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HELLO, I want to thank everyone at chance for love, as my fiancee just got her visa to America yesterday!!!!!! You made it possible, as I would of never met this wonderful woman if it were not for you. When I sent her candy, or I called her, you were always prompt, and always on time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never met you all, but you are like family, as I know if I need any information, or any help you will be there to answer questions. I want one day to come to Kazan, and see your office, and meet all of you. I wait always for your newsletters, and I will for years to come.

I started talking to NADEZHDA in January of 2003, I go to Russia, to meet her in January 2004, I get paperwork going in may, I get approval in September, and she get visa in November. I want to say, that I hear always, get a lawyer for this. I look for lawyer, they wanted 8,000 dollars for paper work, I do all on my own. Yes it was hard, but I tell you if I can do it, anyone can!!!!! I want to say it was our love that made this happen, we worked hard for our love. I know that I have found the best women in the world. I think of Russia as my second home, as I love this country, and their traditions. I tell you go to Russia, you will not believe the difference in life, than how we live in America. I will keep in touch, and god bless all of you, for helping me find the love of my life!!!!!



Dear Douglas!

We wish you happiness with all our heart! You can’t imagine what a pleasure we got from reading your letter!!! Thank you!!! We are happy to invite you to Kazan as a member of our family :)

Douglas, thank you also for the advice that you give. It is invaluable!


HI Slava,

Interesting newsletter, thank you. Quite agree with the apartment/America etc... If you get a chance to look at Bermuda, where I live, I think you will be shocked. High wages, no income tax, really relaxed life and very safe. I guess it is paradise! You must ask yourself why I am doing this? Sure I probably am very different than 95% of the males you have visiting your site. But, I am looking for a girl who has more to offer in every respect. On the one hand everyday things but on the other a different view of life. Sure I decent guy who looks after himself can meet and marry a beautiful, intelligent, wealthy girl any day of the week. Yes, it is that easy!!! But what’s the point, they are all the same, very few are individuals. So that’s where I am at and will not settle for less. I know exactly the girl I am looking for, to marry and have children with. So, that is why I am here. I visited your website on a whim (out of curiosity).

    Then I saw Maria and I just had to take a major step and contact her. Hopefully she will want to meet. I really don't mind if she wants to meet me in Kazan, before or over Christmas, sooner the better. I can visit anytime, with a bit of notice (visa etc...). So if she rejects me that’s OK, but she has no idea what a good time we could have. Then again I am sure she will contact me :) Thank you for your prompt response and action thus far. I hope I hear some good news as I am not really interested in contacting any of the other girls. Not that they are not nice but like I said I know what I am looking for.

Speak soon

Peter B

Dear Peter!

What you describe is really like a paradise! :)) You are a happy man! It remains only to find a Russian wife. ;)

As for Maria. She also knows what kind of man she is looking for. It is really great when such people meet and match each other. I hope you will be lucky.

    Here is a piece of advice for you: don’t give her a chance to reject before she will get to know you well. Guys, at first do all your best! Write more about yourself, send her great photos, well and gifts are also great helps! Flowers, sweets, gift certificates will always favor you. Besides, you can call her to wish good night (after that she will surely be sleepless and think of you all night! Joke), mail her a lovely postcard with the record of your voice and so on.

    Only don’t regard it as “money investment”. Gift shouldn’t be expensive not to bind a girl with commitment. Do it sincerely, disinterestedly, regard it as a good deed. It is really a good deed to make someone glad, isn’t it?

    I don’t urge you to be importunate! I only encourage you to do all your best to let a girl get to know you better before making a decision concerning your further relationship. If you are a good man, let her know it! :)

Good luck, Peter!


I was reading some of your notes and saw where for an American man it's paradise to have

  1. 1)an English apartment

  2. 2)a Chinese family

  3. 3)an American salary

  4. 4)a Russian wife

Well, I can tell you from past experience that having a Russian wife is no panacea.  I took a trip to the Ukraine some five years ago (to Zaparozh'ye, if you want to get specific) and met up with one those Russian women.

