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[2006-04-21] British Airways lowered its short-haul air-fares
British Airways today announces a radical shake-up of its short-haul air fares with one-way all-inclusive tickets starting at just £29 - less than the cost of a Premiership football ticket. All non-changeable economy tickets will be scrapped with air travellers able to change their flights, no matter what they have paid for the ticket, up to midnight the day before departure. British Airways' Commercial Director, Martin George, said: "We operate in a very competitive market and are determined to be the first choice for air travellers, who want low prices, flexibility, and a superb flyin [...]
[2006-04-21] British Airways to increase the fuel surcharges on its longhaul flights
British Airways is to increase the fuel surcharge on its longhaul flights from Friday April 21, 2006 as a result of further rises in the price of fuel. The longhaul fuel surcharge on tickets sold and issued in the UK will increase from £30 per sector to £35 per sector (£70 return trip). The shorthaul fuel surcharge will remain unchanged at £8 per sector (£16 a return trip). Martin George, British Airways' commercial director, said: "Our fuel costs remain a real burden. The price of oil has risen above $70 a barrel and experts anticipate it staying at these level [...]
[2006-04-20] Russia and EU to ease visa regulations
(RIA Novosti) - Russia and the European Union will sign agreements on easing visa regulations and on readmission at a summit at a Black Sea resort May 25, the president's aide said Thursday. "In Sochi on May 25, we plan to sign two agreements, which are already ready," said Sergei Yastrzhembsky, who oversees relations with the EU. The agreements would see Russia and the EU relax visa requirements for certain categories of people for stays of up to 90 days, and take additional measures to prevent illegal migration. On readmission, Russia would pledge to readmit Russian citizens and citizens [...]
[2006-04-20] British Airways increased fuel surcharges on long-distance flights
British Airways has increased fuel surcharges on long-distance flights. They will rise from 30 to 35 pounds ($62.2). It has been the sixth increaseof surcharges for 2 years. Initially they were 2,5 pounds and have grown 14 times as high. The last increase was seven months ago in September. The fuel surcharges on European flights will remain unchanged due to the high competition with state airlines. [...]
[2006-04-20] Two foreign travellers may be able to continue their trip
(Itar-Tass) The two foreigners whom Russian border guards detained in Chukotka on April 1 for trespassing the Russian state border may be allowed to continue their trip across the Russian territory. American Carl Bushbee and Dimitri Kifer of Britain were detained in the Uelen village in Chukotka to where they had come from Alaska by crossing the Bering Strait on ice. The Chukotka district court ruled that the two should be expelled from Russia. They were also sentenced to a 2,000-rouble fine, Valery Putov, the head of the North Eastern regional border department of the Russian Federal Secu [...]
[2006-04-19] New sight of Moscow - speaking bus stops
In the near future, many bus and trolleybus stops in Moscow will be equipped with special devices to inform passengers when the next bus or trolleybus comes, how much the ticket costs, where they can get it, what kinds of transport run on this route and how to get to this or that social establishment. The first stops to be modernized are at large transport junctions. Besides information systems, it is planned to fit video cameras into the stop pavilions. Every 15 minutes, they will transmit the image into the united information and control center. Experts will be able to watch the transport [...]
[2006-04-19] New attraction for tourists in St. Petersburg – Beer Festival
The eighth beer festival is to be held in St. Petersburg this summer, namely 24-25 June. It got the status of a city festival last year after it had been under the threatof disappearance due to the amendments to the law “About advertisement” that forbid beer brewers to finance mass events. Last year, the festival was visited by over 270 thousand people; this year we are planning to attract about 320 thousand beer lovers” – said the chief director of the festival Dmitry Dmitriev. To increase the attendance, the organizers of the festival intend to lower the prices for beer on tap. The prices [...]
