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[2007-12-13] If you knew that dedicating just 30 minutes a month could save your marriage, would you dedicate that time?
Romance is often times thought of as "nice to have"; many couples just don'trealize how important of a role romance plays in a relationship. Romantic gestures accomplish two important things in arelationship: they show the recipient that you care and keep therelationship in perspective. "Romance is an important expression used to show how our hearts feel.Romantic gestures lay a foundation that help couples stay connected,"explains Amy Graybeal, Founder and President of Magic of Romance, an onlinedestination featuring free romantic ideas for people who live to love. A recent poll on Magic of Ro [...]
[2007-12-13] Why can't British women get a man?
Because they are overweight, unkempt and lazy about grooming, says ascreenwriter who's made it his business to date women on both sides of theAtlantic.American-born Tad Safran - who spends his time in London and Los Angeles -says English women are stunning natural beauties when young, but they failto rise to the challenge as they age and need to make more of an effort.He complains that they don't take enough care of their appearance andfitness, and drink and eat too much.When it comes to beauty, American women win hands down.British women are 'lazy' when it comes to personal grooming (Bridget [...]
[2007-12-13] Women continue to far outnumber men in university enrolment and all the blatantly discriminatory laws that once prevented women from getting ahead have long disappeared.
Even the Canadian Human Rights Commission has largely moved on in terms of the kinds of cases it hears these days. A minority of complaints the commission now investigates revolves around discrimination on the basis of sex. Instead, more than 40% of the complaints received last year touched on disability issues. An additional 20% of the grievances filed centred on alleged discrimination because of ethnic origin or race. Yet the usual suspects still insist that Canadian women continue to suffer and wider society is to blame. Several unions announced yesterday they're donating a total of $ [...]
[2007-12-13] The authorities will introduce regulations for matchmaking agencies starting next year to prevent cheating and fraud in the industry.
As part of a trial phase, the new requirements will include standardson registration of clients, advertisements, setting of appointments andprofessional training, the city's Matchmaking Organization AdministrativeAssociation said yesterday. Figures from the association show there are about 120 matchmakingagencies in the city, but due to a lack of industry standards, manycustomers claim to have been cheated. For example, one way unscrupulous agencies are known to fleece clientsis by arranging meetings with multiple potential partners. As clients haveto pay for each meeting, the more people agen [...]
[2007-12-13] Thanks to a new Web site set up by some enterprising locals, frustrated High Country singles will have a new place to search for partners online
However, this isn't a standard dating Website, allowing membership to a global circuit of singles. In fact, it'squite the opposite, and it means to be.The Web site,, the creation of Holly Vliet andMelody Shell, seeks to specifically "connect mountain folks to others whoshare their love for mountain life," rather than digitally introduce membersto a seemingly infinite amount of people scattered across the globe.People who live outside of mountain towns will be "politely" deniedmembership.The Web site is substantially styled for people who live a mountain-orientedlifes [...]
[2007-12-13] Russian Bride Agency Conspiracies
You read all over the internet involving NEGATIVE OPINIONS on how Russian Bride agencies run their business. It almost seems that everyday there is a new conspiracy developing over such-n-such agency and how they DO BUSINESS. That their agency is a scam, the Russian women are fake and the forever thundering echo of “I’ve paid nearly $200 and not one girl has ever written me back!” I’ve even heard men say that almost all of the Russian Bride sites have the same girls, that a truly great agency won’t share their girls, etc. But my friends, there are always TWO SIDES to every story, and perhaps a [...]
[2007-12-12] The Albany City Council is set to review a bill that requires online dating sites to inform New Yorkers if they allow convicted criminals access to their services.
Under the bill proposed by assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer, Internet datingsites should inform of members from New York of dating safety precautionsand if they conduct criminal background checks."Our privacy precautions and safety guidelines are preferable to backgroundchecks, which are unreliable, unregulated and often incomplete," a spokesmanfor Lavalife, an Internet dating site, said in a statement to the New YorkSun. "For those reasons, we oppose legislation proposed in certain U.S.states endorsing background checks."New Jersey, California, Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia have consideredsimil [...]
[2007-12-12] Some stories of love on the Internet end with happily-ever-afters, but the story of Terri and Todd ends with a betrayal, an empty bank account and a single broken heart.
