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[2006-12-21] When It Comes to a Search for a Spouse, Supply and Demand Is Only the Start
The economist’s model of the informal market for marriage partners resembles the standard supply and demand model for ordinary goods. Such models typically assume that people are rational and narrowly self-interested (the celebrated homo economicus stereotype). The purchasing power that homo economicus brings to the relationship market is his or her endowment of personal characteristics. Numbers on a 1-to-10 scale are sometimes used to represent the implicit value of this endowment, with higher numbers representing combinations of intelligence, good health, physical attractiveness, earning p [...]
[2006-12-21] Women taking fifth generation oral birth-control pills may grow terribly hairy
Even though some aspects of our life have seriously changed, some people are still prejudiced against things that used to be imperfect some time ago but deserve trust today. This particularly concerns oral contraceptives. While millions of women take fifth generation oral contraceptives and have their health in good repair, it is still rumored that a woman may awfully put on weight and grow terribly hairy if she takes to such pills. Some people think that oral contraceptives are bad for women’s health. Doctors say that oral contraceptives have a various system effect upon the organism which [...]
[2006-12-21] Five American siblings find their biological mother in Russia
Once adopted by Americans, four sisters and a brother searched out their natural mother and came to see her in Russia after ten years of separation. Taisiya Shishkina nearly dropped the phone when she heard the voice on the other end saying “Mommy! Mama! It’s Oksana, your daughter from America !” Five kids – four sisters and a brother, who became the adopted children of Tom family from Texas – managed to find their mom! And they told her that they want to come live with her. The 54-year-old Taisiya has 11 children. Five of them live in the U.S. and six remain by her side. “After the birth [...]
[2006-12-21] Beautiful girls make 5 mistakes that make them ugly and boring
Every woman wants to be beautiful. They read fashion magazines, check out the latest beauty advice online, and drop lots of money at the cosmetics counter. The truth is, many women make at least one major beauty mistake in their lifetime. The following are 5 biggest beauty mistakes and ways how you can improve the situation. Mistake 1 You smooth on foundation to even out your complexion, but are left with a too-dark or too-light kabuki-mask effect. Fix: Splurge on the proper shade of foundation. Base is one of those cosmetics that you have to get exactly right. If your foundation is off [...]
[2006-12-21] Russia's international reserves grow $2 billion in week
Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves grew by $2 billion, to $295.8 billion, in the week of December 8 - December 15, the Central Bank of Russia said Thursday. [...]
[2006-12-21] Govt. must make poverty history in Russia
Russia's finance minister said Saturday the government should step up efforts to eradicate poverty in the country. "We increase budget spending by a quarter every year, but the number of the poor does not go down," Alexei Kudrin said in a television interview. He also said the government should provide more generous support for public-sector pensioners, one of the least advantaged population groups financially. "We are now going through a stage at which we can pay more attention to the pension system and to our pensioners. This is where the Stabilization Fund may come in handy," he said, [...]
[2006-12-21] Man dies after winning vodka-drinking competition
A vodka-drinking competition in a southern Russian town ended in tragedy with the winner dead and several runners-up in intensive care. "The competition lasted 30, perhaps 40 minutes and the winner downed three half-litre bottles. He was taken home by taxi but died within 20 minutes," said Roman Popov, a prosecutor pursuing the case in the town of Volgodonsk. "Five contestants ended up in intensive care. Those not in hospital turned up the next day, ostensibly for another drink." Popov said the director of the shop organising this month's contest had been charged with manslaughter. He had offe [...]
[2006-12-20] Singles Fight For Their Rights
In the television series “Sex and the City,” there is a moment when Carrie Bradshaw does the math on being single. Adding up the thousands of dollars she has spent on other people’s engagements, weddings and baby showers, the normally ebullient Carrie starts to seethe. “If you are single, after graduation there isn’t one occasion where people celebrate you,” she cries. “Hallmark doesn’t make a ‘congratulations, you didn’t marry the wrong guy’ card. And where’s the flatware for going on vacation alone?” The notion that singles are given short shrift has newfound significance these days. In Oct [...]
