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[2007-03-29] Singles in Singapore will not remain single much longer - not if four dating agencies can do anything about it.
They are the first few in the industry to receive endorsement from the Social Development Unit. The four agencies have also received between $22,400 and $49,600 to nudge singletons to get in the mood for love. Violet Lim has been in the business of helping singles find romance for about three years. And the founder of "Lunch Actually"wants to broaden her business. "We have got feedback from people who are interested in trying out a dating service (and enquiring about) the price tag. They are thinking of giving it a try and are not sure if it'll work, so they aren't willing to pay so much for i [...]
[2007-03-29] 10 women have been selected to make a trip out to Silicon Valley to meet the potential loves of their lives.
Apparently, an online dating website is organizing a tour in partnership with an agency in northern California for wealthy professional women who simply don't have the time to find a good man here in Shanghai. Scheduled for next month, the tour will match these women with men from the Chinese mainland who, we suspect, also fit the description above (the "not having time" part, not the "wanting to find a good man" part).Before all you busy, single women dying to take advantage of this special opportunity put away your Redberries and start packing the luggage, there are some criteria you have to [...]
[2007-03-29] Internet dating service has filed a civil lawsuit against a man it says was a convicted felon and then lied about his background in his online profile
The suit alleges that Floria resident Edward Hodges was convicted in 1995 for charges of lewd and lascivious acts.'s policy says that "anyone whose name has a U.S. felony or sexual offense conviction recorded in this database is prevented from communicating with TRUE members."Because Hodges allegedly misrepresented his felony status, the site says he endangered the site and is entitled to damages. filed a similar lawsuit in 2005 that resulted in victory, including a monetary says the action is more about sending a message than it is earning money. The site dona [...]
[2007-03-28] Bruised not beaten
Wedding nights are often startling for inexperienced teenaged brides, but nothing could be more surprising than your knight in shining armour punching you in the face. Although they're 40 years in the past, memories of her wedding night and the ensuing 15 months of torturous abuse still freeze Nikola James's blood. They will freeze yours, too, as she relives them in her memoir, The Price of Love, an exploration of a relationship so toxic it's a wonder she survived. Talking with James is mildly peculiar. Not only is the name a pseudonym, she's also wearing a wig and coloured contact lenses wh [...]
[2007-03-28] There is more to beauty than meets the stranger's eye
There is more to beauty than meets the stranger's eye, according to results from three studies examining the influence of non-physical traits on people's perception of physical attractiveness. The results, which show that people perceive physical appeal differently when they look at those they know versus strangers, are published in the recently released March issue of Evolution and Human Behavior. In many studies evaluating physical attractiveness, people are often shown an array of strangers' photos, computer-generated images or line drawings and asked to identify which ones, based on dif [...]
[2007-03-28] Definition of Love
Love, possibly, is the most talked about yet the least understood aspect of human life. Some people doubt its very existence whereas others have given theirs or taken other's life for it. What is love? - is an eternal question. Love means different things to different people. Philosophers and writers, poets and bards, kings and paupers, devotees and lords- all have spoken about -and experienced love, and its loss. Love pleases and troubles people in various ways. "Am I in love?", "Does she love me?", "Will someone ever love me?", "What happens in love?", "Does true love exist?" are the questio [...]
[2007-03-28] Strong marriages can make city a better place
Seybou Anza and Brigitte Mboumba Maganga of West Street got married Wednesday in a brief, elegant ceremony at the New Castle County clerk of the peace office. Their reason, the bride said, was simple: "Because we love each other." Anza, who came to Wilmington from Niger about five years ago, works for a medical services company. Mboumba Maganga, who braids hair, came from Gabon three years ago. During the ceremony, they pledged fidelity to each other for a lifetime. "We both came from two-parent homes, so this marriage for us is a continuation of that," Maganga said. "Marriage is very [...]
[2007-03-28] The subject of women who have children out of wedlock remains taboo in Moroccan society
The issue of single mothers is important in Moroccan society today. These women, who are largely young, poor and uneducated, become instant societal outcasts when they find they are pregnant and the child's father reneges on his promise of marriage. Fearing the wrath of their parents, these young women are often forced to flee their homes in fear of scandal and embarrassment in a society governed by customs and traditions. Many single mothers think about getting rid of the child immediately after birth, sometimes through burying the child alive. Abandoning the child often appears to be the o [...]
