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[2007-10-02] You can change your spouse
For more than 15 years, Richard A. Mackey, professor emeritus at Boston College's graduate school of social work, studied heterosexual couples who have been married more than 20 years but have never seen a couples therapist. He found that the long-marrieds instinctively learned not to insist their partner make big behavioral changes. They asked for tiny modifications. (For instance, instead of saying, "Can't you stop being such a slob?" or "Will you ever learn to pick up after yourself?" they ask, "Can you put your clothes in the hamper?") But what surprised him -- and gives hope to anyone st [...]
[2007-10-02] 7% of Israeli families are headed by single parent, places Israel fifth in the world.
The number of single-parent families in Israel has doubled over the last 13 years, a National Insurance Institute report said Tuesday. According to the Single-Parent Act, passed in Israel in 1992, a single-parent family is one where a single adult bears sole responsibility for the household and is the primary caregiver for children under the age of 18. The definition of a single-parent family includes single women, divorced and widowed men and women, as well as women who have been living separately from their husbands for over two years, women who have been refused divorce and woman living i [...]
[2007-10-02] Surrey widow sent off $33,000 before penny dropped
Like so many singles today, Patricia Hartin figured she had nothing to lose by logging on to a free web dating service. But she was wrong: $33,053.15 wrong. The story of how the Surrey widow was taken in by an organized Nigerian romance scam is especially poignant to those who think they'll never be sucked in by honey-tongued lizards online. Indeed, the Internet carries scores of heart-wrenching testimonies by loners who figured they were smarter than that. Hartin thought she was. After all, she had seen a lot during 13 years in the often-dicey insurance business. Besides, a relative had [...]
[2007-10-02] Merchant Investors is planning to set up an investor ‘dating service’ for people who want to join its property syndicates.
The company provides the legal framework and offers services for running its property syndicates but it is currently up to individual advisers to find enough clients who are interested in investing in a property syndicate and then select a suitable property. The problem with this is that advisers often struggle to find enough interest from clients to launch a syndicate and have little experience in selecting property for investment. Richard Ellis, head of sales and marketing at Merchant Investors, said the company is planning to address these issues by putting advisers with an interest in co [...]
[2007-10-02] Nearly 5 million US adults said they participated in online dating in the past 30 days
Men were slightly (8%+) more likely than women to have logged onto an online dating site in that time. “While the increased acceptance of this kind of dating might lead people to assume ‘everyone is doing it,’ in actual fact a very small percentage of adults date online,” said Anne Marie Kelly, vice president of marketing and strategic planning at MRI, in a statement. “What’s interesting is that both genders, younger and more mature adults and most income brackets are represented in a profile of online daters," Ms. Kelly said. Adults under 35 comprised almost one-half of all online daters [...]
[2007-10-02] Men and women who start living together while still in the early stages of their relationship risk ending up single
Ruth Weston, the principal research fellow at the Australian Institute of Family Studies, said that young people think the living together before marriage is “a fun thing to do”, and believe in taking “each day as it comes”. However, she warns that this often results in hanging on for years in an unsuitable relationship. As a result when they eventually break off, it might take them a long time to find a new partner. And, as far as women are concerned, it might also mean that they may have lost their chance of having children. “In the old days people might go ‘steady’ but there was still oppor [...]
[2007-10-02] Man was found wandering at a local high school in connection with an online romance that took a potentially dangerous turn
William Vaughn, 19, was charged with disorderly conduct and interference with the custody of children after he was found wandering inside Shade Central City High School early Friday. Police said Vaughn drove overnight from South Carolina and picked up a teenage girl at her home around 7:30 a.m. then drove her to school. When the pair arrived at the school, Vaughn allegedly went into the school and walked around the building. He was later escorted to the office, where he told staff he was a college student who needed to use the library. The staff refused to grant Vaughn access to the li [...]
[2007-10-02] The Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office (Criminal) filed an indictment on Sunday against 25-year-old Edward Nessimov, charging him with the extortion of six women he met through an Internet dating service.