[2006-12-20] Coffee-shop bride trade in Malaysia
Malaysian men are said to be acquiring Vietnamese brides for up to 30,000 ringgit (HK$65,562) from agents who parade young girls in rural coffee shops. The practice is described as "sickening and immoral" by Michael Chong, head of the Malaysian Chinese Association's public service and complaints department. The MCA is a political party and member of the ruling National Front coalition. "The practice of parading the girls and selling them off to local singles or divorced men mostly take[s] place in rural areas," Chong told The Star. "It is a sickening practice and shames our nation. Women s [...]
[2006-12-20] Groups slam bridal parades
Women's groups have slammed the “bridal parades” of Vietnamese girls to potential husbands in coffeeshops and agents' homes as “disgusting, revolting and degrading.” They felt the Vietnamese girls were being treated like a commodity. Women’s Development Collective (WDC) executive director Maria Chin Abdullah said: “We are living in the 21st century, and it is very disgusting that we still resort to such methods to get married. It is revolting to know that we have fallen to such a low level to form relationships.” Maria added that such a practice would only cause men to look at women as a [...]
[2006-12-20] Men 'buy' Viet wives off bridal parades in small-town coffeeshops
Marrying a Vietnamese girl in Malaysia is no longer done the conventional mail-order way – it is now conducted in the buy-on-the-spot style. Young and attractive Vietnamese girls are being paraded at coffeeshops and agents’ homes in some small towns for the prospective grooms to pick and choose, and seal the deal there and then. MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau head Datuk Michael Chong described the practice as “sickening and immoral”. “The agents have always charged a huge amount to provide local men with girls of their choice using runners, distributing leaflets and operating [...]
[2006-12-20] As new statistics show that there are fewer married women than singles, one of our writers explains why marriage is right for her, while another reveals why she won't be 'married alive' again
Married at 25: Chloe Rhodes As of yesterday, I am officially part of a minority group: married women. And, as my wedding took place three months after my 25th birthday, it seems I am even more of an oddity, because for twentysomethings, marriage is apparently going out of fashion. But though this survey has me down as a bit of a freak, yesterday's statistics are not as clear cut as they look – the numbers of ''single" women include divorcées, widows and those who may be planning to marry, as well as those who never have. What is clear though is that women are waiting longer before the [...]
[2006-12-20] Online dating: Is the honeymoon over?
NBC's Janet Shamlian reports on the decline of Internet matchmaking and one bachelor's search for a mateFor NBC, I've driven race cars, weathered hurricanes, and searched for my lost luggage at the airport. But, this is one TODAY show story that had me completely in the dark. I'm sure my husband of 15 years will be pleased to know that my online shopping skills don't extend to Internet dating. Cyberdating took off just six years ago, and it's already big business. Those subscription fees generated more than $500 million last year. But after years of double digit growth, the market grew just [...]
[2006-12-20] UK immigration statistics for past two years
According to official UK government estimates, approximately 1,500 migrants arrived to live in the UK every day during 2005. The same figures suggest that 185,000 more people immigrated into the UK than emigrated to another country, yielding a net population gain of 500 per day. The total for those arriving was lower than 2004's record, but continues a trend of high levels of migration. While the number arriving from Eastern Europea grew, the numbers of people leaving the UK has also risen. In total, 565,000 people arrived in the UK in 2005 saying they intended to stay for at least a year. [...]
[2006-12-20] Israel Jewish Singles Dating Site Expands
The small but highly dynamic Anglo Jewish singles dating community in Israel has discovered Israel Anglo Singles, a free dating Web forum located at Yahoo Groups. The Israel Jewish singles dating group for Anglos coming from North America, England and South Africa was created in 2004 and today has nearly one thousand members. Finding a Jewish mate can be a difficult task. Complaints of meat-market bar scenes are common. And for the Jewish Anglo in Israel, meeting native born Israelis often result in cultural problems. Now there is an easy way to meet Jewish Anglo singles in the comfort and [...]
