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[] Russian Christmas
Thirteen days after Western Christmas, on January 7th, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates its Christmas, in accordance with the old Julian calendar. It's a day of both solemn ritual and joyous celebration After the 1917 Revolution, Christmas was banned throughout Russia, along with other religious celebrations. It wasn't until 75 years later, in 1992, that the holiday was openly observed. Today, it's once again celebrated in grand fashion, with the faithful participating in an all-night Mass in incense-filled Cathedrals amidst the company of the painted icons of Saints [...]
[] Russian Easter
There are many feasts, which Russians like to celebrate. The main is the spring feast Easter. It is a light and kind feast brings belief, hope and love. Approximately 5 thousand years back Judaic tribes celebrated this spring day as a feast of calving of cattle, and then Easter was connected with beginning of harvest, later - with leaving of Jews from Egypt. Christians have enclosed other sense of this day and celebrate it in connection with resurrection of Christ. The First Ecumenical council established day of commemorating of Easter in 325 year: the first Sunday after the first spring [...]
[] Is the process of long-distance dating going to take long?
Every man willing to find a wife in the Internet must have asked himself how long the process of correspondence and dating is going to take.  Besides, he would like to know the appropriate terms of waiting for his girl’s answer, calling his girlfriend and arranging their meeting. “When can I first kiss her? How long does the immigration process take? When is my sweetheart going to enter my house?” We’ll answer all your questions. I think it’s not counting months, weeks, days and hours but enjoying your dating game. You can experience this only once! If you lose your head and pl [...]
[] Deceit will always come to light!
Internet is the sphere that provokes people to put on masks. You can invent an attractive nickname and do what you want! However, the sphere of international dating is not the zone where people may deceive. Here the people are serious about finding their other half and when they meet a cheater, it always hurts… Yesterday we got a letter from one woman. She informed us that our client deceits women. He is her husband and she even sent the paper that proves the fact. What for is all this deceit? Does he think that it won’t be disclosed??? Certainly, if a woman corresponds on her own, a [...]
[] Where to meet your lady? Come to Russia or invite your lady to other country?
Let’s not surmise, but take the initiative in our own hands. It is good to exchange letters, but we have a saying here: “It is better to see once, than to hear hundred times!”. You can correspond for long and it will seem to you that here she is, your special one. But when you meet, spark may not rise between you. Don’t waste time in vain! Don’t drag out the correspondence! And summer is the best time for meetings! So, planning your dating, you should decide where you want to see your future fiancée: - at her area. Advantages: you can get acquainted with her family, friends, see [...]
[] The meaning of a smile? Why do Russians smile so seldom?
We often hear from foreigners that Russians rarely smile (especially people living in big cities). We don’t notice it but in comparison to other eastern and western countries it is right. Meaning what? Russians rude, impolite, ill mannered, non-hospitable and so on??   I think it is deeper in national traditions. Lets’ see how it is! I have found a wonderful work in the Internet written by one of the Voronezh University Professor I.A. Sternin. I think he has given a good scientific base to this phenomenon. He points out 14 distinguishing features of a typical Russian smile: [...]
[] I cannot believe that I’ll get a positive answer! Then post your profile!
One of three men of our visitors say this. But none of them has written a single letter. Having a long experience I can definitely say that having no positive answers at all is naturally impossible! There are a lot of means of receiving interested letters from women and we are going to discuss this issue in the nearest future. Now good news for those who:- are not ready to act;- are not ready to spend time looking through women catalogues.Let us present you the service Post your profileWhat are you to do?1. Enter our cite www.ChanceForLove.com2. Click link at the bottom of the page Post you [...]
[] Mistakes you can make during your dating trip to Russia or Ukraine
     Do you agree that the best lessons are lessons given to you by other people who have already made some mistakes so that you wouldn’t repeat them? We are going to have a detailed observation of a certain man’s trip. When coming to Russia he managed to make a lot of mistakes and he can hardly calm down with the idea of getting wiser and more experienced. But you can avoid all this bad stuff! Just imagine you are playing the computer game called “Taking pleasure from you trip to Russia”. Come on! Let’s start.     As you know any trip starts long bef [...]
[] Language barrier.
Instead of epigraph: > Hi Slava,> > I am corresponding with a lady from  She's almost exactly> the kind of girls I am looking for.  However, I do have serious concern about> whether the language barrier could be overcome.  I do not speak Russian, and> she only understands written English text with help of dictionary.  I can> communicate with her with your translation at this time, and we would not be> able to get any help in our daily life if we got married and lived together. > What is your opinion?  How other co [...]
[] Mistakes you can make during your dating trip to Russia or Ukraine. Part 2
    We are again on our trip together with Jake. We are lucky our trip is virtual one because his real trip indeed was a hard test for him. Jake and we are going to know the following:- traveling around the country without problems- a gift for your girl- how to spend time in Russia- correct estimation of your girl. Special attention- I’m answering your questions.So, Jake was at a loss and made several mistakes:- he didn’t have a notion about the country he was going to and took no simple things for everyday life here - he combined advantages of a hotel and an apartment b [...]
