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[2008-01-03] Brit women's wish list for 2008 - a rich husband and a better body!
It seems that Brit women want their new year to be a stylish one, fora survey has revealed that their wish list for 2008 includes a rich husbandand losing weight. The survey conducted by Diva TV found that in terms of fantasyambition, British women's top choices are travelling the world, running asuccessful business and learning a language. The fourth New Year wish featured on their list is marriage to awealthy man, making it a more popular fantasy than gaining a universitydegree or having children, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Their other popular choices are - winning X Factor and starr [...]
[2008-01-02] Interesting Wedding Facts
¨ There will be about 2.3 million weddings in the US and about 375,000 destination weddings (originating in the US and occurring globally). ¨ In the UK approx. 300,000, and in AU approx. 165,000weddings are expected. ¨ Of the 2.3 million weddings in the US about 1.9 million will be of the Traditional, Unique or Extravagant categories. Ratios for other countries are expected to be similar. ¨ Of the 1.9 million in the USapprox 1.8 million weddings will use the INTERNET to buy at least one service for their wedding. ¨ With the average weddin [...]
[2007-12-29] Foreign visitors could land their relatives in jail if they over-stay their visas, under plans unveiled by the Conservatives
The requirement for a visitor to have a sponsor before being allowed into Britain is among proposals that follow an 18-month consultation with Britain's minority communities in attempts to make the immigration system "fairer and more effective". The sponsor - a friend or member of the family already resident in the UK - would be liable to prosecution if the visitor did not return home at the end of their stay. The proposals also include the setting up of a border police force that would take over responsibility for tracking down employers who hired illegal workers. The Tories also want mone [...]
[2007-12-29] The Conservatives in Britain have drawn up a new plan to make immigration 'fairer and more effective' by proposing penalising relatives of foreign visitors if their guests overstay their visas.
The Conservatives in Britainhave drawn up a new plan to make immigration 'fairer and moreeffective' by proposing penalising relatives of foreign visitors iftheir guests overstay their visas. As per the new plan unveiled by the Tories, anyforeign visitor would require a 'sponsor'- a friend or member of thefamily already resident in the UK - before being allowed into Britain. The sponsor would be liable to prosecution if the visitor did not return home at the end of their stay, The Telegraph reported. Among other proposals made in the plan are settingup of a border police force, which will [...]
[2007-12-27] Internet dating can be daunting at any age. Here, our relationship expert offers smart advice for finding love online after 40.
After her husband of 31 years died, Francine Pappadis Friedman joined In 9 months, the then 50-year-old went on 25 online dates -- all first and last dates. Recalls Friedman, author of MatchDotBomb: A Midlife Journey Through Internet Dating, "One guy met me for a drink on what turned out to be the day after his wife's funeral." Yes, this is a groaner, but also proof that a sense of humor is a key requirement for embarking on the adventure that is online dating. Joelle Kaufman, VP of, says, "There is not as much pressure in boomer online dating. These women are not necess [...]
[2007-12-27] Single men will be kept away from women on New Year’s Eve
The Mumbai Police’s main focus for the coming New Year’s celebrations is to prevent incidents of molestation and eve-teasing at open spaces in the city where large crowds are expected to gather. In a plan drawn up by the police, single males will be segregated from women at such spots. “We intend to segregate single males from women and girls at these spots. This is not an easy task, but we will put up barricades to ensure that single males are restricted to one side, and women accompanied by males or single women will segregated to another section. This will prevent incidents like eve-teasi [...]
[2007-12-27] Long-term relationships challenge our capacity to maintain the vitality and energy of our feelings.
It is the subject of songs and the theme of movies; it has created an industry in fiction writing, the romance novel. The beginning of love is wonderful. But the test of love comes over time, the time beyond the courtship and honeymoon phase. THE CHALLENGE The challenge goes beyond simply getting along. There are lots of couples who get along but lack spark in the actual relationship. Some of these couples have excluded anything controversial from their relationship in an effort to keep the peace. It is a peace that comes with a price. Not being truly open because it may "stir things up" is [...]
[2007-12-27] The social common notion that single people choose to be single for more freedom and refuse the traditional family relationship to achieve this A survey showed that many have not married because they have not found the right partners.