[2006-12-20] Immigrants boosted UK tax revenue by $35 billion, report
Immigrants, mainly from Eastern Europe, have increased tax revenue for British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown by about £18 billion pounds (USD $35 billion) since 1998, a report shows. Ernst & Young ITEM Club said that immigration and a greater number of people older than 50 in the work force added £2 billion to the United Kingdom's Treasury coffers in the year through March 2006, and £1 billion in the previous fiscal year. The bigger labor force will drive economic growth to as much as 2.75% this year. "Net immigration has touched record levels," Peter Spencer, [...]
[2006-12-20] Russian sues for action on US Green Card application
A Russian man who now lives in Kernersville has filed a complaint against U.S. immigration agencies that alleges that they have unreasonably delayed processing his application for permanent residency. The complaint is an example of how frustrated foreigners are looking for new tools to speed up the handling of applications for immigration, a local lawyer said yesterday. "Regrettably, resorting to federal court is one of the only avenues left for immigrant applicants," said Heather MacKenzie, an immigration lawyer. "The system of immigration itself is so backlogged and CIS (U.S. Citizenship a [...]
[2006-12-20] Anglicans on verge of split over same-sex marriage
With the U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion starting to crumble over homosexuality, Canadian Anglicans know they face the same danger next year when their church's governing council meets to vote on blessing same-sex unions. At least seven congregations in Virginia have voted in the past few days to leave the U.S. Episcopal Church. They include two large historic parishes dating back to colonial times, Truro Church and Falls Church. As many as 10 per cent of Episcopal parishes elsewhere in the country are expected to follow suit. At the same time, a clergy group representing 20 per cent o [...]
[2006-12-20] Everyone's had a date with disaster
AS we stared dreamily into each others' eyes, pieces of plaster rained down into our starters... Not many first dates take place on a building site. But then not many men are as stubborn as the young chap who once took Susan Morrison out for a less-than-romantic experience. The comedienne and Talk 107 presenter may have a legendary sense of humour - but eating prawn cocktail dotted with plaster was too much even for her. Recalling the rubbled remains of her brief encounter, Susan, now a married 40-something, says: "I was about 18, and he must have been 18 and a half, but I thought he was [...]
[2006-12-20] Foreign wife punched, slapped me
An insurance company official who married a Vietnamese woman in haste has found much cause for regret although they tied the knot a mere four months ago. For C.H. Yip, 51, his 28-year-old wife is no longer the sweet woman to whom he was smitten when he first met her in July. The woman has, since their marriage in August, allegedly done everything from extorting money from him, to physically assaulting him and even threatening to emasculate him, Yip claimed. Abuse at the hands of his 'militant' wife, whom he learnt was trained by the Vietnamese army, has filled Yip with so much terror that h [...]
[2006-12-19] Mistle tip-toeing
It's the most wonderful time of the year - or so the old holiday song goes.But for some singles, it can be a lonely time, with no one special to kiss under the mistletoe, or to accompany them to holiday parties or to join them in counting down the final seconds of an old year and welcoming the start of a new one.It also can be an awkward time for newly paired-up couples feeling the pressure to make their first holidays together perfect. The season raises many questions: Should you bring your new beau to a family gathering or an office party? Will relatives or co-workers read too much into the [...]
[2006-12-19] Single and dating in the New Year? Here are my top ten tips for finding the love of your life in the new year.
1. Lose the losers - How sad would it be to have the love of your life come along and you miss it because you are caught up with some loser? This is what can happen when you keep someone around that you know is not right for you just to have someone around. Lose the losers. 2. Available? Great. Are you ready? - If you have gotten rid of the losers, then you are available. But are you ready? Being ready means there is room in your life for a relationship - physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually. 3. Create your top 5 requirements - A requirement is a "gotta have." It's a non-negotia [...]
[2006-12-19] Traditional matchmakers - family friends or known members in the community - are being replaced by agencies and online websites
ARRANGED marriages are a dying practice here among the Chinese. So say matchmakers who spoke to The New Paper on Sunday. All five Chinese matchmaking agency owners we spoke to said they hardly hear of traditional matchmakers nowadays. Said Mr Jansen Ong, 44, who runs Life Partner matchmaking agency: 'The last time I heard about this 'meh ren' was during my parents' time, maybe 40 to 50 years ago.' Agreeing, Ms Goh Lee Hoon, 36, of Forever Love Marriages Point, said this tradition has all but died in Singapore among the Chinese community. Rare among MalaysThere are still some 'tukang risi [...]