[] Your safety: criminals in Russia.
One we have a client in Kazan we called him a brave man. Sometimes I hear some sad stories about postponing meetings between Western men and our women. They can fail because men's close people and relations persuade them not to go to "dangerous Russia". Bandits all over! If you are lucky to escape them you are certain to be caught by KGB.It would be very funny but: I see this argument works and some men take it really serious!Yes, we have a high level of criminal activity in Russia.Yes, our criminals tend to form bands.Yes, Russian laws work poorly.It's true. But how can [...]
[] Russian ladies and their English
Seeing women’s personal ads you must take a note of their level of English. Some men consider it very important because they don’t want to wait till their wife masters English well. Others are not so deeply concerned about English. They much rather prefer beautiful long blond hair :))Whatever, no one is indifferent. We got the following marks that can show you our women’s English level:The majority of them got this:«Level 1 - Some forgotten knowledge from school or university»You are surprised because she was learning English at school and university but her level is still poor. Maybe she i [...]
[] A little trick to catch any woman.
If you have no confidence in your own powers but you like the girl very much you can use a trick that is certain to help you. Attach a present to your first introduction letter! It can be something quite cheap but pleasant to every woman: one or three roses (in Russia it is not allowed to present people with an even number of flowers), a soft toy or some sweets. If your woman is well brought up she will certainly answer you at least to thank. Try not to miss this chance and get her interested in your further correspondence. Well, if the girl is not very well brought up and even does [...]
[] The worst mistakes men do in the first letters.
1. Impersonal letter. Each gentleman should introduce himself and tell the woman about his life at least in a nutshell. Very often letters have no name, let alone age, occupation and the country of living. However, all these facts are very important for Russian ladies. 2. Standard letters. Letters starting with «Hi, there!» are good for an ash can only. Address your letters to each girl personally. We’ll give you a hint: just comment on some fact from her personal profile. For instance, if she’s got a child ask her about his/her name, interests and so on…   The worst letter pat [...]
[] First Introduction letter: don’t repeat mistakes of others
    Recently we got an angry letter from our client. He accused us of having incompetent translators and unserious women. We are very sensitive to statements like these, because we think that everything is just the other way round at our agency. We are constantly working with our women, remove inactive and uninterested from our database.     As for our managers and translators – they are all professional, have higher education and experience. I stop advertisement and introduction here. :))     The ground for this article was investigation about the co [...]
[] The basic rule of any long distance e-mail correspondence
The basic rule of any correspondence (let alone Russian girls) is mentioned in the Bible: Treat people the way you would like them to treat you. In other words, write the letters you would like to get. The concept of your first letter It must include some information. If you are writing a letter you have at least seen her picture. If you are curious you have read her profile and know about her hobbies, preferences and so on. You are already communicating with her in your thoughts but she knows nothing about you. You are a clean sheet of paper for her or something you have written o [...]
[] The strategy of your further correspondence.
The general rule here is being an interesting companion. Here everything is like in a real life. Just you have the advantage: you shouldn’t look better than you are. It is the case when virtual nature of communication is a great advantage. Be yourself. Show your natural reaction to her letters. It’ll take you more time to have mutual feelings but if you have them I can assure you they are much stronger than usual. Show you interest in your woman’s life. Be attentive to her letters; do not ignore her questions. Tell her about your way of life because she will have to adopt it. We had [...]
[] Translate me, please (How to choose an interpreter)
     This article is for those who plan their visit to Russia. Let’s talk about interpreters today. If your future bride graduated from the Institute of foreign languages and can speak 2-3 languages fluently, then, obviously, you don’t need an interpreter. In all other cases sooner or later you will have to resort to the help of this intermediary. For instance, during the first date, when your girl is so confused that all the English words she learnt so hard by your visit, have slipped her mind.  Or during some important talks, while filling in some official documen [...]
[] What you should know about your girl before proposing to her
    When writing a letter you often don’t know what issues you’d better choose and what questions you should ask. On one hand, you can ask whatever you like because you don’t know her at all! On the other hand, possible questions are so numerous that you get lost!!! Which ones should come first? I think each of you can think over the list of questions that YOU find important. To help you do this, let me offer you a list of questions, or rather topics that you should discuss with your potential wife. Discussing them, you will learn to find the points of similarity and be toler [...]
[] A typical Russian lady willing to marry a foreign man: her portrait
Each of us has some typical images in mind: an ideal man, an ideal mother, miss Perfection and so on. It doesn’t mean we try to make our fellow mates fit all these criteria. But clichés can help us understand what we want. I’ve seen a lot of descriptions of a typical Russian lady. Some of them are too lofty or idealized; others are too ironical and even cynic. I guess the truth is middle. We’ve met thousands of such women for 7 years and I’ll try to paint a typical portrait of a Russian lady seeking a foreign man for marriage. The ground: Age: about 30, looks good   [...]
