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Russian Bride Agency Conspiracies

You read all over the internet involving NEGATIVE OPINIONS on how Russian Bride agencies run their business. It almost seems that everyday there is a new conspiracy developing over such-n-such agency and how they DO BUSINESS. That their agency is a scam, the Russian women are fake and the forever thundering echo of “I’ve paid nearly $200 and not one girl has ever written me back!” I’ve even heard men say that almost all of the Russian Bride sites have the same girls, that a truly great agency won’t share their girls, etc. But my friends, there are always TWO SIDES to every story, and perhaps after reading this article, you will think twice BEFORE blasting out your own conspiracy theory….

CONSIDER THIS:There are many dating sites that contain the same profiles. When I was a member of so many years ago, I used to see the same girls all the time on other sites as well, such as, udate and yahoo personals. We all joined multiple sites to spread ourselves out — to have more options. And during that time, I can say that I joined nearly every site imaginable. So would you agree that all of these sites are involved in some kind of conspiracy because they have the same profiles?A man searching for a Russian bride joins 2-3 sites at once, writes to many ladies, gets his photo in the site catalogue that is presented to Russian women… so that’s 3 site catalogues he is now a member of. The ladies see his photo in 3 different catalogues and begin to wonder… is he involved in a conspiracy then too, simply because he has joined 2-3 different Russian Bride sites? A man describes himself as being wealthy, good looking and successful… and he sends out 400 emails telling Russian women how he is a God in bed, how women love him and worship the ground he walks upon. How he loves to have cybersex and invites all Russian women to join him in on the fun… yet not one letter was returned. Is this a conspiracy?

BOTTOM LINE: Business is business — always has been and always will be. Part of the success to any dating site is having a large database to attract new customers. Profiles hardly ever get removed — and while some do remove the old profiles, most do not. My profile is still on many of the other dating sites and I can’t get them to remove it because I forgot the email address I used to sign up with. This was 5 years ago too! Russian girls are human too — and they spread themselves out too by joining many different marriage agencies. Many of the Russian bride sites use real marriage agencies located in Russia, and many of these agencies are NOT exclusive to just one bride site. They are all in business to make money, so you cannot blame them for spreading themselves out too. And after a while, these same Russian girls forget which marriage agencies they joined up with, lose contact or whatever, and their profiles stay forever in the database. It’s part of the dating business and will always be like that. Nobody’s fault really — but don’t blame a dating agency for not deleting a profile simply because a user has forgotten to contact them and tell them to remove it.Agencies are not the bad guys nor the good guys. They are a business, plain and simple. They have a list of over 30,000 clients — so do you really expect them to call every single women and ask if their still single? Does do that? For the record, does any dating site do that? Of course not and it’s ludicrous to think that they should.And what about writing those letters and not getting any responses? Well, what about it?!! Write some more and keep on truckin’! Not everyone is going to think you’re as great as YOU seem to know that you are. That’s life… get used to disappointment. I sent out probably thousands of letters in my 4 years of online dating, and at best, I might have gotten maybe a 15% return rate. In my opinion, that is actually pretty good too. Online dating is not easier, so don’t be a fool and think it is. It only gives you more options to meeting more people — but along side of that also comes more rejections.So the next time you hear a negative”Opinion” about how Russian dating agencies are handled, just remember one thing… they are in business to make money; and whether or not the practices of certain agencies might be argued as being ILLEGITIMATE, you always still have the choice of NOT JOINING. If you believe a certain agency carries a lousy reputation, then why bother joining it in the first place? Just move on and find another site to join that you feel more comfortable with. Good luck!

By Mitchell Smith


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