[2006-12-19] Single men find travelling alone not so exciting
A recent survey commissioned by revealed that an individual’s relationship status considerably affects their plans to go overseas. The online survey that was conducted by the dating service website consisted of 642 Australian participants- 462 women and 180 men. The results showed that over half of the participants had put off a holiday in the past due to their single status, with 26.5% citing that they had nobody to go with, 30% citing that the cost of going alone was too dear and 16% explaining that they did not know where to go as a single. The results a [...]
[2006-12-19] Children of Russia - abused, abandoned, forgotten
“Imagine the future of a country in which 1 out of every 21 of the inhabitants is currently a child who is an orphan. This is the situation in Russia, where recent Russian media have reported the estimated orphan population at 2 million and the street children at 4 million.” (Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicines, Vol 160, No.5 May 2006) Five year old Dasha was found living with her alcoholic parents in Khaborovsk, Far-East Russia taking on a parenting role, cooking and cleaning, as her parents were deeply addicted to alcohol. Her parents sold the family home to move to a desperate [...]
[2006-12-19] Fraudulent profiles and photographs are increasingly being used as a venue for crimes perpetuated in the name of love
Online dating, used by millions of singles, although very popular and very successful also has its share of dangers. This press release speaks to Romance Fraud, the problem along with its inexpensive solution, The Dating Passport.Imagine This: Awakened by morning sunlight streaming through your window—your first thought today was a single, stunning realization. No, it wasn’t a nightmare. The man in bed next to you is not the man you married. He is a total stranger with an alias and fabricated persona. Deborah Nelson of Colorado Springs, CO, knows first-hand the horrors of this terrifying scena [...]
[2006-12-19] How professionals are finding partners
Professionals, because of their busy schedules, are increasingly using speed- and online-dating to find partners whereas the less affluent prefer SMS flirting. Moneyweb examines each.Online dating How it works: Go to one of the over 30 websites, for example;; or Sign-up for free and set up a profile then start meeting new people.Tips: Ramon Thomas, a local internet dating expert, recommends the following:• If you are a woman participant, place a photo of yourself on the online-dating site, as you’ll get more a [...]
[2006-12-19] Vietnamese “brides” parade for lonely Malaysians
Lonely Malaysian men used to travel to Vietnam to shop for “mail order” brides. Now, to the disgust of women’s groups, the brides come to them. Dozens of young Vietnamese girls are paraded at coffee shops in Malaysian towns for prospective grooms to view, in trips arranged by Malaysian agents, the Star newspaper said on Tuesday. The girls are looking for a better life and their poor families each receive dowries of 20,000 to 30,000 ringgit ($5,600 and $8,500), depending on a girl’s beauty, said Malaysian politician Michael Chong, who deplored the new practice. The men were mainly rich si [...]
[2006-12-19] Marriage rates down for English women
New brides have been a minority among adult women in England and Wales since 2004, the British Office for National Statistics reported.Only 11 million women older than age 16 married during the last two years, The Daily Mail reported, while 2.15 million divorced. Thirty years ago, 60 percent of women married by the age of 25, and 85 percent were hitched by age 30. These days only 10 percent of women marry by age 25 and 33 percent by 30.Conservatives blamed the Labor government for reducing or eliminating financial incentives for marriage.If we are to look after the health of families, we need [...]
[2006-12-18] 5 Ways Your Friends Can Help You Find Love Online
Finding someone to date is easier with a little help from your friends so if you have joined a dating site (or are thinking of joining a dating site) then talk with your friends and see if they would like to sign up with you. Just because online dating is carried out in the comfort of your home, it doesn’t mean you can’t involve your friends, as you would normally do if you were looking to meet someone at work or in a pub. So the next time you talk to your friends instead of asking if they want to go to the pub, ask if they would like to join you on a dating site so you can find love online [...]
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