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[2006-11-22] Many girls in state face sexual abuse by relatives, says survey
A survey of 1,000 girls in 10 districts of Uttar Pradesh has revealed how many adoloscent girls face sexual abuse by their own male relatives. The study was carried out by the Mahila Samakhya — a Union Government initiative to educate and empower women in the State — in the course of profiling the girls for admission to the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas (KGBV) in the districts. More than 80 per cent of the girls who filled the forms expressed a fear of their male relatives, sometimes even beyond the fear of snakes, scorpions or wild animals. In Mathura, there was not a single girl who di [...]
[2006-11-22] Schizophrenia much more likely in children of single parents
Children born into families which split up before they are 16 are two and a half times more likely to develop schizophrenia in later life than those brought up by parents who stay together, psychiatrists leading the largest UK study into why people develop psychosis revealed yesterday. The risk occurs if children have been separated from parents for at least a year, or if either parent dies, or both. It makes no difference which parent leaves, and the risk remains even if the child maintains regular contact with the absent parent. One in four children in Britain are brought up by single pare [...]
[2006-11-22] Online Dating & SN Site Google Page Ranks
iDATE FORUMS, Marc Lesnick -- Nov 20 -- Here's Google's Page Ranks for various online dating and social networking sites:9 -- Match.com8 -- Y! Personals, MySpace, Orkut, Chemistry7 -- eHarmony, JDate, Date, Lavalife, TRUE6 --,, ,, Plentyoffish5 -- Baihe,, Mate1,, Sexsearch4 -- SportsFansMatch, Tianji, WebDate3 -- eRomance, JWoo0 -- GreatExpectations, AmericanSingles, Friendscout scored 6. Google scores 10. So did the New York Times. NASA and the White House. Google gives a ranking of 6 to Lancome, Revlon and model Pam [...]
[2006-11-22] Dutch Muslims seek a fresh start
Mohammed Farjani says that since his arrival in the Netherlands 38 years ago he has wanted nothing more than to be integrated. Living among many other Moroccan immigrants in Slotervaart, Amsterdam, he became concerned that the groups of dark-skinned youths sometimes congregating on street corners would intimidate native Dutch. "We created an association to work for children in order to help them be like Dutch children, not different," he says. He and other members of his group, the Buurtvaders (neighbourhood fathers), would patrol the streets, trying to persuade the boys to go to school [...]
[2006-11-22] Second wife scenario
Dear Rosie and Sherry, I find myself faced with a difficult decision. I am a 25-year-old Jewish woman. A little over a year ago, I met a 26-year-old Jewish man who had sadly lost his wife several months earlier. I had no intention of ever seeing him as anything more than a friend. For many reasons I was not attracted to him, but enjoyed speaking to him. Over the course of the past year, we've become good friends. I now see him in a much different light than when we first met. He asked me if I'd consider dating him. However, I am confused for many reasons. Initially our conversatio [...]
[2006-11-22] Dating service leads to capture: Man sought in double slaying nabbed after tip from television viewer
An online dating service helped authorities find the suspect wanted in the slaying of an elderly Nashville couple. According to his dating Website, 26-year-old Calvin A. Bennett of Nashville likes to cuddle. Bennett, who was apprehended in Wisconsin, faces charges in the Oct. 30 deaths of Pierce “Ben” Odell, 79, and Mary Odell, 78, who lived southwest of Nashville. Bennett was arrested by the Marathon County Special Response Team as he left a residence in Rothschild, Wis., about 11:45 a.m. Sunday. Bennett had registered on the site as “soshysothernguy80,” and his user page showed him in [...]
[2006-11-22] Russians Involved in Visa Fraud Scam
Four Russian nationals and a Polish national, who were involved with a Branson, Mo., company that provides workers to area hotels, have been indicted by a federal grand jury on Friday for submitting false statements to obtain foreign labor visas for hundreds of employees. Friday's indictments were announced by Bradley J. Schlozman, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri. The case was investigated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Department of Labor's Office of Inspector General.Serguei Choukline, also known as Anton Kim, 48, and his wife, Irina Chouklin [...]
