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[2006-09-30] Meeting your match
The more mobile and communicative society gets the harder it seems to get married. But maybe the Muslims are onto something. Several years ago during an all-female seminar I was startled to hear a young woman at my lunch table announce: "I'm looking for a husband. So, when you go back home, keep me in mind." Surprise and amusement - it was my first experience of such a direct approach - soon gave way to the thought, "Why not?" Miss X was in her thirties and didn't have any time to waste in finding Mr Right. Attractive, extroverted and accomplished in her profession, she could have landed a dat [...]
[2006-09-30] Nine ways to meet a guy
OK, admittedly it's been a while since I went man shopping (I've been married for years), but the subject still fascinates me. I'm always curious about how both readers and the young women on my staff meet guys -- and the frustrations they experience along the way. Many women admit to being discouraged and annoyed because the process is "so hard." They wish it could all unfold naturally, effortlessly and romantically. After a spate of fruitless nights in bars and clubs, they feel an urge to take to their couches rather than face one more night of being "out there." But whoever said it was [...]
[2006-09-30] Matchmaking Moms Make Finding A Mate Easier
Trying to meet that special someone isn't easy but maybe you've been going about it all wrong.There's a new way to meet Mister or Miss right and as CBS 3's Ukee Washington reports, you don't have to do much at all.Chad Tons was looking for the love of his life, he turned to the one who loves him most; his mom, Iris. "Who's to know you better than your mother," said Chad.It didn't take long to find the perfect match."I thought she was sweet and she was funny and she was beautiful. So, I said, 'this is a match made in heaven,'" said Iris."She really scored this time around, I owe her big," said [...]
[2006-09-30] Leave it to ‘Bachelor’ for boring romance
Aaron Carter, 18, who infamously starred in a love triangle with Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff, has called off his six-day engagement to a Playboy model four years his senior. The Playboy model used to date his older brother, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. Ick. In related news, I can’t wait for “House of Carters,” a new reality show premiering Monday on E!, starring Aaron, Nick and three sisters that will undoubtedly take dysfunctional family TV to new lows. Speaking of unhappy endings, “The Bachelor” returns to ABC on Oct. 2. It doesn’t matter how many “Bachelor” couples break up after the s [...]
[2006-09-30] Second marriages in Korea
For four years since her divorce, Park Soon-hee always believed she would find the perfect marriage partner. The 38-year-old dated eight men before she met a “great guy” in January through a matchmaking service specialising in remarriage. The man, Lee Jin-man, has everything she wants, especially what her ex did not have -- money -- and they finally walked down the aisle in March. “Living alone and raising my 10-year-old daughter all by myself was just too hard, and I felt I needed companionship to do a better job.” Life as a divorcee is especially difficult in a society which is still atta [...]
[2006-09-30] What women really want from men
Ready for a pop quiz? OK, name the No. 1 characteristic that single women say they are looking for in a man. If you are a single woman, the odds are you know the answer. And if you are a single man, I bet you get it wrong -- and I'll give you three guesses. Well, the answer is "sense of humor." Ask 100 single women to name the type of guy they are seeking, and I guarantee that a majority will immediately blurt out "I just want a guy who can make me laugh." And I also guarantee that a vast majority of single men, when posed that same question about single women's priorities, would not inclu [...]
[2006-09-30] Divorce rate lowest since 2000
The divorce rate in England and Wales fell by 8% last year to its lowest level since 2000, according to the Office for National Statistics. There were 141,750 divorces in 2005, compared with 153,399 in 2004. Marriages which ended in divorce were on average lasting a little longer at 11.6 years in 2005, compared with 11.5 the previous year. Divorces in Northern Ireland fell by 6% to 2,362 in 2005 and in Scotland the drop was 3% to 10,940. Most divorces were granted to wives, and in more than half these cases, the husband's behaviour was the reason cited. For men awarded a divorce, the [...]
