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[2006-11-24] Profile of Mortality Crisis in Russia
The recent increase in mortality is real and not due to problems in data collection. Life expectancy at birth has fallen between 1990 and 1995 by 6.3 years for men (63.8 to 57.5) and by 3.4 years for women (74.4 to 71.0). The increase in mortality began in the late 1980's and rose sharply in 1992. Mortality rates have increased most steeply among men and women of working age. The biggest increase has been among those in their early 40s. Mortality has increased in all categories but the most marked increases are in dealths from fatal events (eg. accidents, injuries, suicides, posonings) [...]
[2006-11-24] Smoking and death in Russia
Improvements in public health can be obtained by eliminating or reducing relatively minor risks which are more or less prevalent in populations. Much larger gains might be possible through even modest reductions of large hazards such as tobacco use. Policies and programmes to reduce tobacco consumption are more likely to be implemented and more likely to be effective if there is direct, disaggregated, and recent local evidence on the extent of tobacco use and its harms. Such evidence might usefully describe several indicators of the tobacco epidemic including the patterns of tobacco consumptio [...]
[2006-11-23] Four in 10 Single Women Say Marriage Isn't Necessary
Four out of 10 single women in Korea don't feel the need to get married. A survey on some 1,000 single men and women by the Health and Welfare Ministry shows only half the women surveyed felt the need to tie the knot. By contrast, more than 70 percent of men surveyed deemed marriage a necessity. Fifty-four percent of the respondents placed career ahead of marriage. But more than nine out of 10 said children are a must, saying they add joy and satisfaction to life. Half of the surveyed men and women said they were financially preparing for their old age, mostly with savings, pensions and in [...]
[2006-11-23] The God Who Lives and Works and Plays in Russia
Fifteen years after glasnost and perestroika opened the borders to Christianity without and within, I'm looking for God in Russia. Can he be seen wandering amid the broken beer and vodka bottles around the monuments of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, bottles thrown by young people wanting something more? How many residents of Moscow's ubiquitous skyscrapers thank him as they see the wind moving through the tall leafy trees that save their lungs from suffocation by smog? Is he more alive than I'm able to comprehend to gold-toothed babushkas kneeling for the duration of long Baptist church services, p [...]
[2006-11-23] Russia has been striving to find its new place in the world since the Soviet Union ceased to be in 199
A new political order has been established and the economy has seen steady growth since the collapse of 1998. At the same time, fears have been expressed that the country's long history of authoritarian rule did not end with Communism and Chechnya remains a very painful thorn in Russia's flesh. The country impresses with its diversity and size. Spanning 10 time zones, this Eurasian land mass covers over 17m sq kms. Its climate ranges from the Arctic north to the generally temperate south. Russia has vast natural resources, not least in oil and gas. World oil prices are a key factor in de [...]
A December 5 news report of a government document outlining recommendations for countering “religious extremism” has alarmed religious rights activists in Russia. The document listed the Catholic Church as the number one threat to national security and Protestant churches as number two. Attorneys with the Slavic Center for Law and Justice in Moscow immediately blasted the document as “blatantly incompetent and anti-constitutional.” The draft paper defines “extremists” as those who conduct the “propaganda of exclusivity, of the supremacy or inferiority of citizens according to their attitude to [...]
[2006-11-23] To Russia with Fury
When Russian President Vladimir Putin walks up to a boy in Red Square and—as if impromptu—lifts the kid's shirt and smooches his belly, as the postcommunist tsar did this summer, remember this: His government hired the American PR firm Ketchum to make Russia look good. A winsome reputation is not easy to come by in a place where not only are oil profits skyrocketing, but so are less flattering things—numbers of skinheads, homeless orphans, violent crimes against minorities, aids infections, and incidents of religious discrimination. Then there's the leprosy of the Russian soul—the corruption [...]
