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[2008-02-29] Malaysia’s Islamic opposition is proposing matchmaking services for unmarried women in a bid to woo voters.
The Malaysian Islamic party previously caused controversy by suggesting ugly women should be given priority for public services to make up for their limited marriage prospects. “We are providing benefits like matchmaking and reduced dowry for women,” said Nasharuddin Mat Isa, the party’s deputy president. “It’s about reassuring voters that we are the best choice for the people.”The governing coalition is unpopular because of rising inflation and a series of corruption scandals. The Islamic party, which in the past has banned nightclubs and alcohol and advocated that criminals be punished by am [...]
[2008-02-29] A internet-dater who sent naked photos of his online girlfriend to everyone in her e-mail address book in a fit of jealous rage was today facing a possible jail sentence.
Stephen Hailes, 48, took his revenge after discovering that Karen Parker,36, with whom he had developed an online relationship, was also flirtingwith other male web-surfers.Magistrates heard that the pair met in an internet chatroom and after aperiod of flirtation Mrs Parker, a married mother of two, sent Hailes aseries of provocative photos, some featuring her completely nude and othersposed in sexy lingerie.At some point in their online romance he became suspicious that she wascontacting other men and logged into her Hotmail account using the passwordthat she had previously given him.Crushed [...]
[2008-02-29] Changing attitudes about love and marriage in rich Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea are pushing many desperate bachelors to seek out brides in other, poorer nations around he region.
Many Asian men, particularly those in rural areas, tend to seektraditional wives who will stay home, doing chores and raising children, sayMika Toyota, a research fellow at the National University of Singapore'sAsia Research Institute, and other experts who study the region. An economic boom in recent decades means women have options theirmothers didn't. Better educated, they can have careers - and opt to staysingle until Prince Charming shows up, if he ever does. "Most Japanese women would prefer to live and work in the city," saysJeff Kingston, author of Japan's Quiet Transformation. "A guy [...]
[2008-02-22] 25-year-old man accused of having sent 2 billion spam e-mails
Japanese police in Tokyo have arrested a 25-year-old man accused of havingsent 2.2 billion spam e-mails using forged from: addresses. Japan Today isreporting that the police received tips from an Internet service provider inSeptember last year about the suspect. Nine different spam e-mails that hesent on 13th November for online casinos and dating services then put thelast nail in the coffin for him.According to the newspaper report, the suspect purchased a list of 600,000e-mail addresses online for roughly ?630. He then began sending unsolicitedadverts to these addresses from his home, for wh [...]
[2008-02-22] ONE in three young Australians have cheated on their partner
ONE in three young Australians have cheated on their partner, and expertsthink one-sided relationships might be to blame.A new study on young love and break-ups has revealed high rates ofinfidelity and even higher rates of heartbreak felt by both parties,regardless of who is doing the dumping.Australian and Hong Kong researchers have collaborated to survey more than450 people aged 18 to 25 in both countries about their relationships."We've found that romantic relationships are very common in this age group,with only 20 per cent never having experienced one,'' said study leaderSusan Moore, a pr [...]
[2008-02-22] Russian dating scam
An online Russian dating scam that Canadian police say has organized crimeroots has bilked men of thousands of dollars.Several men report being duped into sending romantic gifts and money to menposing as Russian brides on internet dating sites.According to an investigation by Radio-Canada's La Facture program, thenumber of incidents involving Canadian men is on the rise.Francis, 29, is a Quebecer who said he was scammed after falling in lovewith a blond Russian named Irina Gorachkina, whom he found on a datingwebsite.He said they started out exchanging neutral, friendly e-mails. "At first weta [...]
[2008-02-22] Cost of Valentine's Day in Russia
You could almost feel the love in the Coffee House cafe in Moscow'suniversity district. Most tables were occupied by young couples smooching over frothycappuccinos and fancy cakes. It was there I met Katya Kuznetsova, a beautiful and confidentadvertising executive with a weakness for strawberry ice cream, although youwould hardly know it from her slim figure. Katya, who's 22, is dating Sasha, a drummer in a heavy metal band.This will be their second Valentine's Day together. Last year he took her to see a romantic foreign film, which was rathermore her cup of tea than his. She also likes watch [...]
