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[2006-11-27] Passionate and visionary people never feel bored in bed even when they are old
Eventhe most perfect relationship can be reduced to boredom sooner or later. Some people see it as a logical stage any overwhelming passion is eventually bound for. Those who cannot do without infatuation seek new partners. Others make an attempt to spice up their sex life. In fact, making love while gawking at Deep Throat on your home DVD player is a light version of swinging activities. Kama Sutra Kama Sutra, the science of love, was composed by the Indian sage Vatsayayana some two thousand years ago. The original, in Sanskrit, has one thousand two hundred and fifty verses. It was trans [...]
[2006-11-25] Avoiding the Date from Hell: The Final Warning
Being semi-“out there” in the public eye via my column, ‘net presence, ministry, a little TV and my radio show, I get to hear from a lot of people. One thing I hear constantly from single girls is their dating and marital horror stories. I hear comments like, “Guys are jackasses, jerks, scum, sleaze bags, dufuses, low lifes, lazy, abusive, etc. . . .” I’ll grant that some of my male brethren can be brutish, but . . . uh . . . at the end of the day . . . unless you’re a pre-teen girl who’s part of a Warren Jeffs-like FLDS cult, nobody forced you to date or marry said jackass. Ult [...]
[2006-11-25] Miscellanous Dating Safety Tips
Here’s a list of dating safety tips that I have gathered over the last few months from various sources: 1. Let a new Sweetie know up front that you want to meet their family, friends and co-workers. If he/she resists making that happen, you need to suspect that he/she may not be telling you the truth. Like he/she may be married or unemployed. 2. Watch out for vagueness or secretiveness about basic information. If your date is being honest with you, they should easily answer questions about their lives. This goes particularly for men, who don’t have the same safety concerns as women do. Hon [...]
[2006-11-25] Beware "Executive Christian Dating"
An article from of South Bend, Indiana, describes Bethel College assistant professor Angela Meyers’ brush with a shady dating site. Even though the site was seductively named (for Meyers, anyway) “Executive Christian Dating,” seems like the site was not performing in what one might describe as a “Christian-like” way. Meyers paid over $900 for a six month membership, which supposedly would entitle her to a counselor who would match her with other “executive Christians.” Imagine her surprise when the guys she was matched with had never heard of “Executive Christian Singles.” Sounds li [...]
[2006-11-25] Bad First Dates: Deadbeats Beware
Just as good folks are finding it easier to locate each other via the Net and dating sites, and crooks are finding ingenious ways to use the technology for nefarious activities, nice people are figuring out how to use the Internet to trap the baddies. A dead beat dad was located and arrested through his online dating action. Brian Lee Todd owed a pile of money in child support and was on the run. Police heard that he was active on a dating site. A female detective posted a profile, communicated with Todd, and they arranged to meet. The first time, Todd got in an accident on the way to the [...]
[2006-11-25] More Reasons Than Ever Not To Lie Online
It’s amazing how tempting it is for folks to shade the truth a bit online, particularly when looking for love. Beyond the old saw that if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember so much, it’s getting easier all the time to ferret out liars in cyberspace. is getting lots of press. On TrueDater, you can look up by their screen name (or report on) anyone on five of the major dating sites (,,, AmericanSingles, and Yahoo Personals). TrueDater is free. provides a similar service but charges $9.95 per month. You’ll need more info about [...]
[2006-11-25] Online dating is fatal for man
The Web site for one Brazilian marriage agency invites prospective male clients to ``make your dreams come true!'' There are hundreds more Web pages with the same theme: Your exotic dream girl is just a few clicks away. The ease of Internet dating is hard for many to resist. But the hope of finding that special someone online turned into tragedy for one San Bruno man who threw caution to the wind and met a woman who now is a suspect in his kidnapping and murder. Raymond James Merrill, 56, a carpenter and musician who lived in a modest, two-bedroom house on Jenevein Avenue, flew to São [...]
