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[2006-09-07] Russian's Opinions on Russia
34% -Russia "is moving in the right direction" (in February the figure was 40%)47% - Russia "is moving along the wrong path" (in February -- 44%),19% - Haddifficulty answering (in February -- 16%). 5% - completely satisfied with what is happening in the country,25% -satisfied for the most part,71% are not entirely satisfied or are not satisfied at all. 24% - satisfied with the leadership's economic course 71% - unsatisfied with the leadership's economic course 13% - satisfied with the moral and ethical state of the country84% - unsatisfied with the moral and ethical state of the country [...]
[2006-09-07] Russian Gas Reliance
Percent of total national gas importation which comesfrom Gazprom Finland 100Poland 58Czech Republic 74Slovakia 97Hungary 70Romania 29Bulgaria 99Yugoslavia 74Germany 33Austria 66Slovenia 61Italy 26Greece 76Turkey 60France 26Netherlands 5Source: Gazprom [...]
[2006-09-07] Average Income in Russia
The World Bank defines as low the annual per capita earnings of $825-3,255, and high average incomes vary from $3,255 to $10,066. Others are high income countries. Not a single former Soviet republic is a high income country. At the same time, Estonia ($7,080 per capita income), Latvia ($5,580), Lithuania (5,740), Armenia ($1,060), Azerbaijan ($940), Belarus ($2,140), Georgia ($1,060), Kazakhstan ($2,250) and Ukraine ($1,270) are ranking amongst high average income countries together with Russia. Kyrgyzstan ($400), Moldova ($720), Tajikistan ($280) and Uzbekistan ($450) are low income countr [...]
[2006-09-07] People Savings
The newspaper "Vedomosti" published on Friday the results of the March poll on the financial activity of the Russian population, held by the All-Russia Centre for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM). It showed that in spite of the fact that bank deposits now yield a maximum annual interest of 12 per cent, one fifth of the Russian population prefer to deposit their money in banks, sixteen per cent to hide it as before "beneath their mattresses" at home, and more than sixty per cent of the population have no savings at all. Experts explain the VCIOM figures by the low incomes of the Russian po [...]
[2006-09-07] Bureaucracy in Russia
Russian officials are multiplying at a record-breaking rate. According to the Federal Service of State Statistics data, over the last year [2005] alone, the legion of bureaucrats grew by nearly 150,000, that is by over 10 per cent. Almost 1.5m people work in the federal bodies of the executive branch of power. This means there is one official per 100 Russians. This is an absolute record for Russia. The rate at which the Federal Service for Veterinary and Plant Control has been expanding is simply fantastic - the number of its employees increased by 17,000 per cent over the year, from 116 peo [...]
[2006-09-07] Russia Internet Useage for 2005
Worldwide: 12.8%USA: 68.1%UK: 62.9%EU: 49.8%Russia: 16.5%Ukraine: 11.4%China: 8.5%Uzbekistan: 3.3%Source: World Internet Stats 2005 [...]
[2006-09-07] Russian-US Trade for 2005
The Russian-US trade in 2005 "has increased by 30 percent to reach about 20 billion dollars," spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Mikhail Kamynin said on the eve of the first official visit to the United States of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. This figure made 14.8 billion dollars in 2004."The previous year became one of the most fruitful in economic relations. The definite positive result is the diversification of business exchanges and the inflow of US investments in the Russian economy," the diplomat emphasized."There are also real successes in the scientific and technical [...]
[2006-09-07] GDP, Industrial Output, Inflation
According to the data of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in 1999-2005 Russia's GDP increased by nearly 57%, with average annual growth rates constituting 6.6%. The preliminary figure of Russia's GDP growth in 2005 cited by the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) was 6.4%.Overall, Russia's industrial output increased by 4% in 2005. At the same time, industrial growth declined year-on-year, primarily because of a slowdown in the fuel and energy sector, mostly in oil and gas production. Agricultural output increased by [...]