[2006-09-29] Riverside gets into the dating business
The Riverside Co., a Cleveland private equity firm, has found a mate in acquiring the dating service It’s Just Lunch International.Terms of the deal were not revealed. It’s Just Lunch, which arranges first-date lunches or after-work drinks for singles, saw annual revenue growth of between 25% and 50% between 2001 and 2005, though a Riverside statement did not disclose more specific numbers.It’s Just Lunch, headquartered in Palm Desert, Calif., converted to a franchise system in 2001 and currently has 100 total locations in the United States, Canada, and abroad in England, Singapore, Australia, [...]
[2006-09-29] Israel Anglo Singles Hosts "Mini Woodstock" With Simon Garfunkel Tribute
Ra'anana-----September 28.......Israel Anglo Singles, Israel's largest Anglo on-line dating forum, is sponsoring a two day singles "Mini Woodstock" musical and camping event at Ra'anana Farms. Ra'anana is a northern suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel. The Israel singles dating event features a Tribute to Simon and Garfunkel by professional artists Larry Fogel and Moni Arnon. The musical and camping singles event, which begins at 8 p.m. this evening, will also include a bonfire, wine and cheese tasting, horse back riding, hiking and breakfast at one of Israel most beautiful and romantic restaurants - [...]
[2006-09-29] The Dating Game Going to a trade show?
Speed dating is a relatively new concept by which eligible singles gather in a group, pair off in couples for a few short minutes, then rotate on to the next candidate in search of a good match. It's designed to provide those seeking romance a chance to evaluate numerous potential mates in a condensed period of time. This has nothing to do with EMS, but it's a useful analogy for understanding EMS trade shows. At the average EMS trade show, a lot of vendors might have what you need, but you have a limited opportunity to get to know them and what they have to offer. In your quest for true hap [...]
[2006-09-29] Single parents find they are not alone
It is hard to have a healthy social life as a single parent, says Patricia Morgan, 67, of Fairfax, whose husband left her almost 20 years ago. She said it was a relief to find people to hang out with through a local group known as Parents Without Partners. Fairfax County's chapter has about 300 members who are constantly planning ways to get to know each other in different places throughout the area, according to Morgan."People join because they want a community," she said. "We all need that as human beings."Parents Without Partners is a national organization that is active in giving singl [...]
[2006-09-29] Breaking Up Is Hard to Do ... So Why Don't You Do It for Me?
Breaking up is hard to do, and nobody knows that better than Bernd Dressler. That's why he set up what he calls a "separation agency" to make the jilting of lovers a more sanitary affair for those who desire a split but can't be bothered to do the dirty work. Dressler, a German businessman, will dump your significant other for you by phone for 20 euros (about $25) or in person for 50 (about $64), BBC News reports. "We have had dating agencies for 30 years. If you want to have a new partnership then you have to quit your previous one. I think it's the same market — just in reverse," Dressler [...]
[2006-09-29] The man who had 14 wives
To cheers, the groom adjusted his silk tie and rose to his feet to give his wedding speech. An eminent psychologist used to public speaking, Dr Oliver Killeen was soon in his stride, as — with tears in his eyes — he lavished praise on his bride. By agreeing to marry him, he said, she had mended a heart broken since the tragic early death of his first wife 20 years earlier. Few of the guests at the Baptist church hall in Harrow, North London, that day in October 1996 stopped to consider the rather strange way he ended his speech. "I've always loved weddings and hoped I would marry again," he [...]
[2006-09-29] Web Dating: Falling In Love Online
When the word ‘love’ is googled, over 2 billion responses come up in .06 seconds. One would think ‘love’ would be easy to find in everyday life, but for many an alternative method is needed for the aged-old desire., eHarmony, and are a few of the newest ways adults of all ages can find relationships. Once a password and username are created, a series of questions are asked including profile appearance, interests, and desired qualities in the in the opposite sex. The site then electronically matches members with similar profiles. Similar to, users can [...]
