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[2006-09-19] General facts about Ukraine
HISTORY Ukrainians are deeply affected by the country's long history that predates the independent state by some 1,500 years. The march of successive civilizations from prehistoric times, the Scythians, Greeks, Varaungian, Slavic, and Turkic peoples have all left their mark. The birthplace of the Slavic state was Kyivan-Rus which flourished a thousand years ago. There is an old legend which tells of three brothers who found Kyiv (also known as Kiev) at the end of the fifth century. The brothers Kiy, Khoriv, and Shchek, along with their sister, Lybid, decided to name this newly founded land [...]
[2006-09-19] Ukraine media
NEWSPAPERS/MAGAZINES A small but growing number of foreign newspapers and magazines, such as the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, Newsweek, Time, and The Economist are available in hotel lobbies for hard currency, usually the day after publication. Prices are high even by Western standards, and availability is unpredictable. MAJOR NEWSPAPERS Vechirniy Kyyiv An independent newspaper of the capital of Ukraine. First published in February 1919. Published in Ukrainian and Russian. Circulation is 32,000. Vseukrainskiye Vedomosti An independent [...]
[2006-09-19] Crime situation in Ukraine
Crime in Ukraine is relatively low as for western standards but now it is on the increase. Common sense guidelines that would apply in any large city, should be used in Kyiv and will contribute to a safe and enjoyable visit. Keep a low profile. Dress and behave conservatively. Avoid conspicuous behavior which would draw attention to you as a potentially wealthy or important foreigner. Be polite and low-key. Avoid loud conversations and arguments. Don't use short cuts, narrow alleys or poorly lit streets (there are many in Kyiv). Before going into underground pedestrian crosswalks check to [...]
[2006-09-19] Ukrainian Embassies and Consulates Around the World
Country Address Tel/Fax Argentina Calle Lafinur 3057 (1425), Buenos Aires tel: 802 7316, fax: 802 3864 Austria Elisabethstrasse 13, 1010 Vienna tel: (43-222) 586 9717, fax: (43-222) 586 3424 Belarus 17 Kirova vul., Minsk tel: (172) 27 2861, fax: (172) 27 2357 Belgium Av. L. Lepoutre, 99-101, 1060 Bruxelles tel: (02) 344 4020, fax: (02) 344 4466 Bulgaria 53 Simeonovsky Shosse, Ste. 11A, Sofia tel: 68 6042, fax: 68 3064 Canada 331 Metcalfe st., Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1S3 tel: (613) 230 2961; 230 2638, fax: (613) 230 2400 Chin [...]
[2006-09-19] Useful tips about Ukraine
COUNTRY DESCRIPTION - Ukraine is a newly independent nation undergoing profound political and economic change, still in the process of stabilizing its relations with neighboring countries. Tourist facilities are not highly developed, and many of the goods and services taken for granted in other countries are not yet available. Travel within Ukraine is unrestricted. Though fuel shortages are generally no longer a problem, internal travel can be difficult and flight and train schedules can be irregular. LANGUAGE - Ukrainian became the official language only in 1990, replacing Russian. Most of [...]
[2006-09-19] PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION in Ukraine
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION - Public transportation in Kyiv is efficient and inexpensive, but crowded. The city's network of buses, trolley buses, streetcars and the subway (Metro) covers almost the entire city. Riders should be ready to contend with a good deal of pushing and shoving during the morning and evening rush hours. TAXIS - There are taxi stands at some busy corners in central Kyiv. Hailing a taxi can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. Many taxis often refuse fares, the main reason being the destination desired by the traveler being different than the route the taxi driver [...]
[2006-09-19] Kiev hotel information
PRESIDENT-HOTEL "KYIVSKY"Hospitalna 12. Reception: 220-4144, 227-9554. Built in 1980, this 735-room hotel is one of the most comfortable and most expensive hotels in the city. There are three restaurants, Congress hall, Fitness Center, transportation services, three hard currency bars, a hard currency casino, a cafe, hairdresser, sauna etc. HOTEL RUSHospitalna 4. Reception: 380(44) 294-30-20. Email: Thó 385-room hotel built in 1979 is decorated with mosaics and decorative sculpture. Breakfast buffet included. Rooms cost starting [...]