[2007-03-28] Woman and home
In the good old heyday of male chauvinism, a common quip by people usually categorised (or caricatured) as MCPs ran as follows: A man occupying a socially exalted position is challenged by a woman journalist for having a bias against women. He refutes the allegation strongly, adding for good measure, "I assure you I have nothing against women. Why, some of my best friends and relations are women. In fact, even my wife is a woman!" Lest I be clubbed with such unreformed chauvinists, let me start with some categorical disclaimers. Far from holding chauvinistic views, I have champi [...]
[2007-03-28] One couple, two bedrooms: a happier marriage?
Not since the Victorian age of starched sheets and starchy manners, builders and architects say, have there been so many orders for separate bedrooms. Or separate sleeping nooks. Or his-and-her wings. But in interviews, couples and sociologists say that often it has nothing to do with sex. More likely, it has to do with snoring. Or with children crying. Or with getting up and heading for the gym at 5:30 in the morning. Or with sending e-mail messages until well after midnight. ONE COUPLE'S STORY In the Central West End district of St. Louis, Lana Pepper is a light sleeper who battled for y [...]
[2007-03-28] Russia: anti-"black" pogrom —again
One man was killed in a brawl between locals and migrants from the Caucasus in northwestern Russia in the early hours of Friday, local police said. A 19-year-old local man was stabbed in the throat in a fight over a girl following a dance party in the village of Kuitezha in the Republic of Karelia. He died before an ambulance arrived, police said. The suspects, who fled the scene in a car, were seized within an hour of the killing. Police said they were taking measures to deter racial violence similar to a wave of protests and rioting that followed a restaurant brawl with Chechens in the Ka [...]
[2007-03-28] A man who won a fight for his Chinese bride to live in his sheltered flat is facing a new battle over her UK visa.
But Ken Miller, 70, from Ystalyfera in the Swansea Valley, said he would appeal against the visa refusal. If that fails, the pensioner said he would move to China to be with new wife Yin Qieo, who is 44. He said it had been labelled a marriage of convenience by the authorities. The Home Office said it would not comment on individual cases. The pensioner said the authorities had found inconsistencies in the pair's tale of their romance. Mr Miller said: "There was some doubt as to the way we met and apparently she didn't know my hobbies or favourite food. Yorkshire pudding "When I we [...]
[2007-03-28] NOT getting any online dates? Maybe it’s time for an online makeover.
Businesses like, and say they will help turn a stale personal profile for dating Web sites into eloquent and catchy advertisements, writing the words for you. They will even help clients sift through prospective dates and start an initial e-mail conversation. Depending on the company and the services used, prices may range from $39 to $2,000.Other companies, like and, sell professional photo shoots and retouching of existing pictures for people to post online.“As online dating has gotten more popular, the mo [...]
[2007-03-28] A stark reminder on Woman’s Day
Woman’s Day began in Malta with the starkest possible reminder of what it is all about: the corpse of a young woman, floating in the sea off Sliema, with a garbage bag wrapped round her head. Of one thing we can be sure – that it wasn’t her mother who killed her. Of another thing we can be less sure but almost certain – that she was killed by a man and that there was sex involved. She either died during one of those nasty sex games that involve near-suffocation – which isn’t likely given that she was fully dressed – or she was killed because she became inconvenient. The news that she was Russi [...]
[2007-03-28] God bless all the blesselors of this world.
You see it on the news every day - celebrities and others with media access use their influence to promote causes they support. The idea is to sway public opinion. I've decided I have a very good platform through books, radio, television and this column, so I should use it for the betterment of society. I have a responsibility to serve in a capacity to help all womankind. It's time to use my influence in a positive manner. With that in mind, I am taking up a cause. It starts right here and now. I am appointing myself as the official spokesperson for women of a certain age who never married. [...]
[2007-03-28] Talking too much about relationships may cause more harm than good
It's a scenario almost as old as the institution of marriage itself. A wife, sensing trouble in her relationship with her husband, approaches him, wanting to talk. At the merest suggestion of a relationship discussion, hubby shuts down and becomes distant. The more she insists on talking, the more he pulls back. It may sound like a tired clich, but a number of couples find themselves falling into the all too familiar roles of nagging wife and resistant husband. Relationship therapists Patricia Love and Steven Stosny have a theory as to why this happens, and it may surprise you. Love, 63, [...]