[] Russian women about feminism
    I often happen to participate in discussions that Russian women are going to become like American soon. They watch American movies, catch American lifestyle and American values.     Really, we can feel American influence in Russia today. And the matter doesn’t lie in Hollywood or McDonalds. Women’s independence is becoming trendy. According to the last population census, there are more women with higher education than men now. Some women have several higher educations.     Nevertheless, Russia has its own way. Our history counts thousands of year [...]
[] Safe ways to carry money to Russia
    Those who have never been to Russia, are inclined to judge it from movies. I have seen some American movies about Russians! :-)) They have nothing to do with reality! Nevertheless, you may be scared with “Russian mafia”, lack of development, instability. In reality Moscow is one of the most expensive cities of the world, equally with London, New York and Tokyo.       The word combination “Russian mafia” became obsolete long ago. Now Russia is governed by oligarchs – those, who in their time managed to buy oil, gas, etc. at cheap price. As you can see, it [...]
[] Language barrier
Instead of epigraph: Hi Slava, I am corresponding with a lady from She's almost exactly the kind of girls I am looking for.  However, I do have serious concern about whether the language barrier could be overcome. I do not speak Russian, and she only understands written English text with help of dictionary. I can communicate with her with your translation at this time, and we would not be able to get any help in our daily life if we got married and lived together. What is your opinion?  How other couples overcame the language barrier? A [...]
[] Who are male scammers?
We often talk a lot about female scammers. These ladies meet men in the Internet and start telling stories about being so poor and needing so much!… Mother is gonna have an operation, father needs a new wheelchair, sister cannot continue her education and brother is desperate to start his own business (of course in a year it is going to grow up and you are certain to have your interests, trust her!), and she… she is modest and needs nothing, perhaps, except… payment for using Internet, translator service, visa, plane ticket…   Let alone those noble men who are ready to give money [...]
[] How to send money to Russia?
If you plan a mutual travel or just want to send money to your fiancee, you face the problem: how to do it in the best way? There are 4 ways and it depends on the sum, purpose and regularity which way is the best. That’s the topic we are going to discuss today. 1. Sending money through the International systems of transfer without opening an account. There are many systems like these now, I will name only well known to me: Western Union, Money Gram and Contact. Their system of work is similar: You bring money, pay commission, say the woman’s surname, name, country and city of reside [...]
[] Place of dating: not Paris alone!
Dear Slava! I want to spend a week in Europe with my fiancee. But she writes that it will be difficult for her to get a visa, because she is young and unmarried. I don’t understand why it is so? Explain, please. What would you do if you were me? Maybe she just doesn’t want to meet with me? Rick     First of all, I want to say that what this girl says is true. Really, for young and single girls it is very difficult (next to impossible) to get a visa to Shenghen countries. And it is explained easily. Since the moment when “iron curtain” collapsed and Russians were allowe [...]
[] user’s manual
Every tool has its manual. Even batteries for your player have instructions! Our site is also a tool, but much more complicated: it can help you find your close friend, your special someone, Mrs. Right. The main point is to use this tool in the right way. Quite recently we changed our site, it has become more modern, informative and attractive. Here are the letters we received: “Wow you changed your home page Looks great and a lot of information. May I be the first to congratulate you on the new site”. Steve “I wanted to let you know that I have been looking at your improved we [...]
[] How much does a compliment cost?
How much, indeed? Nothing in fact: said and that’s it. But if it were that easy, this story with a big sum of money in finale couldn’t have happened. Here is how it was.   New Zealand is a wonderful country, however it too has many lonely people who want to settle their personal life. Even if they have to fly more than 24 hours in a plane for that!   Our character, Francisco, had some experience of communication with Russian women when he started writing to Marina: long blonde hair, big blue eyes, soft, feminine, domestic, alluring. Oh, she was the woman he had been dreamin [...]
[] What is a 'mail order bride'?
What does this term mean? Where does it come from? Why do dating services use this term? Let’s dot our “i’s” and cross our “t’s” once and for all!   International marriages are very popular now. Though many people can’t understand them. Sometimes they just need to “mature” for it.  Nevertheless, developed communications and Internet have done their part. It has become convenient, accessible and quick to meet people from other countries. But it hasn’t always been so! However, international marriages did exist. How did people meet?   Here is the version of Yale Profes [...]
[] What gift to make on St. Valentine’s Day?
I am writing you all these things ‘cause I want you to treat a woman with understanding if she shares your fears with you. Like people of our Chanceforlove team who all these days keep calming down our women that the film is simply a tricky shuffling of facts, you can help your sweetheart to obtain peace in her heart. All the more St. Valentine’s Day is at hand. Perhaps, it is the hottest question today, isn’t it? What to give and how to make this day unforgettable? I’ve come across some curious information and I would like to share it with you. It is about the results of women’s poll on the s [...]
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