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[2006-11-23] Latvia Fears New ‘Occupation’ by Russians but Needs the Labor
Russia’s domination of Latvia officially ended when Russia pulled out its last tank more than a decade ago. But Inesa Kuznetsova, a 75-year-old who has lived here for more than 50 years, is still far from ready to shift her national identity. “My address isn’t a city, my address isn’t a town, my address isn’t a street,” says Ms. Kuznetsova, a dressmaker, who arrived from Leningrad during World War II. “My address is the Soviet Union.” Her address is, in fact, Bolderaja, a largely Russian-speaking neighborhood on the outskirts of Riga, where a former Russian naval barracks sits empty and sign [...]
[2006-11-23] Miami's Wealthiest Men
Ladies, if you’re in the mood for love, there is a sea of singles waiting for you through this new dating service. And the men featured in it might have one very enticing quality in common—they’re is a website that boasts of men making six figure incomes and more. People running the site can verify a man’s picture, income and his profession. Roughly 170 thousand women are clamoring to meet some of the 70,000 single men available on the site. It looks like the men have the ball in their court.According to Clinton Cox, vice-president for business development of the website [...]
[2006-11-23] Americans' laziness apparent in divorce rate
What do Mike Meyers, Eddie Van Halen, David Hasselhoff and Reese Witherspoon have in common? Besides being celebrities, all have gotten divorced in the past year. Celebrities are notorious examples of the problem, as it∙s not uncommon for them to have had more spouses than fingers, but divorce is definitely a problem that needs our attention in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2005 the marriage rate was 7.5 per 1,000 people. The divorce rate was 3.6 per 1,000 ∓ representing almost half of all new marriages. These numbers are no [...]
[2006-11-23] Over 40% of students bullies and victims
More than 40 percent of high school students have been bullied and bullied others, according to a recent survey by Kyoto University and a federation of high school parent-teacher associations. Masako Kihara, associate professor of the university's Graduate School of Medicine, and the Federation of All-Japan Senior High School Parent-Teachers Associations conducted a survey on psychological bullying, which includes verbal abuse and neglect, on about 6,400 second-year high school students. According to the survey, the number of students who had been bullied and had bullied others amounted to [...]
[2006-11-23] Does smoking make you attractive to the opposite sex?
Thursday,Nov. 16 is the Great American Smokeout, a day aimed at helping smokers quit. Besides the health risks, there's one more reason to stop smoking: Your love life.Dating service It’s Just Lunch has delved into the minds of singles to find out their opinions on dating, love and smoking. According to a survey of 2,923 singles, 61percent said they would not go on a first date with someone they knew smoked.When asked if it bothers them to date a smoker, 65 percent of singles said that it did because it’s an unattractive habit and really unhealthy, while 13 percent said they have given a signi [...]
[2006-11-23] One-time single mom endures, becomes author and advocate
Yvonne Wagner has faced more than her share of emotional and physical trauma, yet she has lived to tell the tale, with the help of an alter ego and humor. There is nothing funny about being a breast cancer survivor, living through a deadly bout of spinal meningitis, kidney failure and a devastating divorce forcing her to join the ranks of single parenthood. "I truly survived because there is a purpose for me and I picture this as my purpose and destiny. Everyone has a purpose; this is mine," the 47-year-old interior designer from Florence said. These days Wagner is healthy, a published autho [...]
[2006-11-23] Ethnic Cleansing in Russia
It started out as geopolitical bullying, with the Kremlin applying an economic headlock to pressure an obstreperous little neighbor, Georgia, to return to Moscow’s fold. But a related campaign against “Georgian interests” in Russia, involving mass arrests of alleged illegal immigrants and a crackdown on Georgian-owned businesses, has dangerously fuelled xenophobia in Russia’s streets and buoyed the country’s rising neo-fascist movement. President Vladimir Putin personally triggered the anti-Georgian frenzy by complaining, in a televised meeting, that non-Slavs from the Caucasus region dominat [...]