[2008-02-22] Dating has been a disaster for some Chicago singles
Dating has been a disaster for some Chicago singles after using matchmakingand online dating services. The Better Business Bureau reports a substantialincrease in the number of complaints.The complaints include matches made with felons, high pressure tactics tosign contracts and unauthorized recurring billing. Interest In datingservices increases around the holidays, including Valentine's Day. Beforesigning up for a service, experts and the experienced daters recommendchecking on the company first.Looking for the love of your life this Valentine's? There are thousands ofdating services that pr [...]
[2008-02-22] Single women from the United States who come to England in pursuit of love are being disproportionately turned back at British airports
Many American women who develop relationships with British men over the Internet face a rough time when they come to Britain, a spokeswoman for the U.K.-Yankee Advocacy Group said.Sandy Westlake, a coordinators of the group, which acts as a forum for over 5,000 Americans in the United Kingdom, said several women each year are put on a plane back to the U.S. within hours of landing.Other women told of being grilled at length by British immigration officers and having their luggage searched because of fears they might overstay their visas.Although most Americans have no problem passing through i [...]
[2008-02-22] Shopping with the oligarchs
The thing about oligarchs is that they're not really chatterboxes. Or atleast, they might be, under the right circumstances, but this particularcircumstance involving me and my notebook, hanging around the gala openingevening of Moscow's Millionaire Fair, like nothing so much as a bad smell,does not appear to be one of them. This is possibly, in part, because myattempt at the dress code is somewhat off the mark. I am wearing leatherboots and a black coat instead of something more occasion-appropriate: apair of gold lame hotpants, say, teamed with a cutaway bra-top. Or abackless silver dress sl [...]
[2008-02-22] A Russian's view of Britain
A young Russian woman's book about the pitfalls of living as an immigrant inBritain has become a surprise best-seller in Moscow ... and it paints adistinctly unflattering portrait of the natives.Instead of finding London the city of her dreams, 23-year-old Olga Freermoans about the shopping hours, the public transport and the bad manners sheencounters. In a litany of complaints about her adopted country, in her bookThe UK For Beginners she claims that Britons:• Habitually scratch their bottoms in public places;• Never remove the price stickers from the soles of their shoes;• Fail to iron their [...]
[2008-02-14] Pitfalls and Ways to Succeed in Dating Game
Internet dating has become a more popular form of meeting new people,and to potentially finding your life partner. This form of dating has grownin popularity together with phenomena's like speed dating and its like.Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and its likes have also begun toplay a role as match makers. But overall, matchmaking sites have the majority of the market at themoment and will probably do so in the near future as well. When it comes to regional popularity of these match making sites, itis clear that sites which contain Eastern European people, have a majorityin the market. [...]
[2008-02-14] Some online dating tips
Create a separate e-mail account to house your dating mail (easy and free,, and, which can helpprotect your identity and manage messages. Opt out of its e-mail list.Otherwise, everything from ads to account information can end up in yourpersonal inbox. You can spend up to about $65 or so a month. It's wise to sign up for a freetrial membership, which most, if not all, services offer. Most dating services require you fill out a personality profile questionnaire. Somesites will do the matchmaking for you, others simply let yo [...]
[2008-02-13] Religious police in Saudi Arabia are banning the sale of Valentine's Day gifts including red roses
The Saudi Gazette quoted shop workers as saying that officials had warned them to remove all red items including flowers and wrapping paper. Black market prices for roses were already rising, the paper said. Saudi authorities consider Valentine's Day, along with a host of other annual celebrations, as un-Islamic. In addition to the prohibition on celebrating non-Islamic festivals, the authorities consider Valentine's Day as encouraging relations between men and women outside wedlock - punishable by law in the conservative kingdom. The Saudi Gazette reported that some people placed orde [...]
[2008-02-04] New Procedure to drive a foreign-registered car in Russia
The OLD way:- Visit to main police station located at the furthest edge of the city.= TRY to get an appointment -- and even if you do, there are dozens of otherpeople at the same time.- NO support for non-Russian speakers.- Move from office to office, battle with lines and waiting to getsignatures at each phase.- Start at 9am, leave your car in the impound until 17:00.- Registration of vehicle would be a MAXIMUM of whatever your ownregistration is -- regardless of your visa. Three months maximum.The NEW way:- New office at the sea port at Vasillievsky Island. Easy parking near theoffice.- Appo [...]