[2006-09-29] Finding spouse is harder than earning money
Many young singles in Korea regard finding a life partner to be a tougher job than earning money, according to a recent survey. In an online survey of 780 single men and women in their mid-20s to late-30s, 63.9 percent of men and 53.1 percent of women said that finding a spouse seemed to be more difficult than making money, matchmaking company Bien-Aller reported yesterday. Only 11.3 percent of men and 12.4 percent of women answered that making money was harder, while 24.8 percent of men and 34.4 percent of women said that both endeavours entailed the same difficulty. To analyze the thou [...]
[2006-09-29] Buy a Date with Lily Allen
British fanboys and fangirls can have their dream date with Lily Allen and help out a good cause -- but you'd better have deep pockets. The singer's among the desired singles on Dating Direct's Celebrity Dream Date auction, an effort that raises money for several British nonprofit organizations. The winning bidder can take Allen out for a night on the town and play at being part of the United Kingdom's A-list set. So far, it'll only cost about $4,000 for the date, though bidding is open through Sunday. [...]
Rubles: You will need lots of rubles as most goods and services, by law are sold only for rubles, even to foreigners. US dollars circulate as a second currency only in a few sectors of the economy, although many Russians hold dollars as a hedge against a depreciating ruble. Some elements of the tourist industry, although illegal, demand payment in dollars, and few refuse dollars when offered. Other currencies - Deutsch marks, Swedish kroner and Finn marks - are more difficult to use. What dollar bills to bring. Bring along all denominations ($1's, 5's, 10's, & 20's) for cash outlays and [...]
[2006-09-28] States Cracking Down on Dating Sites
With federal agencies showing little interest, several states are taking the lead in tightening oversight of the online dating industry, considerting new laws that would, among other things, mandate criminal background checks on all those looking for love on the Internet. New York is so far the only state that has a law regulating online dating sites, but six other states have introduced similar legislation mainly in the last year, according to the National Law Journal. They are California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and Texas. Lawmakers say the industry isn't doing enough to police i [...]
[2006-09-28] Waterloo's 'romance detective' is on the case Local woman helps her clients find the perfect mate
After Katherine Clark got divorced, she struggled to find her Mr. Right. "It was really challenging. It's hard to know where to go, what to do, and I think there are a lot of people in that position," she said. Katherine eventually moved to Bermuda, where she met her future husband by chance after calling a friend's house, only to be greeted by a house-sitter named Nigel Clark. Her story ends happily, as the couple wed two years ago. But, the difficulties she faced before meeting Nigel led this former French-immersion teacher towards a different career: matchmaking. Fifteen months ago, sh [...]
[2006-09-28] Courage needed in dating game
I’m no Dr. Love. I don’t claim to be. I’ve found his advice very insightful and valuable in the game of romance between men and women. He knows a lot when it comes to the battle of the sexes. I’m no Dr. Love. I don’t claim to be. I’ve found his advice very insightful and valuable in the game of romance between men and women. He knows a lot when it comes to the battle of the sexes. I, on the other hand, have no clue as to what to do around a girl and usually end up making a fool of myself trying to get one to talk to me. I’ve never fancied myself to be a sort of a pimp in any form. So with [...]
[2006-09-28] Combining American Values, Russian Insight
What do you get when you take a Russia enthusiast with a purely American upbringing and education, and turn him loose in the financial world of the former Soviet Union for 15 years? The answer: an effective -- and valuable -- investment banker. Bob Foresman, a new deputy director at Renaissance Capital, performs Bob Dylan songs on his guitar and harmonica, and spends a great deal of time with his wife and five children. But when he's at work, you'll often find him in the middle of some of the biggest privatization and energy deals in Russia. It all started when Foresman left his small town i [...]
[2006-09-28] Russian embassy stops accepting visa applications from Georgians
The Russian Embassy in Tbilisi stopped accepting applications for entry visas from Georgian citizens on September 28, embassy spokesman Mikhail Svirin told Interfax. "We have emphasized that we have stopped accepting documents. This does not mean the suspension of visa issuance to the people who submitted the documents before today. They will get their visas," Svirin said. "We have also pointed out that we will not be accepting documents from Georgian citizens. This does not concern citizens of third countries," he said. [...]
[2006-09-28] Legislating Love Online: Should States Mandate That Online Dating Sites Do Criminal Background Checks of their Users?
