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[2006-12-08] Are you a serial dater?
Here comes “Dr. Debbie” to the rescue if you’re a dissatisfied single who always experiences the same unhappy endings in your relationships. Hidden patterns of behaviour wreak romantic havoc and need to be addressed in order to find love in all the right places, says New York psychologist Debbie Magids. There are many reasons we unknowingly contribute to being single but the most common issue is “the fear of really allowing someone too close,” she says. “These women fear that once they are really seen for all that they are, rejection will follow. “Feelings of shame and inadequacy stir deep wit [...]
[2006-12-08] You’re out of town on business, far away from home, meeting a new client over drinks
The connection is instantaneous and overwhelming and the two of you hang back for one more nightcap, and while conversation flows, so does the wine and the sexual tension. By the end of the evening, the deal is sealed — in more ways than one. Now what? In the cold light of day, the age-old dilemma of a sexual affair looms: To tell, or not to tell? It’s an emotionally-charged issue brimming with blame, shame and emotional upheaval — and possible marriage disaster. But, by spilling the beans, are you benefiting your spouse? Or just unburdening yourself? “Suck it up and keep quiet,” says infideli [...]
[2006-12-08] Everything old is new again
Traditional matchmaking — hiring someone one-on-one to match you with a suitable partner — is making a comeback. Canadian TV personality Erica Ehm found her wonderful husband this way. And even Dr. Phil recently tried his hand at matchmaking for American Idol’s Paula Abdul on a special primetime show but found it isn’t as easy as it looks. Abdul is rumoured to have, in the past, used the services of a professional matchmaker. It all sounds so old-fashioned and out-of-date when there are so many avenues for singles to meet and connect nowadays. From newspaper personals, speeddating, lock and ke [...]
[2006-12-08] Body language
When there’s trouble brewing, body language verbalizes true emotions and feelings — even if words say otherwise. Saying “I love you” just isn’t enough, says Dr. David Givens. Love signals are the true indicator: “It’s much more powerful to be touched and have a caring voice.” According to world-renowned anthropologist, there’s an unspoken vocabulary of love that builds attachment and loyalty over time and gives marriage staying power.Struggling couples merely talk, successful couples touch, says Givens. “Gestures work better than words in keeping a mate and keeping the bond going. Non-verbal s [...]
[2006-12-08] A couple's money style reveals a lot about what's going on in a relationship.
Is it one of generosity and sharing, or does one partner hoard all the money and dole out a weekly allowance according to meticulous calculations?Whatever the money mode, you can bet a similar dynamic is going on in other marital arenas — such as the bedroom.According to Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, "the way an individual handles money reveals a lot about the type of person he or she is and how he/she handles sex, as well as emotions in general. If they're controlling, domineering and stingy with the finances, then it'll spill over into the bedroom."If someone withholds money, it'll be the same with [...]
[2006-12-08] Some men are clueless on how to behave
Well, for those jerks out there who really aren't jerks but are just acting like one, Dr. David Wexler to the rescue. The clinical psychologist says that most men are not relationship criminals, they're really decent guys just behaving badly — and he wants to help them behave better.According to Wexler, there are actually biological, social and psychological causes for uncaring conduct that sabotages a meaningful relationship. So for those men whose values and actions just don't jive, the clinical psychologist wants to help bring out the good guy they truly are and stop letting the "jerk" hija [...]
[2006-12-08] Why are there so many attractive, intelligent, powerful, successful women without dates nowadays?
Everyone seems to know at least one.Chances are that if you know such a woman, she's more often than not without a partner and will probably admit there are few prospects on the horizon.Why would women who epitomize the contemporary ideal of smart, savvy and successful femineity be so devoid of male attention?After all, single men in the same category and with the same assets are pursued vigorously and determinedly by plenty of single women.Ask the successful women for reasons as to why they're dateless, they almost always reply it's because most men are "intimidated" by them.They usually add [...]