Well, to make a long story short I did the paperwork, got her to the U.S. on a K-1 and K-2(she had an eight year old son), married her and less than two years later she divorced me.  How's that for paradise?

M. Vaughn

Dear M. Vaughn,

It is not me who thought out it, it is people (it is popular wisdom, as we say it in Russia). Each rule has an exception, I think. However, why do you continue taking interest in Russian wives then? Apparently, there is still something alluring in them. :-)

But in fact, it was just a joke. But as everybody knows, many a true word is spoken in jest (or as we say in Russia – each joke has a part of truth in it).

At one of very popular marriage site I saw the following epigraph:

"American women want to be loved and have a career, and have a lot of money to buy non-essential things, while Russian women just want to be loved."

Michael, 36, MA

Don’t believe it not to meet disappointment later! Yes, I really mean it. Women want to realize themselves, regardless of nation. All the more, Russian women who have a good education.  Russians love to call themselves “the most reading nation in the world”. Do you think it is for getting a life of a plant that reduced to eating-sleeping-doing the house-having children?

Russian women are modern and intelligent. It is just feminism is alien to them and family values are close. Turn on your mind and don’t let being deluded by worthless provocations. Russian women are not creatures from other planets and you can be either compatible or incompatible with a Russian woman like with any other human being. It is just a matter of principles, values and education.

I wish you to find your family happiness!


Hello dear Slava, Sabina and the others of your agency,

I really like the information I get from your site and by the newsletter I got yesterday. It helps a lot to know how Russian woman are. I look a lot lately on web-sites about Russia to know a little bit about the Russian way of live.

I am not so afraid Russian Lady’s "gone bad" in Western-Europe, I think if you treat your partner good you get it back good also, and also the other way around.

Is your agency mostly American orientated or also European?

I find it unbelievable that a man sent a letter to a lady with his wishes what she should do as his wife (your example in the newsletter), does the lady think now all western man are like that? I can imagine she was shocked.

I really think I will find my "Partner for life "by your agency.

Best wishes,

Martin Jansen, Zutphen, Netherlands

Dear Martin,

We aren’t oriented to a certain continent. We have marriages in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, America, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Finland: maybe I haven’t mentioned all the countries. In fact, Martin, we have few marriages only with Arabic countries. But it doesn’t depend on us, but on general political situation in the world. Though, now one marriage of the Kazan girl and guy from Iran is in process. To be objective, I can say that Americans is a large nation. That’s why they traditionally write more letters. You can even notice it in newsletters – they comment more. :)) But we are open to all!
Martin, I wish you to find your life partner at our agency! We will do our best for this!


Dear Slava and Sabina,

Thanks for mentioning me in the newsletter once again. It is an honor to be recognized as your friend. Slava, thanks for your note about wishing me well, even IF I am not able to be a customer again. I really appreciated your sincerity and care.

…Also, I have a prayer request for you. This week I heard a WONDERFUL and TALENTED Christian Rock/Folk band from Belarus. I made a quick friendship with their lead singer/saxaphonist, Igor. Before the end of the performance, we were told by an American, who sings with the group at times, that they were going back to Belarus where they face house arrest for their faith in Christ. Evidently, the dictator over there is cracking down on all dissent, or anyone more popular than him. These humble, quiet Belarussians are certainly no threat to the government--but the dictator is against Chrisitianity there for his own reasons. Join us in prayer for their safety and freedom. The group's name is "Spasenie." I bought two of their CD's which are totally in Russian!! I don't understand the lyrics, but appreciate their talent and faith. They did do one album in English, and sing with two Americans on occasions both on tour and in Belarus.

I am so glad that the windows of opportunity still exist for all of you at Chance For Love. God bless you and thanks for being "builders" in terms of understanding between cultures, instead of "dividers", such as we see in Belarus.

Your friend, Peter

Dear Peter,

Thank you for the story! We shortened your letter a little to find room for other letters, ok? I think many people will join you in prayer.

Peter, you always find so nice words about us. We are very proud of what you said about us that we are "builders" in terms of understanding between cultures. Thank you!

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