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[2007-10-25] How to marry a millionaire?
If you're living on a champagne and caviar diet, but have a beer budget there's good news. Eight percent of the nation's households qualify as millionaires! You just need to know where to look! AOL has released the top 10 places to find the Mr. or Mrs. Moneybags of your dreams.First, is Los Alamos, New Mexico. The city has fewer eight thousand household and one and five has a net worth of more than a million dollars. Next, is Naples/Marco Island right here in Florida. This area boasts the largest population of wealthy retirees. Fairfield County, Connecticut is next on the list. It's only an ho [...]
[2007-10-23] Dating by the numbers
50 percent of people have used a dating site. 50 percent of men and 32 percent of women have dated a friend’s ex. 10 percent of men say the know in the first two minutes if there will be a second date. 46 percent of women 21-29 buy something new for the first date; that drops to 37 percent once they turn 30. 60 percent of women want a guy to bring flowers. 36 percent of dating men have feigned disinterest to get the upper hand. 41 percent of women have pretended to be sick to end the date early. [...]
[2007-10-22] Extreme Temperatures
+20° - Greeks put on sweaters (if they can find them).+15° - Hawaiians turn on the heaters (if they have them).+10° - Americans shake, Russians are planting cucumbers.+5° - You can see your own breathing.Italian cars don't start.Norwegians go swimming.Russians drive with lowered windows.0° - Water freezes in America, in Russia it thickens.-5° - French cars don't start.-10° - You're planning a vacation in Australia.-15° - Your cat insists to sleep in your bed.Norwegians put on sweaters.-18° - New York landlords turn on the heaters.Russians make their last seasonal picnic.-20° - American cars do [...]
[2007-10-16] A small village 150 kilometres east of Moscow is not exactly the place you would expect to find a retired police officer from Baltimore.
But that is where Brad Lowe has chosen to settle down with his Russian wife Olga whom he met on the web. What might seem like a stereotypical example of an American 'buying' a Russian bride could not be further from the truth. The 'mail order bride' is a famous Russian ‘export’ item - alongside vodka and matryoshka dolls. Beautiful women are listing themselves on the Internet in search of a western man.But it is not always the way it sounds.Take the story of a husband and wife in the village of Toplukhovo, 150 kilometres east of Moscow.On the surface all ingredients seem to be in place. He’s [...]
[2007-10-16] The first kiss: For men, it's about sex, but for women, it's an indicator of whether there's a relationship to come
The study assessed kissing behavior by measuring attitudes, preferences of kissing styles and sexual behaviors, as well as the attractiveness and physical traits of kissing partners. After surveying 1,000 undergraduate students at the University of Albany, researchers concluded kissing means more to women than it does to men. Men were likely to say that the kiss was a means to a hook-up, while women used the kiss to determine a possible relationship. Researchers also found that 60 percent of both men and women who had found themselves initially attracted to someone lost interest after the fi [...]
[2007-10-16] Unflattering feminist stereotypes, that tend to stigmatize feminists as unattractive and sexually unappealing, are unsupported
Contrary to popular opinion, feminism and romance are not incompatible and feminism may actually improve the quality of heterosexual relationships, according to Laurie Rudman and Julie Phelan, from Rutgers University in the US. It is generally perceived that feminism and romance are in direct conflict. Rudman and Phelan’s work challenges this perception. They carried out both a laboratory survey of 242 American undergraduates and an online survey including 289 older adults, more likely to have had longer relationships and greater life experience. They looked at men’s and women’s perception o [...]
[2007-10-16] How to meet, win and keep the woman of your dreams
Don't be needyDo you hate sooks? I hate hate sooks. I reckon women don't like 'em either. More than that, I think deep down a lot of females are so repulsed by whiney, clingy, needy guys, that it's almost physically impossible for them to be attracted to this sort of man. LaughI don't care what's going on in a relationship, what stresses you're both under, if you can laugh with your partner you're way ahead of the pack. One thing I know, when I walk down the aisle, it'll be with a woman who cracks me up at the most inappropriate times. ListenThis is probably the hardest thing to achieve on t [...]
[2007-10-15] A CABINET minister has argued that the tax system should promote marriage, in the latest Labour foray into natural Conservative territory.
