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[2004-01-17] Epiphany frosts
Epiphany frosts We have a lot of guests now in Kazan. However, many of them did not expect it to be so cold here! It is always cold in Russia in this part of January. Our ancestors called the weather “Epiphany frosts”. On the 19th January the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Jesus Christ’s baptizing. Usually we have the air temperature on the 19th January of around -20-30 Ñ. || Well, now it is zero but only 5 days ago we had –15/-20 C! So if you are going to visit Russia think about warm clothes! || By the way, in hard frosts women write longer letters:). They get frozen all over w [...]
[2004-01-13] Others’ mistakes | Natasha+Ray | BBC again | Holidays go on! | The hottest news!!! The first news about a baby from our clients
Others’ mistakes Do you remember me telling about Michael and his problems with a visa? He made his visa at some Moscow firma and had to register his visa in Moscow but never did it. He had a direct flight to Kazan. Of course he had problems because no hotel was willing to have problems with police. We helped him and warned that he should register his visa in the city of his destination. If you are planning your trip to Kazan then make your invitation for a visa to Kazan! || It’s funny but we have three guests now with the same problem. They have found some Moscow companies that promised [...]
[2003-12-27] Counting and smiling: summing up!
Counting and smiling: summing up! When summing up we feel kind magicians :) Indeed, we deal with the magic of love! In fact, we juts go to work and work with our PCs in the office… However, very exciting things happen: People meet virtually, try to appeal to each other, feel shy and do extraordinary romantic things, fall in love and finally say, «Will you marry me?» This is our job! :) We are very happy people! Today’s morning we’ve started summing up and here are the results we have by the beginning of 2004: Oh, by the way, these are only the results of our Kazan office and it is one o [...]
[2003-12-27] Our results
Our results This is the last newsletter this year and it is going to be devoted to our results. It is typical for Russians to sum up before the New Year holidays. They should finish all their affairs, give back all the debts, beg pardon, forgive others and enter the new coming year with an easy heart. While I’m finishing counting, you can read two letters. The first one is from Raymond: Nataliya’s fiancé – the main heroes of the future BBC program ( «Hello Sabina and Slava, Just want to thank you for making me one Happy guy,Slava I also want you [...]
[2003-12-20] Congratulations: Natasha and Wilson | Renewals
Congratulations: Natasha and Wilson Last Friday our clients Natasha and Wilson visited us. They brought a bottle of Champagne. They’ve got a fiancée visa and are going to celebrate New Year in America. We are happy for them and think you share our congratulations! Here in Russia we usually say to young married couples: Sovet da liubov! (Best wishes and love!) You are going to get our next newsletter right before the New Year holidays. So I’d like to wish you Merry Christmas now!!! Renewals Some very attentive clients have already found the page: [...]
[2003-10-11] Indian summer is over... but the season of meetings is not!
“Indian summer is over... but the season of meetings is not!”This week our office has become the center of client pilgrimage :) Two American men arrived in Kazan one by one. We were also pleased to see here the happy couple of Lyubov andJulius. They are no longer our clients because they have just got the fiancée visa in the USA and are saying goodbye to their fellows and friends. They've called in our place too! While Julius was searching the net we asked Lyuba to tell us about the difficulties she had to face. She did what we asked but... it turned out to be a real love story :)Here it [...]
[2003-09-30] Newsweek is taking our interview
Newsweek is taking our interview Yesterday we got a call from a «Newsweek journal» correspondent. She told us she was writing an article concerning the demographic situation. One of the relating issues is going to be immigration of Russian women abroad. We were talking for about half an hour and she managed to ask me plenty of questions. For example, what is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls? What’s our opinion about the new-coming law binding marriage agencies to check men’s background? So you can find this article with parts of the interview included in their next issue. [...]