They met online almost two years ago. She was a widow in Hudson, Ohio, whowanted to ease back into the almost forgotten world of dating. He was a manwho'd faced a different kind of adversity.Chased from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, Todd described moving toAfrica to run an orphanage. Life there was hard, he wrote, and sometimes,despite his best efforts, children died.By the time she realized Todd's story was fiction, Terri had lost $110,000."We call them 'sweetheart swindles,' " Susan Grant, director of the NationalConsumer League's Fraud Center, said of the growing scam that exploitspeopl [...]
[2007-12-12] Many girls and women prefer live-in relationships instead of marriage
SURAT: Marriage as an institution is losing ground in the city, with manygirls and women instead preferring live-in relationships.The main reason for this trend is to avoid commitment and responsibilities,freedom to walk out of a relationship at any time and other factors."Like a substantial number of urban populace, I too am reluctant to take upthe hassles of children and other responsibilities that come along withmarriage. I am quite happy staying with my boyfriend without anycommitments," says Shayali Mehta (25), a college student.Ami Gandhi says, "I was always surprised to see my neighbour [...]
[2007-12-12] What singletons really hate about married women
Do married women see singletons as typical Bridget Joneses - cigarettesmoking, alcohol swigging, insecure obsessives, while the unattached viewSmug Marrieds as dull, interfering martyrs? Two writers go head-to-head ...Tuesday, December 04, 2007Happy and contented singleton Chrissie Russell says that marriage transformswomen into condescending bores:Marriage changes people. Suddenly the friends I used to hit the town with,down shots with and talk about men with have morphed into completelydifferent people. Efforts to secure their company on a night out start to bemet with looks of benign condes [...]
[2007-12-12] How can a woman become truly fulfilled
Feminists claim that women, in the last several decades, have made greatadvances in personal freedoms, jobs, and politics. Women no longer need tofeel shackled by the "traditional" roles of wife, homemaker and mother. Butwith all of this success, why aren't more women happy?As one writer states it, the feminist movement is suffering an identitycrisis.Feminists claim that women, in the last several decades, have made greatadvances in personal freedoms, jobs, and politics. Feminist writers maintainthat advances in birth control have given women the same sexual freedom asmen. In other words, wome [...]
[2007-12-12] Better NHS funding of fertility treatment will be crucial to the prevention of hazardous twin and triplet births, the IVF watchdog said yesterday as it announced a national strategy to reduce rates of multiple pregnancies.
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) expects clinics tocut the proportion of twin and triplet pregnancies from one in four to onein ten over three years. Multiple births are the biggest health risk in IVF.Instead of backing the target with the threat of restrictions on thetransfer of multiple embryos, the regulator has chosen a voluntary approachby which professional groups will draw up guidelines on how it should beachieved. It called on the Government to pay for more free cycles oftreatment to make the plan work.Walter Merricks, the interim chairman of the HFEA, has writte [...]
[2007-12-12] Email advances from Alena
THE DIARY has to admit that the subject line on the email made it stand outfrom all the others which wing their way in to The Press offices every hour:"From the most attractive woman of Russia."After glancing at the accompanying attached picture of Alena we have to say:Who are we to argue? But what on earth was it all about? It started with "Myname is Alena. I am from Russia. I am 30 years."So far, so good. But then it starts to get a bit more complicated, thanks toa serious case of lost in translation'.Alena says she wishes "to explain where I have taken your e-mail address,"saying her girlfr [...]
[2007-12-12] Matchmakers ply their trade within Islam's holiest mosque.
Mecca, Saudi Arabia - In the midst of overlapping murmurs of prayers in asea of white-cloaked worshipers, a woman's voice interrupts the collectivetrance as she asks: "Are you single?"For hundreds of years, Mecca has been the sacred meeting point of millionsof Muslims from across the world. They come to perform the hajj, the annualmajor pilgrimage, or umrah, a minor pilgrimage that can be performedanytime.Matchmaking is a profession that's at least as old as Mecca. But until now,say Saudi scholars, it hasn't been practiced at Islam's holiest site."These days, practicing Muslim men are having a [...]
[2007-12-12] Planning a wedding entirely online means giving up perfectionism. That's a good thing.
My wedding felt like a blind date.Not with my groom, of course _ that part looked familiar. But the rest _ thevillage church with the bright orange walls, the better-than-the-picturesflowers, the 1960s-era organ _ they were all nearly as new to me as theywere to the 50 Americans I had persuaded to come to Scotland for the event.I planned my wedding entirely online and lived to tell about it.In fact, I'd recommend it.Not that it was perfect. Had I known about the orange walls, I might nothave gone for purple kilts. But planning online, with a mix of shrewd,targeted research and aimless Googling [...]