[2006-04-19] The guide for American tourists to improve the country’s image abroad
The US Department of State is going to issue “The World Citizens Guide” for American tourists about how to behave in other countries not to harm the image of the USA, but change it for the better. The US government is seriously concerned about the negative attitude of other nations to American citizens. They are planning to give the guide to all American citizens that go abroad, and also adapt it for children and students. Researches show that Americans are considered to be arrogant, obsessed with material values and ignorant of the culture of other countries. The guide will contain 16 tips [...]
[2006-04-19] Walk Around the World Ended by Russian Red Tape
( Karl Bushby’s epic journey to walk around the world looks like it has come to an end thanks to heartless Russian authorities who have decided to deport the adventurer. Bushby has spent the last seven-and-a-half years walking 17,000 miles from the tip of South America, up through North America, Canada and Alaska before completing a very rare journey across the frozen Bering Strait and into Russia—where he was quickly arrested on his way to the nearest town to process his visa paperwork. While it was hoped that Russian authorities would make an exception for the adventurer, it has [...]
[2006-04-19] Free visas to Europe to be cancelled for Ukrainian citizens
Euro Union wants to cancel the current visa regulations with the Ukraine. Now it will become more difficult and expensive for Ukrainian citizens to get to some European countries. “Currently the Ukraine has the so-called “asymmetric visa regulations” with Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic” – said Boris Tarasyuk, the Ukraine Minister of Foreign Affairs. It means that Ukrainian citizens can travel to Europe with free visas and in return, the citizens of these seven countries could visit the Ukraine without any visas at all. Certainly, this is sad news f [...]
[2006-04-18] In Moscow, protest over state's grip on media
(Agence France-Presse, The Associated Press) More than 1,000 demonstrators rallied in Moscow on Sunday to protest government efforts to tighten controls over national media. The protest in central Moscow was linked to the fifth anniversary of the takeover of the NTV television station by the state-controlled company Gazprom in what was widely viewed as a Kremlin-orchestrated move to stifle criticism of the government. Several prominent television anchors, who lost their jobs amid the authorities' efforts to tighten control over programming, took part in the rally. "Over the last five yea [...]
[2006-04-18] Russia to toughen demands on alcoholic drinks
(RIA Novosti) - Russia will impose stricter demands on imported and domestically produced alcoholic beverages, the health minister said Monday. "The tougher regulations will apply to Russian producers and importers under the new law on the alcohol trade," Mikhail Zurabov said. Russia suspended imports of Moldovan and Georgian wine March 27, following hygiene concerns raised by the country's chief doctor, Gennady Onishchenko, who said the wines failed to meet numerous health and safety regulations. Zurabov said the quality of alcoholic drinks that Russia imports is often far from satisfac [...]
[2006-04-17] Russian Orthodox Church to open new churches abroad - patriarch
(RIA Novosti) - The Russian Orthodox Church will continue opening churches for believers outside the country, its head said Monday. "For our compatriots abroad, a church is a live connection with their motherland and their church, and it makes their lives easier," Patriarch Alexy II told journalists. "New churches are being opened everywhere, because increasing numbers of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are going abroad." There are currently more than 280 Russian churches in 42 countries outside the former Soviet Union. "Sometimes we have to buy churches sold in the West," Alexy II [...]
[2006-04-17] Russia, U.S. should revise dialogue
(Rossiiskaya Gazeta) Waves of anti-Americanism in the Russian media and anti-Russian outbursts in the American press threaten to become a regular feature of bilateral relations for the first time since 2001.Criticism is a positive thing, but criticizing each other all the time is silly, if only because it can become habitual, Professor Alexei Bogaturov, dean of the political science department at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, writes in popular daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta.The Russian people are no longer shocked by criticism of their country's democratic inadequacy, mostl [...]
[2006-04-17] Russia to Simplify Access for Foreign Investments
Russia will make it easier for foreigners to buy small amounts of stock in banks, Andrei Kozlov, the Central Bank's deputy chairman said.As he said, the Bank plans to allow foreigners to buy less than 1 percent of a bank’s shares without informing regulators, Kozlov said. At the moment notification is required for the purchase of even a single share.Foreigners will still need to receive permission from the Central Bank for any purchase of more than 10 percent of a Russian lender, he said. [...]
