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Online dating cause for 25% of divorces in Iran

Date: 2007-02-12

A psychologist said here Wednesday that the Internet and street acquaintances claim for some 25% of divorces in Iran today.
Asghar Keyhanfar added in an interview with Fars News Agency, “One of the problems is that rather than taking advantage of their parents’ experience, the youth adopt decisions on marriage quite personally, considering their parents fully illiterate in the field!”
He said that Internet marriages and street acquaintances are two other major causes for divorce, adding, “These marriages do not take shape under normal conditions and the youth adopt decisions quite hastily and merely relying on emotions for such a highly important matter in their lives.”
He attributed the case also to the country’s sick economy, the windfall fortunes for some gents, asking for too much, consumer culture of some women, and traitor personality of some gents.
Dr. Keyhanfar believes addiction has the least role in divorces taken place in Iran, and that only 5% of them have been due to suspicions of one, or both spouses.

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