[2006-11-25] Thankful I'm not married
told a friend not too long ago that “I have the worst luck with women!” That person responded to my statement, by saying, “If you had luck with them you’d be married.” Good point!But still, the dating process has been a tedious one to say the least. I have an almost Seinfeldesque habit of picking one thing out about the person I’m seeing and focusing on that one point until I drive myself crazy enough to drive her away.And then there are all those times that the “relationship to be” never even makes it off the ground (approx 90%). But while cursing the dating gods who consistently time and tim [...]
Single Parent Love Life an online dating community for single parents and the enlightened singles open to meeting them surveyed members to determine the most desirable benefits of single parenthood. Popular conceptions of single parents are changing and single parent families are the fastest growing household type in North America. The survey was designed to learn more about this important and growing market. "We are learning more about single parents and their lives," said Bradley Moseley-Williams, vice president of love and romance for Single Parent Love Life Inc., "with a greater emphasis [...]
[2006-11-25] UN body cites numerous torture reports in Russia
A U.N. human rights body said on Friday it had received consistent allegations of torture by Russian forces, including in secret detention centres in Chechnya. The United Nations Committee against Torture called on Russia to investigate and prosecute all allegations of torture, including "hazing" in the military which it said was carried out with widespread impunity, and report back in a year. The committee referred to "widespread use of torture" in Russia and expressed concern at "the particularly numerous, ongoing and consistent allegations of acts of torture and other cruel, inhuman [...]
[2006-11-25] An Overview of Online Dating
It is easy to see why online dating has become so popular, as you are able to meet someone anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own computer. However, online dating may not be for everyone. Before you make the decision to join an online dating website, it is important for you to take a number of factors into consideration. You will first want to think about how successful you've been with offline dating. If you have found a reasonable amount of success doing this, it may be strange for you to meet someone on a website. However, if you're a shy person who has tried unsuccessfully to [...]
[2006-11-25] Couples 'neglecting' relationships
COUPLES are "seriously jeopardising" their relationships by putting work ahead of their personal lives, a new report claims. In a survey of more than 1000 workers by the At Home Society, almost half admitted they invested more time and effort in their relationships with office colleagues than with their partners. [...]
[2006-11-25] Woman accuses Wipro of breaking her marriage
WIPRO CHAIRMAN Azim Premji is used to being called a software czar and a member of the world’s billionaire club. But a homebreaker? On Wednesday, Kanpur-based Tripti Nigam filed a case against her husband Gaurav Nigam, an engineer at Wipro Technologies in Bangalore, and his boss Premji. She alleged that the IT major was “promoting illicit relationships” and breaking her home by giving her husband a “dating allowance”. “With this dating allowance the firm helps my husband to keep up his illicit relationships with women. It is nothing but a home-breaking allowance,” said Tripti. The Nigams’ t [...]
[2006-11-25] Meet Someone New This Holiday Season by Looking Somewhere New
1. Step outside your comfort zone and shift your social circle - We all have an acquaintance we promise to make plans with when we run into them, but never do. Actually make the plans and carry them out this time. By getting to know one person outside of your social circle you are opening yourself up to meeting everyone in their circle, increasing your chances of meeting someone you're interested in.2. Attend every holiday party you get invited to, even the ones you normally would turn down - While at a party, set a goal to strike up a conversation with at least 5 people you don't know. By lea [...]
[2006-11-25] What's this dating allowance?
The latest trend in the corporate world is issuing dating allowance to employees. This is done to encourage inter-personal relationships and even nuptials within the organisation. According to Mr Sanjeev Kataria, group executive VP, NIIT, "The philosophy behind the initiative is to show that the company wants to participate in the lives of its employees. We take on the role of the family and help the employee move to the next phase of his or her life, which is marriage." There is also a practical reason behind the initiative. As per adman Mr Prahlad Kakkar, "With high-pressure jobs, employees [...]
[2006-11-25] More Non-Malays Marrying Foreign Women
More non-Malay men chose to marry foreign women in this country with Indonesians topping the list of brides, while the trend of local women marrying foreign men is on the decline.Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said 33,995 marriages between local men and foreign women were registered from 2001 to June this year.Marriages between local men and Indonesian women had risen to 2,036 in 2005 from 1,386 in 2001, followed by Chinese women to 1,711 from 351, Vietnamese women to 1,185 from 28 and Thai women to 931 from 681, he said.Replying to Dr Mohamed Hayati Othman (PAS-Pendang) in the [...]
