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Does smoking make you attractive to the opposite sex?

Date: 2006-11-23

Thursday,Nov. 16 is the Great American Smokeout, a day aimed at helping smokers quit. Besides the health risks, there's one more reason to stop smoking: Your love life.

Dating service It’s Just Lunch has delved into the minds of singles to find out their opinions on dating, love and smoking. According to a survey of 2,923 singles, 61percent said they would not go on a first date with someone they knew smoked.

When asked if it bothers them to date a smoker, 65 percent of singles said that it did because it’s an unattractive habit and really unhealthy, while 13 percent said they have given a significant other the ultimatum that they had to either quit smoking or stop dating them. Only 10 percent of singles have hid the fact that they smoked from their significant other.

“In this day and age people are very aware of how unhealthy smoking is and they are just not willing to put themselves in risk of danger by dating someone who smokes,” said Alana Beyer, Vice President of It’s Just Lunch. “We surveyed singles from all over the country and their response was the same whether they live on the West Coast, the East Coast or in between, they will not date a smoker. If they found out after a date or two their date smoked, 38 percent would not pursue the relationship.

Singles agree: 48 percent said that the worst part about dating a smoker is the unhealthy benefits that come with inhaling second-hand smoke. Another 30 percent said that the worst part is that it kills the romance—the stench of stale smoke on their date’s clothing.

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