[2006-11-22] Bridgewater citizens learn how to deal with sex offenders
There are 31 registered sex offenders living or working in Bridgewater n 10 are classified as Level 1 sex offenders, 17 are Level 2, none are Level 3, and four are waiting to be classified by the Sex Offender Registry Board. A Level 1 sex offender has been determined by the Sex Offender Registry Board upon parole to be at low risk to re-offend, Level 2 is moderate risk and Level 3 is high risk. Some will be classified as “sexually violent predators.” These serious sex offenders are called “the worst of the worst” and experts are 99 percent sure these men will offend again. They are called “d [...]
[2006-11-22] Share your life with someone
HOW many desperate and dateless people do you know? Maybe I'm imagining things, but it seems there are a lot more of them around these days. There are heaps of single women in their 30s, often highly attractive and articulate. There are lots of young blokes who seem to be indefinitely single too. They generally don't have any obvious social diseases, but the world of couples seems to pass them by. Perhaps it's the circles I move in, but I seem to encounter long-term singles all the time. Are they all dedicated swinging singles, committed to the freedom and independence of the single l [...]
[2006-11-22] The Real Marriage Penalty
Idea Lab The Real Marriage Penalty Sign In to E-Mail This Print Save By ANNIE MURPHY PAUL Published: November 19, 2006 “Some of usare becoming the men we wanted to marry,” Gloria Steinem proclaimed 25 years ago. She meant, of course, that women in large numbers were seizing the places in higher education and the professions that had formerly been closed to them, becoming the doctors, lawyers and executives that they once hoped only to wed. Over the past generation, the liberal notion of egalitarian marriage — in which wives are in every sense their husbands’ [...]
[2006-11-22] The latest must-have accessory for New York's daters - a private eye
Preparing for a date in New York can be labour-intensive. Right perfume or cologne? Check. Smart clothes? Check. Report from private investigator? Check. In the city's hot and heavy dating scene, the latest trend for the legion of single people is to check exactly whom they are meeting for dinner with the help of the city's famed private detective agencies. Many New Yorkers are no longer taking their romantic prospects at their word, instead running extensive background searches that cover their criminal record, education, previous jobs and address history. Sitting in his office on Manhat [...]
[2006-11-22] Single Gringo Beware!
With Internet romance having rapidly become one of the most likely ways to meet a future partner there are of course those people out there who are willing to use and abuse such things. Those who meet via the Internet, particularly in long distance relationships with those from distinctly different cultures, need to take that extra bit of care in protecting themselves from the very small minority that are abusing it.A very sad case of this in Brazil recently hit international headlines. A US musician, Raymond Merrill, had got in contact with a Brazilian woman, Regina Rachid living in Sao Jose [...]
[2006-11-22] Wine Tastings for Singles
Dating, for those of us who are tired of being single, can be a royal pain. From speed dating to online dating, from the taverns to the grocery stores, we have several outlets where we can meet potential matches. But, unfortunately, these matches often extinguish before they can light even the slightest spark, leaving those of us frustrated to long for the days of arranged marriages: someone just marry me and give my parents a llama.My own personal experiences have led me to meet dates a variety of ways. I’ve been set up by friends, I’ve been set up by computers, I’ve gone to functions for sin [...]
[2006-11-22] Is love exploitable?
WE WERE on D. Jakosalem St. waiting for the left turn traffic signal on my way to Maxilom when I saw this Caucasian cleaning the window of a small store on the side. Oh, so, that’s his store, I thought, as he went in where I couldn’t see him anymore. A short while after, a small girl looking like 12 years old came out. His child, he’s married to a Filipino, I told myself. I watched the kid as she crossed the street. Then I noticed that her skirt was very tight on a young body that she nourished before her own time, nothing child-like at all. “No, that’s not his kid, she’s his girl, ma’am,” sai [...]
[2006-11-22] Bride guilty of immigration conspiracy
In a split verdict, a federal jury on Friday found a Moroccan national and former sheriff's deputy guilty of conspiracy and lying but innocent of marriage fraud. Sofia Krait Winkler, 24, still faces deportation as a result of the convictions. Her attorney plans to appeal. Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph E. DePadilla showed that Sofia Winkler had paid her husband and staged interviews with immigration authorities while trying to get her green card. She had arrived in the country on a six-month tourist visa in 2000 and failed to leave. While living in Norfolk, Winkler became a Norfolk sheriff' [...]