Chief secretary to the Treasury Andy Burnham signalled a shift in government thinking after years of criticism that Tory proposals to incentivise marriage discriminated against the children of separated or cohabiting parents. The Treasury quashed suggestions that married couples could be in line for a tax boost, insisting there was no change of policy. But Burnham's comments appear at odds with previous statements. He said: "I think marriage is best for kids. I don't think the tax system is the reason people get married, nor is it the reason people stay together... but it's not wrong that [...]
[2007-10-15] Some people say the major religion of Russia is Russian Orthodoxy. Well, it's not
"Some people say the major religion of Russia is Russian Orthodoxy. Well, it's not. It's The Draft. The Evil Draft." Then there is the American vogue for the father to be present at birth. Many Russians find this custom strange, even barbaric. When one young Russian woman's American husband said he wanted to be with her - and perhaps videotape the delivery-her Russian girlfriends warned her that he would be traumatized by the sight and rendered incapable of looking at her as a woman. The wife finally gave in to her spouse's importunings, somewhat. He was there to hold her hand, but a curtain b [...]
[2007-10-15] Children of Russian-American marriages
"Mom, what are we having tonight, pelmeni or pizza?" asks Misha, a 13-year-old boy from St. Petersburg, known to his schoolmates in Minneapolis as Mike. Mike's Mom, or Mama - depending which language, English or Russian, her son is in the mood for that day - is Irina, an electrical engineer from St. Petersburg. She and her American husband, Rob, together with their two children from her first marriage in Russia, Misha and 9-year-old Sasha, are a microcosm of a phenomenon that grew unexpectedly out of perestroika. As hundreds of Russians traveled to the US for business and pleasure, as American [...]
[2007-10-12] Last month on, someone who described herself as a “spectacularly beautiful” 25-year-old placed a personal ad seeking a husband who made at least $500,000 a year, because “$250,000 won’t get me to Central Park West.”
As her post hit the blogs, it received a scathing response from a man who said he fit her description and told her that her proposition was a bad business deal. “In economic terms, you are a depreciating asset and I am an earning asset,” he wrote, because “your looks will fade and my money will likely continue into perpetuity.” Last week, this exchange spilled over into the e-mail world, where the it turned into a popular item to send to friends as a joke. The difference between this and other outrageous share-mail messages, however, was that instead of remaining anonymous, its ostensible au [...]
[2007-10-12] People could be falling in love and having sex with robots in a few decades and even marrying them, according to a British artificial intelligence researcher.
People could be falling in love and having sex with robots in a few decades and even marrying them, according to a British artificial intelligence researcher. David Levy, originally from London, has made the controversial forecasts about the future of human-robot relationships in his Ph.D thesis. In "Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners", he argues that current trends in robotics and artificial intelligence mean the leap to humans and robots forming relationships is not far away. Scroll down for more... Once robots become more like humans, David Levy believes romance [...]
Thirty-eight percent of children today are born outside of marriage, while 5 percent of children in 1960 were born to unmarried parents.• Twenty-five percent of married fathers have a college degree, compared to 3 percent for cohabitating fathers.• Income for married couples is almost twice as high as cohabitating couples.• Married mothers are more likely to come from intact families than cohabitating mothers.• Cohabitating parents more frequently have children from previous relationships.• Forty percent of cohabitating couples separate by the time their child is 3, in one large nationwide stu [...]
[2007-10-12] The Colorado Springs Senior Center was filled with flirtation and romance
They hosted a speed dating session exclusively for seniors ages 55 and up. Their pitch, "looking for companionship? Come try the newest way to meet people!" "I was with my second wife for about 26 years, and then we divorced about two years ago and I have been alone ever since. I mean it is hard to get back into the dating game after you have been out for so long," Peter Griffith, a speed dater said. Griffith recently moved to Colorado Springs from Florida and thought a night of speed dating at the Colorado Springs Senior Center would help him meet some new female friends. "They told me at [...]
[2007-10-12] The new Russian demographic policy trying to revert the threat of depopulation hanging over the country in the next 50 years, took form today in a decree issued by president Vladimir Putin.
The president ordered federal organizations and other administrative structures to reinforce efforts aimed at creating conditions for a sustained increase in demographic indicators until 2025. Government institutions at all levels will have to follow regulations contained in the Demographic Policy Conception to carry out tasks in the area of population, says a Kremlin press release. As Putin ordered, the government of prime minister Victor Zubkov has three-months dateline to adopt the package of measures which will establish the population strategy of the Russian Federation from 2008 [...]