[2006-09-19] Plane ticket offices in Kiev
Ukraine International Airlines 14 Peremohy prosp.;4 Lysenko str. tel: 221-8380; 234-4528; 296-7455 (at airport); fax: 216-7994 Austrian Airlines, SAS, Swissair Boryspil Airport tel: 296-7697; 244-3542/43 Air France 14 Khreschatyk st. (Khreschatyk Hotel) tel: 229-1395; 296-7050; fax: 229-7380 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines 12 Bohdana Khymelnytskoho st. tel: 229-7203; 296-7591 British Airways 5 Yaroslaviv Val str., Kyiv 252034 tel: 490 6060; fax: 246 5152 CSA Airlines 14 Khreschatyk st. (Khreschatyk Hotel) tel: 228-0296/5027; 296-7449 EgyptAir 14 Khreschatyk st [...]
[2006-09-19] Ukraine travel agencies
In Ukraine Kyiv Bureau of Travel And Excursions 17 Volodymyrska st. Ph: 229-1923; Fax: 228-0165; Telex: 131281 REST Sputnik-Ukraine 4/6 Desiatynna st., Ph:212-2586; Fax: 212-2407; Telex:131407 SUPER UA KiyAvia Travel Bureau. 7 Mala Zhytomirska st. Kyiv 252001. Ph: 274-9926, 274-9965 KyivZovnishTour 14 Turgenevska st., Kyiv 252054. Ph.: 212-8373, 216-7121; Fax: 228-0215.Accommodation for foreign tourists in Kyiv and Ukraine. Ukrayina Travel Bureau. 43 Saksaganskogo st., Kyiv 252033. Ph: 227-6783, 227-0662, 227-2413 Ukrus P.O. Box 10450, Kharkiv 231002 UkraineTelep [...]
[2006-09-19] Racial hatred in Russia is everybody's problem
Following incidents in Cherkizovo market in Moscow and Kondopoga in the Russian republic of Karelia, the Georgian media has focused on alarming signs of increasing racial hatred in Russia. For ethnic Georgians residing in the Russian Federation, race-hate attacks on members of Caucasian nationalities may add to the insecurity many already feel because of tense relations between Russia and Georgia. According to Georgian newspaper Rezonansi, a poll held in Russia shows that 57 percent of Russian residents are sure that more ethnic confrontations are inevitable, 26 percent of the respondents [...]
[2006-09-19] Church services in Kiev
RELIGIOUS SERVICES - Services are held regularly in the churches that have always been open in Kyiv. The Ukrainian Otocephalies Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Catholic Church hold regular services in Kyiv. Catholics of the Byzantine rite hold Divine Liturgy at two outdoor locations in the city. Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English in two churches downtown. The Baptist community and a synagogue in the Podil neighborhood also hold religious services. Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas Pritisk - (In Podil), Vul. Georgi Liver and Vul. Khor [...]
[2006-09-19] The black sea
Why Black?As you look out across the Black Sea from the top you may wonder why such an iridescent blue sea is called the black sea. Nobody really knows - it can be pretty stormy in winter, and it's thought that the name was given to it by sailors and pirates who were struck by its dark appearance when the sky turned leaden with storm clouds. It has had other names in the past. The ancient Greeks knew it as the Scythian Sea, after the tribes who held its shores at the time. Shipwrecked sailors could generally expect no mercy from the Scythians, who plundered the wrecks and made wine goblets [...]
[2006-09-19] Climate in Crimea
Crimea lies in the same latitude as Venice, and its summer temperatures are similar to those on the French and Portuguese Algarve mediterranean coasts. Although it's so much further east, it avoids the high humidity experienced by parts of mainland Greece and Turkey in the summer months because of its position as a near-island in the Black Sea (see map). Fresh sea breezes ensure that the high summer temperatures don't become uncomfortable. Crimea has two seasons - the warm / hot season, which lasts from May through to October, and the cool season running from November to April. Rainfall is l [...]
[2006-09-19] Russian pols split over vote
Brooklyn Assembly candidate Alec Brook-Krasny won his hotly contested primary race against a fellow Russian emigré, according to the Board of Elections count of all ballots. He was up by 141 votes in the Democratic primary race to replace retiring Assemblywoman Adele Cohen, said Board of Elections' spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez-Rivera. The district includes Brighton Beach, home to many Russian immigrants, and the race was marked by unusual charges of KGB affiliation. Challenger Ari Kagan was still refusing to concede yesterday. However, the results will be certified next week. [...]
