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[2006-09-26] Russian Orthodox Church Icons
Russian icons (icon = image, Greek) are usually painted on a wooden base - icon board. The board is consisted of several parts bound together at the back by planks. The image is placed on the face side of the board in a shallow rectangle or square groove (ark). Before painting a board is covered with fabric, primed by mixture of natural glue and chalk, covered with the initial layer of dark red-brown or greenish paint and lighten where needed with ochre or whiting. Radial lines - assist, were gold painted on the top of regular paint. Assist in the antient art marked the "Divine Forces" and was [...]
[2006-09-26] Russian Orthodox Church Music
In the early centuries of the church, Christians sang in unison. The music used was never written out, but simply transmitted orally. These early Christians also utilized some elements and features of the Jewish liturgical chanting of the time. It was not until the third century A.D. however, that a system of church melodies was put together. The use of instruments in Christian worship was discouraged by the early church fathers (i.e., St. Basil the Great and St. John Chrysostom) as they felt that instrumentation distracted the mind from thoughts of God and turned them toward the self. The boo [...]
[2006-09-26] Russian Keyboard - russian keyboard layout
Russian keyboard layouts may differ. This is the layout which Windows will give you after installation of Russian language on your PC. If you are using Windows 98 or 95b (Windows upgrade), all you need to read Cyrillic is provided by Microsoft. Simply open Control Panel and double click 'Add/Remove Programs'. In that file, select the 'Windows Setup' tab and double-click 'Mulltilanguage Support'. Check 'Cyrillic language support' and then click 'OK'. Make sure you do not uncheck any other property or it will be removed from Windows. Click 'OK' and insert your Windows 95b or Windows 98 disk in [...]
[2006-09-26] Russian flag
This flag was used as naval and military ensign since 1693 at least, and was adopted as a merchant flag in 1705. On May 7, 1883 it was authorised to be used on land. However, it did not became an official national flag (State Flag) until the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II in 1896. Popular myth traces the origin of the Russian flag to Tsar Peter the Great's visit to the Netherlands in 1699. The tsar, who went there to learn about shipbuilding, realised the need for Russia to have a flag for its navy too. Allegedly, he based Russia's flag on the flag of the Netherlands, making it a tricolour [...]
[2006-09-26] Russian food
Russian food…What is the Russian food? One can say that Russian food is what Russians originally eat. However, the lunch of a person who lives in Moscow varies much from the lunch of a person who lives in Siberian countryside. The cities are always in a hurry and the fast food is the permanent leader there. Meanwhile, nobody will like the taste of a hot dog in villages. Russians eat various dishes and traditional meals aren’t the only ones we like. So, Russian food in general is a set of traditional meals, which most Russians eat not too often.Russia is mainly a northern country with long-last [...]
[2006-09-26] Russian holidays
Observed National Holidays Russian holidays present a motley picture — new and old, official and unofficial, professional and private, religious and secular. All occasions warrant a celebration. We describe here only a few principal holidays, in chronological order. The Official Holidays (Observed) January 1-5 New Year Holidays January 7 Christmas, Russian Orthodox February 23 Protector of Motherland Day March 8 International Women’s Day May 1 Spring and Labor Day May 9 Victory Day (Over German Nazism in the WW2) June 12 Day of Russia Novembe [...]
[2006-09-26] Fiancee Visa to USA- Fiancé(e) Visa K-1 overview
This visa is for those who have a fiancé(e) who is already a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. You may apply for this temporary visa (K-1) which allows you to live and work temporarily in the United States for a 90-day period on the basis of your engagement to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. It is expected that you will marry your fiancé(e) within that 90-day period. You will then apply for an adjustment of status to conditional "Permanent Residence." If you marry your fiancee outside of the U.S. we can greatly speed up her getting into the U.S. by use of the ne [...]
[2006-09-26] How long does it take to obtain a Fiancee K1 Visa
The length of time varies from case to case according to its circumstances. The time it takes each BCIS office and each consular office to process the case varies. Some cases are delayed because the applicants do not follow instructions carefully or supply incomplete information. (It is important to give us correct postal addresses and telephone numbers.) In addition, the embassy or consulate may need to get security clearances for the applicant. Security clearances take time , but generally it should not exceed 3-4 months if the application is handled correctly. The "secrets" to the timing [...]
