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[2006-04-04] The Courtyard by Marriott hotels open in Moscow at long last
After more than two years of delays and speculation over whether the Courtyard by Marriott Moscow City Center would ever open its doors, the four-star hotel is finally fully operational. The hotel welcomed its first guests in December 2005, but only some of its facilities were available. An official opening ceremony was held Wednesday to announce that it is now completely open. Situated on Voznesensky Pereulok, a five-minute walk from the Kremlin, the Courtyard by Marriott is seeking its niche among international business travelers looking for a quality place to stay without the price tag [...]
[2006-04-03] State of Emergency at Moscow Airports due to Bad Weather
Moscow airports of Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetievo will be working in “state of emergency regime because of bad weather conditions”, Interfax informs citing information from central dispatch service. The situation at Vnukovo is worst of all. Airport representative said Vnukovo is still functioning but the weather conditions there are the worst on account of thick fog. [...]
[2006-04-03] US 'intoxicated' by power: Mikhail Gorbachev
History will remember Mikhail Gorbachev as the leader who brought openness (glasnost) and economic restructuring (perestroika) to the Soviet Union, ushering it toward the end of communism. In Rhode Island last week to speak at the Carnegie Abbey Club, Gorbachev, 75, sat down with TIME's Sally B. Donnelly to talk about his new book, To Understand Perestroika, Russia under Vladimir Putin and life after the 1999 death of his beloved wife Raisa. WHY DID YOU WRITE YOUR NEW BOOK ABOUT PERESTROIKA? We think the introduction of perestroika in the Soviet Union [in 1985] was one of the three most signi [...]
[2006-04-03] Is the perfect match a click away?
by Matt Katz (Home News Tribune) Humans have always looked for a formula for love. Some cultures believe all it takes is a bunch of cash, maybe a donkey or two, and a signed parental "arrangement." Some women who've rejected me think love only works if the man is tall — or at least taller than 5-foot-8. Others, like Paula Abdul, simply believe "opposites attract." Now, thanks to the Internet and our societal obsession over finding an answer to EVERYTHING, there's a new way to find love: Take a test. A range of dating sites are offering personality tests to better match people, and some [...]
[2006-04-01] bmi will start flights from London to Moscow
bmi (used to be call bmi british midland) got the approval from the Russian authorities to start flights from London (Heathrow) to Moscow. For a start, bmi will perform 10 flights a week and then possibly increase the frequency of flights to two flights daily. It is yet unknown when flights will start and in which airport in Moscow they will arrive. Besides, the number of flights of already working airlines of both countries will increase too. By the winter season, Aeroflot and British Airways will operate three flights a day between Moscow and London, and Transaero will have two flights a day [...]
[2006-03-31] SWISS + Lufthansa
Lufthansa and SWISS are offering customers to combine ticketing with both airlines for a single price. For example, you can fly on SWISS airlines to London or New York with changing planes in Zurich and fly back with Lufthansa with changing planes in Frankfurt or vice versa. This system will get available for Russian passengers in three or four weeks. [...]
[2006-03-31] Hotel Chain's Room Rates Go Retro -- Circa 1946
Best Western Celebrates 60th Anniversary The Best Western hotel chain is turning back the clock on its room rates -- to 1946. Hundreds of lucky travelers will get to pay the 1946 room rate of $5.40 at Best Westerns across the country on Wednesday. The hotel chain is offering the rate to celebrate its 60th anniversary. On Wednesday, March 29 only, hundreds of hotel guests in the U.S. and Canada will find a 60th Anniversary Commemorative Card under their pillows awarding them the special rate. Those guests will pay $5.40 for their room, the approximate value of an overnight stay at the [...]
[2006-03-31] Romancing the Phone
THE GUARDIAN UNLIMITED -- March 23 -- You can pull out your mobile phone and fire off an SMS to your internet dating website. A few minutes later it will send you five pictures of potential dates - all within a 10-minute walk of your local. This may be the future of online dating. With more than 2 million Britons signed up to singles sites, the industry is keen to explore and exploit the marriage between mobile phones and the net. Dating sites use mobile telephony to enable subscribers to send "text flirts" - SMS messages. Snog London is trialing this technology to offer "instant dates". Match [...]