[2006-11-22] Rich Men, Hot Women To Take China's Love Cruise
It's the love boat, Chinese style. A matchmaking cruise is set to sail from Shanghai later this month. The men have to be rich and the women -- quote -- "good-looking and desirable." A state-run Chinese newspaper reported that more than 20 men have signed up. Each has to be worth at least a-quarter million dollars. More than 1,000 women applied, but fewer than 30 are making the cut. The organizers said rich men are normally too busy for courting and the women they usually meet aren't suitable for relationships. [...]
[2006-11-22] Singapore to promote matchmaking
Singapore aims to bolster the dating industry after figures show only a slight increase in birth rate since an incentive package the government introduced in 2004. The ministry of community development, youth and sports has injected 600,000 Sing dollars (about $382,000) to spur on the private sector's efforts, replacing matchmaking government agency such as the Social Development Unit (SDU), which has been seeking to unite singles for decades. The aim is to develop a dating industry comparable to those in Britain and Japan. An accreditation framework for the industry will enable singles to [...]
[2006-11-22] Crapo Raises Awareness of Dating Violence
For the second year in a row, teen dating violence awareness and prevention efforts will capture the nation's attention in February due to the efforts of Idaho Senator Mike Crapo. Crapo, along with Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-New York), Joe Lieberman (I-Connecticut), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Bob Menendez (D-New Jersey) and Patty Murray (D-Washington) sponsored S. Res. 621, calling for a national Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week, February 5 - 9, 2007. The resolution passed the Senate by unanimous consent late Thursday evening. "As Idahoans know, the crime of teen [...]
[2006-11-22] Dangers of Online Dating
Online dating has become sort of a trend in this day and age. Sites like are marketing their ‘find love guarantee’ and they even have paired up with Dr. Phil in order to further assist their customers.But there are things that you need to be aware of when searching for love or friendship online. There have been many instances where a person has been scammed on an online dating site for money.What is an online dating scam?An online dating scam is when someone creates a false personal profile on a dating website, and tries to use another person for money. Many times the person’s profil [...]
[2006-11-22] Dancing to his tune
It is not uncommon to see in central Cairo a young couple, preparing for marriage, browsing shop windows for a dancing costume. "My fiance has asked me to buy one to dance for him after we get married," said Hanaa, 24. "I want to make him happy and show off my feminity," she told Gulf News. Hanaa admits she likes dancing in the presence of family members or in women-only gatherings. "The purpose for buying these outfits is to boost marital bliss. We mustn't be ashamed about dealing with this issue, especially in this age of satellite TV where men watch pretty women dancing in music videos al [...]
[2006-11-22] Russia has highest immigrant rate
Russia could have the highest number of immigrants in the world, more than Europe or the United States, according to figures quoted by President Vladimir Putin yesterday. The number of immigrants in Russia “may have reached 15 million”, the vast majority of them illegal, Putin said at a meeting with Russia’s parliamentary speaker Boris Gryzlov, Russian news agencies reported. In the European Union, Putin said, the figure for illegal immigrants is eight million people and in the United States the number is 10-12 million people. Russia has a population of around 140 million people. Putin [...]
[2006-11-22] Russia takes measures to reduce influx of immigrants
Russia takes decisive anti-migration measures to provide employment for the local population and to prevent the emergence of foreign enclaves in the country. Experts are concerned, however, that actual results may differ from the aim stated. In early October, at the height of the conflict with Georgia, President Vladimir Putin demanded that the government “regulate the presence of foreign workers” in trade. Under the government decision passed on Wednesday, foreigners will be denied permission to work in retail trade from the next year, and the quotas for labour migrants from those countri [...]