[2006-12-08] Don't waste your time on 'frogs' -- they'll never turn into a prince
Frogs will not turn into princes, no matter how many times you kiss them — so get over the fantasy. So says dating coach Marilyn Anderson, author of Never Kiss A Frog: A Girl's Guide To Creatures From The Dating Swamp (Red Rock Press).She knows — she's kissed her share. And she admits the only date she hasn't had is a wedding date. So Anderson wants women to wise up and stop dating the wrong guys and help focus them on finding their prince."Sure, all of us go out and meet frogs — and kiss them. But now I'm telling women not to. The problem is women hang on to men thinking they will change. Tha [...]
[2006-12-08] When you’re down on your dating luck, sometimes drastic measures are called for.
For Maria Dahvana Headley, that meant embarking on her Year of Yes — dating every guy that asked her out. In total she dated 150 men, including a street person who thought he was Jimi Hendrix, a millionaire who still lived with his mom and a 70-year-old eccentric who didn’t speak a word of English. In the end, it was worth it because she also met The One — and he wasn’t at all as she’d imagined he’d be. "I’d had two years of bad dates. My taste was bad because I was so picky so I decided to reverse that and not be picky at all," says the now 28-year-old author, who chronicles her dating advent [...]
[2006-12-08] Edmontonian had 400 first dates and lived to tell the harrowing tale
Despite her appearance, there is hardiness about her, a strength of character unmatched by most, which quickly clears up any misconceptions you had about why she might be known by her friends as the “one-date wonder.” It’s not that she couldn’t get a second date. Most guys simply didn’t make the cut. She’s dating someone now, but the 23-year-old president of her own public relations company (, who grew up in Edmonton and now lives in Toronto, spent 3 1⁄2 years single while studying psychology at the University of Alberta. And during that period she went on more than 4 [...]
[2006-12-08] Dating frustrates whether in Maine or New York City
Maine and New York City couldn’t be farther apart, right? You’re thinking, "Mainers are courteous, relaxed and generally happy to be living in the quiet of a more rural place. New Yorkers are impolite, rushed and grouchy because they’re cooped up in the city." Stereotypes to be sure, but each with a grain of truth. But during a recent conversation with the BDN’s venerable ShopGirl, we debated a theory she had about one of the differences she had noticed between Mainers and city folk. Mainers are more reluctant to approach strangers and just talk, she hypothesized, than city people. That mad [...]
[2006-12-07] Gathering for singles with purpose
There's nothing shameful about going it alone over the holidays. But if I have to listen to my cousin tell me about her perfect new boyfriend once more over turkey and cranberries, holiday fare will be forever ruined. That's how I found my beer-loving self ordering a glass of wine at the Belmont one recent Tuesday, surrounded by well-dressed single people. Something I've learned about single life is you don't look for dates in a bar, especially not on a Tuesday. That is, unless the bar is holding a happy hour sanctioned by a nonprofit. If your place in the world involves nice clothes, [...]
[2006-12-07] Number of couples living together skyrocketed since 1970
Marriage isn’t going to be in Joey Rossiter’s future anytime soon. And that’s a growing trend among 20-somethings. He’s not looking for love. A Pew Research Center study found that 1/3 of the singles age 18 to 29 have no romantic partners. Rossiter works at a video store, and he’s single but doesn’t date much. “When I work a 4 to 10 p.m. shift, the hours just don’t allow it,” said the 26-year-old Anderson resident. “If I date, it just happens. It’s not because I went out to find someone. I’m a late person. I work until 10, maybe stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning. I wake up at about noon [...]
[2006-12-07] Match made in heaven
If you're like most business owners, you love the idea of the capital you could raise by going public, but loathe the cost and regulation that would entail. Yet if you keep your firm private, you'll likely struggle to get investors with serious money to notice you — and you and your investors will have trouble cashing out. Thanks to Internet entrepreneur Glenn Ballman, you have another option, the Vancouver-based Genesis Exchange. Ballman, who founded online retailer Inc. in 1996 and raised US$70 million in private funding, launched Genesis in March 2006. It's an equity market like [...]
[2006-12-07] Sex sting nets 6 more
The Southern Hillsborough County Cybersafe Task Force has nabbed six more men trying to pick up investigators posing as young girls online, officials have announced.Police also helped track down a lovelorn 14-year-old lured from Pelham to South Carolina, but they haven’t brought any charges in that case.Police and prosecutors from around the region announced the task force’s formation in September, and also announced seven arrests they’d made to date.Since then, officials said, police have given or scheduled cyber-safety talks at schools in Pelham, Hollis, Brookline and Merrimack, and investig [...]