[2006-09-19] Unmarried Decatur residents willing to be patient for love
Billy Tyus tries to separate his private life as a single man from his public life as assistant city manager.But that doesn't always work."Sometimes I will be out on a date and having dinner when people who know me will come up and start talking to me about things going on in the city. And I have been on dates where the person is not always comfortable with that," he said.But more and more people are OK with the idea of flying solo and enjoying the single lifestyle. And though it hasn't quite caught on as one of the most popular gift-giving occasions, this week through Sept. 25 is National Sin [...]
[2006-09-19] Break room Romeos: Office romances can work
Most singles have some kind of policy, personal or professional, against dating in the workplace. Most break it. Sue Webb did when she was younger, but she's since decided the stakes are too high. "It causes favoritism, employees' minds are not on-task and work is compromised," the Salt Lake City resident said. But she realizes that doesn't stop people. "Maybe it's the thrill of being naughty and/or desired, but people continue to risk everything, including families and kids, for romance." Popular television shows like "The Office" and "Grey's Anatomy," both of which have season premieres this [...]
[2006-09-19] Salon business booms in post-Soviet Ukraine
During the dark pre-1991 days of Soviet Ukraine, only two beauty salons served the needs of more than one million women then in the capital Kiev - and appointments were fought over tooth and nail. Today, an estimated 2,000 salons operate legally and illegally in the city, supported by an army of tens of thousands of self-employed beauty professionals. Nationwide, beauty salons outnumber restaurants and grocery stores combined."The demand for female beauty in Ukraine, is like the demand for rice in China," said Inge Shishchenko, a Kiev-based cosmetics consultant. "The secret to an attractive ap [...]
[2006-09-19] The Internet: A philanderer's best pal
Call it crazy, paranoid or cynical, but the next time you peruse the personals on Craigslist or scan profiles on MySpace, consider this: There's a good chance you just ran into a cheater.Just as buying concert tickets or checking baseball scores has become as simple as logging onto a computer, infidelity is a simple keystroke away.Cheating is on the rise because technology eases the search to find a willing partner, according to therapists, researchers and relationship experts. The unfaithful no longer have to scour bars or cultivate workplace relationships. Cheating has increased along with t [...]
[2006-09-19] SWM in NYC seeks Chicago readers
After exchanging flirting looks with a stranger seated across from him on the Red Line, Beaumier, a middle-aged gay man, debated whether he should follow the tall, tawny-haired guy from the train. Having worked at the Chicago Reader's personals ad department for nearly eight years, Beaumier was determined not to become one of the forlorn people who repeatedly turned up at his counter to place a "Missed Connections" ad, the kind in which people are convinced they've met their soul mates in chance encounters -- often on the Red Line -- but let them slip away. As the stranger stood to get off, [...]
[2006-09-19] Matchmaking Chinese parents seek spouses in parks
Zhang Dianwei is on a mission — to find his daughter a husband. But he's not turning to the Internet or using a traditional matchmaker. Instead, he goes most Thursdays and Sundays to a park nestled in the shadows of Beijing's Forbidden City, carrying a printed sheet of paper listing his daughter's details such as her age, height, education and job prospects. He then tries to seek out his daughter's perfect match by wandering around a small corner of the park set aside for parents searching for spouses for their adult children. "She's too busy to find herself a man. I only want to help he [...]
[2006-09-19] CATA hopes matchmaking will help drive Chinese reform
It's not every day a high-technology organization pins its hopes on "Sea Turtles," but CATA Alliance president John Reid says the association's newest initiative to link China and Canada's high-tech markets will sink or swim on exactly that. "These are people returning to start the so-called Chinese dream," he says, explaining that "Sea Turtles" refers to foreign-educated Chinese nationals returning home to work in the Sino economic powerhouse. "They're internationally educated, and so have inherited the approaches and systems that are American and European," he says. "And if you look at t [...]
[2006-09-19] Mom matchmaking for son
College student told to only date engineers or pre-med students DEAR ABBY: I'm a sophomore in a good university, studying chemical engineering. My mother feels that since I'm studying such a potentially re warding and well-paying field, I should date only other engineers or pre-med students. She says she wants me to date people who will benefit me if we stay together. Earlier this year, I met a girl who goes to a local community college and plans to be a teacher, and introduced her to my mother on the phone. Afterward, my mother asked me what school and major she was in. When I told her, she [...]