[2006-09-26] Agency makes breaking up easier
A German businessman has set up a "separation agency" - a service to inform unsuspecting spouses and lovers their partners no longer want them. Bernd Dressler will deliver the bad news - for those too scared to do it themselves - for 20 euros (£13) by phone, or for 50 euros (£33) in person. The efficiency and directness of Mr Dressler's manner has earned him the nickname The Terminator. The 52-year-old compares his company to a dating agency but "in reverse". 'Only the messenger' "We have had dating agencies for 30 years. If you want to have a new partnership then you hav [...]
[2006-09-26] Russian Consulates around the World
AFGANISTANRussian consulate in Kabul: Dar-UI-Aman Wat, KabulPhone: (+93) 41541, 21261, 44809 ALBANIARussian consulate in Tirana: Pruga Azini Zeneli Str. #5, TiranaPhone: +355 (42) 32-287, 34-500.Fax: +355 (42) 32-253 ALGERIARussian consulate in Alger: Chemin du Prince d'Annam, El Biar, AlgerPhone: +213 (2) 780-139, 783-134.Telex: 61561Fax: +213 (2) 782-882 ANGOLARussian consulate in Luanda: Rua H.Boumedienne, 170, Luanda, 3141, Republica de AngolaPhone: +244 (2) 44-5028Fax: +244 (2) 44-5320 ARGENTINARussian consulate in Buenos Aires: Rodrigues Pena 1741, 1021 Buenos AiresPhone: +54 (1) 42 [...]
[2006-09-25] Russians to pick Soviets or democracy over royals: poll
Given a choice, most Russians would live in a republic or even go back to Soviet domination before they would bow down to a monarch, according to a VTsIOM opinion center poll. According to the results published Friday, 56 percent of Russians are content with the current presidential republic or would like a parliamentary one, and 22 percent would prefer to go back to the Soviet times -- but only nine percent would choose a monarchy. Of the poll’s 1,600 respondents, 66 percent were set against re-introducing the monarchy in Russia, though 19 percent would agree to it if the candidate was wort [...]
[2006-09-25] Money Transfer Market Growth
Statistics from the Bank of Russia show that Russians are not only receiving more money from relatives abroad but are also sending more money out of the country. The majority of the transfers are going to Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Tajikistan, which together received more than $606 million sent from Russia. With the details on how sending money is becoming ever cheaper and faster is Kommersant Bank correspondent Elena Kovaleva. Emigree BillionsStatistics published by the Bank of Russia show that $1.29 billion was sent abroad from Russia in the second quarter of this year. Distant countries r [...]
[2006-09-25] Russia in Figures
According to the Russian Federal Forest Agency (Rosleskhoz), illegal logging in seven regions within the Russian Federation (Komi Republic, Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk oblasts, and Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Primorsky, and Khabarovsk regions) cost the government 9 billion rubles in the first half of 2006. The Forest Agency recorded 6,930 incidents of illegal logging, which together comprised 1.2 million cubic meters of timber. The total area of forest in these regions is 289 million hectares, which is about 25% of Russia's forested land (1.2 billion hectares). Extrapolating the losses suffered by Rosl [...]
[2006-09-25] Russia Enters the Golden Troika
The Russian stock market has recently demonstrated good stability amid upheavals: in the last week, the RTS stock exchange gained more than 1,600 points. In a little over a month, the RTS regained half of what it had lost in May and June, while its growth in the last year – more than 45% – was among the best recorded anywhere in the world. Trading is fairly brisk, with daily returns of $50-$60 million. The continuing decline of the dollar is forcing many Russian traders to sell the American currency. As a result, Russia's gold currency reserves rose to a new high of $266.9 billion, placing it [...]
[2006-09-25] Russian Time in London
Declaring plans to hold an IPO or opening a company for strategic investors has become a matter of good manners for Russian businessmen. This trend penetrated in almost every industry – extractive companies, financiers, retailers and distributors announce these plans. The implementation of these endeavors has become an idée fixe for a number of companies. The best proof for this statement is a growing number of Russian companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange in 2005 and 2006. The volume of debt (excluding that of Rosneft) capital, raised form [...]
