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[2007-02-13] Make sure you aren't just giving your love
The Office of Fair Trading is warning customers not to be taken in by online dating scams in the run up to Valentines day. With more and more people turning to the internet for friendship and love, the OFT says more people are being targeted by online dating scams designed to break hearts and steal money. Online dating scammers create a false profile to match the specification of their target. Contact is made through chat rooms or dating sites and confidence built on a promise of romantic intentions. The scammer will set the scene with a romantic or tragic scenario, so that they can hit on the [...]
[2007-02-13] Use your head while following your heart.
Alone this St. Valentine's Day? Thinking of finding romance online? State Sen. Thomas P. Morahan and the New York Consumer Protection Board have a message for you: "Use your head while following your heart." Last week, the Consumer Protection Board issued a list of guidelines to avoid online dating deception that leaves consumers heartbroken and, in the case of financial scams, just plain broke. Morahan, R-New City, the chairman of the state Senate's Mental Health Committee, is urging New Yorkers to take the list seriously. "I think it's a very emotional time - all the hype about Valentine [...]
[2007-02-13] A West Bloomfield mother and daughter believe in falling in love the old-fashioned way, and their clients are reaping the benefits.
Deborah Slobin, 42, and her mother, Irene Slobin, 60, share a knack for matchmaking, and they are fixing up couples through their business, Irene & Deborah's Old Fashioned Matchmaking Service, which they operate out of their home. "We are here to help people find their true love, their soul mate," Deborah Slobin said. "People that come to us are very serious about finding that special someone and not doing a lot of serial dating." Unlike Internet-based dating services - where profiles and photographs can be rife with inaccuracies - the matchmakers get to know their clients as they woul [...]
[2007-02-13] Singles win dates with models
This week, the Philadelphia-based cable television operator will offer its digital viewers a shot at dates with models.Video profiles of models will be shown on ''Dating on Demand,'' a program provided through Comcast's video on demand service.Viewers interested in being considered for a date can upload their own video profile through The deadline is March 30.Producers of ''Dating on Demand'' will choose which viewers will go on dates with the models in Los Angeles. Video highlights of selected dates will be featured on upcoming editions of ''Dating on Demand: On a Date,'' a Comcas [...]
[2007-02-13] Falling in love may feel like a meeting of hearts and minds. But really it's a kind of temporary insanity driven by hormones
Love can be divided into three entities: lust, romance and attachment, according to anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher, who has been studying the subject for 32 years. These three brain systems can operate in any order and in any combination. You can fall in love with someone before you sleep with them; you can become deeply attached to somebody and then fall in love with them; and you can have a sexual relationship, fall in love and then become deeply attached. Lust is a craving for sexual gratification, which you can feel for a whole range of people. Those caught up in romantic love focus all [...]
[2007-02-13] Can a marriage where the woman earns more than the man ever work?
Like most wives, I'm approaching Valentine's Day tomorrow with growing expectation tinged with a certain niggling fear that I might end up with an entirely unsuitable gift. My husband, Craig, is an old romantic, so I have every right to feel excited. I know I'm guaranteed the traditional champagne breakfast in bed. And when I finally polish off the warmed croissants, it'll be time for my husband to give me my present. Of course, I'm hopeful it'll be thoughtful and expensive enough to take my breath away. Yet, as I gaze in silence at the antique book, bracelet or ring, I won't be feeling [...]
[2007-02-13] More than one-third of women who are single or dating non-exclusively use dating Web sites.
They’re also more likely to buy self-improvement books or tapes and to attend self-improvement seminars.All this from a just-released on-line survey of 1,000 women by Tango Magazine, Yahoo Personals, and marketing company Carat USA, that shows whether a woman’s romantic situation influences her media usage as well as her purchases. The survey divides women into 7 different love stages.The Independent: Single and not looking. She is not a big spender and spends 30 percent lower than average in all areas, including clothing.The Communicator: Single and looking for a date. She is four times more [...]
[2007-02-13] According to the latest survey, the number of single chineese women with degrees and downtown jobs is on the rise.
