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[2007-05-19] An online fraud investigation by the RCMP has led to the arrest of two men
A western Canadian company reported numerous fraudulent charges on its credit cards. An investigation, led by the Edmonton RCMP commercial crime section, uncovered what police call a romance re-shipping scam. The scam starts with people posting fake profiles on online dating sites. They build relationships very quickly with other unsuspecting people, before claiming that their favourite shopping site won't ship to the west African country. The scam artists then buy merchandise with stolen credit card numbers and ship it to the unsuspecting victim, who re-ships the products overseas, Cpl. Rob [...]
[2007-05-19] Beauty Secrets of European Women
Europe is one of my favorite places to visit. With countries steeped in history and art, down to the fabulous nightlife and extravagant shopping, it's a must-go destination. I am always struck by how style is visible everywhere. Paris is the beauty capital of the world; Milan corners the fashion market. Natural beauty also makes its mark, as one notices that in certain parts of Europe, many of the women wear little to no makeup at all. Even when keeping the makeup to a minimum, these European beauties still manage to look great (and healthy!) from head to toe. A Makeup Remover So Sweet French [...]
[2007-05-18] Easy ways to have a flourishing relationship under all circumstances.
Expectations- Expectations play a big role in a relationship. We expect and when we do not get, we are disappointed. We may get angry and if the anger persists, separation results. The best way is to spell out all the expectations. Point out whenever you feel they are not being met and try to ignore as many situations as you can when your expectations are not being met. Gratitude- Express gratitude whenever your partner does something for you. Husband takes wife for granted and vice versa. People are forgetting the art of saying thank you. Why not make other person feel good? By receiving [...]
[2007-05-17] Members of this dating site can literally quiz prospective dates before even communicating with them
It is easy for members to testother members on a particular subject or see if they're a potential match bycreating a quiz on ( Quizzesserve as a unique, quick and fun way for members to get to know each other. Amember can create a multiple choice quiz on any topic from Racing to JamesBond to Marriage. The quiz is made public on the site so that anyone can takethe quiz. Even non-members can take the quiz so they can be shared withanyone. [...]
[2007-05-17] AFTER more than two years of disheartening online dating single woman resolved to spend less time pursuing men and more time pursuing her hobbies
AFTER more than two years of disheartening online dating, Charlotte Kullen resolved to spend less time pursuing men and more time pursuing her hobbies. She plunged into tennis, running, sailing, horseback riding, fitness boot camp and scuba diving classes, assuming that somewhere between the situps and the strapping on of fins she might meet some eligible prospects. She did. They all just happened to be women. “You would think you would meet some good men,” said Ms. Kullen, 34, who lives near Union Square in New York and is the vice president of marketing for Bellmarc Realty. “But there ju [...]
[2007-05-17] Dating is no party
When Megan Cowley jumped onto a bed and snuggled up to the women in lingerie offering grapes, I knew I had invited the right person to the Maxim Bud Light Hook Up party. So started the second event in a month where I had to watch otherwise normal-looking single people solicit dates on a stage. Along with the harem on the bed, every detail of the recent party at the Erwin Center was planned to make people feel beautiful and sexy. "Paparazzi" photographed guests against a red carpet. Women, again in lingerie, hit each other with pillows in one hand while holding a Bud Light in the other. [...]
[2007-05-17] You think the dating scene can be cold and unforgiving? It may not be half as frosty as the tempestuous relationship between two of the biggest players in the online dating business.
A name-calling fight, complete with accusations and counter-accusations, has broken out between and an offshoot of over a subject familiar to any luckless dater: Rejection.'s TV commercials and magazine ads feature young men and women wondering why their applications to join eHarmony were turned down. The ads note that eHarmony has rejected more than one million people who are "looking for love." No fair, says eHarmony, concerned that its rival's ads suggest that eHarmony is being arbitrary — or worse, racially and religiously discriminatory — in turnin [...]
[2007-05-17] Still single? Maybe you should move. Here are the top hot spots if you're looking for love -- or at least someone to like.