[2006-03-31] How about a trip to Egypt?
Thinking about where to meet with your Russian lady? Perhaps, Egypt is one of the best places for that. First, your lady doesn’t need a visa to enter Egypt, second, it is always warm there and third, Egypt can offer you a variety of activities. If you know little of Egypt, you can read about it on a new official web-site presented by the Egyptian tourist authorities. The site contains general information about all tourist centers in Egypt, things to see and to do, travel tips, articles about life in Egypt, including theater, music and cinema. There is also a calendar [...]
[2006-03-30] Children of ChanceForLove | Use sms free of charge!
Children of ChanceForLove When our couples inform us that they expect a baby, it is not just good news for us, it is very, very good news! What does it mean? It means that a couple has a stable and loving relationship, that they believe their relationship is a life-long one, that they are ready to make one more step to become even closer. It is so touching! Recently a couple came to our office. They had got married in April last year and came to Kazan to visit their relatives. The day before their departure they dropped in at the agency office to see us and let us know the good news. Let’s [...]
[2006-03-30] Answering your letters
The article of the previous issue developed around the question: "Why don't you give flowers to women?". You can read it here: If you have an interesting story on this subject, share it with us! Hello to everyone at Chance For Love, I would like to say a warm Thank You to you all for the wonderful service you provide, in bringing people together, and making our dreams happen :-) I read the latest newsletter, I liked the article about men buying flowers for a lady, this is important I think, men must show their feelings for a lady [...]
[2006-03-30] Will you marry me? How to ask her hand in marriage?
I am sure that everyone thought about how a marriage proposal would happen in his or her life, didn’t you? Certainly, your imagination draws beautiful scenes from favorite movies. Well, I can say that men are in a privileged position here: they can fulfill their dreams into reality! Women just have to wait and hope that at least it will be romantic! :)) By the way, in a recent survey, over 80% of women (and men) who were proposed to said that the marriage proposal was "less romantic" than they had hoped for. {art_img} A marriage proposal is one of those rare moments in life the story of w [...]
[2006-03-28] 11 UK Visa Application Centres to be opened in Russia
From28 November 2005, the British Embassy changed the process of applying for a visa and it no longer accepts personal callers at the Visa section. After a detailed tender consideration process, the British Embassy chose to appoint Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) as their Outsourcing partner in Russia. VFS is a well-established Indian company, and part of the Switzerland-headquartered Kuoni travel group. VFS operates Outsourcing in Russia in partnership with the Russian tourism operator, Star Travel. From the middle of April till the beginning of May, they will open UK Visa Application Centr [...]
[2006-03-10] What will be the lies of the British Broadcasting Corporation this time? The BBC has gained fame in the journalistic world as a reliable source of information, since its creation in 1922. Therefore one would expect its reports to be objective and free from personal opinion. Will this be what we find? Let us see... Unfortunately, not. Well, not in the case of Russia, where systematically, this British Corporation presents negative images. Instead of focusing on matters which reflect and affect the lives of Russians, like for example the growing and constant improvement in buying power and the standard of living, particularly in recent years, we find inst [...]
[2006-03-09] Russians to no longer pay for incoming mobile calls
Russian mobile telephone users will no longer have to pay for their incoming calls under a change to the telecommunications law signed by President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin said. At the moment many Russian subscribers pay for the calls they receive under the terms of the contract with their operator. The cost means many subscribers refuse to answer their calls. And calls remain unanswered when a subscriber's credit has run out. All this will change from July 1, except in specified circumstances, including when a call comes from one region to another or from abroad, the presidential pres [...]
[2006-03-09] Citibank Cards Blocked in Russia, Britain and Canada
NEW YORK — Citibank said Wednesday that it had blocked the use of some of its PIN-based debit cards after detecting fraudulent cash withdrawals in three countries. The bank, the retail arm of Citigroup, the largest U.S. financial institution, said the debit-card information apparently was obtained by thieves in "a third-party business' information breach" last year. Citibank did not name the merchant or processing firm, but industry officials familiar with the case said the breach occurred in the United States. Citibank said it began monitoring affected accounts afte [...]