[2006-12-07] Russia's Energy Resources
What can stand in the way of Russia becoming the world’s premier energy supplier? Well, the answer could be Russia itself, or at least the short-sightedness of the present regime in Moscow. There are disturbing signs that some old Soviet era thinking permeates energy regulation in Russia, and threatens its future prospects in self-destructive manner. The State is a major player in the sector, and the country’s disputes with former Soviet territories which have broken free, show that Moscow is not averse to using its reserves and pipelines to score political points rather than profits and cust [...]
[2006-12-07] Being gay is faddish in today’s Russia
Homosexuals were rare species in Russia some 10 years ago. Homosexual males met one another in secrecy, they might be sent to prison because sodomy was a punishable practice under the penal code effective at the time. But things have changed dramatically. These days it is faddish to be a gay in Russia. The “lavender invasion” has reached the scale of an epidemic. Nowadays Russia’s gays launch they own web sites, open cafes and clubs. Family man with a “boyfriend” on the side I did not have to talk Sergei and Pavel into coming for an interview. I just asked them, and they agreed on the spot [...]
[2006-12-07] How I Came to Love the Veil
Politicians and journalists just love to write about the oppression of women in Islam ... without even talking to the females beneath the veil. They simply have no idea how Muslim women are protected and respected within the Islamic framework which was built more than 1400 years ago. Yet, by writing about cultural issues like child brides, female circumcision, honor killings, and forced marriages, they wrongly believe they are coming from a point of knowledge. And I am sick of Saudi Arabia being cited as an example of how women are subjugated in a country where they are banned from driving. [...]
[2006-12-07] Tell Me About It: Rushed romance doesn't feel right
Dear Carolyn: About two months ago, I met this guy named "Troy" online. We hit it off in a major way and have become very close. We talk on the phone and online every day and have found we have many things in common. Troy has expressed a very real desire to meet and would like to be more than just friends. While Troy and I both want many of the same things "" especially real love "" I feel as though he has a hidden agenda for rushing us into something. I have heard horror stories (experienced a few myself) about people meeting in real life after connecting on the Internet. I don't want to go d [...]
[2006-12-07] Teen Times: Different cultures have different dating expectations
Dating. It's the one recurring motif that teen girls don't have to look on Sparknotes to find, since dating is an issue for all teens. However, if you are dating someone from a different culture, you may need to educate yourself about the differences in how that culture views relationships between the opposite sex as opposed to the typical American high school scene.For Caddo Magnet senior Kristy Lopez, her Hispanic culture plays a role in her dating life. "Hispanics are very family-oriented. In our culture, a guy would ask you to be his girlfriend in a formal, gentlemanly way," she said. [...]
[2006-12-07] How to Check Your Online Date’s Honesty
I get the shivers just thinking about some of these blind dates that I have been on. Online dating removes many of the negative unknowns while allowing you to meet some great people that you would never have met otherwise. It has become so popular over the last decade that today alone there is numerous reality TV shows dealing with the subject of online dating. After you have spent some time in front of your PC communicating with a person, you will want to meet him or her face to face. Do not ignore these opportunities in improving your personal ads. Other singles and prospective matches will [...]
[2006-12-07] More Dating Choices Than Ever Before
There may be many thoughts which the current word “dating” brings about. Various of all of us own had both bad plus viable experiences investing in dating. Various from everyone am able to pronounce which individuals experiences tedious work back into our teenage years, while also one principally started dating. To be we grown into a teenager, our maturity evolves while emerge, like does our undergo through dating. Dating, such an awe extraordinary teenage ~occurence~ for get done, two out of livlihood~s biggest milestones, it’s about time we’re to it, girl meets boy or boy meets girl toget [...]
[2006-12-07] Why are all the good guys already taken? Why are my friends' husbands all such wonderful people, and the guys I meet all seem to be missing something?
