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To love in Russian (learning Russian phrases of love) part III

What to say to your girl in Russian on the 8th of March  – we will tell you that next week. And today let’s talk about winter and spring.

Throughout the previous week we had Maslenitsa (Pancake week) in Russia. It is the holiday week when people eat pancakes, have outdoor fetes and burn the scarecrow of winter. People bid farewell to winter and welcome spring. It is a very ancient Russian tradition. The last day of Maslenitsa – Sunday – is called Forgiving, as on that day everyone should ask to forgive him. Just after Maslenitsa Great Feast begins and it lasts seven weeks and ends with Easter. During the feast people are supposed to eat only vegetarian food. However the feast is kept only by devoted Christians and old people.

For most of the people the beginning of spring means the renewed hopes, looking-for warmth and love.

In spring one wants to love so much! – VesNoy  tak  Hochetsya  lyuBit’

I love spring! – Ya  lyubLyu  vesNu!

Do you love spring? – Ti  Lyubish’  vesNu?

What for do you love spring? – Za  chto  ti  Lyubish  vesNu?

What is your favorite season? – KaKoe  tvoyo  lyuBimoe  Vremya  Goda?

Would you like me to come to you in spring? – Ti  bi  hoTela  Chtobi  ya  priEhal  k  teBe  vesNoy?

I hope this spring will be romantic for us! – Nadeyus’  eta  vesNa  Budet  dlya  nas  romanTichnoy!

I want you remember this spring forever! – Ya  hoChu  Chtobi  ti navsegDa zaPomnila  etu vesNu!

- What is going to be next week?

- the 8th of March: what to say to your loved woman on the Women’s Day in Russian?

- answering your questions

Your comments:

#1 David Duff (USA) at 2005-12-27
I'm confused on these translations. The Russian alphabet is different then ours. How are you translating Russian words with the English alphabet? Also,I was wondering if anyone thats speaks and reads Russian would understand these translations. Thank you,
Author's answer: David,

This transcription is meant for the foreigners that write letters to Russian women. Russian women will understand the Russian text written in Roman letters.

Really I can say that sometimes foreigners transcribe Russian words in an amazing way. Russian people would never write in this way, but foreigners have their own rules of spelling and pronunciation.
For example:
"How are you?" is translated into Russian as "Kak dela?" And one foreigner wrote in the following way: "Kak dzilla?" And really if you listen carefully, you can hear double L and even Z, but if he hadn't written so, it would never come to my mind to spell in this way! :))

In a word, these are very relative things and if you just copy these phrases and paste them in your letter, a Russian woman will understand you. But to learn how to speak Russian it is better to turn to a teacher.
#2 Amit Pramanik (India) at 2005-12-22
how to say I LOVE YOU in Russian

Author's answer: I do like you very much = Ty mne ochen nravish'sya
I love you = Ya lyublyu tebya.
Do you love me? = Ty menya lyubish?
I am always thinking of you = Ya postoyanno dumayu o tebe.
I need you so much = Ty mne ochen nuzhna.
You drive me crazy = Ya skhozhu po tyebye s uma.
I can't live without you = Ya ne mogu zhit bez tebya.

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