[2006-11-23] What (Not All) Women Want
I am a feminist because of Christ, the world's most avant-garde emancipator. When he praised Mary for choosing to learn from him over kitchen work (which we will always have with us), he was more radical than Gloria Steinem. But I know enough neurobiology to part ranks with feminists who say that gender is a social construct. Maybe because of some primordial wiring, I like to wear peasant skirts and make borscht, and I want to become a mother. So I'm surprised that there isn't much room for women like me in the world of Stasi and John Eldredge as described in Captivating, which Publishers Wee [...]
[2006-11-23] Love may bloom late for the baby boomers
COME with me, if you dare, to that dark and foreboding jungle that lies west of the Baby Boomer Mountains. I speak of course of the land inhabited by those strange creatures born prior to the end of World War II. Here are the 60-somethings, 70-somethings and the 80-plus-year-olds. These tribes cling together for preservation, awkwardly wedged between the advancing hordes of baby boomers and oblivion's precipice. To this point in time it is these tribes who have marked what might be politely termed as life's "later years". But it will never be thus. Over the next decade the boomer ju [...]
[2006-11-23] Women to Men: Get Romantic, Get Personal and Get Busy
Panic often grips men contemplating an engagement: "Does she want romance or a rock?" "A splashy public spectacle or a candlelit dinner?" "When is the right time?" Well, according to a new, independent survey commissioned by Blue Nile, women have a message for paralyzed proposers: make it romantic, make it intimate and, most importantly, make it now! By an 84% to 16% margin, women respondents said they'd rather have a romantic proposal than a gaudy ring. The survey findings also suggest men should go ahead with it, rather than waste time to come up with a unique idea. Asked if a creative, ima [...]
[2006-11-23] Masterminds Behind $10 Bln Financial Scam Busted in Russian Airport
Two alleged organizers of a criminal group believed to have amassed billions of dollars both in former Soviet republics and Europe were arrested in a Moscow airport earlier this month, the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily reported Wednesday. The suspects, both of them are Moscow residents, are believed to have stolen a total of $1.5 billion from Russian residents, investigators have reported. The total damage from their operations both in Russia and other countries is believed to be $10 billion, investigators said. The men were taken in custody on November 17, at Moscow International Airport Sherem [...]
[2006-11-23] Two nabbed at Moscow airport over suspected involvement in scam
Police at Moscow's international airport Sheremetyevo have detained two Russian nationals suspected of involvement in a financial scam through Swiss-registered companies. The men, who allegedly ran fraudulent schemes in southern Russian provinces, notably Chechnya and Daghestan, were arrested as they were trying to flee to Turkey, a regional Interior Ministry official told reporters Wednesday. Sergei Solodovnikov, first deputy head of the ministry branch administering Russia's Federal District South, which incorporates Chechnya and Daghestan, said: "It has been established that in 2003-200 [...]
[2006-11-23] Teacher visiting online dating site fired
A male substitute teacher at East Haven Academy was escorted from the school and removed from the town’s pool of substitutes Friday after allegedly being seen in class using a school computer to peruse a "mail-order brides" Web site, school officials confirmed Monday. Authorities identified the Web site as, which represents a company that arranges "romance tours" and introductions to would-be foreign mates. The site, "A Foreign Affair: Introductions and Tours," bills itself as a "Russian, Latin, Asian Women Dating Service — Mail-Order Brides.It describes itself as "the world’s [...]
[2006-11-23] Work Top Priority for 70% of Single Women
Seven out of 10 unmarried women think work is more important than marriage, according to a local survey conducted by the government. In a survey by local research firm Embrain of 1,000 adults aged from 19 to 69 from Oct. 24 to Oct 26, 54. 2 percent of total respondents said they could give up marriage in order to be successful in their career _ 69.9 percent of unmarried women held this opinion. The survey was commissioned by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in order to look into Koreans' thoughts and awareness on the problems of a low birth rate and an aging society. Asked if they felt [...]
[2006-11-23] The Fountain's different kind of romance
A good love story is hard to find these days. Too often, Hollywood's idea of romance involves the same recycled formula: Girl meets boy, girl hates boy, boy charms girl and a happy ending ensues. On the opposite end of the spectrum, heavy melodramas about heartache and death often lack entertainment value. Reality lies somewhere between these two extremes, and can sometimes be found in the least likely of places - fantasy. Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain is a haunting science-fiction film about life, love and death, and none are sugarcoated here. The reality is life is fleeting, love is painf [...]