[2007-12-12] Daters of all religious backgrounds, races, ages, and sizes turn to specialized dating Web sites such as,, BlackSingles.comR,, and to find love
A majority of users believe their use of personals sites helps them to finda better match. Some 31 percent of American adults say they know someone whohas used a dating website and 15 percent of American adults -- about 30million people -- say they know someone who has been in a long-termrelationship or married someone he or she met online (Source: Pew InternetResearch)."People know what they're looking for in a significant other. Sites targetedtoward specific affinity groups provide an ideal forum for singles lookingto meet like-minded individuals," says Greg Liberman, president and chiefoper [...]
[2007-12-12] U.S.-based online dating company turned to ritual prayers and a Shinto priest to help boost its business in Japan
It is common for busy singles and their relatives to visit shrines to prayfor luck in finding love in a country where hectic lifestyles make itdifficult to meet potential CEO Thomas Enraght-Moony and other company officials followed suiton Thursday, visiting the Shiba Dai-Jingu shrine in central Tokyo to takepart in a private ceremony that included the offering of a sacred sakakitree branch.In Japan, singles have warmed to online dating although it is still not aspopular as in the United States and Britain., part of Internetconglomerate IAC/InterActiveCorp., launch [...]
[2007-12-12] German embassies in China, Egypt, Moldova and Russia issued some 1,500 visas to people holding fake identity documents
"We have found roughly 1,500 cases of abuse regarding visa applications inthe last two years," foreign ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger said,confirming press reports."In Moscow there were 1,259 cases, in Chisinau 70 cases, in Shanghai 30 andin Cairo investigations are still ongoing but we have so far identified 132cases," he added.Jaeger said the ministry had taken disciplinary steps against staff membersimplicated in the visa fraud, adding that everywhere except in Moldova, these were locals employed by the missions and not members of the Germandiplomatic corps."In all cases criminal, discipl [...]
[2007-12-12] aimed at twenty-somethings comfortable with cutting-edge media
Many online dating sites seek to connect soulmates, to bring together thoselooking for eternal and everlasting love.The latest Internet dating site, launched in Palo Alto this week, is not oneof them."It's not about marriage," said Alex Gurevich, co-founder of,the first free all-video online dating site."It can be ... if you're from Utah," joked fellow co-founder Soudy Khan,born and raised in Palo Alto.The new site, which officially launched on Tuesday, eschews the typicalformat of online dating sites where users carefully word profiles and postphotos "from 10 years and 20 pounds [...]
[2007-12-12] Gets close to Turing test
LONELY hearts thinking they have scored on an online dating site might be talking to a flirtbot which is only interested in stealing their ID. Insecurity outfit PC Tools says that cyber criminals are using a really good bit of software that can mimic an online flirt, almost to the point of passing the Turing Test . But the robot is an online honey trap designed to squeeze as much personal information out of a person which can be used in ID fraud. The software has been seen on Russian chat forums and the artificial intelligence behind the software is so good that few have spotted what it is [...]
[2007-12-12] Internet matchmaking unites unlikely pair
How unlikely was this romance? She was born in Britain in the '70s. He was born in Fairbanks in the '50s. She was a globe-trotting journalist in China. He was a highway construction engineer in Alaska. She was a published author, an authority on chess and fluent in Russian. He was a Tourette's syndrome sufferer and fluent in profanity. So how did Sarah Hurst, 34, and Jon Savage, 52, begin to fall in love six years ago while living 4,000 miles apart? Through a global Internet dating service, of course -- which connected the two through cyberspace in an instant. But not before [...]
[2007-12-12] Five Department of Home Affairs officials will shortly appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on fraud charges in connection with the abuse of the national population register – a mainframe system.
The five were arrested on Friday at the department's Watloo, Pretoria, head office on charges of fraud and offences under laws governing the functioning of the Home Affairs department. Charges included facilitating fraudulent marriages between South Africans and illegal immigrants and unlawfully nullifying marriages.Home Affairs director-general Mavuso Msimang says the arrests are in line with the department's zero tolerance approach to corruption. "The department is using its resources and is also working with other law enforcement agencies in its fight against corruption committed by people [...]