[2006-03-09] Ukraine holds first-ever ice fishing championship among black males
( The first ice-fishing championship among natives of Africa has recently taken place in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine. The competitors were offered some alcohol before the start of the contest so that the heat-loving black males wouldn’t freeze in the Ukrainian winter cold. The dark-skinned men knew about such fascinating pastime as fishing, not to mention ice fishing, by hearsay. But when they were offered to take part in the competition, they accepted the offer with great enthusiasm. The preparations for the competition were conducted with all due seriousness. The organizers [...]
[2006-03-09] 30 Million Russians Live Abroad
A Russian Foreign Ministry official says that up to 30 million Russians are living outside their homeland, making the Russian diaspora one of the largest in the world.Aleksander Chepurin, who heads a Foreign Ministry department charged with policy on Russians abroad, said major part of the diaspora comprises former Soviet citizens with Russian roots who appeared to be outside Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. He estimated that Russians make up more than 20 percent of the population in the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine. He urged "some count [...]
[2006-03-09] Significant Decrease of Abortions in Russia over 15 Years
The number of abortions in Russia has decreased over the last 15 years but many women in the country continue to see abortion as a means of birth control, said Anatoly Vishnevksy, the head of a Russian demographic centre. He was speakingthe day after the governor of the U.S. state of South Dakota signed a controversial bill banning abortion that could undermine abortion rights across the entire United States.’In 1990 Russia recorded 114 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15 and 50. Now we’re recording 45 abortions per 1,000 women,” Vishnevsky said.He added that there were 206 abortions for every [...]
[2006-03-08] Airlines Hope Fliers Will Trade Trips For Televisions
(The Washington post) Instead of using your frequent-flier miles for a free trip, several airlines hope you might be more interested in exchanging those miles for a new TV, DVD player or a digital camera. United Airlines is planning to announce today that it is becoming the latest carrier to allow members of its frequent-flier program to redeem their miles for a variety of items such as designer golf clubs, titanium cookware or 27-inch high-definition TVs. Later this week, Delta Air Lines plans to begin a similar incentive program for its top customers. Last fall, Denver-based Frontier Airli [...]
[2006-03-08] Moscow Kremlin Museums celebrate 200th anniversary
(Itar-Tass) The Moscow Kremlin Museums are celebrating the 200th anniversary. Among the guests that attended the Tuesday celebrations at the Grand Kremlin Palace was Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II. Moscow has always been the heart of Russia and a cultural center, Alexy II said. “The Kremlin museums lived through the years of war and state atheism. Unfortunately, they had some losses,” the patriarch said. “Back then the Church was unable to protect its holy objects in the Kremlin, and that was done by museum employees, many of whom were subjected to repressions,” he said. “The [...]
[2006-03-07] Photo exhibition about Kazan is taking place at Boston college, US
“1000 years of Kazan – where East meets West” is the name of the exhibition, which is taking place at Boston college (Massachusetts, US). The exhibition represents personal impressions of kazanian photographers Aygul Akmanova, Faat Garifullin and Vladimir Gurianov from their old city. Kazan, similar to Rome, stands on seven hills and is the capital of the ancient people and country with a rich historical past. The people are the Kazan Tatars and the country is Tatarstan. Situated five hundred miles to the east of Moscow, Kazan is the capital of a multi-national republic that occupies the area [...]
[2006-03-07] Traffic Police to present women with flowers instead of fines on Women’s Day
(The Moscow times) Traffic police across Russia will give a free pass to women drivers who commit minor traffic violations on Wednesday in honor of International Women's Day, a senior police official said Monday. "Traffic policemen will not darken the holiday for women drivers,' Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Chekalin said at a news conference, RIA-Novosti reported. "On this spring day, representatives of the fair sex will not be punished for minor traffic violations." Traffic police in some regions already have a tradition of letting women drivers get away with infractions on the March [...]