[2003-09-27] Good intentions?…
Good intentions?… This week I’ve seen the following in news sites: “A virus has paralyzed the process of giving American visa in all the countries of the world. In fact, it has paralyzed the computer system of the USA State Department and they stopped giving American entrance visas all over the world. As far as I know the virus knocked out the USA Consular service (the Foreign Affairs Department) database. The point is that every person who has applied for an American visa must be checked through this database not to belong to any terrorist or other criminal groups. The number [...]
[2003-09-21] Babjye summer or Indian summer? | The help of President Bush?
Babjye summer or Indian summer? We are having babjye summer now in Kazan. Americans call it Indian summer. Babjye is the adjective formed of the noun “baba” meaning “woman” but it is very colloquial and typical to village inhabitants. If city men call women this way they mean to hurt them. The third meaning of this word is an old woman. For example, we say “baba Lena” meaning “the old woman Lena”. Why do we call warm days in September “Babjye summer”? I think because it is as beautiful, tender and short lasting as woman’s love! :-) I’m kidding. We are experiencing quick change of men-c [...]
[2003-09-20] The way to get the address of your girl.
The way to get the address of your girl. This week we’ve offered a new service. Now you can buy or order the addresses of the girl you like and correspond with them on your own. So, anybody who visit our web site for the first time and don't want to become a member may get lady's contact information by ordering it using the buttons below. But a current member has some privileges. If you paid at least a month membership fee you can get women’s phone number, regular and e-mail contact addresses with no additional charge. One month members allow retrieving 4 addresses Three months member [...]
[2003-09-13] James Bond in a skirt | Life in the agency
James Bond in a skirt Well, guys! This week you have lost your chance to charm one of our girls. She is a real beauty and besides, works with some state secret organization. «Stakes over!» I’m going to explain. This week one of our clients has come to our office and asked to remove her profile. The reason is the high level of secrecy of her job. The point is that she works for some international organization and she’s just been transferred to the top-secret department. She is strictly forbidden to join any international marriage agencies! :-)) That’s why I called her James Bond in a skir [...]
[2003-09-06] Two couples have started the process of immigration this week
Two couples have started the process of immigration this week I’m always very pleased to tell you about new couples. Two our couples have started the process of immigration this week. We wish them good luck! Lucky is our client Natasha! She’s just got an invitation for an interview in the embassy though only 4 months have passed. It’s very quick for the USA and you’ll read about it further in our issue. Natasha is very excited now. She says she didn’t’ even hope to take the interview so soon. She has even bought some warm winter clothes for her daughter and herself!:) It’s really hard to be [...]
[2003-08-30] Making sense of our site
Making sense of our site Each more or less complicated tool is certain to have an instruction attached. For example, a handy. You can guess the way of dialing and ending your conversation without any instructions. You can even learn sending SMS by means of tries and mistakes. But modern handies seem more like computers and offer such a wide range of services that if you spend a night reading the instruction you’ll find a lot of funny and useful tools there! All of them are designed to make our life easier, aren’t they? The same is with sites. You’ve been already registered on our site and can [...]
[2003-08-16] Another mark in the skies
Another mark in the skiesThis week one of our men-clients told us that they are going to marry with his girl friend and have already applied for getting a fiancée visa. Here are his words: «I have already found the love of my life using your service.I just got back from Kazan, Russia. And I am planning to come back again, toescort my fiancée Olga here to the U.S. when her American visa is ready. Iam planning on getting married with Olga. She means the world to me, andnow that I have met her, I cannot imagine my life without her. Thank youkindly. Sam»We are heartily happy for Sam an [...]
[2003-08-02] Renewal: questions about our services
Renewal: questions about our services In your letters you often ask questions about our services. We've made a notice of this fact and have renewed the «Services» page. Welcome to Now you can learn something concerning our charge policy and the main conception of our agency, the way of choosing women and working with them. You are going to learn the most effective means of using our services. Besides, we are revealing some ways of working with the letters you send us. Care to choose an appropriate present for your beloved and prepare for [...]