[2006-11-25] Exceptional marriages for normal people
There are many happily married people around and the world needs to hear from them, says a well-known radio host. Dr Greg Popcak's enthusiasm for marriage leaps off the pages of hiswebsite. The American family counsellor and popular Heart, Mind and Strength radio host insists that even today, when there seems to be so much against it, a couple can live happily ever after together. But it takes work. If it's comfort you want, he says, "don't get a marriage license, buy a Barcalounger." In this interview with MercatorNet, he talks about how to attract young people to marriage, the blessings of p [...]
[2006-11-25] Foreign women label Beijing a dating wasteland
As China's expatriate population grows, many foreign women looking for love are saying this is the wrong place to meet Mr Right. Many single expat women quickly find that most foreign dreamboats have already sailed, and their chemistry with local men rarely stirs the right mix for a love potion. "The dating scene in Beijing is sad," said 27-year-old Kate Minnikin, of Brisbane, Australia. "I know a lot of expat women who are single, but I don't know one foreign man who's single." Minnikin, a research and development specialist for a human resource development company who has lived in Chin [...]
[2006-11-25] Are you cut out for adoption?
Madonna's doing it, Angelina Jolie did it twice, and in the '70s, Mia Farrow did it 10 times over. Mere mortals adopt, too. In fact, according to the Adoption Institute, 1.5 million adopted children live in America. The U.S. Census Bureau says 125,000 are adopted each year. It's easy to feel the tug when we see pictures of wide-eyed, hopeful orphans, or read about the half-million American children in need of permanent homes, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. But committing yourself to a lifetime of adoptive parenting? That's a different story. It [...]
[2006-11-25] Dating on Singles' Day
Please don't call us "single." We're just "readily available." So said Catherine Lin, who is hesitating whether to celebrate Singles' Day on Saturday. Only two or three years ago on Singles' Day, she was happy and going to parties with single friends. Now most of her single friends have found partners, but she has not. At the party Lin attended last year, there were only two other women. "We couldn't help feeling out of place," she said. The three women vowed they would be married before the next Singles' Day. None of them succeeded. "That day has been like the Sword of Damocles over m [...]
[2006-11-25] Unsafe sex dominates internet hookups
A sting operation on an internet dating website has revealed that hundreds, if not thousands, of New Zealand gay and bi are seeking unsafe sex, regardless of the dangers of contracting HIV. The HIV infection rate amongst New Zealand men who have sex with men has increased more than three-fold since 2000, following a decade in which infection rates had levelled out. In the lead-up to World AIDS Day, on December 1st, sent an undercover researcher into a NZ-based dating website posing as a young man open to unsafe sex. Such condomless penetrative sex, termed barebacking, is the main way [...]
[2006-11-25] No single way to meet someone
Where do post-college-age single people in Allston/Brighton go to meet other singles? Sometimes it’s just as close as the local supermarket. Tired of bars and fed up with the overblown promises of online dating, many residents are finding more creative ways of hooking up, often while simultaneously learning a skill or doing something fun, whether it be gastronomic, athletic or charitable. Case in point: the Whole Foods Market on Washington Street in Brighton drew more than 100 people to its second "singles night" in as many months several weeks ago, proving that supermarkets ca [...]
[2006-11-25] The corporate wives’ club
It was a blisteringly hot afternoon in September. A friend in her 30s had hauled herself out of bed after suffering from a painful inner-ear problem to go to her husband’s annual office barbecue. This takes place at his chief executive’s stunning house on the beach in the Hamptons, America’s summer playground for the wealthy on Long Island. Ostensibly, it’s a happy occasion – in as much as investment bankers ever experience happiness at corporate occasions. There are children running around, barefoot in the sunshine, and there is plenty of beer, wine and excellent food. It is usually an event [...]