[2006-11-23] Russian Expert Cites 99 Percent of Internet Brides are a Scam
Romance scams happen on the Internet, daily. Here is a story, which indicates that despite "Internet legends" not all of them start in Nigeria.All online dating sites suffer from dating scammers, 99 percent of the emails are hoaxes designed by professional Internet criminals says Elena Petrovathe founder of Russian Brides Cyber Guide, Website reports.Internet criminals use sophisticated scripts and custom-built software to contact thousands of male users of Internet personals, creating fake Russian women identities and requesting money for airplane tickets. [...]
[2006-11-23] You're looking for a partner. Would you consider speed dating?
For the uninitiated, it's a gathering of singles in a bar or café, where they get to interview each other for three minutes before a bell rings and everyone plays musical chairs, moving to the next position on the conveyor belt.At the end of the evening, those who feel a glimmer of interest in anyone they've met (if, by that time, you can still fit the details to the face) give out their number and hope for a call.It can get pretty desperate, by all accounts, but probably no more prone to superficial judgments, I suspect, than age-old rituals of chatting each other up at a bar or party, a [...]
[2006-11-23] Rich men seek beauty on the love boat
A LOVE boat crowded with lonely Chinese millionaires will set sail this month on a cruise designed to make matches between China’s richest men and loveliest women. Men wishing to be aboard on November 25, when the boat casts off on the Huangpu river from central Shanghai, must be worth at least two million yuan (£133,000). For women, the criteria are to be good-looking and desirable. NI_MPU('middle'); More than 20 men have already signed up for the cruise and of those half estimated their worth at more than 200 million yuan. According to Xu Tianli, the organiser of the [...]
[2006-11-23] More single women adopt
On the surface, it doesn’t appear that Mona Matson and Cindy Cummins have much in common. Matson lives in rural South Dakota, Cummins in Sioux Falls. As an accountant, Matson works with figures; as a teacher, Cummins works with students. Cummins is starting her 40s; Matson is preparing to leave that decade behind.But what the two women do share is a love of children and a desire to have some of their own.So, even though neither woman has ever married, they became mothers through adoption. Matson has two daughters; Cummins is the mother of 4-year-old Jadyn and hopes to expand her family to thre [...]
[2006-11-23] The four lovers who healed my broken heart
When her jailbird husband left her for the nanny, Lady Alice Douglas despaired of ever recovering from the blow. Then life took a passionate and surprising turn: At the end of 2003, I was the living embodiment of that age-old cliche, the dumped wife and mother. Alone, demoralised and unloved, I couldn't believe how foolish I'd been, trusting a man who had cheated on me with - of all people - our au pair. I'd been in relationships almost continuously from my 20s and had lost any ability to be on my own. The marital home was a temporary building site with boarded-up holes where windows shoul [...]
[2006-11-23] Workers 'are more caring towards colleagues than their loved ones'
COUPLES are "seriously jeopardising" their relationships by putting work ahead of their personal lives, a new report has found. In a survey of more than 1,000 workers, almost half admitted they put more time and effort into their relationships with office colleagues than with their partners. The "critical hour" between finishing work and sitting down for dinner is one of the most significant bonding times between couples. But it is under threat because socialising with workmates can appear a more attractive prospect. To make matters worse, more than a third of Scots confessed to carrying [...]
[2006-11-23] Kaluga Region can accommodate 3,500 immigrants next year: governor
The Kaluga Region in Central Russia has vouched to accommodate 3,500 repatriates on a federal program to promote re-settlement of ethnic Russians from other countries, regional governor Anatoly Artamonov says. "We came out with the initiative on the federal repatriation program, and it received approval and support," he told the media Wednesday. The region expects to seriously be affected by workforce shortages quite soon, and the program can help us deal with the problem, he added. The regional administration will do everything it can to offer new settlers the best possible conditions, [...]
[2006-11-23] The Online Lawyer
Not so long ago, handling legal matters such as wills, immigration cases, and divorce required face-to-face visits with lawyers. That’s no longer necessarily true. An increasing number of Web sites sell legal advice. Online users can talk to lawyers and paralegals via e-mail, download forms and documents, and use client-lawyer directories and matchmaking services. Some sites provide free information, but often as an enticement to buy services. Legal-services Web sites claim to be cheaper and more accessible than traditional lawyers. Rather than offer full-service consultations for hourly f [...]