According to the charges, Nessimov extorted NIS 240,000 and a car from one woman, and NIS 104,000 from another. In some of the cases, the accused introduced himself to the women as a lawyer by the name of Or Bar or Gilad. In one case, he made contact through the Internet last February with a woman identified as D.B., a single mother from Hod Hasharon. He told her that in return for NIS 10,000, his "boss" could obtain a grant of NIS 100,000 for her from the National Insurance Institute. She gave him NIS 13,500. As time went by, the woman began to suspect Nessimov and refused to hand over [...]
[2007-10-02] 54% of females are in favour of the government to bringing in legislation to permit abortions in Ireland
The findings are part of a survey carried out by the Irish Times into female attitudes towards issues like finance, sex and relationships. One thousand women were asked at 100 sampling points around the State. While the highest support for abortion was among young and single women, a majority of most age groups favoured its legislation. Support for abortion rose to almost 70% in cases were there was a real and substantial risk to the mother's life while over 400 of those asked knew someone who'd had an abortion in the past. The biggest age-related difference was over whether couples shoul [...]
[2007-10-02] Dating is hard enough without running a business at the same time. Here's how to cope.
Meet Michael Stajer. By all accounts, Stajer hasitall: He's attractive, single and owns a multimillion-dollar company in Oakland. Sure, Stajer has no problem landing a first date, but subsequent dates and a relationship are more difficult to navigate. So what's the problem? Simply put: He owns a successful company. "I have definitely lost relationships because I'm abusinessowner," says Stajer, 33, CEO and founder of, an online retailer of wine that operates under the brand Stajer attributes long hours, high stress and the struggle to find work/life balance as [...]
[2007-10-02] Looking for love in all the wrong places, many turn to dating services to help narrow the search. But despite what you may be told, in dating and love, nothing is a guarantee.
Animal lover Sharon Coney wants to share her life with Mr. Right--after striking out with on-line dating services, she opted for the personal attention of a matchmaking company, "The Right One" in Hackensack, New Jersey. "I thought, why not take a chance,” she said. For that chance, she shelled out big bucks-- $3,000 getting her 15 guaranteed dates with other animal lovers looking to make a match...yet…Some of them were allergic to animals.Author and self-proclaimed, Love Coach, Robin Gorman Newman, warns dating services are still businesses with a bottom line. "I think you have to be cautious [...]
[2007-10-02] A female customer of Western Bank was recently victimized by another female through a computer dating service.
"Both women were looking for men on the dating site," Tauriac said. "They became acquainted, when the scam artist told our customer that she, too, was from New Mexico. They got to know each other over a three month period of time," Tauriac said. "Then suddenly the scammer told our customer that she had to return to Nigeria for a family emergency." Once in Nigeria, the scammer contacted the bank customer and told her she had to pay for all her grandmother's medical expenses. But because Nigeria will not negotiate a check drawn on a U.S. bank, the scammer asked for help with the negotiation of [...]
[2007-09-27] Why Britain is generous to a fault
Who are we? For we British, that's an oddly difficult question. Although our national self-assessment usually notes a number of good points (we're inventive, tolerant, and at least we're not French), it lists a torrent of bad ones too. Our society is fragmented, degenerate, irresponsible. Our kids are thugs, our workers ill-educated, our managers greedy and incompetent. We hate our weather. Our public services are abysmal. Our society is rude and unfriendly. We drink too much. Our house prices are crazy, our politicians sleazy, our roads jammed, our football team rubbish. When a newspaper i [...]
[2007-09-26] Cupid's arrow now falls under the watchful eyes of green-visored bureaucrats
Want a textbook example how the Left manufactures a crisis, passes a law that rolls back Constitutional protections, snookers card-carrying conservatives, and bilks American taxpayers? Look no farther than IMBRA, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act.A little background: It's no secret that conditions in post-socialist Russia are grim. Author Sonya Luehrmann recounts how women desperately search to find a husband "to put one's personal life in order, to settle down with a stable family."And here in the United States, some men find American ladies to be a little too, shall we say, hi [...]
[2007-09-26] Singles Use Gadget to Evaluate Compatibility in Latest Online Dating Option
Who hasn't been the victim of a really bad blind date or the participant in a truly torturous speed dating event? Ever feel like there was something missing . a more relaxed environment, perhaps, or maybe more personal information before the date? Well, one man has decided to fill that void by creating a singles dating company with a touch of psychology, a tinge of technology and a whole lot of fun. "I'm a commercial real estate underwriter, which is the most fun job in the world [but] & I'm in a room with no windows, so I created OneKeyAway so I could meet other professionals," sa [...]