[2006-03-07] Foreign currency exchange rates as fixed by the Central Bank of Russia for March 8-9
MOSCOW, March 7 (RIA Novosti) - The following rates of exchange of foreign currencies to the ruble of the Russian Federation have been fixed for the purposes of accounting and customs duty payments from March 8-9, 2006: 1 Australian dollar - 20.6599 rubles 1 British pound sterling - 48.8756 rubles 1,000 Belarusian rubles - 13.0116 rubles 10 Danish krones - 44.9062 rubles 1 US dollar - 27.9945 rubles 1 euro - 33.3305 rubles 100 Icelandic krones - 42.1858 rubles 100 Kazakh tenges - 21.6249 rubles 1 Canadian dollar - 24.5372 rubles 1 new Turkish lira - 21.2160 rubles 10 Norw [...]
[2006-03-06] Moscow and St. Petersburg scare tourists away with their prices.
According to the government statistics, the number of tourists visiting Russia is falling. In 2004 the number of people entering the country on tourist visas declined by 9,2 percent as compared to 2003. And in 2005 it was a decline of 16,6 percent. Russia ‘missed’ nearly half a million tourists. At the same time, the total number of foreign people entering Russia has risen a little from 22064 thousand in 2004 to 22201 thousand in 2005. However, the number was higher in 2003. According to the information of tour operators, the decline of tourists is even worse, up to 25 percent. The main reas [...]
[2006-03-06] Russia has to worry about "youth leakage" along with "brain drain".
By Richard Lourie (The Moscow Times) Cafe Henri on Bedford Street in New York's Greenwich Village is a little place known for its French fare -- oeuf dur mayonnaise, crepes, cafe au lait served in a bowl. But nearly all the waitresses are from Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. In the context of Russia's history in the last century, it's a good sign of course that young people are free to roam around the world, to work and study in foreign lands. At the very least, it is one of the forces that help inoculate a society against isolationism, xenophobia and jingoism. Russia has to worry about "youth l [...]
[2006-03-06] 13 countries to adopt an air ticket tax to help the poor
Thirteen countries forged an alliance to adopt a levy on plane tickets to help poor countries fight AIDS and other killer diseases. The countries are Brazil, Britain, Chile, Congo, Cyprus, France, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nicaragua and Norway. A further 25 countries opted not to impose the tax but promised to contribute to a central pot which the core group of 13 will create from the levy to fund the purchase of generic drugs and other medicines to help the poor. Among these countries are Germany, Belgium, Austria, South Africa, South Korea and Mexico. The USA, I [...]
[2006-03-04] Pulkovo airport to be closed for three days in July
Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg will be closed since 15 till 17th of July due to the G8 summit. During this period it will serve only special flights of official delegations of the G8 countries. As a result, about 180 international and internal flights will be cancelled and the airport will lose about $500 000 according to the estimations of experts. The losses of foreign and Russian airlines that won’t be able to fulfil flights and carry passengers for those three days will make about 4 million dollars. [...]
[2006-03-02] The first and only president of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, celebrates his 75th jubilee
MOSCOW, March 2 (Itar-Tass) -- The first and only president of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, is celebrating his 75th jubilee on Thursday, March 2. "A birthday party will be a modest one, and I shall celebrate it with relatives and friends," Gorbachev told Tass on the eve of his jubilee. Gorbachev hardly expected so many people wanting to wish him a happy birthday. Gorbachev, who is usually open to communicate with people, even had to drop his old mobile telephone number that so many people knew. "It will be a birthday party for friends," Gorbachev stressed. The birthday party [...]
[2006-03-02] Foreign investors seek more clarity in the rules of doing business in Russia.
(The Moscow times) The government should act to create clearer rules for business and tackle widespread corruption if Russia is to make the most of the current favorable economic conditions, foreign investors said Wednesday at an American Chamber of Commerce conference. Despite enjoying a seventh consecutive year of economic growth on the back of booming oil prices, the country is underperforming in attracting foreign investment, participants said. Unless active steps are taken to diversify the economy away from oil and gas and speed up decision-making, the momentum for a major breakthrough i [...]
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