[2008-01-29] Ñhange on the Russian visa regime
Good news (for a change) on the Russian visa regime. I confirmed today thatit is possible, fast, easy and cheap to be registered at a private home --regardless of whether you have a PRIVATE or BUSINESS visa. All you need do is go to the nearest post office with the followingdocuments:- Your Passport- Your Immigration Card- Your Host's Russian Passport- Less than 300 RoublesIf the post office isn't busy, everything can be done in about 40 minutes,but to speed things up (and to prevent problems in case there are 'technicalissues' with the post office photocopier -- or if they don't have one),b [...]
[2008-01-29] Foreign Brides Regret
"I cried so many times, it was selling human meat!" says Autumn Fan of herexperience of being vended by a marriage broker. Fan had been one of aboutone hundred young women offered to a group of Taiwanese bachelors during amatchmaking trip to Vietnam. Twelve at a time, the girls were seated on asofa for the men to eyeball."I wasn't particularly happy or sad about being chosen," says Fan, who was19 at the time. "My mind was just blank. I had no idea who this person was,what my future would be." They had dinner, a silent date for lack of acommon language, and then she married the foreigner so her [...]
[2008-01-29] Living together is just as good as being married
Fewer than a fifth of people think there is much difference between being married or living together and more than half (53 per cent) say that weddings are more about celebration than life-long commitment. A comprehensive study of public opinion found that only 28 per cent think married couples make better parents than unmarried pairs and there is broad support for step-families, who are widely seen to be doing a good job. More than three quarters of the public believe that a mother and a stepfather could bring up a child just as well as two biological parents. The research also discovered [...]
[2008-01-29] Britons are taking a more liberal attitude toward sex and marriage
A majority now think there is nothing wrong with sex before marriage and society is increasingly comfortable with gay relationships, according to the 24th annual report by the National Centre for Social Research. Entitled "New Families? Tradition and Change in Modern Relationships," the study found that men's views about marriage and parenting tend to be more traditional than women's. The survey follows major changes in family life, the study's authors say. The number of single-person households and cohabitation is on the rise, while marriage rates are at their lowest since 1986. Meanwhile [...]
[2008-01-29] More than seven million British singletons did last year
LOG on to love. More than seven million British singletons did last year, according to figures released today. While smug marrieds assume you have more chance of hooking up with a psychopath from Texas masquerading under an assumed identity, than Mr or Ms Right, the figures show the internet has become the mainstream way to meet someone special. There’s now a 50:50 chance that any single person you know is currently romancing on the world wide web. In my social circle there have been at least three online marriages, not to mention cyber offspring. In 2007, 7.8 million single Britons used some [...]
[2008-01-29] Nearly eight million Britons used some form of online dating service in 2007, compared to 5.4 million who used a mixture of offline and online services in 2005.
The internet has become a mainstream way to find love, according to datingagency Parship.The online matchmaking service claimed that there is now a 50:50 chance thateveryone knows someone who is currently logging-on to find a specialpartner.Nearly eight million Britons used some form of online dating service in2007, compared to 5.4 million who used a mixture of offline and onlineservices in 2005.Some 52 per cent of British men and 48 per cent of women have used theinternet to find a date in the past 12 months, compared to 36 per cent ofmen and 34 per cent of women in 2005.Over 53 per cent of s [...]
[2008-01-29] Yu Zhenhuan, recognised in 2002 as the world's hairiest man by the Guinness Book of Records, is using an online dating agency.
"I was amazed to see his picture there, since I'd been hearing he was goingto get married soon. So I called the media," says the person who broke thestory, and who wants to remain anonymous.Yu, 29, confirmed: "We got to know each other through the internet, and hadbeen seeing each other for three years. Unfortunately our relationship hascome to an end."And he added: "My whole body is covered with hair, and my parents areworried I won't be able to find a wife. Many girls are shocked when they seeme in person."I feel like King Kong, hideous, but with a soft and tender heart," he toldZhejiang Onl [...]
[2008-01-29] Birth rate in Russia would equal the mortality rate by 2011
"By 2011 the mortality rate should be equal to the birth rate," SocialDevelopment and Health Minister Tatyana Golikova said.In the first eleven months of 2007 the mortality rate in Russia was 14.7deaths per 1,000 live births, and 15.3 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2006,the minister said.The average mortality rate for the 27-member European Union in 2006 was 10.1deaths per 1,000 live births. The first time in European modern history thedeath rate exceeded births.Demographic issues are widely seen as one of the main threats facing modernRussia since market reforms and economic hardship of the [...]