[2006-11-25] Matchmaking Gathering Draws an Exceptional, Dwarfish Woman
On October 28, Wuhan Evening News held a 10,000-person "spouse-wanted" gathering at Liberation Park in Hankou City. Lu Jiarui, 27 years old and 3 feet, 10 inches tall, went to the gathering to look for her dream spouse. The Wuhan Evening News reported that Lu Jiarui was born in Jilin City, Jilin Province, in 1980. At birth, she weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces. By 3 years old, however, she had grown to only 28 inches tall. Her parents took Lu to more than ten hospitals in cities that included Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Complications at Birth Made Lu Dwarfish A hospital diagnosed Lu with [...]
[2006-11-25] Virtual Relationships in 'Second Life'
It is a party in Second Life, 24 hours a day. Through the Internet, users who were strangers bond as they explore a 3-D world. In Hawaii touring by helicopter, or like this reporter, trying to learn how to fly. In Second Life you can take a tumble without getting hurt. Taking risks with emotions is much trickier. Ask the real person who guides one of the avatars. "My name is Michael avatar is Letum Zuma." // And he fell hard after a year-long romance in Second Life. "I think it has changed my life because I experienced a different kind of love. I tried to love uncon [...]
[2006-11-25] Internet game creator living a fantasy
Kim Cramer is living happily ever after with the success of her romance-meets-sports Web site, Since launching the online game in July, she's appeared on CNN Headline News, Geraldo Rivera's show and a Philadelphia TV talk show. She's also been featured in numerous newspaper and online articles. NBC's "Dateline" is planning a segment. And her two partners, Patty McAlpine and Kay Colvin-Guthrie, are writing a book about the Web site. They've also been featured in media reports. Cramer, a Tallahassee accountant and self-proclaimed football widow, said she's been blown away by [...]
[2006-11-25] Singles' bar without the sketchiness
Frühling Bar in Mitte appeals to thirty something singles using kitschy (but fun) methods Frühling Bar in Mitte, a relatively new arrival on the Berlin singles’ bar circuit, seems to have cornered the “I want to meet someone, but don’t want to be drunk or dancing while doing so” end of the market. Owner Matthias Bauer, 39, opened Frühling in December 2005 to appeal to singles ages thirty and up. His intention was to offer them (and basically only them, as couples are discouraged from attending) something more relaxed than speed dating, yet less random than a disco. For instance [...]
[2006-11-25] DVD targets dating violence
Huddled among their peers in a dark movie theater, high school seniors here got the first peek at a new DVD aimed at raising awareness of the violence that can plague teen relationships. The 20 minute presentation, which premiered Oct. 26 at the Jordan Commons, was produced by the Sandy City Police Department and is being distributed to high schools throughout Utah. The message is simple: The way young people treat each other - especially in relationships - is a topic that needs a new set of rules. Police Chief Steve Chapman said the DVD is meant to break the cycle of adult relationship abus [...]
[2006-11-25] Fox Valley man stood up by date in $5,265 online scam
Police say a man who thought he had cultivated a long-distance relationship with a Russian woman online and by telephone has been swindled out of more than $5,000. Lt. Doug Jahsman said the victim, who was in the military overseas when he started corresponding in September with the 29-year-old woman after responding to a personal ad on an Internet dating site, came to police Tuesday after she failed to arrive by plane last Friday.On four occasions, he wired money to the Russian woman — totaling $5,265 — for various reasons, including alleged medical exams, travel tickets and funds for her [...]
[2006-11-25] N.Y. or L.A. -- which is better for dating?
In my now perhaps exceedingly long life as a single woman, I've lived in both New York and Los Angeles. When people ask me which city is better when it comes to dating, I can only answer by citing a famous scene from the horror classic, "When a Stranger Calls."The babysitter is getting threatening calls in a pre-Caller ID world. The police trace the calls and inform her in one chilling sentence: "It's coming from inside the house."And so it is with dating. That one scene scared me out of seeing horror movies or babysitting for the rest of my life. On the upside, it gives me some shorthand for [...]
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