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More Singaporeans join private match-making agencies

Date: 2007-02-12

More Singaporeans are joining private dating and match-making agencies than before.

And agencies Channel NewsAsia checked out say they expect the industry to grow even further.

One match-making agency says its business has blossomed by at least 30 percent.

And it's not just due to a rise in the country's population.

Singaporeans are cosying up to the idea of dating agencies.

And, it seems the type of industry you work in can affect your chances of meeting the right one.

Violet Lim, Founding Director of Lunch Actually, said: "For example, if you're a teacher, sometimes you might not have the opportunity to meet people compared to if you're in the sales industry."

The Social Development Unit has plans to start an accreditation programme, something that is welcomed by the dating agencies, including new ones.

Ada Wong, Co-Founder of The Dating Loft, said: "There was feedback from people around us that some of them still think match-making agencies are a bit dodgy, not really sure if they will deliver what they promise. So, with this coming in, I think it will build consumer confidence in us and if we are actually accredited by the government, it's something we will tell our members and we'll be proud to tell our potential customers too."

Lunch Actually's Ms Lim said: "Actually, we're very happy that the government has decided to come up with this accreditation initiative. We've observed that there have been quite a number of companies that open (for business) and then close and that actually gives the industry quite a bad name because people might think all dating agencies are actually fly-by-night agencies."

Agencies are also expecting the industry to grow even further when the Social Development Unit takes a backseat and allows the private sector to play lord of the cupids. - CNA/ir

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