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[2008-01-23] The number of unmarried female singles in their late 30s with high income is steadily rising.
According to the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS), the number of women in their 30s having professional jobs while remaining single, has increased nearly 12 times in five years. In its report on 75,000 sample families with at least one member over 15 years old, the number of single women aged from 30 to 45 with more than 40 million won annual income marked 27,233 in 2006, a growth about 11.7 times from 2,152 in 2001.The typical ``Gold Miss'' with stable financial status, apparently derived from Konglish ``old-miss,'' mostly works as an office worker, private institute instructor, sc [...]
[2008-01-23] Two Major Facts About Office Romance
Forty-one percent of employed adults between the ages of 25 and 40 say they’ve had an office romance. Seventy-six percent say office romances are more common today than they were 10 years ago, with key reasons for the increase being an influx of women in the workforce, less strict taboos and longer work days. That’s according to a 2004 survey of 1,747 people by Glamour magazine and Only 9 percent of companies prohibit dating among employees, and more than 70 percent of organizations do not have formal policies addressing romantic liaisons between employees. Most companies d [...]
[2008-01-23] The National Police Agency has decided to seek revision of the law to oblige operators of dating service Web sites to register with prefectural public safety commissions
The National Police Agency has decided to seek revision of the law to obligeoperators of dating service Web sites to register with prefectural publicsafety commissions and to provide for penalties for those that fail to doso, sources in the agency said Thursday.The NPA aims to directly impose stricter regulations and beef up itsmonitoring of Internet dating service operators, because the law governingsuch services, which prohibits minors under 18 from using them, has beenlargely ignored.As a result, there have been numerous cases of child prostitution in whichmany minors became victims.The ser [...]
[2008-01-23] Wealthy foreign businessmen will be exempt from new requirements to learn English before moving to Britain
Wealthy foreign businessmen will be exempt from new requirements tolearn English before moving to Britain if they can prove they have at least 1million pounds in the bank. The proposal is part of the Government's new points-based scheme forgaining residency, designed to encourage greater integration into Britishculture by immigrants. However, the very rich, such as Russian oil billionaires, will notneed to pass strict language tests under a quota system, as long as they canprove they have ?1 million in a "regulated financial institution anddisposable in the UK". The new system for highly skill [...]
[2008-01-23] Speed Dating Scandal
Earlier this afternoon I was performing my daily task of scrutinizing picsof the males taking part in PocketChangeNYC's speed dating event for "RichOlder Women and Hot Young Men (Sugar Mamas and Boy Toys)," AKA The SaddestStory Ever Told/The Greatest Spectator Sport Of All Time (if enough of youagree to show up on the 7th to watch, they'll consider bringing inbleachers). Unfortunately for me, today's batch of applicants were about asexciting as proxy access. No pool cleaners, no horses, NO CRUSHED VELVET. Iwas considering writing to PCNYC to vent my frustrations vis-a-vis theirpaint drying BTs [...]
[2008-01-23] 18 percent of 18- to 29-year-old Internet users have visited an online dating site
Traditionally thought of as a last resort for lonely hearts, Internet datingsites are reporting co-eds and frat brothers are also joining the ranks ofonline daters.According to a March 2006 report from the Pew Internet & American LifeProject, 18 percent of 18- to 29-year-old Internet users have visited anonline dating site and 31 percent of American adults know someone who hasused a dating website.Gail Laguna, a spokeswoman for, a dating site with 500,000members, said young people use the Internet to search for love because theyfeel comfortable in this kind of interaction."I [...]
[2008-01-23] Emomali Rahmon the eccentric leader of Tajikistan, has introduced laws designed to restrict how much families can spend on weddings and funerals
The musicians have arrived – drummers, trumpeters and accordionists. Thebride's family have spent years scraping together an acceptable dowry. Overfive hundred guests sit patiently at long tables, waiting to tuck into alavish feast, painstakingly prepared over several days. And finally, thebride and groom arrive at the front of a long, snaking motorcade, fresh fromsaying their vows. They enter triumphantly, and the festivities can begin –the first of many days of parties, rituals and gatherings make up thetraditional wedding in Tajikistan.But this year, brides and grooms in the mountainous for [...]