[2007-09-26] 56 percent of foreign brides said they were generally happy, eight percent called their married life unsatisfactory.
While foreign brides are surveyed to be generally happy with their lives in South Korea, a significant share has seen the dream of a better life turn out to be an illusion.A recent survey by a lawmaker of 3028 non-Korean brides in the southern province of North Cholla found that while 56 percent of those surveyed said they were generally happy, eight percent called their married life unsatisfactory.Most of them cited economic difficulties as a key reason for making their life harder than expected, and 75 percent of those polled wanted to get jobs so they could be more financially secure.Althou [...]
[2007-09-26] Revenues from mobile dating and chatroom services will hit $1 billion by 2012
Online dating Websites like and Webdate are starting to offer subscriptions to access their services via mobile phones. This year, there are about 40 million people looking for love over the airwaves, and that number will increase to 260 million in 2012. Japan and India are the biggest mobile dating markets by users. The growth in mobile dating services has spawned startups with far too silly names, like Flirtomatic, a mobile and online flirting service that boasts "Fabulous Flirty Fun!" The company had 100 million WAP impressions in the month of August and wants to expand into the [...]
[2007-09-26] Misadventures in the world of e-dating, cyber hookups and Craigslist personals
I'm bored. It's 1 in the afternoon on Friday. I don't have class. I don't have plans tonight. I like women. And I think I'd like to see one, tonight. Unwilling to miss the rest of the episode of "The Dog Whisperer" I'm watching, I turn to the closest thing to me. My laptop. That's right, we're online dating: an endless sea of Internet loneliness stretches out before me. The first site I try is I happen to be looking for a date for tonight, so this looks like it could be massively convenient. Let's see, male seeking female ages 18 to 25 within five miles of Ann Arbor. Searc [...]
[2007-09-25] While foreign brides are surveyed to be generally happy with their lives in South Korea, a significant share has seen the dream of a better life turn out to be an illusion.
A recent survey by a lawmaker of 3,028 non-Korean brides in the southern province of North Cholla found that while 56 per cent of those surveyed said they were generally happy, 8 per cent called their married life unsatisfactory. Most of them cited economic difficulties as a key reason for making their life harder than expected, and 75 per cent of those polled wanted to get jobs so they could be more financially secure. Although 36 per cent of those surveyed said they married South Koreans because they loved their grooms, 38 per cent said they tied the knot with South Koreans in the ho [...]
[2007-09-25] A fascinating thing happens when you're male and you hit your 30s and you're still single.
It's almost like God says "I know you have to deal with man boobs, hairs growing out of your nose and young punks wearing their sister's cardigan pushing in at bar - I'll throw you a bone." So, instead of being the hunter in the dating game, you become the hunted; females your age transform from creatures to be pursued, wooed and cajoled into the bedroom to stalking, winking, white-wine drinking wild-women who are up for anything with an eligible bloke. Mother nature is particularly unfair to her daughters and it's about age 32 that many women realise life's grand game of musical chairs is c [...]
[2007-09-25] How long is love meant to last?
It's not a question we're typically meant to ask ourselves when we tie the knot with the one with whom we're supposedly head-over-heels, can't-live-without in love. Yet these days, with 34 per cent of Australian marriages ending in divorce (and 50 per cent of those going the same direction in the US), many are left wondering if it's really necessary to embrace the whole "marriage is forever" pressure. Neither does one twice-divorced German politician Gabriele Pauli. By now you might have seen the pandemonium over her gutsy suggestion to create a seven-year marriage contract. By her reckoning [...]
[2007-09-25] Why do so many modern women think being a sex object is cool?
My street in West London used to be run-down, in an area which would definitely have once been described as dodgy. The boom of recent years has seen my street move up the property ladder, the rough pub on the corner has been replaced by a faintly fashionable restaurant and the corner shop is now a distinctly upmarket pet emporium, selling dog collars which cost around £100. But one thing hasn't changed: at the end of the street, any hour of the day or night, there's generally a hooker or two, plying their dangerous trade on the corner, waiting for men to pull up in their expensive c [...]
[2007-09-25] Put away your money or no man will want you!