It's not that the good guys are taken--it is that a "taken" guy is more desirable. Loving and being loved brings out the best in us. So a guy in a relationship does have something that the available guys are missing--someone to love. A painting will always look better once it is framed and hung on the wall. A couch is far more attractive in a home than in a showroom. And people are more beautiful when they have found love. The human soul is only truly itself when it has opened up to someone else. When we love someone, we are more alive. Our feelings are more vivid, our sensitivity is h [...]
[2006-12-06] Russian women taking ‘bitchology’ lessons!
With the number of eligible bachelors dwindling in Russia, women in the country are now taking lessons in how to snare the man of their dreams. It seems that an increasing number of Russian women are flocking to "bitch schools" that claim that they can arm the ladies with the competitive edge needed to snare a man, or even bring their own partners to heel. Vladimir Rakovsky, a motivational speaker, and his wife, Yevgenia hold classes, which start with lectures in “bitchology”, twice a week during the night. And if there are people who are offended that women are being trained to be ‘bitches’, [...]
[2006-12-06] Russian women take to the wheel with a vengeance
At a disused airfield on the outskirts of Moscow, Yekaterina Karenina hits the accelerator of her BMW and speeds past a row of broken, faded military jets. A quick jolt of the steering wheel with her well-manicured fingers flicks the car deftly through a 360-degree spin before accelerating off again. For 500 dollars, Russia's women drivers can pay Karenina to teach them the same trick in a country where females behind the wheel are still a relative novelty. ''Fifteen to 25 years ago, there were no female drivers in Russia,'' said Natalya Lipatova, the editor of ''Women At The Wheel'', a new mo [...]
[2006-12-06] Free incoming calls in Russia welcomed by users
Calling Party Pays was introduced in Russia in July 2006. CPP is the concept in which the subscriber does not pay for incoming calls from any telephone numbers. Quite usual for the rest of the world itcame new for Russia. The CPP introduction is viewed as an attempt by the government to make mobile communication more available for the population through changing the mobile tariff scheme. Besides, CPP should provide fixed operators with new revenue sources. The telecom market reacted to the initiative in a number of different ways. Landline operators welcomed the news with enthusiasm; mobile o [...]
[2006-12-06] What to prepare for before tying the knot
ROMANTIC movies have made us believe that love can be found in the most unlikely places; or that lovers have to contend with some conflict; or that they will eventually find their way to softly-lit, traditionally romantic Paris or New York. As the lovers kiss and melt into each other’s arms, the audience assumes that the two will live happily ever after, get a house surrounded with white picket fences, and have two kids and a dog. Of course, reality teaches us otherwise. Happily-ever-afters do not always happen, most especially in the place where all these romantic comedies come from. There [...]
[2006-12-06] Russian women taught how to get their man
What do you do if the majority of the men in your country seem so self-absorbed, feckless or dependent on the bottle that there aren't enough to go round? Russian women believe that they have found the answer, with growing numbers flocking to "bitch schools" that purport to provide a competitive edge in a dwindling market of suitable bachelors, or provide those already in relationships with the skills to bring their men to heel. Twice a week, women stream into the Dubrovka theatre in Moscow. Four years ago, 129 people were killed there during a botched attempt to free an audience taken hosta [...]
[2006-12-06] Russia Sees 5 Million Legal Abortions Annually, 120K Women Injured
The number of abortions in Russia is now about 1.5 million annually, just under the number of births there, which number 1.6 million per year. However, despite abortion's legal status, women continue to be injured by it and as many as 120,000 women experience medical problems following abortions. The number of abortions in Russia has been alarmingly high for years as Russian women use abortion as a method of birth control. New figures show that abortions are on the decline there, but some estimates indicate as many as 10-15 percent of all abortions aren't recorded by the government meaning [...]
[2006-12-06] Fight sex slavery
From east Europe to Israel, sex-slavery has reached epidemic proportions. Sex-slavery, child-trafficking, and organ-trafficking have grown into multi-billion dollar industries, and the poor of the world are the preys. Far worse than the fabricated "international terror", are the threats of HIV and the trafficking of women, children, drugs and weapons which directly affect our societies, our future generations, and our safety and security. Caught in this evil web, besides east European women are also hapless women and children from many African and Asian countries, including India, the Philippi [...]
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