While the rest of the nation frets over the rising proportion of boys to girls, in Shanghai it is successful single women who are finding it increasingly hard to find a spouse. According to the latest survey, the number of single women with degrees and downtown jobs is on the rise. The population sampling survey, conducted by Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau, reveals a rapid rise in the size of the unmarried population, especially women. The survey interviewed 1 percent of the city's 17 million people, finding a 1.6 percent growth in the unmarried population of those older than 15 wi [...]
[2007-02-13] One of Britain's leading gay businessmen, the co-founder of the hugely successful dating web site, Gaydar, has been found dead, after apparently falling eight floors from his penthouse.
Scotland Yard said the death of Gary Frisch, 38, on Saturday was "unexplained" and were investigating to see whether it was an accident or suicide. There is no immediate suggestion of suspicious circumstances, although a post-mortem examination is due to take place today. Mr Frisch was found by neighbours outside his apartment block, near the Thames in Wandsworth, south London, at lunchtime. He was confirmed as dead on arrival at hospital. A South African by birth, Mr Frisch and his then personal partner, Henry Badenhorst, 37, founded Gaydar in 1999, two years after they moved to Britain. Al [...]
[2007-02-13] Ladies, if it's Cassanova you're looking for, don't bother going to the West Coast.
The men there are more likely to try and woo you with a pint at the RSA than a bouquet of long stemmed red roses. And gentlemen, if you're looking for love of the long-term kind, stay away from the Tasman region, host to the country's most commitment-shy women. A new online survey, Kiwi Cupid, by The Warehouse does not claim to be scientific, but offers a few tips for those looking for love – of any variety – on Valentine's Day. While New Zealand men appear to fall primarily into the categories of Caveman Cupid or Last Minute Cupid (and yes, they are both as bad as they sound), New Zeala [...]
[2007-02-13] The U.S. online dating market continues to grow
The U.S. online dating market continues to grow, but faces a stagnation in the number of users paying for access, according to a study by JupiterResearch. Meanwhile, European online dating sites are attracting new users and will double revenues from 243 million euros in 2006 to 549 million euros in 2011, according to the JupiterResearch online dating market forecast. "Over the last several years we’ve seen a steady drop in the percentage of US online users who report browsing online dating sites," said Nate Elliott, Senior Analyst at JupiterResearch and lead author of the report. "Although US [...]
[2007-02-12] Seeking love
EVER since Adam first saw Eve in the Garden of Eden, people have loved each other. Over thousands of years society has grown and changed and advanced, yet there are few people today who would deem themselves better equipped to define love than that very first couple. Of course that hasn't stopped every generation from trying. Poets, playwrights and philosophers have been searching for an adequate description for years. They have argued that it is a many splendoured thing, that it makes the world go round, that it is blind and even that it is all you need. The Greeks have three distinct words [...]
[2007-02-12] The Professional Dater looks for love herself
One afternoon, across a crowded coffee shop, The Professional Dater saw a boy she liked. Uncomfortably aware of herself, she grew still, losing her train of thought. She pulled at her sweater, perspiration breaking fast. “I'm so nervous,” said this woman who makes a living teaching others how to find love. Advertisement Because The Professional Dater, despite all her years of know-how and experience, is not impervious. Because The Professional Dater, for better and worse, is currently single. And because she has already decided what she is going to do next. She wrote her [...]
[2007-02-12] More Singaporeans join private match-making agencies
More Singaporeans are joining private dating and match-making agencies than before. And agencies Channel NewsAsia checked out say they expect the industry to grow even further. One match-making agency says its business has blossomed by at least 30 percent. And it's not just due to a rise in the country's population. Singaporeans are cosying up to the idea of dating agencies. And, it seems the type of industry you work in can affect your chances of meeting the right one. Violet Lim, Founding Director of Lunch Actually, said: "For example, if you're a teacher, sometimes you might not have the op [...]
[2007-02-12] Dating Web makes dating much easier
Every day, thousands of people send their pleas for companionship out into cyberspace, hoping for a representative Maida Goodman said more than 60,000 new members sign up at the Web site every day — and the numbers go up this time of year.“We always see a spike in traffic from New Year’s through Valentine’s Day on our site,” Goodman said. “The day after Valentine's Day is very strong, and it stays strong for another week or so.”The eHarmony Web site boasts 10,000 to 15,000 new members every day.Goodman said the dating Web sites provide easy access to a lot of information a [...]
