticated "fine wine/champagne," to the energetic "sports drink."
The site, created by John Mamalakis, was launched Thursday in Houston, Chicago and Minneapolis. Visitors can access profiles of members in each city. Those who post a profile can choose a free limited membership or an unlimited membership which ranges from $25 for one month to $80 for six months. "Nearly everyone enjoys meeting over their beverage," Mamalakis said. "It can also serve as a great starting point for a great conversation." [...]
[2007-04-27] A pet can improve your dating chances
Last year I considered writing a column about the effect that owning a dog or cat has on one's "social marketability" or "dating quotient." But then other topics caught my attention, and I placed the subject on the back burner. Recently though, two events reminded me how beloved a dog or cat is to its owner. First, my 10-year-old cocker spaniel, Abby, had to undergo surgery to have gall stones removed. The vet had assured me that it was a relatively minor operation, but my family and I still breathed huge sighs of relief when the surgery was a success and Abby came home happy and healthy. Th [...]
[2007-04-27] TWO local dating agencies will combine to present a speed dating night in Bendigo on Saturday, May 1
Names are being taken for the three age groups who will meet at St Liborius Hall, Panton Street between 7pm and 11pm, in what organisers hope will be the first in a series of successful ‘meet and match’ opportunities for Bendigo and district adults. The age groups will cater for those in the young (20 - 35 years), mature (36 - 49 years) and senior (50 years and over) categories. Co-ordinators of the dating agencies, Kyra Exell of Good Company Singles and Colin James of Bendigo Social Singles said this would be the first time that two dating agencies have combined their resources to present a [...]
[2007-04-27] Almost 22 percent of pregnant U.S. women smoke cigarettes and more than 10 percent are nicotine dependent
The results, published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, also found that approximately 30 percent of pregnant women who use cigarettes have a mental disorder, with personality disorders, major depressive disorder and specific phobia among the most common psychological ailments. Mental disorders were even more common among pregnant women with nicotine dependence, affecting more than 57 percent, according to the researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. "Cigarette smoking during pregnancy is the single most preventable cause of illness and mortality among [...]
[2007-04-27] Flawed business model behind Web site for the hot misses the point
Since when do über hotties need a specialized online dating service? If evolutionary psychology and People magazine teach us anything, it’s this: When it comes to hooking up, the only thing the most attractive of the species need do is walk outside. Hence the intrinsically flawed business model behind, a matchmaking Web site exclusively for “fit, good-looking people.” Access to this database of desirability is granted to those ranked 8 or higher by’s current members — those symmetrical few who themselves land on the high end of the Bo Derek periodic table. On [...]
[2007-04-26] Dating online is not just for the socially inept
Online dating has possibly replaced the "bar scene" that we have all grown to loathe.People might be embarrassed to admit they troll the dating sites looking for Mr. (or Miss) Right, but the statistics show they're not alone.In a statistics report, 40 million Americans use online dating services, which is about 40 percent of those unattached. It makes sense that people would rather sit in the comfort of their own homes (or local Internet cafés) and peruse profiles rather than walk up to strangers with their best pick-up lines, which usually aren't that good in the first place. W [...]
[2007-04-26] Despite pre-date ‘lucky’ rituals and savvy dating advice, students drink too much, cry at movies, and end up in awkard first date situations
First date jitters are hard to escape. Even smart, attractive and emotionally mature adults can sometimes run into trouble when searching for lasting romantic relationships. Whether looking solely for a good time or for a long-term relationship, first impressions can make all the difference in landing a second date. While women contemplate whether to see their date again for about an hour, men only take 15 minutes to decide, according to Meredith Broussard, editor of “The Encyclopedia of Exes: 26 Stories by Men of Love Gone Wrong.” John Reed, junior, believes men can base a lot of a first da [...]
[2007-04-26] Office romances are a fact of life but the repercussions can be a nasty business
We see the headlines almost every day. "Town fires worker for dating boss." "Boeing CEO resigns over affair with subordinate." "Wolfowitz feels the heat over girlfriend's increased salary." It's enough to make even the most shameless office flirt swear off casual-sex Friday. Or is it? Out of 575 people surveyed by in early 2007, nearly half admitted to an office romance and another 11 percent said that while they hadn't had the chance to mix business with pleasure quite yet, they definitely had it on their to-do list. Which makes sense to this working stiff. We spend more time w [...]
[2007-04-26] One in ten relationships is held together by the humble Post-it note
A SCRIBBLED message on a Post-it note has replaced intimate conversation in one in ten relationships, a survey has discovered. The decision by increasing numbers of women to continue working, often after having children, is radically changing the way couples communicate and conduct their relationship. And while the responsibility for bringing money into the home now appears to fall more equally on both sexes, the flip side of this has seen ever more couples complain that their relationship is under strain because they have no time to talk. According to the results of a survey of 850 wome [...]