[2007-10-12] While eating out in Moscow, choosing a suitable place is not a problem - one can find reliable food almost everywhere without challenging your stomach. But outside the city, things are different
Considerable care should be taken when eating on your journey. Luckily, times have changed, and quality food can be found outside cities. While rainy season calls for staying at home and thinking of future trips, let me introduce a sort of survival guide through Russia's native cuisine. Thinking Ethnic The bad news should come first: real Russian ethnic cuisine has nothing common with caviar and other luxurious meals. Those items should be considered the "tsars' menu," and you can have them in almost any high-class Russian restaurant, including provincial ones. To learn, though, what real- [...]
[2007-10-12] Moscow city council members plan to support the opening of a chain of halal stores selling food products prepared in accordance with Muslim tradition
The head of the council's religious and ethnic affairs committee, Igor Yeleferenko, said the committee had been approached for help by the Russian Council of Muftis. He said the appearance of halal shops would also help foster tolerance. "We should support representatives of all religious and ethnic groups. It means non-believers too will be able to buy wonderful fresh and tasty products," Yeleferenko told AFP. While details are still being worked out, the idea is that every district of Russia's capital should eventually have at least one halal shop, he said. Planning assistance might be n [...]
[2007-10-12] Vodka is the Russian national drink of choice and will not be replaced by anything else any time soon.
Alexander Nikishin, a historian and writer, is convinced that a person who knows the history of Russian vodka has a better understanding of Russian history. He has been studying the history of the national drink for over a decade now, writing several books on the topic. A year ago, he founded a Museum of Russian Vodka. Not long ago, an exhibition of old photographs, entitled Russian Drinking Tradition, opened there. It turns out that Russian people have always liked being photographed sitting around a table laden with food and drink. To a researcher, such photographs offer a window on a bygone [...]
[2007-10-12] Moscow ranks as the world's priciest city
Now what is an expat? According to Marina Cao Lombardi of Mercer Consulting in Switzerland an expat is "somebody sent to Moscow by their companies on an assignment," mostly for the short term. Judging by the rates quoted in the report, these people as a rule live in downtown apartments, drink coffee in upscale restaurants or hotels, buy their clothing at designer stores, and generally try to maintain the lifestyle they have gotten used to in their home countries. In other words, people who live a very different lifestyle from your average Russian or expat-gone-native. Those would only laugh [...]
[2007-10-12] Here is a list of 10 things to know while in the Russian capital.
10. Do not waste your time in Moscow trying to understand the line (queue) system. The very best anthropologists and sociologists have failed to make sense of Russian lines and you probably will too. It is only necessary that you understand the protocol for standing in lines. In the grocery stores, for example, things have become relatively sane, with people lining up single file with their shopping carts just like in the West. But if you must visit a doctor, a lawyer, or god forbid a bureaucrat, you will feel like you have just landed on Mars. When Russians enter a place that demands a line, [...]
[2007-10-12] People to avoid when online dating has come to the rescue with finding love online, and has created a list of the five types of online daters you simply must avoid. Did you know over 40% of single Americans find love online? Pretty impressive stuff. Within those 40 million single Americans must be an awful lot of lying scumbags, as the five types of daters they've encouraged readers to watch out for are liars, photo fakes, fixer-uppers, membership fishers and cheaters. They back the tips up with some amazing statistics like 52% of men lie about their height, and only 39% of women feel the need to give or take a fe [...]
[2007-10-12] Congressmen Jim Moran and Alan Mollohan secured a $1M grant for a feminist group, Tahirih Justice Center, to enforce the IMBRA dating law.
The House of Representatives has approved a funding bill that includes a $1M grant to a feminist organization called the Tahirih Justice Center in order to enforce a federal dating law. According to the website of Congressman Jim Moran, D-VA, the money will be given to this organization to "increase legal and social services to mail order brides and work with advocates and embassies in other countries to protect these women." The Congressman secured $300,000 for this feminist group last year. The funding relates to the Internation [...]
[2007-10-12] It's the latest wrinkle in digital romancing, a Web-camera-based service that lets singles lounge on their couch in sweats, if they so choose, while going on dozens of Internet "dates" in an hour or two.