[2006-09-07] Russian News in Brief, Aug2006
15 Years OnThis month’s top story was highly publicized in the West and largely ignored in Russia: the fifteenth anniversary of the failed coup that could have returned Russia to hard-line communism. The event and its significance were widely debated in the western press by scholars and authorities while in Russia most people were not even aware of the anniversary and held no opinion of the event when asked about it. A small, informal gathering occurred on Red Square, seemingly mostly composed of those who had participated in the events of 1991: about 100 communists denouncing the event, and a [...]
[2006-09-07] Russia: Coming Soon to NY and MA
Art Exhibit: "A Russian Artist in New York: Contemporary Art at its Best" July 7 – August 22, New York, NY Agora Gallery presents Contemporary Art at its Best, showcasing the artwork of Russian artist Olga Baby. A native of Russia, Baby’s work is a beautiful blend of imagination and reality. Contemporary Art at its Best runs July 7 - August 22. The reception will be held Thursday, July 13, 6 - 8 PM. Admittance is open to the public and free of charge. Location: Agora Gallery, 415 West Broadway, SoHo, New York, NY 10001 For more information, please contact the gallery at: Tel: 212-226-4151 [...]
[2006-09-07] Russia Needs The West
Remarks by US Ambassador Willam J. Burns to the Gorbachev Fund/ Carnegie Center Conference held on May 30, 2006 in Moscow Thank you for inviting me to speak at this very timely conference. This is a moment of considerable frustration and doubt about the relationship between Russia and the United States. You can hear it and feel it every day in both our capitals. From the American side, there are concerns about over-centralization of power here and about Russian behavior toward some of its neighbors. From the Russian side, there are concerns that Americans do not understand how difficult the [...]
[2006-09-07] Ukraine is no longer "The Ukraine"
Ukraine is no longer "The Ukraine." For centuries, the definite article was considered appropriate, given the land's history and the name's meaning. However, given recent events, the article is usually considered inappropriate and even offensive. The Dnepr River was settled by humans as the ice age receded around 5000 BC. The settlers raised crops and livestock. Little else is known of them and historians rarely consider them as an independent people, but rather as a culture that would interact with others from as far away as Central Asia, the Middle East, and Scandinavia - the Scythians, th [...]
[2006-09-07] Eastern Siberia
Eastern Siberia strikes us with natural beauty. This land is home to the world's deepest and oldest oflakes, Lake Baikal, nestled between the Sayan and Baikal Mountains and holds approximately one-fifth ofallfresh, liquid water on Earth. Untouched evergreen forests and several waterfalls cause many to refer to the area as"Siberian Switzerland." There are over 200 caves with underground rivers, exotic stalactites and stalagmites, and stolby (pillars of mostly pink-brown, crystalline rock). Over the course of millions of years of rains and winters, frost and sunshine have carved fantastic figure [...]
[2006-09-07] The Urals or Ural Mountains
The Urals or Ural Mountains are the heart of Eurasia. This is where Eastern Europe and Northern Asia are connected and divided by a chain of mountains stretching for 1,500 miles (2,400 km) north and south from the Arctic tundra to the deserts of the Caspian Sea. The polar section is covered by tundra, and the northern section, a rocky treeless range, has the highest peaks, Naroda and Telpos-Iz. The central Urals are also known as the Ore Urals and have many low passes. The southern section is known as the Mugodzar Hills, consists of several high, parallel ridges that rise to 5,377 feet (1,639 [...]
[2006-09-07] The Russian Far East
The Russian Far East is Russia’s Pacific "empire" and stretches from the Arctic to Southeast Asia. Since 1639, after a band of Cossacks led by Ivan Moskvitin reached the Okhotsk Sea of the Pacific Ocean, it became and has remained an important border for Russiafor trade anddefense withAsia. The border in the north divides the Little (USA) and Big (Russia) Diomede Islands. Contact with Japan and China has been historically maintained along the Ussuri, Amur and Argun River system. In the north, a small border is maintained with North Korea. Due to remoteness, a predominantly mountainous landscap [...]