[2007-12-12] New relationships for those with little memory leave spouses, children facing their own altered reality, experts say
By E.J. Mundell Even when Alzheimer's disease robs them of the life they once knew, some people can still find love among the ruins. And in most cases -- as highlighted by recent news on retired Supreme Court Judge Sandra Day O'Connor -- the spouse or child of the Alzheimer's patient grows to understand and accept the new relationship, experts say. O'Connor's Alzheimer's-stricken husband John, 77, has found companionship with a woman in the nursing home where he now resides, according to recent news reports. The two spend time together, holding hands, even when Justice O'Connor is nearby, [...]
[2007-12-12] The next time Hunky Bob from Plymouth flirts with you on a dating website, beware. He could be a "flirting robot", the latest tool used by hackers to gain access to your personal details and passwords.
Called CyberLover, the piece of software developed in Russia masquerades as a real man or woman who is seeking love online.It is capable of conducting flirtatious conversations with people in chat-rooms and on dating sites as a means of luring vital information from its unwitting victims.According to its creators, it can establish a new relationship online with up to 10 people in just 30 minutes. Security experts said they were concerned that internet users were being lured into a false sense of security before parting with personal information such as their address and date of birth which ca [...]
[2007-12-12] Social networks such as Facebook were one of the main targets of cybercriminals this year, according to security experts.
MessageLabs' review of security threats in 2007 reported that attacks onsocial networking sites rose from one attack per day in 2006 to more than1,100 in a 16 hour period during September 2007.According to MessageLabs, sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo presentrich pickings for cybercriminals as many people give away a lot of personalinformation in their profiles."The rapid adoption rate of social networking sites such as Facebook hasinevitably been exploited by cybercriminals intent on adding the content inthese sites to their portfolio of tools," said Mark Sunner, chief securityanalyst [...]
[2007-12-12] True love can now be found through the genes - according to a new DNA dating agency.
Florida firm aims to bring together soulmates by using their body odour, which it claims is the key to romantic attraction. Costing $2,000 a pop, it promises its technology will find its clients a perfect partner with “a natural odor you’ll love, with whom you’d have healthier children and a more satisfying sex life”. In analysing clients’ DNA, scientists compare immune system genes to pinpoint compatible mates. “Nature attracts us to our genetic matches with our noses. “The fact is, we love how other people smell when their immune systems are different from ours - they [...]
[2007-12-12] America's Matchmaker, Patti Novak, star of A&E's critically acclaimed reality show Confessions of a Matchmaker, announces the opening of Patti Novak Introductions' first satellite office, in Kalamazoo, Michigan
"I think that Michigan people are parallel to people in this part of New York," says Novak, "and I found two homegrown, local Michigan girls to run the office there. It feels right." The new office is located at 435 Whitcomb Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan and staffed with certified matchmakers, hand-picked and trained by Novak herself. Singles can register with Patti Novak Introductions by going to the company's website at Known for combining a direct, no-nonsense style with charm and integrity, Novak uses her unique, intuitive approach to [...]
[2007-12-12] First Catholic dating websites to feature mobile phone options
The first service using mobile wireless phones for online Catholic dating has just been released by the long-established Ave Maria Singles and by a brand-new website called Single Catholics. Both sites are using identical features that allow their members to use their cell phones as vehicles to receive communications from the website, as well as communicate with other members directly to each other’s mobile devices. When a member receives a message on the website, a text-message alert is sent to their cell phone that has the first name and member ID of the sender. What’s even more powerful, me [...]
[2007-12-12] Seventy percent of those who traffic in or pimp women hail from the Commonwealth of Independent States
In the aftermath of the report, which was released Monday, the Hotline has called on Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs chairman Michael Nudelman (Kadima) to take up the matter. "When I started working on this eight years ago, people warned me that I was getting involved with the Russian Mafia," the report's author, lawyer Nomi Levenkron, who heads the Hotline's anti-trafficking program, told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday. "People always imagine a Tony Soprano-type character," she said, "but while there are the big bosses, there are also the foot soldiers, many [...]
[2007-12-10] 'Green Card Marriage' ad nets arrest
At least she was being honest. Yuliya Kalinina, 24, spelled out exactly what she was looking for in a husband in her Internet ad: "Green Card Marriage -- Will pay $300/month. Total $15,000," the Russian national wrote in an ad placed on the Craigslist Web site. "This is strictly platonic business offer, sex not involved." The ad caught the attention of the man who would eventually marry her on February 17, 2006. But it also alerted agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Kalinina, from Russia, and her husband, Benjamin C. Adams, 30, were arrested last week for what federal pr [...]
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