[2006-04-14] American Airlines increased fuel surcharges on long-distance flights
American airlines said on Tuesday it increased fuel surcharges on most trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific flights, excluding to Japan, by USD$10 one-way and USD$20 round-trip. The increase wasn’t supported by other American airline companies so far. [...]
[2006-04-14] Religious Liberties Not Suppressed in Russia— Vatican Ambassador
Archbishop Antonio Mennini, the Holy See’s representative in Russia, has said he does not share the U.S. Congress’s criticism of an alleged suppression of religious freedoms in Russia. From his point of view, Russian legislation is optimal for Russia’s Catholics.In mid-March the House of Representatives passed a resolution, claiming once again that the rights of believers are being violated and religious liberties restricted in Russia.“Unfortunately, I am not informed of the facts which prompted the U.S. Congress to come up with such claims. I am glad to state that Russia’s current legislation [...]
[2006-04-12] Aeroflot Transfers To Summer Schedule
Starting from March 26, 2006, ÎÀÎ “Aeroflot-Russian Airlines” transfers to summer schedule, which will function until October 28 of the current year. Aeroflot introduces a number of new destinations, increases flying intensity, promotes cooperation with foreign partners. Frequency of flights to CIS-countries will grow by 30%, frequency of flights to South-East Asia will be increased by 28%; Aeroflot will carry out 20% more flights to America, 15 % more flights to Africa and Middle East countries, frequency of flights to the cities of Russia and Europe will go up by 14% and 9% respectively. Fre [...]
[2006-04-12] British Airways to increase the number of Moscow-London flights
Since May 8, British Airways starts three more flights from Moscow to London, increasing the number of flights from 15 to 18 flights a week. New flights will be carried out on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, departure from Domodedovo airport at 5.45 a.m. and arrival in Heathrow airport at 6.50 a.m. by local time. Flights from London to Moscow will take place on Monday, Friday and Saturday, departure at 10.05 p.m. and arrival in Moscow at 4.55 a.m. New flights, including the additional flight on Saturday, will be carried out on Airbus 320 with salons of Club Europe and Euro Traveller classes. All [...]
[2006-04-11] The New Regulations of US Customs and Immigration Control
Starting from April 1, 2006, the Immigration Control and Customs service of United Stated introduced new regulations determining the procedure of prior provision of passengers' information arriving to US. When booking the flight to the destination point located in US now it is obligatory required to specify the following passenger's data: Passport number, country of issuing Citizenship Date of birth Country of permanent residence Passport expiration date Address of dwelling in US (Building No., street, city, state, ZIP, or hotel name, street, city, state), or in case of transfer t [...]
[2006-04-11] British embassy to open New visa application processing centers in major 11 Russian cities
(Itar-Tass) The British embassy in Russia will recruit partner companies to deal with visa applications from May 2006. One of them is VFS, which will work in cooperation with the Russian company Interlink. They will accept visa fees, check the correctness of visa application forms, and type the information into the computer. All visa decisions will be made by embassy personnel in Moscow and the consulate generals in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, the embassy said on Monday. British Ambassador Anthony Brenton believes that the new system will simplify the issue of visas and make this p [...]
[2006-04-10] Airline passengers at Domodedovo face lie detector
Passengers at Domodedovo International Airport (DME) in Moscow will soon have to undergo a lie detector test before they are permitted to board their flight. The measure is intended to root out potential terrorists or drug smugglers and it could be in place by July. Passengers will have to take the test while their clothes and shoes are being examined by X-ray machine. They will be required to pick up the handset of a "truth verifier" machine, and answer four questions about their identity and whether they are carrying any weapons or narcotics.The test lasts about a minute, and anyone who fa [...]