Social networking sites, online dating services, and even matchmaking sites have been around for some time now, but recently, they've become more and more popular. Accordingly, states are growing increasingly wary about the risks of Internet dating - and are proposing laws to protect users from criminals or predators who may harm them. Are these laws a good idea? I'll evaluate the laws that exist, and that are being considered, and ask if self-regulation by websites might be an acceptable alternative. There's No Federal Regulation of Internet Dating, Only of Internet Marriage Brokers So fa [...]
[2006-09-28] Finding the perfect date today is one tall order
Picky, picky, picky. That's singles today. And I'm one of them. Years ago, it was enough that a prospective partner was reasonably attractive, had a good sense of humour and was available. Now the "requirement" list is the length of a roll of paper towels. Never mind soulmates. People are looking for supermates. Singles justify it by stating they "won't settle for less" and "I'm worth it" -- whether the latter is realistically balanced against the list or not. This has been exacerbated with the growth in popularity of dating websites where requirements are plainly put. The message is o [...]
[2006-09-28] Automobile Rental
Practically all automobile rentals in Moscow offer you a possibility to rent a car for self-drive, chauffer-drive or order taxi services. Experience shows, however, that for visitors, a car with a driver is safer, less expensive and more comfortable. Nine good reasons for hiring a car with "driver": language, driving rules, vigilant GIBDD (traffic police), one-way streets, roads in disrepair, road hazards, poor night visibility, bad street signs and no parking. You can rent any car for any rental length (to be specified with the sales agent) - from 1 day to one year. The following documents ar [...]
[2006-09-28] Love and Money in an Indian Marriage
Imagine if the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with was chosen by a group of your closest friends and family. The person you have children with and share a bed selected by your parents, siblings and crazy aunt. That's the prospect still facing young people in India. For millions of Indians, however, there's a new way to get around the old matchmaking system, a new way to find love. It's on the Internet. Online matrimony sites are booming in India. But Indians go online looking for relationships, which is not always the case in the United States. The Top 2 Indi [...]
[2006-09-27] On the great Ukrainian bride hunt
Sources “These are not American women,” our guide was telling us. “They do not care about your age, looks, or money. And you are not going to have to talk to them for half an hour and then have your testicles handed back to you! Let me tell you: over here, you're the commodity; you're the piece of meat. I've lived in St. Petersburg for two years, and I wouldn't date an American woman right now if you paid me!” It was three weeks before Christmas, and I was sitting in a Ukrainian business hotel with perhaps thirty men, mostly American and mostly on the later side of middle age, listening as [...]
[2006-09-27] Can't get a date? Blame the dating sites
The popularity of online dating sites has soared as people become more comfortable with the idea of meeting someone online. But that popularity can have a double edge: looking online can mean millions more potential mates, but can also mean millions more rejections. Dating sites have added new features that let users rate one another. But that's brought about "an emerging caste system, where highly rated daters see a lot of action, and others are deemed undateable," according to a Wall Street Journal article (subscription required). Some are being tagged for poor behavior or unattractive ph [...]
[2006-09-27] Online dating for families
A new online service that matches families with similar interests opened today to people in the Denver area. hopes to capitalize on shifts in Americans' moving habits. The United States is highly transient compared to other nations. More than 40 million Americans, or 14 percent of the population, moved last year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Relocating families -- often driven by job opportunities -- are increasingly moving to areas where they have no relatives and weak social networks, said John McAuley, chief executive officer of the Asheville, N.C.-based c [...]
[2006-09-27] Relationships: The Undateables
The Internet lets people search billions of Web pages in a fraction of a second and instantaneously tap information around the globe. One thing it couldn't do: Find Brian Wolf a girlfriend. Mr. Wolf was one of the 25 million Americans who visit online dating sites annually, lured by the industry's promise that there's someone out there for everyone. Four years and three dating sites later, he hadn't found a match. His profile -- which said that he likes to travel and play basketball and is looking for a long-term relationship -- found few takers. "It's like 95 percent of these girls didn't [...]
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