[2006-11-23] Too fabulous for marriage? relationships
Because their mothers probably worked outside the home, because their teachers or professors or pediatricians might have been women, men’s ideas of family include a woman with a career. Many are relieved to know they don’t have to be the sole breadwinner. They are looking for a partner, not household staff. Meet the SWANS — Strong Women Achievers, No Spouse. SWANS are powerful, driven female professionals who live in urban areas and have advanced degrees and high-status jobs. The trouble with SWANS is they aren’t married, and some are afraid they never will be. SWANS have been added to [...]
[2006-11-23] Singapore funds matchmaking companies to boost marriages and births
The government is so keen for its citizens to marry and procreate that it is setting aside S$600,000 (US$384,250, ˆ300,850) to help fund private matchmaking agencies as part of a new move to reverse the island state's falling birth rate. The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports announced Friday it was soliciting creative business plans for Internet or personal dating services. Companies may apply for grants of up to S$50,000 (US$32,023, ˆ25,070) for their matchmaking businesses, it said. The businesses would be listed in a government database to be accessed by single people fr [...]
[2006-11-23] Firefly guests reach out to Russian children
The plight of Russia's abandoned children was the subject of concern Tuesday night at a Russian Embassy benefit where several hundred supporters of Firefly Children's Network, a non-profit group that helps return institutionalized children to their birth mothers, gathered to view a heart-wrenching documentary, "The Road Home," on the subject. Guests learned there are approximately 850,000 children in Russian orphanages, suffering emotional and physical distress. Firefly, founded in 2000 by Jonathan and Julie Baker (who have two Russian adopted children of their own), works at finding solutions [...]
[2006-11-23] Singapore wants dating industry
Singapore (dpa) Faced with too few babies to replace the population, Singapore is turning to private industry for matchmaking, the government said on Friday.The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports has injected 600,000 Singapore dollars (382,000 US) to initially spur on the private sector's efforts, replacing such longstanding matchmaking agencies as the government's Social Development Unit (SDU) which has been seeking to unite singles for decades.The aim is to develop a dating industry comparable to those found in the United Kingdom and Japan.An accreditation framework for the [...]
[2006-11-23] Government to grow dating industry through $600,000 fund
The government is hoping to grow a vibrant private sector dating industry. The Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports has started a $600,000 fund which will see the private industry replacing national matchmaking agencies - the Social Development Unit (or SDU) and Social Development Service (or SDS). In a population of 3.5 million, there are 620,000 singles aged 20 and over in Singapore. A recent survey commissioned by SDU, which involved over 1000 singles aged between 25 and 44 years old, shows these singles spent $374m this year on activities like clubbing, and travelling. The [...]
[2006-11-23] Have faith in online dating
Countless people around the world are fed up with meeting "the one" only to find out a week later that their relationship is terminally flawed due to an irreconcilable difference. Every day, "hes" are discovering that they simply cannot handle their girlfriend's obsession with organic food, and "shes" are waking up to the fact that they cannot live with his Friday night Halo marathons. On a more serious note, many happy couples suddenly recognize that their relationship is doomed because one of them reveals a previously undisclosed moral preference or a serious commitment to a religion that is [...]
[2006-11-23] Russian speaks against 'ethnic enclaves'
Russia should not permit the growth of ethnic neighborhoods or enclaves where foreigners outnumber native Russian citizens, the nation's top migration official said Thursday. The comments by Konstantin Romodanovsky, director of the Federal Migration Service, came a day after the announcement of a new government policy that bars immigrants from trading at street stalls and markets. President Vladimir Putin ordered his Cabinet last month to take steps to decrease the employment of foreign workers at Russian markets, alleging they were crowding out native producers and retailers. Indoor and out [...]