[2006-04-10] Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow is improving
April 5 2006, Domodedovo International Airport presented its technological development programme for the near future.Head of Russian and foreign airlines, representatives of transportation companies and travel agencies analysts and consulting companies, as well as representatives from the diplomatic community and NGOs took part in the event, which was held at the airport.The main objective of the airport technological upgrading program implemented within the framework of the general Domodedovo Airport development project is to expand passenger terminal and to equip it with state-of-the-art com [...]
[2006-04-10] High-level clergyman concerned over distortion of Russia’s image
(Itar-Tass) Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad on Thursday expressed serious concern over the fact that the world is presented a distorted image of Russia. “I want Russia’s image to be understandable to the world, so everything should be done so that ill-intentioned forces should not distort it,” he said. The metropolitan expressed the wish that the Western media and journalists who write about Russia should not be biased and should reject all sources of information that “have always been hostile to Russia”. “In order to understand Russia and to come to love it, one should tal [...]
[2006-04-10] Vnukovo airport in Moscow informs passengers about weather
Vnukovo airport in Moscow has improved the system of informing passengers about the current state of flights. Besides, for passengers’ convenience, the information boards in the terminals of the airport show weather in the cities of destination. They inform not only about the air temperature, but also show colorful animated images like “rainy”, “cloudy”, “sunny” and so on. [...]
[2006-04-08] Internet domain names .eu open to the public
Since 7th April, anyone within the European Union has been able to register an available .eu domain name on a first come first served basis. During the first four hours EURid – the not-for-profit organisation operating the Internet top level domain .eu – received 702 684 new registrations. From December, when .eu first opened, until now it has only been possible for holders of prior rights, for instance a trademark, to apply for a .eu names. EURid has received more than 300000 such applications, many of which are already in active use. But now no prior right is needed and the process of gettin [...]
[2006-04-05] New express day train will run between Moscow and Kiev
The agreement on the new express train route was signed by the heads of the Russian and Ukrainian railways companies. Eight trains run daily between the Russian and Ukrainian capitals, but due to increased passenger volumes a need arose for a faster and more comfortable train. The new train called Stolichny Express (Capital Express) will cover the distance of 874 kilometers between the two capitals for 9 hours 30 minutes and it will run at an average speed of 90 km per hour. So the journey time will be reduced by three or four hours. The train route will formally open on August 1. The heads [...]
[2006-04-05] What It Feels Like Being an Alien in Moscow
Bolshoi gorod, MosNews All the leading world media outlets have their correspondents in Moscow. Some regard their assignment as an honorable mission, others— as exile. Some marry Russian women, others dream of escape. Some enjoy speaking Russian and take a keen interest in Russian art, others view it as a punishment. Yet most agree that Russia has long ceased to be an exciting place to cover. Correspondents with a popular Moscow magazine Bolshoi Gorod (Big City) met foreign correspondents, “to look into the eyes through which the world looks at Russia”. Steven Lee Myers heads the Moscow burea [...]
[2006-04-04] Television news differ from reality
If you would like to meet with your fiancée in Paris, but scared of the students’ riots showed daily on television, this article is just for you. Hopefully, after reading it, you won’t cancel the trip of your dream because of television stations’ concerns with ratings. Boob Tube News By Alexei Pankin On Sunday, my wife and our 8-year-old daughter returned from a spring-break getaway to Paris. In the days before they left Moscow, the television news was filled with reports from France about the demonstrations against the "first job contract" law, which is intended to encourage firms [...]
[2006-04-04] Spring Shows the Ugly Side of Life
Be prepared to ugly views if you go to Russia in the middle of spring. Or postpone your trip until May or summer if you want streets to look beautiful and romantic when you take a stroll with your fiancée. Here is the article about the ugly side of Russian spring, written by Josefina Lundblad, a poet and a writer from Sweden, and a student at the Omsk Pedagogical University, which is located in Siberia. The most longed-for season in Siberia is undoubtedly spring, yet when it comes it is far from a pretty sight. While a welcome relief after four cold, dark months, the Siberian spring [...]
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