According to the survey conducted by the Korean Women's DevelopmentInstitute on 1,204 people aged between 27 and 56 who live alone, of thosewho are unmarried, divorced, and whose spouses are dead, 38.1 percent saidthey remain single because they have not found Mr. or Mrs. Right yet. Only some 12 percent said they would never marry. The desire to get married was strong among males; those with highereducation backgrounds; those who have never married before; and the youngergeneration ? especially those in their 20s. They also attached importance to family, unlike preconceptions thatthey choose [...]
[2007-12-27] THE number of cases of adultery in Wales is on the increase because women have more opportunities for infidelity than previous generations did
Divorce lawyers say male love cheats still outnumber female ones in caseswhere adultery is cited as a reason for separation - but women are catchingup fast.Traditionally housewives stayed at home and it was easy for cheatinghusbands to pretend they were working late or going away for work-relatedevents such as conferences.But now, many professional women have the same freedom and independence tocover their tracks if they have an affair.Working in offices also brings them into contact with more men thanhousewives or production-line workers would have met a generation or moreago.Divorce lawyer W [...]
[2007-12-27] A journalist reported her online date to the city police Wednesday for allegedly cheating her out of Rp 30 million (US$ 3,200)
Dina (not her real name), 36, a senior magazine journalist, said she joinedonline dating service, where she met Teddy Rendrawan,last month.She then struck up a friendship with Teddy, who said he was a senior officerat the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta."Somehow I just believed (him) and agreed to meet Teddy in Surabaya," shetold reporters.On Dec. 22, Dina met Teddy and they then went to Malang, East Java, the nextday to meet Dina's friends, who were impressed by Teddy's kindness andpoliteness, she said.She said Teddy told her he needed money to help his boss, who wasblackmaile [...]
[2007-12-27] It's not enough anymore for online-dating services to promise their users the perfect date
With online dating facing increasing "competition" from social networkingsites, new online-dating sites such as SpeedDate, Say-hey-hey!, Crazy BlindDate and WooMe are offering quick registration, free memberships and livevideo feeds that promise a date within minutes."We're the antithesis of sites like Match and eHarmony," Stephen Stokols ofWooMe told Wired. "It's instant gratification."The new services have a way to go before matching the subscription numbersof older Internet-dating sites, but if the numbers quoted in the Wiredarticle are any indication, they are starting to catch on.Maybe th [...]
[2007-12-26] The birth rate has increased in Primorye
The birth rate has increasedin Primorye: in the 11 months of this year 20 882 babies were born in theregion. It is 1 208 babies more than in the previous year: in the year 200619 674 little Primorye residents were born within the same period.The press service of the administration of Primorsky Territory informedPrimaMedia that the increase of the birth rate is caused, in the firstplace, by the effective realization of the priority national project"Health" and all the measures that are included in the governmentaldemographic policy.Special attention is paid to the medical help of high quality t [...]
[2007-12-26] Putin's social projects bearing fruit
The Russian Government is due to discuss this year's results of the radicalsocial reform programmes introduced by President Putin two years ago.Another year has passed, and Russians are asking whether any improvementshave been made to the lives of ordinary citizens.After the reforms of the 1990s, which produced a handful of tycoons but leftmillions below the poverty line, bitter memories still linger. So it's nosurprise that the Government is focusing on social issues as never before.Two years ago, President Putin translated his vision for social improvementinto four programmes. These were int [...]
[2007-12-26] Cooking with love
IT IS A VERY WESTERN approach to think that what happens in your brain staysin your brain. In Eastern cultures (Eastern Indian, Tibetan Ayurveda andChinese medicine), they know better. They take into consideration that whatwe give attention to in our thoughts and in our bodies manifests itself ineither healthy or unhealthy ways.The energy of our inner dialogue can infuse things around it, includingorgan systems, the energy in personal relationships and our cooking.Cooking? I've discussed in the past how this can affect our digestion basedon what we are thinking about the food as we eat it. But [...]
[2007-12-26] As online dating opportunities continue to expand, here were trends observed in 2007 and what's predicted in 2008
As online dating opportunities continue to expand, here were trends observedin 2007 and what's predicted in 2008, according to Sparks Networks, aleading provider of online personal services.One of the biggest trends this year was the explosion of single parentsseeking dates online. On any given day in the United States, 397,000 singleparents used online dating services, which represents 16.1 percent of allonline daters, according to Mediamark Research.Among other trends, there was a significant push toward organizing eventsoffline for dating groups. For example,, a site for Jewish da [...]