[2007-03-28] A CONMAN imprisoned for 12 months after stealing more than £7,000 from a woman he met through an internet dating agency is likely to re-offend, a friend of his victim has warned.
Chey Charlesworth, 38, from Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, was sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court last Thursday after admitting six charges of theft, two counts of falsifying records and asking for 19 further offences to be taken into consideration.Charlesworth moved into 38-year-old Angela Miller's home at Collier Close, Ely, in January 2006, approximately three months after they met on an internet dating agency.Between February and April, Miss Miller was twice told by her bank that she was overdrawn. She asked for statements to be sent, but didn't receive any.When she did see a statement in May last [...]
[2007-03-28] A LEADING Chinese matchmaking Website is to check the age, marital status and other personal details of prospective cyber daters against an official database to prevent deception.
Beginning today, will screen its eight million online daters against an ID authentication system it jointly developed with the Ministry of Public Security, said Jason Tian, CEO of the online service that uses extensive personality profiles to match couples."In the long run, we'll arrange dates only for those who are proven to be telling the truth," he said.Tian said the move would enhance trust among online daters and prevent deception, and Website employees would keep the daters' personal information strictly confidential.Lack of trust is often cited as a major reason for spurning I [...]
[2007-03-28] In the '60s young people married and had more children earlier. Now, four decades later, those same people are divorcing at an unprecedented rate.
This horrifies their parents - the builders who often endured lives of silent, emotional suffocation and stoic indifference. They married, bred, worked, accumulated assets, grew apart, stayed together, and died. My generation has refused to live in this emotional wasteland. We have had the money and the emotional strength to move out and move on. We are also the greatest optimists of all time. We believe that we can fall in love again. Divorce and the ensuing separation are like death. At the beginning your heart and your mind are in overdrive. You remember the love so you mourn the loss. You [...]
[2007-03-28] A CAREER-WOMAN duped by an online dating fraudster who cheated her out of thousands of pounds has vowed she will never use the internet in her search for romance again.
As her former lover was jailed for 12 months yesterday (Thursday, 15 March), high-flying pharmaceuticals company manager Angela Miller made it clear she was disappointed at the length of the sentence - and hopes her experience will act as a warning to other women. Pharmaceuticals company manager Angela MillerSpeaking through a friend at Cambridge Crown Court, her message was: "There'll be no online dating in future. You can never be sure who you are dealing with. In this case, it was a freeloader and a liar." Thirty-eight-year-old Ms Miller, a regulatory affairs manager who spends [...]
[2007-03-28] Coaches polish first impressions online
Bill Doyle was fretting. Like many others who use online dating services, he could clearly express what he wanted in a mate - but he had trouble coming up with the correct words to describe himself. And even if he could articulate a dead-on description, should he write an autobiography or give everyone the CliffsNotes version? "I wanted to maximize my profile," says the 29-year-old Palm Coast, Fla., man, who knew he needed more than just the status quo to woo the women. Doyle enlisted the help of Los Angeles-based Evan Marc Katz, an author and creator of, which promises to "mak [...]
[2007-03-28] Under the New Jersey proposal,convicted sex offenders would have to submit to periodic, unannounced examinations of their computer equipment, install equipment on their computer so its use could be monitored and inform law enforcement if they have access
Released sex offenders would be barred from using the Internet and online dating sites would face new security rules under bills to be considered today by the Senate amid worries about child safety on the computer. "We're living in some very scary times," said Senate President Richard J. Codey, who is sponsoring the legislative package that has raised constitutional questions and opposition from Internet companies.Under the plan, released sex offenders caught using the Internet would face up to 18 months in jail and fines of up to $10,000.Sex offenders caught using the Internet to solicit a [...]
[2007-03-28] Logging on for love
After college, the dating pool dries up. That's often when online dating becomes a way to connect. "When you're working in a job you see the same people every day, but when you go to college there are many, many opportunities to bump into someone you might end up in a relationship with," said clinical psychotherapist Diane M. Berry of Manitowoc. Berry is director of Blue Waters Family Counseling and author of "Romancing the Web: A Therapist's Guide to the Finer Points of Online Dating" (2005 Blue Waters Publications, Manitowoc). Kris Mauer, 31, of Manitowoc just wasn't meeting the [...]