[2003-07-19] One more wedding: Saburo+Maria | More ladies
One more wedding: Saburo+Maria I’m pleased to realize that each time we are sending you our newsletter we can tell you about one more couple in love. This week we have received a letter from America that informed us about the wedding of one of our clients Maria. She has found her happiness and married the successful photographer Saburo. Saburo shared his joy with us and promised to come to Kazan in the nearest possible time to have a wedding ceremony in the most beautiful Kazan church called St. Paul and Peter’s Cathedral. He is going to make a surprise for his wife: a fireworks show! Just h [...]
[2003-07-12] The importance of little details | One more wedding: Alastair and Inna
The importance of little details Last week we told you that one of our clients had been invited to the interview at the embassy to get the Alien Fiancée’s visa K-1 in the USA. Sad to say but she failed to get it because of a misprint in the dates. Unfortunately, such things happen. Here I’d like to pay your attention to the necessity of careful checking all the lines of your documents. I can give you a piece of advice: - look for some Internet resources explaining the secrets of successful filling in all the forms like yours - turn a lawyer dealing with international marriages - make [...]
[2003-07-05] Live-chat: details | Summer is the best time for meetings
Live-chat: details Today I’m going to answer your most frequent questions about a live-chat. * What is a live-chat? Chance For Love offers you a unique chance to chat with your girl. Besides, you’ll be able to see her with the help of a web-camera! If your girl has difficulties with PC or English our interpreter will help you. We have a live-chat installed on the cite. You can join it at the bottom of our homepage. * What am I to do to organize a live-chat? You should do the following: 1. It is necessary to contact our office in order to talk about this service and to agree about th [...]
[2003-06-28] I wish luck to you who is seeking a Russian lady, keep going on. Some day SHE appears
«I wish luck to you who is seeking a Russian lady, keep going on. Some day SHE appears» The Swedish man Terho has sent us these words together with the information about their marriage with our client (now a former one) Rimma. «I want to thank you and your staff for all help with me and Rimma. Of course we are very happy and wait for big things in our life together. I'm happy I found your agency among hundreds of agencies. It was really confusing to navigate these dangerous waters and avoid grounding. It is not easy to find the right love among thousands of beautiful ladies. I was lucky and [...]
[2003-06-21] More and better!
More and better! Now our delivery is going to be more regular. We are planning to tell you weekly how you can find your second half, have a successful correspondence with your beloved and give her appropriate presents in time, plan your visits to Russia, avoid meeting a scam and so on. Besides, we are going to inform you about all the changes in the work of the agency and our new services and actions that we are eager to held so that you could make much more use of working with us. We are also planning to tell you about some lucky examples of people who have already found their happiness. [...]
[2003-03-03] Wonderful news!!! Soon the 8th of March!
Why this news is so good? First of all, it is one more occasion to treat your lovely woman with the bouquet of nice spring flowers. Secondly, it is an opportunity to show your care and attention. Probably you know already, every woman should get the flowers on this day. It is awful – to see so many happy people around you and to feel lonely, as your “prince” is so far from you and no one pays attention to you… Thirdly, the 8th of March is the holiday that closes the traditional “high season” of presents. You won’t meet any great holiday till Christmas in Russian calendar. (Of cour [...]
[0000-00-00] Church marriage ceremony.
Nowadays many couples opt for a marriage in a church but church marriages in Russia still do not have official status, and the church requires a civil marriage certificate to arrange the ceremony for the couple (the couple must be officially married by ZAGS before the marriage in church). So if the couple plans to have a church ceremony, they will usually go through the civil ceremony a few days before the wedding. The Russian church ceremony is colorful and solemn but the complete traditional ceremony is very long, and as guests and the couple have to stand during the ceremony (there are n [...]
[0000-00-00] Popular Russian Names For Girls
Russian full name consists of: First name + Middle name (Patronymic) + Last name (Surname) e.g. Nataliya Alexandrovna Ivanova Russian middle names All Russian children are given only a first name by his or her parents. The middle name is constructed of the father's first name of a child. This name is called a patronymic. A daughter of Alexander will have a middle name or patronymic called Alexandrovna. This name was constructed by adding the ending "ovna" to the father's first name. This indicates that she is a female child of a man named Alexander. As for a boy his patronymic is "Alexa [...]