[2006-11-23] How to find a rich husband in China
Shanghai, China's wealthiest and most dazzling city, plans to add to its reputation this weekend with a millionaire party aimed at hooking up rich men with beautiful women, state press said on Tuesday.Men wishing to participate must have assets worth at least two million yuan ($250000), and women must be pretty and desirable, the China Daily quoted the event's organizer, Xu Tianli, as saying.More than 20 men have signed up to take part in the event and half possess assets worth more than 200-million yuan ($25-million), according to Xu, owner of matchmaking website for the rich"T [...]
[2006-11-23] Matchmaking Cruise Aims To Hook Up Only Rich Men With Beautiful Women
A matchmaking cruise that aims to help male millionaires and beautiful women find each other will be held in China this month, the state-owned China Daily said. To qualify, the male participants must have assets worth at least two million yuan ($250,000) and the women must be "good-looking and desirable." "Rich men are normally very busy," says organizer Xu Tianli, "and most of the women they meet are there for work or business, which these men consider to be unsuitable for relationships." Xu says that many of men have far more money than required to take part in the cruise. "Actually, half [...]
[2006-11-23] Russian aliyah in reverse?
The number of Russian immigrants to Israel who return to their native land reportedly is rising steeply. Yediot Achronot reported Tuesday that the number of naturalized Israelis from Russia who go back to the country of their birth has increased more than sixfold in the past three years. It said many were drawn by the improved Russian economy, while others maintained homes in both places. In response, the Foreign Ministry said the rate of return by Russian immigrants is less than 5 percent. [...]
[2006-11-23] Sharp increase of Russian Jews immigrating back to Russia
A report prepared by the Israeli embassy in Russia revealed that the number of Russian Jews who left the country back to Russia arrived to 50.000, while three years ago the number was only 7500. The Central Russian Census Office reported that 28.500 Jews returned to Russian in the nineties. The Israeli embassy in Russia estimated that there are thousands of Israelis who are currently living in Russia but were not mentioned in the Census since they entered Russia via normal visitor VISAs.In 2003, Russia reported that 7500 Russian Jews who immigrated to Israel in previous years [...]
[2006-11-23] 50% of Russians Live Alone
Recent studies indicate that 50% of Russians opt to live alone to avoid the responsibility of caring for dependents. Russians are expected to be a minority in the near future because of a continually shrinking population. According to a report prepared by the Russian Academy of Sciences Center for Ecologic and Demographic Research, nearly 50 percent of females of marrying age live alone for various reasons. Chair of the Center, Anatoly Vishnevsky stated that, out of 1,000, 175 Russian females of marrying age never got married and 180 were divorced, with 110 divorce suits in progress. [...]
[2006-11-23] WHAT ARE MEN GOOD FOR?
With IVF now available to single women, we ask.. SORRY guys, but it looks like your days are numbered... A proposed revision to the Human Fertilisation And Embryology Act will permit single women and lesbians to have IVF treatment without a father figure in the child's life. So is the writing on the wall for the male of the species? ONE of the defining things about chaps is that we're useful: a sort of fleshy Swiss Army knife. We're useful in a crisis - even if we made the crisis happen. So the news that lesbians and single women will be eligible for IVF really doesn't affect my pers [...]
[2006-11-23] 'Love is solid and something to cherish'
Your first date... First date was when I was in standard eight or nine. It was a dinner and a dance party. Your idea of a perfect date... I did that recently. It was with my wife Natasha on her birthday. We hired a dhow and had some gaddas thrown in and we had a view of the Gateway of India. It was a magical moment in the middle of the Arabian Sea. What was your first relationship like? It was fun and it was a new experience. It happened without even me realising that I was in love. When you're officially dating someone and she's your steady girlfriend it's a big deal. That whole process is fa [...]