Unlucky in love? Stop beating yourself up -- and think about moving. Maybe to Denver. After all, it is the best city for singles. For the third consecutive year, Denver-Boulder is the top metro area on our annual ranking of The Best Cities For Singles. To generate the rankings, we made a list of 40 large U.S. metropolitan centers, then ranked each of them in seven areas: nightlife, culture, job growth, number of other singles, cost of living alone, coolness and, for the first time, online dating activity. All categories were weighted equally, with the exception of the number of singles, wh [...]
[2007-05-17] Kissing beats sex?
It's one of those simple mysteries you never know if you can correctly answer, like the age-old question, ''Which came first, the chicken or the egg?'' or whether you can have your cake and eat it, too. In the world of singles and dating, could kissing be better than sex? Don't rush to a quick judgment and think I've finally flipped out. Soak it in for a second, and think back to your first kiss with someone special. (Like Spider-Man's upside-down kiss with Mary Jane!) The thought that kissing can top sex sounds preposterous. Especially from a guy's perspective, since we are stereotypically [...]
[2007-05-17] How to love and respect your husband
Set career, academic, and health goals for yourself and then work hard to achieve them. Develop a network of diverse and suppor-tive friends. Challenge your husband to be a respectful and equal partner in your relationship. Resist any forms of intimacy that you do not find pleasing or comfortable. Believe in your husband's honesty and integrity by refusing to lie or cover for him, no matter how justifiable the lie might seem. Don't work harder at his family relationships on his behalf than he, himself, does. Talk to him about what you see, think and feel about m [...]
[2007-05-17] Intercultural platform Kif Kif will be launching the first Flemish dating website for people of minority background this autumn.
The new website is in response to the boom in dating sites and online marriage bureaus for Muslims. "These sites are a nice alternative for the traditional arranged marriage orchestrated by the parents," says Geeta Srivastava of "Whereas a Muslim woman used to have a choice of a handful of men chosen by her parents, now she can choose from millions of men. Muslim women take the initiative just as well as men. It gives them power and self confidence." Kif Kif will primarily target people of minority background. "But anyone can sign up," coordinator Dany Neudt says. [...]
[2007-05-17] Unique marriage proposal idea
You found the love of your life. You've got the ring and you're ready to pop the question, but just getting on one knee and asking for marriage feels so plain. Your love deserves a marriage proposal you'll both be talking about for the rest of your lives. The Evergreen Players are offering such an opportunity during their summer run of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, the musical that has acquired quite a reputation for its 'first-date appeal' and touts itself as the "most proposal-friendly" show. "There have been many audience marriage proposals during the run of I Love You, You'rePerf [...]
[2007-05-17] Online sting operation aimed to catch sexual predators is complete
The Dodge County Sheriff's Office completed a online sting operation aimed to catch sexual predators. For five nights this month... Officers in the Sheriff's Office and the Kasson Police Department posed as 14-year-old girls on an online chat site. The Dodge County Sheriff says they were contacted by hundreds of people, often soliciting sex from females. Authorities arrested these seven men after they came to a location where each thought he would meet a 14-year-old girl. Officers arrested them and they all now face fines and prison time. Two of the men are from our area, 44-year-old Doug [...]
[2007-05-17] Reasons we need marriage
Marriage is a virtually universal human institution. Marriage, and a normative commitment to marriage, foster high-quality relationships between adults, as well as between parents and children. Marriage has important biosocial consequences for adults and children. Divorce and unmarried childbearing increase poverty for both children and mothers. Married couples seem to build more wealth on average than singles or cohabiting couples. Marriage reduces poverty and material hardship for disadvantaged women and their children. Minorities benefit economically from marriage. Married men earn m [...]
[2007-05-16] Online Dating 'Match' Was Married
A Central Florida woman said a man she met on a popular online dating service not only stole her life savings but he was also married, according to a Local 6 News investigation. The report featured Ronald Hathaway, a self-described "free spirit," who is accused stealing from Marge Scull. Scull said she had an eight-month relationship with Hathaway after meeting him on the dating service Web site eHarmony . Scull said Hathaway claimed to be a commercial photographer from Ohio. His personality profile said, "I must feel deeply in love with and attracted to my partner," the report sai [...]
[2007-05-16] 80 percent of single adults between the ages of 30 and 59 agree that a partner's commitment to the environment is important to enduring, romantic relationships.