Unlike such dating sites as or eHarmony,, a San Mateo company that debuted last week, uses Web cameras in combining online dating with speed dating. allows singles to stay home and interact with others in three-minute "dates," unlike the traditional speed dating, which is built on face-to-face, round-robin meeting-fests where singles chat in a bar or restaurant. Dan Abelon and Simon Tisminezky developed last spring in a graduate class on entrepreneurship at Stanford University. At the online event on Thursday, the service attracted 231 newb [...]
[2007-10-12] Disaboom, Inc. the first online community for people living with or directly affected by disabilities or functional limitations, today announced the acquisition of the web site, an online dating and social networking service
Founded in 2002, provides a dating community and friendship network for single men and women living with disabilities around the world. Following the acquisition, Disaboom intends to re-brand under the Disaboom umbrella and to immediately offer it as a free service within "We are excited to accelerate our growth and expand our service offering by bringing the online dating capabilities to," said John Walpuck, President and CFO of Disaboom. [...]
[2007-10-12] A handsome young con artist with the “gift of the gab” is targeting single women in Tampa Bay, police say.
26-year-old Jordan Paul Gann allegedly poses as a wealthy doctor or real estate investor, coming up with fancy terms and forged paperwork to match his story. As soon as women earn his trust, police say he takes their money and runs. Detectives have identified two victims in the Tampa area, including Meredith Gavin, who first met Gann in Tampa in 2003. “We had gotten some appetizers, dinner, drinks. He forgot his credit card, but we paid the bill… and for the next four days, he hung out with us,” Gavin said. She says Gann got her pregnant and estimates she and her friends spent a combined to [...]
[2007-10-12] More than a third of Americans over 50 are divorced, widowed, separated or have never married
"Many over 50 are no longer looking for that one person, that 'soul mate'," says Dr. Philip Belove, a marriage and family therapist based in Bellows Falls, Vermont, who specializes in midlife relationships issues. "If you have a life that you like and things you want to do and interests to pursue, maybe you don't want to sacrifice some of those priorities in order to be someone else's soul mate." This sentiment doesn't just apply to confirmed bachelors, either. For many women, their careers and hobbies rank higher on their priority list than do romantic relationships, according to Belove. As [...]
[2007-10-12] 8per cent of brides kept their own names, with 15 per cent hyphenating. In the US, the survey showed just 6 per cent of women were retaining their surname.
A MODERN man I might be but when my partner asked if I'd like to take her surname when we married, I had little hesitation in saying "I don't think so". I suspect her question was a tease, but it did make me question why I should have expected her to take on my rather lengthy, clunky and often misspelt moniker. She decided to keep her name, adding: "It's an old-fashioned thing anyway." Old-fashioned is something of an understatement, as it stems from a time when a wedding meant the groom took the bride as his chattel – or property – and changed her name to show ownership. Such subordination [...]
[2007-10-12] Visa process a struggle for men with foreign spouses
Unlucky at love, Byron Edwards divorced twice before he finally found his perfect match. He says she's loving, beautiful, and a whiz in the kitchen. But she has never set foot in his Lilburn home. Deynis Bravo Isaac Edwards, 40, is stuck in Cuba, her native land. Edwards, 60, met Deynis in Havana while vacationing there. "I saw her and it was just like wham — I had to meet her," said Edwards. "She was just the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen." Deynis speaks very little English. Byron speaks very little Spanish. They have been married for three years. The language barrier between [...]
[2007-10-09] Online dating helps fight AIDS
Jeanette is seeking the ideal man. Someone sensitive. Funny. Sexy. And, most of all, HIV-positive. That's why she turned to The Positive Connection, an online dating agency that offers HIV-positive South Africans looking for love a way to get around the stigma of the disease. "Everything goes well until a guy learns about my problem and dumps me," said Jeanette, who asked that her real name not be used. "I just want to meet someone like me who can talk about it." AIDS is still a taboo subject for millions of South Africans, despite its staggering toll: each day, about 1,000 people die of A [...]
[2007-10-06] THE number of cohabiting couples in the UK surged over the past decade, while the number of married people is down
Between 1996 and 2006, cohabitation rates soared by 65 per cent to total 2.3 million couples, but the number of married couples dropped 4 per cent to 12.1 million. There was also an 8 per cent rise in the number of one-parent families, including those with non-dependent children, to 2.6 million, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) report Focus on Families. "The biggest growth, both proportionately and in numbers, is cohabiting couples, which have grown by around 60 per cent," Steve Smallwood, the ONS's head of family demography, said. Couples who live together but are n [...]
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