[2006-09-07] Central Asia
Central Asia is home to young countries with an ancient past. This former piece of the USSR is not generally well-understood by the West (often referred to as simply "the Stans") but is of growing political and economic importance as Russia, China, and the US vie for shares ofits rich energy and mineral resources. Despite the generalizations, the region and its history is vastly diverse: it is home to mountains, deserts, grasslands, and seas; it has been ruled by empires of Pagans, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, and Atheists; and it is home to some of mankind's oldest petroglyphs andnewest [...]
[2006-09-07] Western Siberia
This region is characterized by a unique combination of severe climatic conditions, natural resources, an extremely vulnerable environment, and a multi-ethnic population. Geographically, Western Siberia is defined as the territory east of the Ural Mountainsbut west of the Yenisei River.Broadly speaking, the majority of the landscapeis very flat, with large winding rivers that flow thousands of kilometers to Artic seas. You can travel for hours without seeing a hill. Large swamps occupy much of the plain area andthe world's largest swamp, the Vasyuganskoye, is located on the left bank of the Ob [...]
[2006-09-07] Nizhny Novgorod City Information
. Weather/seasonal concerns Visitors are astonished at the abundance of snow and low temperatures that are so common in Russia during the winter season. It usually doesn't thaw until March in Nizhni Novgorod, and only in April does spring really begin. May, as well as August and September, are probably the best months to visit the city. Summer is hot and humid with occasional showers, although the temperature rarely exceeds 86 F. Early fall is rather warm, while October is usually rainy and November gradually turns into winter. II. Restaurants, Bars,Clubs, and Music Traditional Gone Po [...]
[2006-09-07] Moscow City Information
1. The Water, Weather, and Allergies The water in Moscow is safe to drink. However, the mineral content of the water is actually visible and most westerns remark that it tastes funny. Bottled water can be bought fairly cheaply in most stores. Weather wise, Moscow is a city of extremes. Winters do drop famously below zero for a good long while, so pack warm. It also snows quite often, creating ice and dirty sludge, so you should bring a good pair of hiking boots with traction. Summers in Moscow reach the other extreme in temperature - rising to over 90 degrees.Summers canalso be quite wet, s [...]
[2006-09-07] St. Petersburg City Information
1. The Water / Seasonal ConcernsIt is highly discouraged to drink the tap water in St. Petersburg. For brushing teeth, please boil the water for at least ten minutes. For drinking, bottled water is quite inexpensive; stick to it. Because Petersburg is a former swamp, mosquito repellent is also highly recommended, particularly if you plan to visit the beautiful nature of Karelia in the summer. The allotment of daylight in St. Petersburg reaches extremes. During the winter, days become almost non-existent and in summer, vice-versa. We have found that exercise and vitamins are very effective w [...]
[2006-09-07] Irkutsk City Information
I. Getting Around Irkutsk What to expect at the airport in IrkutskInformation (Spravochanaya): Phone: 27-12-74; 28-67-22, Luggage: 29-51-85 The airport in Irkutsk is divided into two main buildings. Everyone arrives to the same arrival gate, so that is not so confusing. Simply follow the crowd as you leave the plane/bus and you will exit out a gate into the area in front of the buildings. Just follow the people the stream of people to the baggage claim. It is a small baggage area, so everything should be clear. People waiting to pick up arriving passengers generally wait near the gate you e [...]
[2006-09-06] The world is full of remarried men...
Why are so many widowers eager to marry again when widows are much more cautious about committing themselves, asks Mary Kenny It is said that once a man is married, he is hardly ever again unmarried. That is, should he be widowed or divorced, he will nearly always marry again. This is much less true for women. Widows and divorcées are less likely to repeat the experience of marriage. Former Blue Peter presenter Caron Keating's widower, Russ Lindsay – and father of their two children – is foursquare in the tradition of remarriage two years after the death of his popular and beautiful wif [...]
[2006-09-06] Google Finally Getting Into Online Dating?
The CollaboraDate blog says it appears Google may be starting it's push into the online dating market. What I am concluding here is that Google may be playing a smart strategy. Start by stocking the service with personal members from other sites, and let word of the service spread. Down the road start replacing those results with those of Google only services (think gmail, and orkut). On the other hand Google could end up evening the playing field, and in turn let the user experience access to more sites, and then the most innovative sites will win out. It all remains to be seen... No worr [...]