[2006-11-22] Romancing his destiny
It isn't often you can help a man fulfill a life's dream, but when the chance presents itself, I'd say the concept of good karma just about demands you do it. The chance presents itself, dear reader. I've met a local dreamer we can help with the click of a mouse. At 52, Ron Goldberg, a divorced father of two grown kids, is on the brink of a professional writing career. He needs your online vote to push him over the line. If you've lived in Bucks long, you might already know mild-mannered Ron as the owner of In-Step, an old-fashioned family shoe store in the Summit Square Shopping Center in [...]
[2006-11-22] Singapore funds matchmaking companies
Singapore loves the dating game. The government is so keen for its citizens to marry and procreate that it is setting aside $384,250 to help fund private matchmaking agencies as part of a new move to reverse the island state's falling birth rate. The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports announced Friday it was soliciting creative business plans for Internet or personal dating services. Companies may apply for grants of up to $32,023 for their matchmaking businesses, it said. The businesses would be listed in a government database to be accessed by single people from next year [...]
[2006-11-22] This New Online Dating Venture Could Leave You Feeling Like A Million - Or More
For most of us, online dating is a crapshoot. You never really know who you're 'talking' to online, and whether the person who claims to be a gorgeous blonde with the perfect figure is actually closer to Phyllis Diller, or if the man whosays he's a George Clooney clone is reallymore likeCurious George. But what if you could pay for a guarantee that who that person says they are is really who walks into that door for your first meeting? And what if you knew they were worth a fortune? That'sthe idea behind the Millionaire's Club, which officially launched its service in Canada Friday. Th [...]
[2006-11-22] Single in Utah
Joe Simmons knows she is out there, the girl he will marry. He just hasn't found her yet, but not for lack of trying. Simmons, 26, is not bashful or boring. He gets out there - the bars, the ball games, the parties, the malls. He has even participated in a reality TV dating show. And he has been in love four times. Each time, for one reason or another, the match fell apart. "I'm in a state of limbo right now," Simmons says. But he is far from discouraged. He maneuvers through the dating scene with ease and says he gets "a lot of interest." And see, there is this woman he met this summer . [...]
[2006-11-22] Utah singles turn on, tune in and find true love
Finding true love could be a TV remote click away, at least for single Mormons. A new free service from LDSPromise, an online dating company, and Comcast Utah allows singles to create video profiles that can be posted on and accessed through the cable firm's On Demand feature. Viewers sitting in the comfort of their own homes can scroll through a list of names, click on one and see a film clip three minutes or so long of the person who might be The One. "You are actually able to see the personality, rather than reading about them," said Richard Laub, 23, of Midvale, one of the first singles [...]
[2006-11-22] Older Women Living Single — celebrate second year of helping community
Older Women Living Single, or OWLS, are “giving a hoot” for their second year. The nonprofit organization is a support group for volunteers, not vice versa. Members are single women age 55 and older who either volunteer for another organization in some capacity or who simply practice “random acts of kindness.” They may drive neighbors to doctor's appointments, buy groceries, pick up a daily newspaper or clean a sick friend's home. The OWLS was founded by Jodi Puckett, of Ocean City, who got the idea for the group in 2004 after she was hit by a car and seriously injured. She couldn't afford e [...]
[2006-11-22] Consumer Reports Compares Online Dating Web Sites
While looking to find that special someone to spend the upcoming holiday season with, many singles will turn to online dating. Consumer Reports December issue has the rundown on online dating sites with its story on the Romance.coms Consumer Reports investigated five of the biggest and best known online dating sites: AmericanSingles, eHarmony,, True, and Yahoo Personals to compare their cost, privacy policies and the matching services.Before singles take a dip in the online dating pool, many may want to know if anyone is checking for sharks in the water. While all sites screen submi [...]
[2006-11-21] Online dating scams on the rise in the U.S
Scam artists are tapping into the online dating market, and in two cases in Hampton Falls, have stolen thousands of dollars from women who thought they had a romantic relationship. The Hampton Falls Police Department is investigating two cases of online fraud. The local women were duped out of thousands of dollars they'll likely never recover, Police Chief Robbie Dirsa said. It could happen to anyone, said Dirsa, whose officer, Jeremy Tetreault, spoke at an identity theft seminar in Hampton this past Thursday. Dirsa described both victims as professional women scammed by expert salesmen. [...]
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