[2007-12-26] Love war
The world of Internet dating can be a cold, unforgiving place - and that'sjust the battle between Web sites for customers.The online dating service plans to unleash a new campaign thatseeks to depict its older and larger competitor,, as out oftouch with mainstream American values. The ads, which will appear in weeklynewspapers and magazines in the United States starting Monday, attackeHarmony for refusing to match up people of the same gender and for theevangelical Christian beliefs of its founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren.It is not the first time that has [...]
[2007-12-18] About half of the online adult population has looked up themselves or someone else online
A good 36 percent said they have searched the Web for someone with whomthey've lost touch, and 9 percent have dug up information on someone theywere dating.At the same time, 60 percent said they are not worried about how muchinformation about them is on the Internet.The findings, published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, reflecthow people are sharing more and more of their lives on the Internet, as wellas how Web 2.0 sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and MySpace areencouraging users to post their home videos, photographs and personalprofiles online, including data rangin [...]
[2007-12-18] Brokered brides are seeking better life
Back on Dec. 4, 2000, a sloe-eyed Nataliya RobertovnaYamayeva arrived in the United States wearing a $200 engagement ring fromher American fiance. On the surface, "Natasha" Yamayeva was like all othernewly-minted fiancees, brimming with affection for her future husband. ButYamayeva's new American life would gradually darken. While she blames herhusband, their painful misalliance was facilitated by an internationalmarriage broker boasting rosters of compliant women once quaintly labeled"mail-order brides.""I badly wanted to chase a dream about the overseas prince," says Yamayeva,her smile tugge [...]
[2007-12-15] Polygamy is to marriage what the free market is to the economy. Which can only mean one thing: If you oppose legalizing polygamy, well, you are a Communist.
Polygamy -- a topic you can't avoid these days (e.g., Warren Jeffs, BigLove, Mitt Romney) -- is easy to disparage. But frankly the antipolygamyarguments just don't seem convincing. Let's run through them:Polygamists marry underage women. True, some do. But these are thefundamentalist megalomaniacs. Polygamy isn't any more inherently oppressiveto women than monogamous male-female marriage. Should we abolish boozebecause Lindsay Lohan can't hold her Jack Daniel's?If you legalize polygamy, it's a slippery slope, and next you'll have tolegalize men marrying goats. Not really. Two adult women who a [...]
[2007-12-15] It seems well-read women are more comfortable in bed than men — the more educated a female is, the better she sleeps at night. In case of males, it's just the reverse.
Yes, according to a study carried out by a team of international researchers, women have higher rates of insomnia than men and the more they are educated, the more likely they are to sleep through the night. Conversely, the better educated a man is, the less likely he is to get a good night's sleep, the ScienceDaily said. "Globally, women are up to twice as likely to be insomniac as men. But, while higher educational attainment improves women's night time sleep quality, it has the opposite effect on men," the experts said. The researchers came to the conclusion after analysing data from a surv [...]
[2007-12-15] An Israeli man is accusing his Russian ex-wife's mother of involvement in kidnapping the couple's child and taking her to Russia
The State Prosecutorwants to send a 69-year-old grandmother to prison for 20 years. If the courtagrees, it will set a precendent, allowing parents to be tried for theirchildren's actions.Russian-born Isabella Belfer has already been found guilty of helping herdaughter leave Israel for Moscow with her six-year-old child.Isabella left with them and returned five years later to look after herailing mother.And in the absence of her daughter, Marina, the state is charging Isabellawith kidnapping. She says her daughter will never go back to Israel."Her ex-husband never loved his daughter. He never p [...]
[2007-12-15] Why wait until you're a couple? Go now, it's just as easy, and cheaper
If you're okay with lugging your own suitcases up a liftless six-floor pensione in Barcelona, and not awkward about eating at a pizzeria in Bologna by yourself five nights in a row, maybe you’re ready to take a solo vacation this Christmas. And now there are customised holiday options for Intrepid You. Of course the obvious choice would be to use a traditional singles destination like Club Med which offers vacation “villages” in over 100 different locations around the world. The original villages were, by concept, very simple, typically straw huts on a beachfront, with guests s [...]
[2007-12-15] Aleading free online dating site, has announced the introduction of mandatory phone confirmation for its members to prevent abuse and fake profiles.
