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Looking for love in all the wrong places, many turn to dating services to help narrow the search. But despite what you may be told, in dating and love, nothing is a guarantee.

Date: 2007-10-02

Animal lover Sharon Coney wants to share her life with Mr. Right--after striking out with on-line dating services, she opted for the personal attention of a matchmaking company, "The Right One" in Hackensack, New Jersey.

"I thought, why not take a chance,” she said.

For that chance, she shelled out big bucks-- $3,000 getting her 15 guaranteed dates with other animal lovers looking to make a match...yet…Some of them were allergic to animals.

Author and self-proclaimed, Love Coach, Robin Gorman Newman, warns dating services are still businesses with a bottom line. "I think you have to be cautious if you are investing a lot."

"People think because they're investing a great deal that they are going to meet a more upscale mate because they're paying a lot but what's happening is the dating service is getting rich," claimed Robin.

After Sharon Coney paid up--she claims “The Right One” wronged her. Her first two referrals never called, the next dates didn't match her specifications.

CBS 2’s Consumer Reporter, Kirstin Cole, decided a little investigating was required to help solve these complaints.

Joyce Muscara, a life-long matchmaker with “The Right One”, said Sharon Coney asked for a refund before giving them a chance and that “The Right One” has thousands of customers who have lived happily ever after.

"A lot of these people complain and the next person they meet is the one they want." "You know we have 5,000 members so if there are 5 complaints, what business doesn't have five complaints,"
said Joyce.

Despite Joyce’s support of the matchmaking company, they have an unsatisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau, which has received 7 complaints for “The Right One” in Hackensack.

Page after page of complaints can be found on-line for “The Right One” locations around the nation--for mismatching the lovelorn and failing to give refunds, as Sharon Coney so adamantly claims.

"I don't think you are getting the quality that you are paying for with the service," said the disgruntled Sharon.

“The Right One” told CBS 2 HD they are working with the BBB to reach a satisfactory rating. Experts warn this is a subjective business, so buyers beware!

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