[2006-11-23] Older singles still look for love
From the world of Stuff magazine and six-pack abs, this group often gets the cold shoulder. Youth rules at bars, and they admit they're no spring chickens. The Atlanta Singles Expo aims to help middle-aged bachelors and bachelorettes who are all dressed but lack the place to go. Last weekend's dance/information event at Westin Atlanta North at Perimeter targeted those who are 40 years old and older —- and available. Hundreds of singles gladly paid $25 for the event. Dozens of vendors and their booths aimed at the lonesome —- from a single-parent club and a ski club to a Jewish single [...]
[2006-11-23] Distance dating
Why doesn't Las Vegas' reputation as the marital capital of the world translate into status as the love capital of the world?In a university comprised where guys outnumber women, there seems to be a view on both sides of the gender line that Las Vegas is not the most friendly place to find a soul mate.Students cite the influence of the local culture, a lack of interest in seeking people to develop a romance with and bad dating shenanigans as reasons for crossing state borders in hopes of finding love on the other side."I think our city is Sin City. I think that just entails that we have a lot [...]
[2006-11-23] Teens Call for an End to Dating Violence
Of the 458 Fairfield County high school students surveyed by the Peace Project in the past year, 26 percent said they had been punched, kicked or slapped by their partner, 16 percent said their partner had forced them into having sex and 42 percent said they do not see their friends as often as they would like because their partner is jealous. These were among the statistics revealed during a Center for Youth Leadership press conference recently conducted at Brien McMahon High School, at which student activists vowed to address teen dating violence and child abuse. Representing the BMHS Pe [...]
[2006-11-23] Let’s ban practice of ‘mail-order brides’
Let's not just make it tougher for American men to hook up with “mail order brides” over the Internet and import them, let's ban the practice altogether.In one of the more laudable acts of his tenure in the White House, President Bush earlier this year signed into law the “International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005” or IMBRA.The law imposes some tough restrictions on men seeking to import wives. Some of the men complain the law presumes all such American men are abusers.But I say the mere act (to wit, the bizarre act) of deciding to marry someone from a foreign country who is just ab [...]
[2006-11-23] Illegal immigrants number twelve million in Russia -- Zhukov
Vice-Premier Alexander Zhukov is sure that the measures to make migration orderly and to control foreign labour are necessary and will help put everything right. “Lack of proper order is harmful to everybody, including the foreign labourers, our own citizens, and our economy,” Zhukov told reporters on Thursday during an interval in the work of the Russian cabinet Experts have calculated that there are now seven to twelve million illegal immigrants from the nearby countries in Russia, the vice-premier stated. Illegal migration engenders a situation when foreign workers, illegally employed a [...]
[2006-11-23] Holding out on Shacking up
You know that saying, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" Well apparently, I'm a cow. When I first moved in with my boyfriend (over two years ago) we talked about marriage all the time. Ever since shacking up, however, wedding plans have taken a back seat. I think they're in the trunk somewhere. Under the spare tire. I'm not really complaining. Since we "shacked," as they say, my man's not the only one who's lost marriage momentum. My friends think I'm crazy. "Aren't you worried?" they ask. The idea that I may never officially wed freaks them out. And they're not alone. Al [...]
[2006-11-23] Relationship roulette
Singles weigh in on dating and smoking just in time for today's Great American Smokeout. According to a survey of 2,923 singles by It's Just Lunch, 61% said they would not go on a first date with someone who smoked. When asked if it bothers them to date a smoker, 65% of singles said that it did because it's an unattractive habit and really unhealthy. Thirteen percent said they have given a significant other the ultimatum that they had to either quit smoking or stop dating them. Only 10% of singles have hid the fact that they smoked from their significant other. The survey covered singles fr [...]
[2006-11-23] Beating the bashful blues
met Curtis through, a website for shy daters. Not that I'm currently trolling singles sites -- although I've been known to be a little timid. Shyness is the kiss of death when it comes to getting to know someone you have a crush on. In fact, it pretty much guarantees the target of your desire won't get acquainted with the real you. It's hard to impress a person when you can't look them in the eye without turning as red as your Shiraz. In fact, liquid courage has slicked my introduction to many an old flame. Without the wobbly-pops, would I have met them at all? While [...]
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