Online relationship sites offer a more targeted approach. We attract singles with particular passions. Living an ecologically responsible life shouldn't mean you need to compromise or sacrifice your personal relationships. We take a more intelligent approach to relationships and focus our efforts on bettering the odds for individuals serious about finding their true love.People who are 'green' often integrate environmental responsibility in their approach to life. Environmentally conscious people just can't feel that someone is a soul mate if they don't share their concern for the Earth. It's [...]
[2007-05-16] A national online dating-style website to help workers find job-share partners would help close the gender pay gap, a parliamentary committee has been told.
The site would allow people to select the location, pay-scale and profession of the role they were looking for, before putting them in touch with potential partners. The Tradeand Industry Committee was told such a facility would make it easier for women to work part-time after childbirth without damaging their careers. SusanAnderson, CBI director of HR policy, used the job-share website run by LloydsTSBas an example of how employees could be aided in finding quality reduced-hours roles. "If you look at Lloyds TSB, which has an online job-share register, [the CBI] could - with more money - [...]
[2007-05-16] Imported Muslim brides
Necla Kelek, an Istanbul-born sociologist and writer, has made a name for herself in Germany with a book about "mail-order brides" brought from rural Turkey as wives for young Turkish men living in Germany. The marriages, arranged by the man's parents according to traditional customs, have markedly increased the number of Turkish women in Germany who have little or no knowledge of their new home country and often end up isolated in Turkish ghettos. In addition to writing the book "The Foreign Bride", Kelek has campaigned -- unsuccessfully -- for a law requiring Turkish brides to be at leas [...]
[2007-05-16] Popularity of Internet dating sites grows
Finding that special someone is never an easy task. Some prefer meeting their prospects at a social location, such as a bar or coffee house, while others take quite the different approach: meeting individuals through online services. Since the mid-90s, these sites have gained in popularity among singles and more of these types of services have emerged on the Internet. But one must know which site is more appropriate to use to better his or her chances of finding someone they are compatible with. The highly commercialized eHarmony, and from "Must Love Dogs" fame, are [...]
[2007-05-16] Keep long-distance relationships
It's hard enough to keep a relationship intact when you see each other every day. Imagine the couples that have to make it three months without seeing each other at all or infrequently. Chico State students who are going to be apart from their significant others for the summer defined rules and regulations for keeping the flames stoked over the three-month period.Junior Ryan Brilliant has had a long distance relationship with a woman he met at the Palace of Versailles in France two years ago. He said that maintaining a relationship over a long period of time requires truthfulness and sincerity [...]
[2007-05-16] Keep long-distance relationships
It's hard enough to keep a relationship intact when you see each other every day. Imagine the couples that have to make it three months without seeing each other at all or infrequently. Chico State students who are going to be apart from their significant others for the summer defined rules and regulations for keeping the flames stoked over the three-month period.Junior Ryan Brilliant has had a long distance relationship with a woman he met at the Palace of Versailles in France two years ago. He said that maintaining a relationship over a long period of time requires truthfulness and sincerity [...]
[2007-05-14] More than a third of single women plan to keep their maiden name when they get married and seven per cent of married women refuse to take their husband's name.
THEY may have found their Mr Right, but fewer women than ever are willing to become Mrs Right, says a new survey. A proud 45 per cent of those say they don't want to lose their family name, while 41 per cent just prefer their own name to their husband's. But the poll reveals that men aren't happy at the new trend - 51 per cent say they would be extremely offended if their wife didn't take their family name. A third of men went as far as to say they would demand that their fiancée take their name when tying the knot. Half of the 3,000 Britons polled for Debenhams Wedding Gift Servi [...]
[2007-05-14] I want a family. If I get sick, I need someone to take over the farm. My wife needs to be of child-bearing age: between 25 and 40."
The Kaharoa man joined the Waikato branch of Adventure Date a year ago. Owner Liz Heart told him she had 300 people on her books; most were women and from rural backgrounds.Mr Fleming went along to some Adventure Date events, but did not get a date. He said most of the attendees were men, and the women were too old for him. He says Ms Heart conned him.There have been two women in Mr Fleming's life who he says he could have married, but they did not want children. And he doesn't consider himself fussy."I want someone who's not on drugs, someone with an active figure, ardent personality, who can [...]