[2006-11-23] Muslim Moscow Begins to Bloom
Tucked in the shadow of Moscow's Olympic stadium, where beggars in Central Asian jackets entreat passersby and women wearing headscarves hurry past, excavators plow a muddy construction site. The windswept field, next to the Sobornaya Mosque, is to be the location of the city's largest Muslim temple, with capacity for 5,000 worshipers. Set to open in September 2008, it will be second in Russia only to a mosque in Makhachkala, Dagestan, and the religion's headquarters in the country. [...]
[2006-11-23] Ponderings Related to Internet Dating and Other Weighty Subjects
Finding myself new, or renewed, to the whole meet and be met scene has been an eye-opener to say the least. Since my last ride on this merry-go-round, things have changed, namely me, but also the way that people approach meeting each other. There are so many books, tapes, websites and television shows out there telling everyone how to be attractive, how to meet someone attractive, then how to catch that attractive person, it’s a wonder that there’s anyone left out there that’s single....It’s a lot of work to get a date nowadays, with all the things you need to do to catch or be caught. It make [...]
[2006-11-23] Setting prerequisites can limit singles' chances for love
When dating, it's tempting to create a template for Mr. or Ms. Right. She will have a well-defined career, long legs, blond hair and a penchant for coffeehouses. He will have strong arms, nice teeth and a desire to travel. Sounds good on paper, right? But here's the problem with that approach: By honing in on what you think you want, you limit your chances for love. To paraphrase former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, there are unknown unknowns in war -- and also in love. You may not know what you want until you encounter it. As a result, singles must open themselves up to t [...]
[2006-11-23] China's "Kingdom of Women"
We are 9,000 feet above sea level, and John Wayne is taunting me. "Come on, Grandmother, you can make it. I'll give you a hand." Joe thrusts out his arm, and we scrabble down another switchback. I take his digs in good humor. Our cowboy is obviously in the throes of a crushing hangover. He has, however, struggled out of bed to take us to see a relative who he says is almost 100 years old. But neither love nor money has been able to secure transportation. "It's the police," says Candy. "They're checking licenses on the Sichuan side of the lake this month, and none of these cars have permits." [...]
[2006-11-23] Looking for love in all the wrong faces
At first, singles sought out The One.They searched dark corners of dive bars, the pews at church and frozen-food aisles for soulmates. They consulted the likes of Dear Abby and Dr. Joyce on how to find their match. They even resorted to meetings with psychics to determine if this would be the year of The One.But now, knowing what to look for in the love of your life isn't enough. Singles want to know: Who is not The One?The phenomenon is turning up in bookstores and on magazine racks, Internet sites and television. Singles, although mostly women, are looking to weed out the wannabes. To put it [...]
[2006-11-23] More men want sex on first date
Men are more interested in getting lucky on the first date than women, but most women still think men should pick up the tab. FastLife and Lavalife recently joined together to ask more than 400 singles -- aged 18 to 55 -- about dating in the 21st century. They found 44% of men hope to score on the first date while 66% of women think the man should foot the bill. FastLife is a speed-dating and singles event provider with 75,000 members worldwide, while Lavalife provides international online dating. Results of their survey show times are not a-changin' as much as expected. Woman still [...]
[2006-11-22] Number of chilredn taken abroad after divorce on the rise
The number of cases in which one parent takes his/her child abroad without the other parent´s knowledge has been rising in the Czech Republic, Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes today. Last year alone, Czech authorities applied for the return of three children from abroad, and on the other hand, the Czech Republic extradited 16 children to foreigners, compared with "only" nine children in 2002, the paper writes. It says that the post-divorce tug of war for children need not involve foreigners only. The number of cases in which Czech mothers and fathers hide their children from their for [...]
[2006-11-22] The Dating Scene - Signs Of A Promising Relationship
Celine was just starting to date again after a difficult breakup. She was feeling anxious because she didn’t want to go through another unhappy relationship, but she didn’t trust herself to make good choices. She sought my help in learning how to discern a promising relationship from one that is bound to fail. In Celine’s last relationship, she had been pulled in by Gary’s ardent pursuit of her. She had wanted to go slower but didn’t listen to herself. Instead, she gave herself up to Gary’s attention and compliments.“Celine, my experience with men who come on strong right away is that they ar [...]
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