[2006-09-25] Duma to Ban Money Laundry Convicts from Banking for Life
The State Duma is to consider banning those convicted of money laundry from working in banking for life. Andrey Kozlov, deputy chairman of the Central Bank who was murdered last week, voiced the idea two weeks ago. Duma deputy Alexander Lebedev suggested amending laws on banking and fighting money laundry. “The Central Bank should have powers to ban certain people from obtaining positions in banking,” he said. The parliament is to discuss the amendments before the end of the week.Russia’s Central Bank is responsible for approving of senior officials at private banks. Some candidates for the [...]
[2006-09-25] Delta Agrees To Fly Russian Woman Home
Friends of a young Russian woman murdered here in Baton Rouge say thank you for helping raise a total of $7,000 dollars so far to help send their murdered friend home. This was right after our 9 News story aired, seeking help to fly Svetlana Duhon's body back home to her family in Russia. Svetlana Duhon was a 26-year-old mother, who according to her friends had escaped an abusive marriage. Sadly Duhon'sfreedom was short lived.She was murdered Labor Day weekend. Police say Oleg Malozovsky shot her and then himself, in a murder-suicide at their apartment off Sharp Road. Delta Airlines an [...]
[2006-09-25] Lovebirds of the year
Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks need to take notes. It's the best romantic comedy that the two never made: A football coach's mother talks with a friend at church and discusses her son's unsuccessful attempts at finding a mate. The mother hears of this online dating service that has changed some people's lives. So, like any mother would, she insists that her son try it. "When she told me, I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me,'" said Chip McPheeters, a football coach at St. Charles North High School. "Basically, I did it so I didn't have to hear from my mother anymore about — but [...]
[2006-09-25] Austin to host national teen dating violence hot line
Nicci Avey didn't pick up on the warning signs. The Austinite was 15 and in her first "real relationship" when her boyfriend began calling her names, isolating her from her friends and demanding that she spend all of her time with him. Avey thought that's how relationships went. Then one night in October 2003, the abuse became physical. In a rage, Avey's boyfriend pushed her off his couch and began throwing things at her. He hit her in the jaw and tried to choke her. When she escaped from his house, she found herself stranded. "I didn't know what to do," said Avey, now 18. "I knew I sh [...]
[2006-09-25] You've got e-male
The bizarre relationship between a 30-year-old American mother and a 16-year-old Australian schoolboy has thrust the spotlight on internet romances. ELISSA DOHERTY reports on this popular phenomenon. IT'S an underground society of singles – a world of electronic kisses, secret codes and special etiquette to shield members from cold-hearted rejection. Thousands of Australians each day are choosing to put their heart online through internet dating, rather than risk their pride at a smoky bar or nightclub. It's a phenomenon that is changing the face of dating, with more and more people finding [...]
[2006-09-25] 'Hooking up' was an awkward affair during the pre-Internet, pre-singles bar, pre-personals era
Before singles bars, personal ads and online dating, meeting people with a mind toward romantic entanglement could be gut-wrenchingly difficult, wildly frustrating, and if a man didn't conduct himself with priestly detachment in the presence of an unmarried female, potentially ruinous. Between the Mann Act, which could send a man to federal prison for years merely for crossing state lines with an underage woman, and mores governing courtship way past restrictive, it's a wonder U.S. populations didn't take a colossal nosedive.But they didn't, thanks to the determination of men like Stauntonia [...]
[2006-09-25] Singles week not really a big deal
For anyone who might care, it is worth noting that this is the last day of National Singles Week. I know you probably didn't go out and celebrate, but then again, since many of you are single, you may have celebrated and just didn't know or care what you were celebrating. I get the impression that single people celebrate more than married people. According to census figures, there are 89 million single Americans. The national observance of a special week for singles began in 1984. But you know, there are weeks for everything now, including every disease known to man, so it's [...]
[2006-09-25] How do you find someone?