[0000-00-00] Answering your letters
HELLO, I want to thank everyone at chance for love, as my fiancee just got her visa to America yesterday!!!!!! You made it possible, as I would of never met this wonderful woman if it were not for you. When I sent her candy, or I called her, you were always prompt, and always on time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never met you all, but you are like family, as I know if I need any information, or any help you will be there to answer questions. I want one day to come to Kazan, and see your office, and meet all of you. I wait always for your newsletters, and I will for years [...]
[0000-00-00] Russian food: are you ready?
We have the widespread Russian legend telling that English people prefer oatmeal porridge for breakfast. We adore reading The Adventures of Sharlock Holmes and if you ask a Russian man or woman: “What is served for breakfast in Baskerville Hall?” you are certain to hear, “Oatmeal porridge, sir!”:) It’s just a myth but I learned it’s false not so long ago. An English man who came to Kazan complained about terrible breakfast in his hotel. They served only porridge and sausages, no fruits. “We don’t eat this for breakfast, he said, it’s too hard and rich for morning meal.” Art is long, life is sh [...]
[0000-00-00] What it is like to be a wife of an American Man
    Interview with Elena who has been married to an American Man for two years.     Today I’d like to acquaint you with Elena Davis. She married our client Kevin two years ago. If you saw our page “Success stories”, then you know them already:) Elena has come back to her Motherland, to Kazan for the first time and she has a lot of stories! But we decided to ask her what it is like to be a wife of an American. Maybe your bride will tell you the same after she’s been married to you for two years. But why waiting for so long? Let’s learn the future. - Lena, what did you [...]
[0000-00-00] To love in Russian (learning Russian phrases of love) part V
Spring is the best time for planning summer vacations. I am often asked: how much time should pass from the first letter till the first meeting? My answer is: no more than 6 months! And better 3-4. That’s quite enough to define if she is the right person or not, if she is worth flying over the ocean or not. :) And this first meeting can destroy all the doubts. The deeper your correspondence was, the bigger the chance that you will not be disappointed. So, let’s get ready for the travel: Ya priglaShayu tebya v puteShestvie.              I invite you to tra [...]
[0000-00-00] To love in Russian (learning Russian phrases of love) part III
What to say to your girl in Russian on the 8th of March  – we will tell you that next week. And today let’s talk about winter and spring. Throughout the previous week we had Maslenitsa (Pancake week) in Russia. It is the holiday week when people eat pancakes, have outdoor fetes and burn the scarecrow of winter. People bid farewell to winter and welcome spring. It is a very ancient Russian tradition. The last day of Maslenitsa – Sunday – is called Forgiving, as on that day everyone should ask to forgive him. Just after Maslenitsa Great Feast begins and it lasts seven weeks and ends with [...]
[0000-00-00] To love in Russian (learning Russian phrase of love)
We’ll devote several lessons to writing good letters. It’s easy! Let’s talk about first letters. The worst mistakes are: 1. Impersonal letter. Each gentleman should introduce himself and tell the woman about his life at least in a nutshell. Very often letters have no name, let alone age, occupation and the country of living. However, all these facts are very important for Russian ladies. 2. Standard letters. Letters starting with «Hi, there!» are good for an ash can only. Address your letters to each girl personally. We’ll give you a hint: just comment on some fact from her personal profi [...]
[] Several ways of getting a positive answer from your woman.
You’ve sent your letter. Know what happens next? Let’s miss some technical details of its registration in our database and a telephone operator’s work. The most interesting things are just starting. Our operator calls a girl and informs her about your letter. Now she is to come and take it. But she doesn’t! She calls back and says the following: - You said I got a letter. When did it come? - Just a moment, I’ll check. Right, you got a letter of today’s date.- Who’s it?- It’s Nilson. His first letter to you. - Hm… Nilson… And what about John? - Not yet.- OK, this Nilson… Where’s he from? - W [...]
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