[2007-02-12] The dos and don'ts of online dating
Do: A background check. You don't want to invest a bunch of time only to find out she has a husband and two kids (or worse, a criminal record). Checks of various detail and prices are available. conducts criminal and marital checks on all its members. Others to try include Intelius, Trufina and Jangl.Don't: Give up your personal information too soon. He doesn't need your phone number after a few e-mails. Never give your address until you know her well enough to feel comfortable.Do: Meet in a public place. Tell your close friends what you are doing, where you are going and when they sh [...]
[2007-02-12] How a Penang-born Singapore MP fell in love in bonny Scotland.
WHEN news broke recently that Singapore's Tampines GRC (Group Representation Constituency) MP Irene Ng was getting married, excited friends from all over Singapore called to ask about the engagement.“A neighbour’s husband even joked that this means he has ‘no chance’ now’,” says Asmah Atan, a long-time grassroots leader at Ng’s Tampines ward. Asmah learnt about the good news when the MP announced it to her grassroots leaders during a recent event. “Someone pointed out to me that Ng was wearing a diamond ring,” she says. ”Then Ng said, ‘Tell you a secret. Even my mother doesn’t know this y [...]
[2007-02-12] Single or not, 'Anti-Valentines' are hot
For Lori Schwartz, a happy mom with a decade of wedded bliss under her belt, the greeting card featuring a bloodied, ripped out heart was perfect. "It's Valentine's Day, so here's a card with a heart inside," it read. "I'd tell you whose it is, but the less you know, the better." "My husband and I never get nice cards for each other. We're not into sentiments," Schwartz said while perusing an aisle of "anti-Valentine's Day" cards at an American Greetings Corp. store. "I expect to get something just as bad, but I may have one upped him this year." Sensing a growing trend -- and more potentia [...]
[2007-02-12] Online dating cause for 25% of divorces in Iran
A psychologist said here Wednesday that the Internet and street acquaintances claim for some 25% of divorces in Iran today.Asghar Keyhanfar added in an interview with Fars News Agency, “One of the problems is that rather than taking advantage of their parents’ experience, the youth adopt decisions on marriage quite personally, considering their parents fully illiterate in the field!”He said that Internet marriages and street acquaintances are two other major causes for divorce, adding, “These marriages do not take shape under normal conditions and the youth adopt decisions quite hastily and me [...]
[2007-02-12] For happy couple, dating service was good idea
About two years ago, Steve Filley was a busy El Paso businessman and divorced father of four boys. Though his weekends were filled with soccer and baseball games, Filley was contemplating the dating scene. He just wasn't sure how to start. Friends didn't have many single acquaintances, and he wasn't a bar-goer. Five hundred miles away, Jaclyn "Jackie" Kelley was a contractor living with her parents and her 9-year-old son, Blake, in Canyon Lake near San Antonio. After almost five years of being single, Jackie was ready for a meaningful relationship. Both tapped into the Internet around th [...]
[2007-02-12] More people are trying blind dating
Forget the TV testimonials and all the hype about online dating sites. No refined search engine or Dr. Phil endorsement can guarantee that a mug of Mr. or Ms. Right is waiting on the next Web page. Singles on the lookout for a partner are setting aside Internet searches and returning to perhaps the oldest coupling conduit known to humans: the matchmaker. Unlike the gossipy Yenta of "Fiddler on the Roof," today's matchmakers are often tech-savvy amateur cupids who run through a range of social circles. What they have is something that can't be bought or achieved through technology: a persona [...]
[2007-02-12] Are Internet dating sites a viable alternative for people of faith?
Are Internet dating sites a viable alternative for people of faith? It depends, says Rob Eagar, a Christian relationship expert and author. "It's not the panacea or cure-all," he said. "It's an OK tool to use, but you need to go in with your eyes wide open. I've met too many Christian singles who let their guard down. "When I go the Internet, I go for speed. Unfortunately, the same mentality can be brought into the dating process." Eagar said commercials touting Internet dating services also should be viewed in context. " boasts of 10,000 marriages, but they have 6 milli [...]
