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The Professional Dater looks for love herself

Date: 2007-02-12

One afternoon, across a crowded coffee shop, The Professional Dater saw a boy she liked. Uncomfortably aware of herself, she grew still, losing her train of thought. She pulled at her sweater, perspiration breaking fast.

“I'm so nervous,” said this woman who makes a living teaching others how to find love.

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Anyone traveling Hwy 199 two weeks ago had to notice all the short squatty signs stuck in the ground advertising a website, Azle white cardboard signs are about two feet high with the word “Single?” printed in large black letters above the web address. Most of them had been stuck into the grassy median and along the shoulders at virtually every intersection along 199 from Lakeside to 730 North.What sort of business would advertise like that? A call to the city of Azle’s permit...When 21-year-old Jordana Scarapicchia met her current boyfriend, she felt nervous and shy around him but she didn’t know why. Sweaty palms, racing heart, shortness of breath, it could only be one thing. Love.“I would turn completely red [around him]. I was so shy. A lot of times, I would stumble on words and things like that,” she explained.We often think of love in emotional terms, but the physicality of falling in love, like sweaty palms and a racing hearbeat, is a reality. According to Ariel ...The plight of single black women has received widespread attention in recent years — cover stories in Essence and Newsweek magazines and countless newspaper articles. This year, the movie Something New even opened up the possibility of dating outside the race since some 42.4% of black women might never marry because of the dearth of marriageable black men. Nationally, there are 10 single black women for every seven single black men. The picture looks worse if you subtract those who are incarcera...
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