[2007-04-26] Internet Dating Web Sites Take Steps to Ensure Their Couples Stay Together
An estimated 3 million U.S. Internet users have clicked their way to love, so says the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Some entered long-term relationships after linking up in cyberspace, and some even made their way down the aisle. But more than 10 years after the Internet transformed dating, one question remains: Are these couples living happily ever after, or are they more likely to meet with divorce lawyers? Although there are no official divorce statistics for those who met online, one thing is certain: Just as in marriages that began in more traditional ways, love stories c [...]
[2007-04-25] Should women make the first move in relationships?
Holly Phillips, ColumnistI have questioned one thing in my dating years since they began six years ago: should women make the first move?Since my past two relationships involved plenty of first moves on my behalf, I recently developed a new fantasy - to be pursued to the fullest extent. Mr. Right, whoever he is, must be willing to make those first steps to find me, meet me, kiss me and so forth. Until then, I have to find my own path, and I encourage the ladies to join me. Since I am currently not looking for a relationship, I see no reason to ignore a little adventure. My i [...]
[2007-04-25] A new matchmaking service for dogs – and virtually every other kind of domesticated pet from apes to zebras – promises to facilitate the arduous and heartbreaking process of hounding for the perfect mate.
Petpalio. com is the brainchild of Aaron Rodrigues, a 17-year-old self-styled "student entrepreneur" from Auckland. Rodrigues said he came up with the concept after an agonising search for a canine companion for his two-year-old bichon frise, Lasie. "I contacted all the pet stores and they didn't have anybody to connect me with other pet owners. They told me to join clubs, which were offline, and it was such a hassle, I thought there has to be a better way to do this," Rodrigues said yesterday. The website, launched just over a week ago, has attracted 40 eligible pets, mostly from the Un [...]
[2007-04-25] Model and actress Pamela Anderson’s recent trip to Russia has made her fall in love with the orphans of the country
"I especially loved visiting an orphanage outside of Moscow. It was really eye opening – sad but inspiring to see these kids happy despite having nothing – really nothing, including parents,” People quoted Anderson, as stating in her online diary about last week's trip. The 39-year-old, whose divorce from Kid Rock got finalized in February this year, also added that the experience of brightening up a child’s day was very satisfying and pleasing. "Their stories are heart-wrenching, but when you put your arms around these kids and kiss them – play games with them and listen to them sing and [...]
[2007-04-24] Co-stars admit they are an item on their websites after months of denials
SHE is 'immersed in a sea of happiness' with him. He 'feels like she is a part of (his) life' and that their coupling was 'decreed by heaven'. These declarations of love were left by Korean actors Lee Seo Jin, 34, and KimJung Eun, 31, on their respective websites last week. Their love blossomed on the set of the romantic drama, Lovers. The declarations on their websites confirmed rumours that have been circulating since late January, after Lovers ended its run in Korea. On 15 Apr, Jung Eun left a message on her homepage to tell fans that she is basking in love. 'He is a good friend t [...]
[2007-04-24] Vietnamese police have broken up an illegal matchmaking ring, raiding a home where 66 young women had lined up for inspection by a South Korean suitor, a police officer said Tuesday.
Ho Chi Minh City police fined two people for organizing the meeting, said officer Nguyen Van Dan. Commercial matchmaking is illegal in Vietnam. Dan said Thang Ngai Linh, 46, and Thi Vinh Khuong, 42, charged customers 700,000 dong (US$44) to visit. To bring a woman back to South Korea, the men would have to pay 1,500,000 dong (US$95; ˆ70) to the matchmakers and US$400 (ˆ295) to the woman's family, Dan said. The young women, mostly from southern Vietnam's Mekong Delta region, were sent back to their home villages after the incident, Dan said. Two weeks ago, police discovered [...]
[2007-04-24] A Quest to Delete Online Predators
“Julie” Doe’s secret online life started innocently enough, like many other teens communicating over the Internet. The 14-year-old from Georgia joined Quest Personals, a phone chat service, after seeing it advertised on television. The site requires users to be over 18, but it has absolutely no security measure or age verification to ensure that those who say there are over 18 really are. Julie easily created a voice chat profile and began using Quest. No one from the service ever attempted to confirm her true age. And yet, in the course of her online conversations, Julie freely admitted her [...]
[2007-04-24] Russian market of perfumery and cosmetics is one of the most fast-growing markets in the world
According to the experts’ evaluation almost one third of the whole perfumery and cosmetics market of Russia falls on the sector of direct sales. Ferenc Der, General director of Avon Cosmetics in Russia and Kazakhstan, told about the specific character of the Russian market. - What is the peculiarity of the Russian market and the segment of direct sales in your opinion? Do you correct the global strategy of Avon in accordance with local specific? - Russian market of perfumery and cosmetics is one of the most fast-growing markets in the world. The market growth in Europe is about 6% a year, w [...]
DATING is going to the dogs. That is if Mr Herbert Lim, 40, has his way. You could say he is a rare breed: A professional dog trainer turned self-proclaimed 'dating guru'. 'Maybe it's not humble - but what else would you call me?' he said. Already he has tried to pair up hundreds of people using dogs, he said. And that includes himself. The name of his matchmaking agency is Love Me Love My Dog, but in his own case it was more a case of Love My Dog Love Me. Two years ago, the dog enthusiast was having breakfast at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where he takes his Golden Retriever for walk [...]
