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The basic rule of any long distance e-mail correspondence

The basic rule of any correspondence (let alone Russian girls) is mentioned in the Bible: Treat people the way you would like them to treat you. In other words, write the letters you would like to get.

The concept of your first letter

It must include some information. If you are writing a letter you have at least seen her picture. If you are curious you have read her profile and know about her hobbies, preferences and so on. You are already communicating with her in your thoughts but she knows nothing about you. You are a clean sheet of paper for her or something you have written on this sheet!

If you write something like, «Hi there! I am Michael from Canada. I will glad to receive a letter from you» you can expect the answer of the most desperate woman or a scam. Want it?

Introduce yourself. Tell her what exactly you liked in her profile. Tell her about yourself in a nutshell (your character, likes and dislikes, life values, the traits of a person’s nature that you appreciate). You are intended to marry, so tell her your ideas about marriage on the whole.

Just don’t give too much information. It doesn’t sound good if you start describing the whole history of your family in the first letter so that it takes 9 pages (no matter how exciting it can be().

Avoid monologues. Ask her some questions about her, her country, work, pets and so on. Let her feel your sincere interest!

A little humorous shade is always appreciable! Be friendly and romantic. And of course, say compliments!

Make sure not to forget to attach your pictures! It will help you avoid misunderstanding in future. Evidently, your picture must be of hi-fi quality. It would be better if you were alone eon your picture. Don’t make your girl think about the person embracing your shoulder if this person’s hand can bee seen only. It does not further falling in love with you!( Children or pets are allowed. But don’t forget to comment on them.

Ask your woman to answer you even if she rejects your attention. Of course, all serious agencies can give you this service, but if you mention it in you letter the woman you are writing to will realize you are serious. Perhaps, this very fact will shatter her doubts concerning your decency!

Your comments:

#1 Tom (USA) at 2006-04-12
I am very confident in every area of my life until it is time to speak with a woman.
It seems to be the only time when I can't think of anything to say. My question is: How do I begin an introduction letter without sounding like every other person trying to write an introduction.
Author's answer: Dear Tom,
Your situation is rather common. For many people it's very difficult to make a first step. And it's
even harder to do through mail.
There can be distinguished some recommendation for writing an introductory letter.
First of all your letter should be personal, addressed to that very woman you are interested in. You
may point at common interests and ideas you share with her so that she could understand that your
letter is not a standard one where you just change names of recipients.
A compliment is also important but it also needs to be individual. All women are different. One has
unfathomable eyes, the other - luxurious flowing hair.
Don't tell everything about yourself in the first letter, but mention such details like your age,
marital status, the country (city) you are from, your occupation. Ask questions. Show the real
interest to the lady.
There can't be total-lot rules that should be obeyed. Just be yourself. If you are a decent person
and your intentions are serious, your letter won't be left unnoticeable. Put a part of yourself in

All the best,

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