[2007-05-14] Sometimes the most interesting read in a newspaper is the "Personals" section of the classifieds.
Back in the day, the personals were filled with men and women looking for a date. They read something like, "SWF looking for man," or "35Y.O. male looking for special woman for walks on beach." Funny stuff. Reading them lately, though, you won't find any of the potential date opportunities that used to grace the pages. People now primarily use dating Web sites, although some dating personals can still be seen in weekly entertainment magazines. Personals haven't gone the way of the dodo, however. They can still be read pretty much every day in a newspaper, including this one. But now they re [...]
[2007-05-14] The potential dangers of finding love on the internet have been highlighted after it emerged a convicted paedophile from the Black Country posted his details on a dating website
The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “I was browsing the website and I was shocked to see a profile of a man who I knew had been convicted of sexually abusing girls. “I know he is not breaking the law by advertising on a dating website but I think women should be aware there are people who register with these agencies who are not all they seem. A lot of women, including myself, are under the illusion that people who advertise on these sites have been checked out for any criminal convictions.” Mr Shrimpton accepted his agency and others in the industry have no way of checking for [...]
[2007-05-14] More than a dozen men and women were suspected of arranging or participating in marriages with Bulgarians to help the foreigners evade U.S. immigration laws
The scheme, which involved U.S. citizens being recruited and paid to marry Bulgarians, appears to have started in 1997, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin McDonald said. He would not comment on money amounts."The allegations are that this was a ring, a conspiracy, to engage in fraudulent marriages," said McDonald, who prosecutes white collar crimes in South Carolina.A federal indictment charged 13 Bulgarians and 15 U.S. citizens with conspiring to arrange or participate in marriages to evade immigration laws. Nine of those charged were still being sought. More than a dozen also faced an additional [...]
[2007-05-14] Beware the mysterious online dating guru
Paige Parker and Christian Carter are my new best friends. They e-mail me every day, mainly about boys. Specifically, problems with boys. Boys who don't call and boys who can't commit and boys who withdraw emotionally when the going gets tough. Boys who just want sex and boys who don't want sex and boys who say they adore you, offer to take you away for the weekend and then turn out to be two-timing slop buckets. Paige and Christian know all my "issues," and tell me they're caused by low self-esteem, a fear of abandonment and an inability to treat myself the way I wish others would treat me. [...]
[2007-05-14] Does online dating misleading as a darkened barroom?
Recently, I read this really great book written by a former personal ads editor from Chicago. It’s true, I can read. I just can’t write good. “I Know You’re Out There” by Michael Beaumier wasn’t just about people who place personals, it was more about romantic and familial relationships and experiences. The book made it seem as if placing a personal ad wasn’t the most desperate move one could make. Plenty of people have been flocking to dating Web sites recently. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t have to see disgustingly happy couples flaunt their HTML-based love on the television every night. Sur [...]
[2007-05-14] 13 A bitter feud has broken out among several U.S. online dating Web sites over the issue of rejecting applicants.
The Washington Post reported on the feud, made public in television ads that specifically attack California's eHarmony for rejecting applicants based on an extensive questionnaire.The campaign by, an offshoot of, is aimed at portraying eHarmony as unaccepting and Chemistry as a more open-minded site. The television ads for Chemistry feature men and women wondering why they were turned down by eHarmony.The Post said eHarmony has begun to fight back, arguing that the site rejects applicants who are married or younger than the minimum age of 21. The site is also fighting a [...]
[2007-05-14] More and more, people are passing by bars and restaurants in favor of coffee shops for their first dates. It's the new hot date spot.
Fred Woolman, 65, of Rochester recently had a first date at Dunn Bros. North in Rochester. He met his date at a Savvy Singles of Rochester event and wanted to get to know her better. Going out for coffee is "standard operating procedure for dating," he says. "It's a neutral place, comfortable and affordable. Dunn Brothers has always been a favorite place of mine, and it was one of hers too." The pair continues to see each other and is "building a nice relationship," Woolman says. Tami Greenslade, 36, of Rochester has gone on coffee dates with people she has met online. Coffee houses are an [...]
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