[2007-04-23] The Single No More players receive final critiques from their relationship coach, and most of them seem to be encouraging
Is there a right way to date? Our Single No More quartet -- four metro Detroiters the Free Press is helping to find dates -- have been working the singles scene for a few months now, hitting events, experimenting with online dating.But how are they really doing? During their final session -- graduation? -- at the Relationship Institute in Royal Oak, dating coach Shirley Bavonese critiqued their progress. Randall Walker, a 31-year-old 401(K) consultant from Royal Oak, has decided against pursuing a woman who works in his office building because he overheard her talking and she sounded really [...]
[2007-04-23] A dating agency in Brussels is now restricted to only officials of the European Union and their guests.
London's Sunday Telegraph reported on Eurosingles, which has set the restrictions because of growing concern that wealthy members were being targeted by ordinary citizens who, in the end, were in it for money. The Telegraph reported that both male and female members of the agency asked for the restrictions. Laura di Rosa, 52, the Eurosingles chairman, who works for the EU Council of Ministers, said the club only accepts members whose email address matches one of the EU Internet domains, or if they are sponsored by an EU employee. [...]
[2007-04-23] Dating while separated has no legal bearing
The information in this column is not intended as legal advice but to provide a general understanding of the law. Readers with legal problems, including those whose questions are addressed here, should consult attorneys for advice on their particular circumstances. Q: It has become a common practice for couples who separate to enter the dating scene even though they are not yet divorced. They often post their profiles and pictures on various dating Web sites and indicate they are separated and available. I realize that we live in a society and times when adultery is common and widely accept [...]
[2007-04-23] Gold-diggers break lonely Eurocrat hearts
"Brussels-based decision-maker, enjoys good food and fine wine, seeks companion for romantic evenings discussing the future of the European constitution." They may not have the most promising dates on their books, so bosses at Eurosingles, the lonely hearts agency for European Union officials, were pleasantly surprised at the number of approaches their clients received from ordinary Belgians. Was it that EU functionaries were just better-looking than the average civil servant? Or had drafting European agricultural directives suddenly become as glamorous and sexy as the EU had always insisted [...]
[2007-04-23] Law would promote careless online dating
I am a romance coach with an international Internet-based business here in Tallahassee. I work with singles to find partners using Internet dating sites. I'm concerned that our Legislature is considering a new law that could endanger Florida singles who use Internet dating services. House Bill 531 and Senate Bill 1224 would create a false sense of security by having the state endorse an outdated and ineffective way to keep convicted criminals off of online dating sites. The main proponent of these bills is I have been watching and writing about's attempts to legislate its [...]
[2007-04-23] 118 online dates, for those keeping score at home
After jettisoning the perfect Mr. Wrong, I was ready, at the ripe young age of 39, to throw in the towel on finding even a slightly unperfect Mr. Right. Then, a good friend, one with a shiny new beau, encouraged me to get modern and try online dating. When I hesitated, she pointed out how easily the computer helps separate the dudes from the duds. OK, maybe I was up for just one more dive into the dating pool. Turns out, that pool is Olympic-sized. The U.S. online dating industry is worth about $500 million and is expected to climb 9 percent a year. And according to, there ar [...]
[2007-04-23] Beware of dating sites and spinoffs
QI used Internet dating sites until I met my current partner through one. We've been together for one year. We both still log on to the website on which we met to use the forums, as we also met friends that way. Recently, somebody posted a link to a YouTube video that advertises a website for reporting bad experiences dating online. This makes me uncomfortable, because, previously, I did have a couple of bad experiences with online dating. So, all it could've taken was for any of those women to report on a website like this (vindictively) and I might've never met my partner. She could've c [...]
[2007-04-23] Police and immigration officers yesterday broke up a gang behind a major sham marriage scam.
Four men and a woman were arrested on suspicion of marrying off vulnerable Glasgow women, including drug addicts and prostitutes, to Africans wishing to stay in Britain. The members of the gang were seized in a series of dawn raids early yesterday in Paisley, Cambuslang, London and Reading, Berkshire. The 6am swoop came after a seven-month investiga- tion into "dozens" of bogus marriages between Scottish women and men from Ghana and Gambia. It is understood the inquiry was started by a tip-off at the general register office. The "brides" are all from the Greater Glasgow area. The gang is th [...]
[2007-04-23] Seminar for parents and kids helps distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships
Now that their teen daughters are starting to date, parents Bonnie and Marsha Rocke of Columbia want to make sure they understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.That's why the family attended a seminar on teen relationships, given by Robin McClave, outreach coordinator for the Domestic Violence Center in Columbia. The hourlong workshop was part of a wellness series offered by the school system."Even though I may say the same thing, it's different coming from the professionals," said Bonnie, the father of Diandra, 16, and Ericka, 14.About 30 people attended the sessi [...]
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