[2008-01-23] World's most extravagant weddings
INDIAIndian weddings have always been lavish affairs, but buoyed by a roaringeconomy, the industry has ballooned to an estimated $10bn (?5bn) a year. Oneof the most extravagant was that of the daughter of Britain's wealthiestman, the steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, who was said to have spent ?30m onnuptials which included a performance by Kylie Minogue. But even the mosthumble unions boast hundreds of guests, days of festivities and costthousands for the hosts, traditionally the bride's parents. Although dowrieswere outlawed in 1961, many flout the law. As such, daughters can be seen asfinancial [...]
[2008-01-23] Moscow's women appear to exercise a special attraction on German men
Moscow's women appear to exercise a special attraction on German men, asthey topped the list of foreign nationals taking local brides in the capitallast year. There were 147 marriages registered between Russian women andGerman men in 2006.In second place were men from Turkey, with 140 marriages registered,followed by men from the United States (119), Britain (95), Israel (86) andFrance (60), Interfax reported Friday.Overall, authorities registered 1,640 marriages between Muscovites andforeigners from countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States in2007, said Irina Muravyova, the hea [...]
[2008-01-23] Many South Korean men have been disillusioned by their attempts to find a bride in Vietnam
Many South Korean men have been disillusioned by their attempts tofind a bride in Vietnam using illicit marriage brokerages, prompting callsfor matchmaking services to be legalized. South Korean carpenter Lee Kyong Hee told Thanh Nien he and six othermen arrived in Vietnam in September last year to look for Vietnamese wives. But just after Hee selected a bride, the police busted the illegalmatch-making company he had been using and he lost the US$12,700 fee he paidfor the wife "selection." Gang Myeong Hwan, who came to Vietnam last October, met a similarfate. The matchmaking service he was usi [...]
[2008-01-23] A DATING agency's sleazy offer of Czech women "unspoiled by feminism" was slammed yesterday.
Protesters have demanded that council officials investigate the activitiesof the Hand In Hand agency, whose website features the women in skimpyclothing and underwear.They promise clients women 10 to 20 years younger than them who are"unspoiled by feminism at a very affordable price".It also claims they are "beautiful, intelligent and educated" and have a"culture of support and respect for their husband".Domestic abuse campaigner Kathryn Sharp said her jaw dropped when she readone of the fliers the agency are distributing around Dundee.She said: "Its approach to women would be offensive to any [...]
[2008-01-23] The face of Russian families is changing.
The face of Russian families is changing. Single mothers used to be frowned upon in the Soviet Union, but now one in three babies are born out of wedlock. Many Russian women no longer need the financial security of men. Pop singer Sasha Zvereva has a glittering career, a four-year-old daughter and another baby on the way in the summer. She has no intention of marrying the father of her children. The couple believe love and commitment are not about formalities.Their view is becoming popular. Twenty years ago one in ten children was born out of wedlock and now it’s three in ten. “Women have be [...]
[2008-01-23] Tips for Moscow's budget tourists
Rocketing prices in the Russian capital are making it a challenge for travellers. But is it really that expensive? RT finds out how much fun can be had in Moscow with just a few roubles in your pocket. In a city of glitz and glamour, not to mention billionaires, having a good time may seem to be beyond the reach of ordinary tourists.$US 3,000 – that's how much an average tourist from Europe or the U.S. spends during a week in Moscow. Ticket prices and a visa may cost you more than $US 1,500. And a night in a luxury hotel is worth $US 600. Even the price of a hotdog in the street is more than [...]
[2008-01-18] Highlights from the survey include Americans views on divorce
Highlights from the survey include Americans views on divorce -- 84% of Americans agree that people who have been divorced have just asmuch a right to find a romantic relationship as singlesInsight into relationship intimacy while dating: -- A large majority of Americans, 84%, agrees that there is nothing wrong with premarital sex between two consenting adults in a relationship And attitudes towards same-sex relationships: -- 72% of singles agree that gay people fall in love the same way straightpeople do -- About eight in ten (79%) single Americans believe that gay peopleshould have the [...]
[2008-01-18] NJ Law Makes Online Dating Safer
Even though many people use Internet dating to find great relationships, there is still a risk associated with the practice. That risk may now be decreased slightly thanks to a new law signed by the governor of New Jersey this week. The law is designed to strengthen requirements for online dating sites in order to increase the safety of using those sites. It's appropriately called the Internet Dating Safety Act and places certain requirements on dating companies. Those requirements include that they must disclose safety information to consumers such as what kind of background screening they d [...]