Q How do you go about finding someone? I'm sick of the bar scene, and don't want to fool with the online dating services. You got any ideas for me? A: One of the best ways to find what you are looking for is to know what you are looking for.You do this by identifying your requirements, needs and wants. A requirement is something that you must have in a relationship. An example would be wanting to have children. It's an issue where you cannot compromise, because you cannot have half a child.A need is close to a requirement, but is negotiable as to when, where and how the need is met. A need is [...]
[2006-09-25] The Reliable Source
In a new kink in the old dating game, erotica writer Zane has a way to meet that special someone: freak dating. It's conventional "speed dating" with a twist -- during the rounds of eight-minute get-to-know-ya conversations, singles are required to wear masks and talk only about sex. Zane is the Prince George's County woman best known for her steamy fiction featuring African Americans. (She's never publicly revealed her real name, but it is widely reported to be Kristina LaFerne Roberts.) She's written nine books, sold more than 4 million copies and landed on the New York Times bestseller lis [...]
[2006-09-25] Federal law: Marriage brokers say new client disclosure requirements violate free speech
Internet marriage brokers promise docile foreign brides, but the modern mail-order bride business carries risks Some foreign women who met their American husbands through the Internet reject the term “mail-order bride” as disparaging, and many marriage broker Web sites claim they are not in the mail-order bride business.But google “mail-order bride,” and dozens of sites displaying the images of thousands of women from around the world pop up.Russia, Colombia, Thailand and the Philippines are particularly popular, though women from dozens of countries, most of them poor, are featured. Between 2 [...]
[2006-09-25] Googling in the name of love?
Back in the day, when "googol" was just a number too large to comprehend, every first date was a clean slate. The mystery unfolded slowly: Where are you from? Where'd you go to college? When should we register at Pottery Barn? These days, Google cuts in on the getting-to-know-you dance. Show me a person who has never indulged in a little online detective work and I'll show you an octogenarian resident of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. As long as there's Internet access, romance will be researched. But just because you can Google - and it's nearly impossible to resist doing it - does that mean [...]
[2006-09-25] If you want to get the dirt on your date, Web sites aim to help
Some call it safety. Others say it's snuffing out the romance. But in an age of online dating and infidelity, many singles are seeking out the skinny on their partners.Before taking the leap, they are ordering background checks and hiring private investigators to make sure Miss Right isn't Mrs. Right or that the new beau isn't wanted by the feds.Sometimes things can get nasty. One entrepreneur has called on all womankind to post the names and faces of the men who allegedly wronged them. More than 17,000 scorned women have come on board, making an instant hit -- unless you a [...]
[2006-09-25] Cyberspace romance breaks religious divide
It all began with an online "Hi," followed by a cyberspace secret love affair crossing the Hindu-Muslim religious divide, and then a clandestine journey from east London to India. But Subia Gaur, an 18-year-old Muslim Londoner, has no regrets about her marriage to Ashwani Gupta, 21 -- even though it entailed shifting to a spartan home near New Delhi which has no drainage, a patchy water supply and the occasional cow peering in. "Back home, I'd have called the police or the fire brigade," laughed Gaur, after one free-roaming bovine mooed through the window. "It's different, but it's cool. [...]
[2006-09-25] Lonely hearts get mobile dating service
QSoft Consulting plans to launch a mobile dating service via its Gaydar online dating and lifestyle portals.The service will initially be launched in the UK to Gaydar's 1.1 million UK subscribers, with a view to rolling it out across Australia and Europe in 2007. Following a two-year review, QSoft has appointed Mobestar as its mobile dating technology partner."Mobile dating is a natural extension for our online portal as a new means for our subscribers to stay in touch when on the move," said QSoft chairman Gary Frisch. "And Mobestar can provide us with a service which is easy to use, secure [...]
[2006-09-25] Europeans Nearly Fifty Percent More 'Engaged' in Online Dating Compared to North Americans
comScore World Metrix, the leader in global digital media measurement, today released an analysis of usage of the online personals category, revealing that European Internet users are far more engaged in online dating than those in North America. According to the analysis, 18 percent of European Internet users (38.2 million) visited online personals sites in July compared to a slightly lower 17 percent of North American Internet users. However, European visitors viewed an average of 310 pages per visitor in July -- 44 percent more pages than their North American counterparts, who averaged only [...]
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