[2006-09-06] Online dating on the rise in regions
Yesterday we heard about a boom in online shopping in regional Australia, and it now seems that more country men and women are finding love on the web as well. Fiona Thomas runs the online dating site Rural Romeos, and says in the past 12 months there has been a 50 per cent increase in online dating. She says access to the Internet has reduced isolation, which in the past has caused loneliness and depression. "They're pretty fair dinkum about it," she said. "Mainly in the marriage age bracket sort of from 25 but right up to 40 - 45, that may have been married and this is second time around [...]
[2006-09-06] LifeKnot Brings Online Dating and Social Networking to Cell Phones
Posted by Dave Evans I talked to Matt Muro, founder of LifeKnot last week after I came across this Yahoo News press release (listing Yahoo as news source to get some link love, they don't seem to like me much there as opposed to Google, which treats this blog very well):, a novel site that has features in common with social networking and online dating web sites, has launched a mobile version of its web site. lifeknot’s mobile site enables members to use their cell phones as a digital ice-breaking device -- as well as to search and view member profiles and pictures from thei [...]
[2006-09-06] Group says immigrant spouses are wives, not caregivers
An association dedicated to improving the welfare of mentally challenged people urged parents on Tuesday to think twice before arranging for their mentally challenged sons to marry women from abroad. The Parents Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability found that in recent years, an increasing number of parents are arranging marriages so their mentally challenged sons will have lifelong companions and caregivers who will bear their sons children. Liu Jia-chi, the vice director of the association, said these parents help raise the grandchildren born from the union. However, while mo [...]
[2006-09-06] Russia History Timeline & Facts
The SlavsThe Slavic people who were the most numerous ethnic group in Europe:The 'West Slavs' were the Poles, the Czechs and the SlovaksThe 'East Slavs' consisted of Russians, Ukrainians and BelarusiansThe 'South Slavs' consisted of Bulgarians, Croats, Macedonians Serbs and SloveniansIn the early Middle Ages Slavs were often used as slaves which is possibly the origin of the generic term 'Slavs'Concise History of Russia & its Flag1200s BC The Cimmerians, a Balkan people, settled in the Ukraine700s BC The Cimmerians were defeated by the Scythians, an Iranian people200 BC The Scythians were [...]
The Russian Federation covers almost twice the area of the United States of America, and reaches from Moscow in the west over the Urals and the vast Siberian plains to the Sea of Okhotsk in the east. The capital, Moscow, was founded in 1147. The focal point of the city is Red Square, on one side of which is the Kremlin surrounded by a thick red fortress wall containing 20 towers. The tsars were crowned here; Ivan the Terrible's throne is situated near the entrance. Those interested in Russia's achievements in the field of space travel should visit Star City, just outside Moscow, which is a cos [...]
[2006-09-06] Facts about Moscow
The capital was founded in 1147, but there is evidence that there has been a settlement here since Neolithic times. The focal point of the city is Red Square, on one side of which is the Kremlin surrounded by a thick red fortress wall containing 20 towers altogether, at intervals. The Sobakina Tower, designed to withstand sieges, contains a secret escape passage. The Tainitskaya Tower translates as the 'Tower of Secrets', because it also had a secret subterranean passage leading to the river. The Trinity Gate is the tallest of the towers. The Water-Hoist Tower conveyed water to the Kremlin. Th [...]
[2006-09-06] Excursions
The State Museum of Ceramics in Kuskovo, 10km (6 miles) from the centre of Moscow, has a fascinating collection of Russian china, porcelain and glass. Arkhangelskoye Estate, a museum housed in a palace 16km (10 miles) from Moscow, exhibits European paintings and sculptures, but the main attraction is the grounds which are laid out in the French style. Zhostovo, 30km (19 miles) from Moscow, is a centre renowned for its lacquered trays, and Fedoskino, 35km (22 miles) from Moscow, produces lacquer miniatures, brooches and other handicrafts. Located near the town of Tula, 160km (100 miles) from th [...]
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