[2008-01-18] Want to Date a News Reporter?
The Daily Examiner out of Philadelphia has been reporting that there are several local news reporters who have recently been making themselves available as potential matches for online dating sites. A weather guy and a sports anchor have both placed profiles up to try to find someone they're interested in getting serious with. The first report was about weather anchor Hurricane Schwartz. The second is sports anchor Carl Cherkin. The two men are into very different things but what they have in common is that not much turns them off. (However, body piercing doesn't work for Schwartz [...]
[2008-01-18] Top ten hottest cities for 2008
Sometimes there is nothing more exciting at the beginning of a relationship than taking off on an international trip together. Of course, you should follow all of the basic precautions that would go along with this which include meeting the person several times in advance of the trip and doing some basic background checks before you go. You don't want to end up an unsuspecting drug mule. But if you've done your screening and gotten a good sense that the person you met online could be a terrific international travel companion, then by all means plan a vacation together. In these early months, [...]
[2008-01-16] 19-year old convicted for duping a French widow
He is a secondary school leaver, but at 19, Bashiru Jimmy Omitokun is already the leader of an internet fraud syndicate that specializes in defrauding women, especially widows who are desperate to find love again. Omitokun and his accomplice, Oladapopu Wasiu,Dopemu Rasheed Lukman and Fatia Ganiu will-spend the next 12 years behind bars for defrauding a widow of French nationality of 17,400 dollars (about N2.16 million) under false pretence. The suspects were sentenced without option of fine at the Ikeja High Court by Justice Olubunmi Oyewole. They had early been arrested by operatives of the [...]
[2008-01-16] Another Nigerian scammer is jailed
The number of cyber scammers, known in local parlance as yahoo-boys that will spend this yuletide season behind bars keeps soaring by the day as another one, Michael Nweke, has joined the long list of those already behind bars. Nweke was on Monday sentenced to 26 months imprisonment by an Ikeja High Court presided by Justice Muniru Oloko-Oba for advance fee fraud. Before the judgement was passed, the accused pleaded guilty to a two-count charge of forgery and advance fee fraud levelled against him by the EFCC. EFCC prosecutor, Mrs. Aishat Abubakar, told the court that the accused on 21 Febr [...]
[2008-01-11] Women hesitant to admit to online romance
Even though online dating and social networking sites have become firmlyentrenched in the cyber landscape, a new study suggests many women arehesitant to admit that they meet men through the Internet.Researchers at the University of Manitoba are in the midst of interviewingwomen for a national study called "Surfing for Love,'' which looks atwomen's experiences using dating sites to look for love, sex or friendship."One of the most striking findings so far is that there's a hugecontradiction between what women say about the popularity of online datingsites on the one hand and, on the other hand [...]
[2008-01-11] 'Non-Jewish Jews' Struggle With Identity, Suffer From Exclusion
In Israel, the "non-Jewish Jews," as some Israelis call them, areeverywhere. They drive buses, teach university classes, patrol in army Jeepsand follow the latest Israeli reality-TV shows as avidly as their Jewishcounterparts.For these people -- mostly immigrants from the former Soviet Union who arenot Jews according to Israeli law -- the question of where they fit into theJewish state remains unanswered nearly two decades after they began comingto Israel.At an estimated 320,000 people and with their ranks growing due tochildbirth, the question is growing ever more acute."They are not going to [...]
[2008-01-11] Unmarried women are "a surging force in American politics"
Every year this nation's priorities move further and further away from theconcerns of the majority of American citizens, making daily life harder andharder. The prices we pay for housing, utilities, medications,transportation and food are all going up. Meanwhile, big business interests,profiting every time we lose, monopolize our policymakers' attention. Whilecompanies boasting record profits are rewarded with tax breaks, ordinarycitizens struggle each day to get basic needs met for themselves and theirfamilies.Wouldn't it be wonderful if all Americans hurt by Washington's lopsidedeconomic pol [...]
[2008-01-11] Thousands of council workers in Birmingham are balloting for strike action against the imposition of a single status pay deal.
Some of the council’s lowest paid workers are having their wages slashed.Thousands are losing money – in some cases up to ?35,000 per year.The Unison, Unite, Ucatt and GMB unions began balloting for strike action on2 January.Workers are mobilising for a mass rally to protest against pay cuts onSaturday 12 January.In Birmingham, as elsewhere, large sections of the workforce are sufferingpay cuts supposedly in order to fund equal pay for women who have sufferedyears of discrimination.RefusingYet at the same time the city council is refusing to give those women thefull six years’ back pay they ar [...]