[2006-09-19] Vexed: Matchmaking parents need to give us a voice
Love and marriage," Sinatra sang in 1965. "You can't have one without the other." But marriage without love is exactly what many people think arranged marriages are — so they reject it. A strategic but emotionally barren courtship is hardly the stuff of a chick flick.But it's not that simple. Less well-advertised than the system's drawbacks (see last week's Vexed) are the potential benefits.Though born in India, I've been raised for most of my 20 years on American notions of freedom and choice. The idea of my parents meddling in my personal life still viscerally horrifies me. But after a serie [...]
[2006-09-18] Today's Links on online dating: fake profiles, animal love, Google Romance?
“Today’s Links” is an eclectic round up pointing to noteworthy news and worthy analysis from all around the World Wide Web. TODAY'S LINKS September 16, 2006 FOCUS ONONLINE DATING: The Secrets to Finding Love Online? Even Animals Get the Online Dating Tease, Shopping For Your Soul Mate, And did you catch… THE SECRETS TO FINDING LOVE ONLINE? "Online Dating Question: How can youspot a fake online profile?"; American Chronicle, September 6, 2006 There are all kinds of reasons that a real person may not answer your messages and many of them have nothing to do with you personally. Maybe they [...]
[2006-09-18] Dating do's
As National Singles Week kicks off, an expert offers five 'rules' for meeting Mr. or Ms. Right By Jennifer Duffy Arizona Daily Star Tucson, Arizona | Published: 09.17.2006 Kendel McCarley is looking for love. Serious love. But the prospects for romance in this 40-year-old single dad's daily routine are pretty abysmal. He doesn't have any hobbies conducive to meeting single women. His church's congregation has only one single woman his age. And he doesn't swagger through the bar scene on Friday nights. "That's just a hook-up thing," he says. What's a guy to do? For on [...]
[2006-09-18] Drop In, Check It Out
Alexei Gulyayev Meet new mates: chess Chess is more than just a game in Russia. If you want to buy a chess set here, a good place to look is a sporting goods shop. Schools around the city educate future champions. But where to go if you just want to find a few opponents? Below are some of your choices, where the players tend to be enthusiastic and friendly. They’ll be happy to see a new face, and welcome foreigners. Be warned, however, these games are not for beginners, or “chainiki” in Russian chess slang. Some of the city’s best players attend and many have ELOs above [...]
It’s the day before Madonna’s first ever Moscow show, and the atmosphere around the gig is tense. Many Muscovites say they are sure something will go wrong, and the gig will be cancelled. There is a sense that there is more riding on this concert than just music. Forget the G8 summit in St Petersburg – Madonna’s gig is, in the words of Arthur Fogel, chairman of Live Nation’s global music division and the top tour operator in the world, “easily the biggest show that’s ever been held in Russia”. Rumours and controversies have swirled around the Moscow show ever since it was announced in August [...]
[2006-09-18] Online dating has to click to work right
Regular readers may have noticed in our attempt to address all the legal and non-disgusting forms of getting together, we've ignored online dating. On the surface, online dating makes perfect sense. Lines like "I'm tired of the bar scene, so I thought this might be a better way to meet people" are a shout-out to the logic of it all. No one up and decides to meet their match on the dot-com without some reason why. Now comes the hard part. Start with Recon. The objective is to see if anyone catches your eye while surfing a few sites. If there are no hotties currently in stock, what's the poin [...]
[2006-09-18] China's Young Professionals Try Silent Dating
Tired of the same old dating scene? Then maybe you could try what some singles in China are doing. "Silent dating" is being marketed to Shanghai's busy young professionals. Singles sit across from each other at a long table and spend 15 minutes writing notes to each other. Then the men switch tables and do start writing notes with that woman. The website company that organized the event says "silent dating" is a good option for people who are better at expressing themselves through writing. [...]
[2006-09-18] Singles, it's your week to shine!
Hey, all you singles! Stand up and be recognized. Monday kicks off National Singles Week and celebrates the 110 million singletons in the U.S. Here are some interesting facts about the unattached, courtesy of It's Just Lunch's annual report on dating: 48% ... of singles have used a dating service. 26% ... of singles average two first dates per month. 53% ... find a great smile the most attractive feature. 56% ... of singles find their dating life satisfying. — Catherine E. Toth BRING APPETITE FOR NUMBERS Learn numerology and feng shui — while you dine on roasted duck in red curry a [...]
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