Phone confirmation adds gravity to the quality of profiles onLets101. Serious members really don't mind confirming their phone number. Wecan almost assure that every single message sent on lets101 is from anauthentic member.What does this adds to? Per co-founder Khiem Pham, "Phone confirmation addsgravity to the quality of profiles on Lets101. Serious members really don'tmind confirming their phone number. We can almost assure that every singlemessage sent on lets101 is from an authentic member.""After introducing this check, we are seeing a drastic drop in the number ofmessages that are class [...]
[2007-12-15] British man gets 2 years in Web romance
A British man was sentenced to two years in prison Thursday for felony charges related to an online romance he had with an underage girl in the western suburbs, according to the Jefferson and Gilpin counties District Attorney's office. Richard Shaun Noble, 36, pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree kidnapping, and was sentenced to two years in prison with two years parole, authorities said. Noble was arrested in September after coming to the U.S. with the intention of taking the girl, now 16, back to England. [...]
[2007-12-15] How American dream turns nightmare for immigrants
A light breeze welcomed you to the United States this beautiful afternoon in autumn. The weather was perfect and the sun’s warmth on your brow, refreshing. Having spent over 14 hours journeying from Lagos through Amsterdam to New York, you had thought you would be considerably exhausted on arrival. But here, at the back seat of the Chevrolet Impala conveying you from the J.F. Kennedy Airport, there was no sign of fatigue. No feeling of a jetlag. From inside the car, you cast a deliberately slow glance around. Everything your eyes could see was a glaring testimonial of your arrival into a brand [...]
[2007-12-15] Finding dater in cyberspace
NAOMI, a 28-year-old single woman from north London, is fed up with online-dating sites after failing to find love in cyberspace. “They’re awful,” she sighs. “People put their best foot forward on them, putting up the best photo they can find of themselves and the most interesting stuff about them, and you get your hopes up. But when you get to meet them, they turn out to be a bit sad, not that clever and not very good looking – all the reasons they’re single.” Times Online reports that there are lots of people like Naomi who have become disillusioned with online singles sites. A survey carrie [...]
[2007-12-15] First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said he was pleased by new statistics showing the growing birth rate in the country.
"These are encouraging statistics: 154,000 children were born inOctober, an increase of 18 percent from October 2006. This is an absoluterecord over the past several years. Over the first 10 months of this year,1,332,000 children were born, which is 8 percent more than in the sameperiod of last year," Medvedev said at a meeting of the Expert Council ofthe Council for National Projects and Demographic Policy on Wednesday. "Thank God, life consists not only of political events but of other aswell," he said, opening the meeting. He suggested discussing an action plan for 2008-2010 under the conce [...]
[2007-12-15] At Reykjavik University, 95% of staff are happy at work and each year the finances get healthier. Could that be because of all the women in top jobs?
With a population of 300,000 and nine universities, Iceland is hardly aheavyweight in international higher education. Nor has it been held up as anexemplary Nordic model, in the way British politicians have recently donewith Sweden's education system.Perhaps it should be. When it comes to making higher education more equalfor women, it has valuable lessons to offer.Svafa Gronfeldt is one of the many women in key positions in Icelandicacademia. The rector of Reykjavik University arrived a year ago from a largepharmaceutical company and has since made strategic changes, not least,introducing equ [...]
[2007-12-15] I don't use the Internet for dating
I don't use the Internet for dating and there are several good reasons why:a) it's too much like work; b) I spend enough time on the computer already;c) I can't be bothered to make up attractive lies; and d) I don't want totrade dick pictures with total strangers.Personally, I find dick pictures and other disconnected bits of anatomyrather dorky, if not outright spooky. (Where are the legs that go with thatbutt, the chest that goes with that crotch?) But in this I seem to be in aminority. Close-ups of dangling genitalia are the lingua franca of theInternet and it's quite amazing how many peopl [...]
[2007-12-15] WOMEN often complain that dating is like a cattle market
................. and a paper justpublished in Biology Letters by Thomas Pollet and Daniel Nettle of NewcastleUniversity, in England, suggests they are right. They have little cause forcomplaint, however, because the paper also suggests that in this particularmarket, it is women who are the buyers.Mr Pollet and Dr Nettle were looking for evidence to support the contentionthat women choose men of high status and resources, as well as good looks.That may sound common sense, but it was often denied by social scientistsuntil a group of researchers who called themselves evolutionarypsychologists st [...]
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