It seems that there is no worse (hetero) dating gaffe than having the nerve to make more money than your significant other. If you're a woman, that is. An article in The New York Times styles section looks at successful women and the difficulty they have dating men who make less money. It even comes with a lovely cartoon rendering of a poor, emasculated man. Sigh. Apparently, women in their 20s in several U.S. cities are (for the first time) out-earning their male peers. The shift is playing out in new, unanticipated ways on the dating front. Women are encountering forms of hostility they w [...]
[2007-09-25] Who Said Divorce Would be Cheap (or Fair)?
A retired fed, unhappy with the Office of Personnel Management's decision to award his ex-wife 53% of his monthly retirement annuity, was unsuccessful in getting the Federal Circuit to overturn the decision. In a divorce proceeding, the Indiana court ordered that Hasandaka's ex-wife was entitled to 53% of her husband's gross civil service annuity, and directed OPM to pay her share directly to her. (Opinion p. 1) On review of the order, OPM decided it was valid and that it would comply. (p. 2)Hasandaka was not happy with this development and appealed to the Merit Systems Protection Board. He [...]
[2007-09-25] Most common dating mistakes
Recently on my weekly Relationship Radio Show in Atlanta on I had the pleasure of interviewing the husband and wife psychology team of Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski on the subject of smart dating. Judith and Jim have designed their own Smart Dating Program for Singles. According to Judith and Jim, the single biggest mistake that almost every single makes is "playing the dating game." The opposite of smart dating is not dumb dating, it's traditional dating. Quoting Judith and Jim "The traditional way of dating does make it a `game' and that's the problem - becaus [...]
[2007-09-25] What does it take for a relationship to work?
Enlightened relationships fulfill all aspects of our lives. We trust each other and we feel we are on the same team so we like to help each other. There is a deep sense of belonging. We discuss important issues together. We laugh together. We love to express our sensuality freely, with enthusiasm and a sense of discovery. We feel powerful enough to be vulnerable in each other's presence. We communicate with honesty and openness from our authentic selves. We are nurturing a seed of love that blooms into a flower that expands its essence to our surroundings. As we love, we feel a connection that [...]
[2007-09-25] When jealousy becomes a sickness
Jealousy can easily become an obsession; someone who suffers from neurotic jealousy constantly imagines situations and relationships where their partner cheats on them, and looks for all the possible indicators of a betrayal. As a result, they are always analyzing their boyfriend’s actions—seemingly trivial details become “proof” that he’s done something wrong. These never-ending suspicions are toxic for the relationship. They can even lead to its downfall if the partner gets fed up of constantly having to reassure them, when in fact they’ve done nothing wrong. Jealousy can also have a negati [...]
[2007-09-25] People married in the 1970s have a less-than-even shot of staying married decades later.
Here's new census data that should give us all pause: Men and women who married in the late 1970s had a less-than-even chance of still being married 25 years later. "We know that somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of marriages dissolve," says Barbara Risman, executive officer of the Council for Contemporary Families. "Now, when people marry, everyone wonders, is this one of those marriages that will be around for awhile," she says in a New York Times article on fragile marriages. About 80 percent of first marriages that took place in the late 1950s lasted at least 15 years. But by 1961, on [...]
[2007-09-25] London city hall won't find you romance online, but it may hook you up in a relationship that will survive the bumps and potholes of life.
Next month the city will launch an online service to match people who want to carpool. The website joins commuters based on factors such as the travel route, preferences in music and the time they return at night. The website has, until now, been available on a trial basis to four London workplaces, with 70 people signing up. But the plan is to make the service available citywide next month. Think of it like a company bulletin board that can be accessed by any commuter in the London, said Jay Stanford, the city's manager of environmental programs. "It's a great opportunity to find peop [...]
[2007-09-25] Don't blame motherhood for a dull sex life
Are you divorcing your sex life if you divorce your husband? A new survey has found that divorced women may be prone to dormant sex lives. The survey, which polled 10,000 divorced women, found that 55 percent reported having "zero" sexual encounters per month, 22 percent said they were "lucky" to have sex one to three times a month, and 13 percent reported having sex three to six times per month. Why are divorced women having such humdrum sex lives? Although divorce may bring a form of liberation, it also brings mourning and sorrow for men and women. However, men may have an easier time leav [...]
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