[2008-01-10] Single, female 30-somethings are the most unfulfilled at work
Unmarried and single women aged between 34 and 44, and living in the West Midlands, are most likely to feel unfulfilled in the workplace, according to research by ethical volunteering organisation Global Vision International (GVI). The report also found that one in six British workers feel unfulfilled at work, with 43 per cent hankering to help those less fortunate than themselves; whilst 17 per cent go one step further and cite saving the planet as the only way to attain fulfillment. Unsurprisingly, money also ranked highly with 54 per cent saying that earning more cash would increase the [...]
[2008-01-10] A new survey reports that 74 percent of people in their 20s say they would live together before marriage
The new research was conducted by Zogby International and AOL Personals in their 2008 Love Survey. Even our older folks think it's acceptable to have the milk without buying the cow. More than half of 60- to 69-year-olds think shacking up sounds like a good idea. It proves age doesn't necessarily make you wise; sometimes it just makes you old. Here's another romantic finding: About half of respondents ages 20 to 59 would date someone who wasn't interested in a long-term relationship. That's fine if "date" implies that it's a one-time or occasional event. But if "date" turns into a series of [...]
[2008-01-10] A Franklin man charged with sex crimes after a three-month investigation into his online correspondence with who he believed was a teen-age girl
Todd A. McMillen, 28, of 143 Titan Lane, was arrested in December following an investigation during which an agent with the state attorney general's child predator unit posed as a 13-year-old girl in a chat room police say is known to be used by online child predators. Police say McMillen, a local bakery employee, first contacted a person he thought was a 13-year-old girl in a chat room titled "Romance" and subtitled "Pennsylvania5." Posing as the girl, an agent with the attorney general's child predator unit entered the chat room and was contacted on Aug. 29 by a person using the screen nam [...]
[2008-01-10] The Northern Territory Justice Department says a notorious fraudster is using a dating agency to rip off Territory men
The Acting Commissioner of Consumer Affairs Gary Clements says Gregory John Elliot has been placing advertisements for secret meetings with women in the local paper. Mr Clements believes more than 20 Territory men have answered the ad and provided up front payments totalling more than $4,000 for services they never received. "He was convicted in Victoria some years ago for acting similar sort of introduction agency activities and breached their legislation there," Mr Clements says. "So we are basically trying to put the word out to consumers not to reply to these small advertisements, and c [...]
[2008-01-08] Christmas comes late for Russians
Alyona, a little girl from Moscow, has to wait longer for her presents than her friends from the nursery.Because the six-year-old with blond pigtails comes from a religious family, she doesn't get her presents on the morning of New Year's Day like other people, but has to wait until the Russian-Orthodox Christmas celebration Jan 7.Before she can unwrap her presents, Alyona goes to the Christmas service with her three elder siblings and her parents. In Russia, the service takes all night. The smallest children therefore get their own beds in the church.Under the atheist Soviet regime, the Commu [...]
[2008-01-04] Cheater Websites
Cheater websites have become commonplace on the Internet. Websites such asashleymadison and meet2cheat specialize in promoting discrete affairsbetween married and committed people. Make sure your partner is notfrequenting these sites by checking their computer history. Also, watch forescort sites such as theeroticreview or bigdoggie to find out whether yourhusband or boyfriend is paying for prostitutes, perhaps endangering yourhealth. Studies which were conducted recently revealed that 45-55% ofmarried women and 50-60% of married men engage in extramarital sex at sometime or another during the [...]
[2008-01-04] Another victimof Internet Dating Scam
HE was 26 years older and almost 9,000km away, but that did not stop MrMilan, 57, a German man, from falling in love with Anna, 31, supposedly aShenzhen native.But after flying to China to see Anna, spending 660,000 yuan ($130,000) onher and proposing, Mr Milan found out that he was a victim of an Internetcon.And he wasn't alone. It turns out that Mr Milan was one of many men who wereallegedly cheated by Anna's false promises of marriage.Chinese police have said that Anna's real name is Dai Hongjuan, and that sheis actually 35 years old.She was also not born in Shenzhen as she claimed, but had [...]
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