[2007-03-28] Online Dating Scam Tips
There's a new internet scam that could cost you thousands of dollars. Janice Byers finally decided to enter the dating world after her husband of 17 years died from a heart attack.She posted her picture and a profile on Yahoo Personals on the internet. That's where she met Joe Johnson. “We started chit-chatting. He showed me pictures of his son, dog and cat...all kinds of things,” said Byers.“He said he's in Nigeria and he's refurbishing an airplane over there.He does a lot of aviation work. He's supposed to be a pilot and according to his profile on yahoo, he was a pilot.” After a mo [...]
[2007-03-28] A branding opportunity When it comes to online personal ads, folks generally don't buy generic
One night, as you're browsing through online personal ads, you find him: the perfect guy. He's funny, romantic, good-looking -- and his collection of Motley Crue bootleg CDs is breathtaking. Problem is, you pass his ad right by. And who could blame you? All you see is a fuzzy photo of what looks to be a serial killer wearing a muscle T-shirt and holding a bottle of Blatz. His screen name is "HelloHoneys." And instead of highlighting his charm and wit, his profile shows off an amazing ability to misspell at least one word in each cliche. Online dating has exploded, shedding its stigmas [...]
[2007-03-28] In the world of cyber dating, there are the standard headshots, and then there are the ... bare-chested bachelor posing in front of a Camaro, or holding a fish
They have provided stand-up comedians a reservoir of material, spurred on parlor games and have become part of a conversation piece at girls' nights out. We are talking about the cheesy glamour portraits, beefcake shots and half-baked pictures. You know, the wedding picture with the significant other cropped out, all except for the hand. Or the puckered lips, hands behind the head pose that looks more like a "Saturday Night Live" parody of a Calvin Klein underwear ad. Well, the honchos at dating sites have seen enough, and they have called in the photo police. The Jewish dating site JDate n [...]
[2007-03-28] Looking for love online can be a frightening thing, especially when there's no way to tell someone's future soul mate from someone's former cell mate
Seeking to take some of the danger out of this situation, the Illinois Legislature is considering several bills aimed at letting consumers know what level of protection their online dating site is giving them. "Don't you have an expectation when you pay $30 to find true love that it won't turn out to be a sex offender?" asked state Rep. John Bradley, D-Marion, the sponsor of one of the bills.The proposals would require that Internet dating sites disclose to their Illinois subscribers whether or not the site conducts criminal background checks on its members for felony or sex offense conviction [...]
[2007-03-28] Trying to find a mate online? New data suggests that it's harder for women than for men.
To wit: eHarmony's visitors are 69 percent women, on Catholic Match it's 72 percent, and on a whopping 87 percent are of the distaff sex, according to the data firm Hitwise. The numbers -- which measure traffic, not membership on the specific sites -- cover the week ending Feb. 10. The gender imbalance seems to be more pronounced on sites that offer a premium service for matching people up, such as by requiring users to answer a long list of questions about themselves, says Bill Tancer, Hitwise's general manager of global research. Sites that attract men tend to simply stack [...]
[2007-03-28] The problem with Internet dating services is not enough really hot-looking people.
Jason Pellegrino (an 8.2 on the attractiveness scale) says the problem with Internet dating services is not enough really hot-looking people. So he and a business partner have created, a sort of online version of Studio 54, the exclusive '70s disco where gaining admission was a pitiless Darwinian exercise. is for "fit, good-looking" people. Prospective members must submit pictures and must be rated an 8 or higher by people already in the club. Once they're in, they are permitted to e-mail other "hotties" for $9.95 a month. "It's definitely hard to get through tha [...]
[2007-03-28] False insurance and phony “business opportunities” are also scams consumers should watch out for.
Fake-check scams are at an all-time high. One crook is using the post office box number of a good Indianapolis company that has used the same post office box for decades. The BBB received a call from a single mom who had received one of these counterfeit checks. She thought the check was legit and deposited it into her minor daughter’s account, and then wrote a check for $2,000 to a car repair shop. When the bank processed the check, it found that it was counterfeit and had to debit her account for the $2,000. To make matters worse, the single mom said her daughter’s account has a direct depo [...]
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