[2008-01-29] British lonely-hearts are the most dissatisfied, shy and serially single people in Europe
More than a third of Britons (35 percent) are miserable being alone -compared with just 17 percent of Dutch singles, researchers for the onlinedating agency, Parship, found after questioning people in 13 westernEuropean countries.And it seems that traditional British reserve still holds true. In theleague of European singles, British and Swiss men are likely to be the mostreluctant to put themselves forward. The Dutch are the most confident.Across the board, European women are far bolder than men, with roughly halfthe number of women than men quoting shyness as the reason they are single.Psych [...]
[2008-01-29] Smoking rates among women in Russia have aggravated by two fold since the collapse of the Soviet Union
The study, led by Bath University scientists, suggests that "aggressive targeting" of women by tobacco firms was behind the rise.In the study, the researchers monitored 7,000 people over 11 years and found that 7 percent of women smoked in 1992, compared with 15 percent in 2003. Manufacturer British American Tobacco said the increase was due to Russians having more money for cigarettes. Dr Anna Gilmore, lead researcher, said that tobacco advertising had been virtually non-existent in the Soviet Union. Companies invested heavily in developing the market, promoting smoking as part of the new 'we [...]
[2008-01-29] Warning: Online Dating Scams
There's a warning about an online dating scam, and KPRC Local 2 investigative reporter Amy Davis has what you need to know so you don't end up heartbroken and broke, the station reported Monday. Law enforcement officers said the number of "sweetheart scams" is off the charts, but there are things to do to protect yourself. Linda Long was a dating Web site user who did not get what she expected. "DartJavaScriptPosition", "square", { "abr": "", "addlSz": "", "adId": "false", "adParent": "adsquare", "adServer": "http://ad.d [...]
[2008-01-23] A MATCHMAKING website has achieved its first happy couple, just three weeks after being set up.
Country Couples was launched across the UK from a house near Silloth last month, aimed at single people who are more at home with their wellies than Wi-Fi.Two Cumbrians, a 39-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman, have now left the site after less than a week, after finding exactly what they were searching for.Sally Bolton, who created the service, said she was delighted it had worked its magic so soon.She said: “They live in the same town but haven't seen each other for a couple of years, hence not knowing they were both single again. “Within a week of joining they asked to be removed, saying [...]
[2008-01-23] Federal regulators filed a lawsuit Wednesday against a Russian citizen who allegedly tampered with online brokerage accounts to engineer profitable trades.
Anatoly Russ, 25, used stolen user names and passwords for seven online brokerage accounts to place orders that offset his own trading in iShares Lehman Aggregate Bond Fund options, the Securities and Exchange Commission said. It said online brokerage account holders at E-Trade Securities, TD Ameritrade and Scottrade didn't know about the trading, which was done with funds in their accounts. Russ ensured profits by placing his own orders to buy options contracts at artificially low prices and offsetting them with trades from the online brokerage accounts that he broke into, the SEC said. It c [...]
[2008-01-23] The Internet has become a mainstream way to meet someone special
In 2007, 7.8 million single Britons usedsome form of online dating service to find romance, compared to the 5.4million who used a mixture of offline and online services in 2005.If many British singles still prefer the more casual approach, with over onethird (39%) ready to sit back and wait for that special person to come alongby chance, Internet dating is now far more than a niche activity: in thelast 12 months, 52% of British men and 48% of women have used the Internetto find a date, compared to 2005 figures of 36% for men and 34% for women.What's more, 53% of singles (59% of men and 46% of [...]
[2008-01-23] An Orthodox group is taking in abused or abandoned Ukrainian-Jewish children and sending them off to lead new lives in Israel.
When Aron was 11, his mother Raisa, a prostitute, would send him down to thedocks of Odessa to find clients for her. For each sailor the boy broughtback, he got one Ukrainian hryvnia - a tenth of a penny. That was 10 yearsago. These days, Raisa lives in a cellar in the centre of the Ukrainian portcity, down rickety stairs through a door that will not close, and behind adirty, ragged curtain. Inside, a strong smell of urine rises from a roomplastered with ancient wallpaper and peeling pictures cut from magazines.There is no toilet. "I manage somehow," says Raisa, an apologetic smile onher face. [...]
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