[2007-02-12] Three rules of dating bliss
If you're single and foolish enough to include finding romance in your New Year's Resolutions, Valentine's Day feels a little like being kicked when you're down. The problem is the date -- Feb. 14, just six weeks from New Year's. Who can be expected to find somebody in six weeks? It's winter. How do you do the holding-hands test when you're wearing mittens? Since I'm writing on relationships, I have to do research, which means going out with a lot of women. It means sacrificing my Saturday-night sock-matching sessions, but for you, dear readers, I'm willing to go the distance. Here are thre [...]
[2007-02-12] More people are trying blind dating
Forget the TV testimonials and all the hype about online dating sites. No refined search engine or Dr. Phil endorsement can guarantee that a mug of Mr. or Ms. Right is waiting on the next Web page. Singles on the lookout for a partner are setting aside Internet searches and returning to perhaps the oldest coupling conduit known to humans: the matchmaker. Unlike the gossipy Yenta of "Fiddler on the Roof," today's matchmakers are often tech-savvy amateur cupids who run through a range of social circles. What they have is something that can't be bought or achieved through technology: a persona [...]
[2007-02-12] Being single on Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day has just never been a big holiday for me. I know what you all are thinking: She must be some bitter and jaded hag who only tells herself these things to avoid an emotional breakdown every year. It might be surprising then to know that I’m not resentful from years of loneliness, rejection, and neglect. Actually, for some odd reason (two long-term relationships, each about four years in length), I’ve never been single for Valentine’s Day. That is, not until this year. I can remember a time when Valentine’s Day meant passing out candy and cards, eating cupcakes, making pink and re [...]
[2007-02-12] Forget the naysayers. Forget the numbers. For a group of long-distance lovers, hope floats
Should you put your heart on the line for someone you can't see or touch every day? Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? A lot of people say no, and it's hard to blame them. The nagging uncertainties about fidelity and trust that plague any relationship are magnified when there's a significant amount of physical space between partners. It seems unfair for one person to sacrifice a job, family and friends to be geographically close to the other. And the possibility remains that even after two people finally wind up in the same place, things can still fall apart. So high school an [...]
[2007-02-12] A Taiwan court has granted a man's request for divorce because his wife is too shy to consummate their marriage, a newspaper said on Sunday.
The man, a 38-year-old teacher from Tainan County, south Taiwan, was introduced to Lin, 29, also a teacher, by a matchmaker. After dating for three months, they married a year ago, but Lin refused to consummate the marriage, the China Times reported. On the wedding night, Lin slept fully dressed and wrapped with a quilt. When Chen tried to sleep with her, she pushed him away shouting: 'You are ridiculous!' The next morning Lin returned to her mother's home saying she was ill, and would not live with her husband again. Through the matchmaker's mediation, Lin signed a contract agreeing to [...]
[2007-02-12] Dating, marriage different second time around
At age 41, Jannelle (Cowles) Nelson of Redfield found that starting to date again was scarier than starting her new job. In 1997, her husband of 19 years died. Three and a half years later, she was embarking on her first date with her new boyfriend, Bill Nelson. "It was the first date I'd been on since I was 17," she said. She and her late husband have two children, Jennifer and Cindy. Bill has two children, Chris and Becca. Becca and Jennifer were friends growing up. However, Bill and Jannelle didn't know each other personally. That changed one day when Jannelle e-mailed Bill to help her [...]
[2007-02-12] The ‘science’ behind Internet matchmaking
ll each of these phrases describes you:“I do things according to a plan.” “I take time out for others.” “I seek adventure.” “I often carry the conversation to a higher level.”These questions are just part of the profile-building process at eHarmony, which uses characteristics like this to come up with boasts as “29 dimensions of compatibility.”The science behind how online matches are made might seem baffling, but eHarmony swears it works. The dimensions are divided into two groups: “Core Traits” and “Vital Attributes.” The questions cover every aspect of life, from social interactions to phys [...]
[2007-02-12] Five things to watch out for in a personals ad:
1. Lists of activities he doesn't like and would never do tell you he's a wet blanket. 2. Putdowns of past dates show a general lack of respect for humankind, especially for the humans she dated. 3. Specific dealbreakers — "No mama's boys," or "Only girls who wear backward baseball caps and root for the Bears" — signal a person who isn't over loving (or hating) his or her ex. 4. Typos and grammatical mistakes warn of a schlub who'll show up for Date No. 1 with a stain in his shirt. 5. Assume that when categories such as "Marital Status" and "kids" are left blank, this person is/was married [...]
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