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Cheater Websites

Date: 2008-01-04

Cheater websites have become commonplace on the Internet. Websites such as
ashleymadison and meet2cheat specialize in promoting discrete affairs
between married and committed people. Make sure your partner is not
frequenting these sites by checking their computer history. Also, watch for
escort sites such as theeroticreview or bigdoggie to find out whether your
husband or boyfriend is paying for prostitutes, perhaps endangering your
health. Studies which were conducted recently revealed that 45-55% of
married women and 50-60% of married men engage in extramarital sex at some
time or another during their relationship (Atwood & Schwartz,2002 - Journal
of Couple & Relationship Therapy).

According to a poll of over 1,900 women conducted by, 39%
felt that alibinetwork was the sleaziest website on the net, followed by
adultfriendfinder, ashleymadison and fastseduction.

There are several ways for the cheater to cheat on the Internet and there
are several degrees of cheating on the Internet as well. It is imperative to
mention that Internet is particularly successful in putting people in
contact as it provides a way to interact with less inhibition and more
caution when knowing somebody else than the real life.

The common places one finds themselves meeting on the Internet are
thousands, and they are can be classified into the following categories:
Chat rooms. (MSN and Yahoo are the most used); Friend networks. (Hi5 and
Orkut are very popular); Direct contact through chat profiles. (Looking
through the profiles of MSN members); Sites to match couples (Perfectmatch,
match, etc) and Relationship sites (Passion, Adult Friend Finder, etc)

It is important to know that not everyone who chats or even meet in real
life is a cheater. Internet is a great and wonderful resource and we all are
responsible on how we are going to use it. Finally, there is another set of
people, especially those who live in different towns, who practices
cyber-sex. Cyber-sex evolves into phone sex slowly, but the chances of
cheating are less probable as they need to travel to meet each other. Even
more, experienced cheaters will contact people in those places where they
know that will be traveling soon.

Married and committed people who utilize cheater websites want to have their
cake and to eat it too. Unfortunately, this is always unbeknownst to the
unsuspecting partner. Sites like Ashley Madison tap into a very profitable
place within the online personals arena by bringing honesty to the dishonest
practice of cheating. They allow people an alternative to a traditional
personals site where they may have to lie and say they are single, thus
giving potential mates the wrong impression-yet they make light of lying to
a spouse or partner. Married people seem to seek other married people to
give themselves a sense of added security in an inherently insecure
position. Their preference to cheat within their own camp is based on
assumptions about people with spouses: They will not demand too much of the
other person's time; they will be less invested in the relationship since
they already have one; they are more understanding about a last-minute
cancellation because the wife is sick and the kids need to go to soccer
practice. Ideally, all those things are true, but in the real world, there
are no guarantees and having everything out in the open does not mean there
won't be drama. These assumptions make all married people out to be normal
and stable, and all single people end up looking like needy, unreasonable
fools with no boundaries desperate to fall in love and break up a marriage.


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