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Russian personals: Is the process of long-distance dating going to take long?

There are thousands of Russian personals in the Internet. Every man willing to find a wife in the Internet must have asked himself how not get lost among all those Russian personals, how long the process of correspondence and dating is going to take. Besides, he would like to know the appropriate terms of waiting for his girl’s answer, calling his girlfriend and arranging their meeting. “When can I first kiss her? How long does the immigration process take? When is my sweetheart going to enter my house?” We’ll answer all your questions.

I think it’s not counting months, weeks, days and hours but enjoying your dating game. You can experience this only once! If you lose your head and plunge into your feelings I’m sure you’ll be pleased to recall this time in future (some dull gloomy evening :)).

BUT! Marriage is responsibility for your beloved. So, before enjoying the process of dating let’s solve all the problems that can bother you or your woman.

1. How long should the process of search take?

It all depends. Once you know well what kind of woman you seek it’s going to be much faster. Indeed, if you don’t know the direction of your voyage no map can help you here!:) The range of Russian personals in the Internet is so diverse now that at least one of them can meet the demands of the most exacting guy. All you need is an approximate image of your girl and determination to find what you need.

In case you are not sure if you are up to marry or you just want to “see what will come of it”, I think, you search can take years. Once you have the goal to marry a Russian (for instance) girl it can take you half a year to achieve it (remember our case?). Are you ready for this?

If yes, now you are to make a choice! Here you can make a great use of your favorite woman images. Maybe you would prefer her to be like your first love, your mother? Like no one else? You prefer blonds? With long hair? Non-smokers, sporting? With a child? Higher education? What is important to you?

You can make your exact choice of Russian personals with the help of our Advanced Search Engine. Please, fill in all the fields carefully and the system will show you a number of Russian personals that match your criteria. You did it but no result? Oh, you must be very exacting!:) Perhaps, correct your requirements a little bit?

Once the system has shown you some Russian personals please write these girls sincere personal letters. When writing you should remember that though you don’t know any of them yet maybe there is your one in the world among them and she is going to share your life and become your closest person. Carefully see her pictures in the personal and words in the info. Start with what you liked best in her, tell something about yourself and suggest her corresponding. If your letter is really frank and personal be sure you’ll get an answer soon! And then…

2. What is the proper time length of correspondence?

Here is the scheme: looking through Russian personals and choosing several - correspondence - telephone conversations - arranging a personal meeting - your mutual decision to marry - making ready all the documents - waiting for the fiancee visa – your wedding!

How long are you to wait before making a decision to meet? It depends on the frequency of your letters and telephone talks. The couples wishing to marry in the closest possible time tend to write letters daily and even twice a day. Those who have just started their communication write two-three letters a week.

Whatever, if your correspondence has been lasting for half a year already and no further movement is expected, you may start worrying. Half a year is more than enough to decide if you are going to meet this person or not.

3. When can I call her?

You have to remember that correspondence is great, telephone conversations are even better… but personal meeting is the best! So if you are intended to marry your girl you have to come to some further stages of your communication. Telephone conversations, for example, draw you closer to each other, make your heart tremble and make the virtual image of your girlfriend quite real for you.

The earlier you start talking on the phone the better! You can find some recommendations below, in the classes of Russian.

I can only add that you shouldn’t call the girl unless she didn’t give you a positive answer. If you are up to call her you’d better warn her beforehand. Of course surprises are always pleasant but you may have difficulties because:

- You don’t speak her native tongue.

- She gets lost and cannot pronounce a word because of trembling.

- She is too busy at the moment of your call.

- She doesn’t really know the person she is talking to.

In case your girl does not speak English you can order a three-part telephone conversation with an interpreter. You appoint the time so that your girl could come to the office and talk to you. The interpreter is going to be on a parallel telephone and help you. We can always find the way out! :)

4. How long should I wait for her answer?

As you know our girls are given 10 days to write their answers. In case she fails to answer she must have some more important things in life. We remove profiles of women who are not interested in correspondence.

Indeed, 10 days is a long term. If a woman is interested in this or that man she can call us hourly and check her e-mail every minute. Then why 10 days?

Let’s follow the way of your correspondence.

- You send a letter to her.

- We get, register it, and send this information to an operator (it may take one day if your letter came in the evening).

- The operator calls the woman and informs her about the letter. (It may take one or two days depending on some facts, for example, if the woman has a telephone at home, at work or she gave the number of her girlfriend only).

- The woman learns about the letter and comes to our office. (It may take several days depending on the woman’s intention to quickly answer or wait a little).

- The girl comes to the office and takes the letter and the translation. Now she can answer immediately or take your letter home and bring her letter to the agency later. In this case she will have to find time to come to the office again.

You see? Sometimes her answer may be late owing to some objective reasons. So be patient. But if you wrote a letter, say, 5 days ago and got no answer you can use our special service «Check your letter status»:

- Open your girl’s personal page.

- Find a bottom button «Check your letter status» and click it.

- Enter your e-mail and your password.

- Your enquiry is automatically sent to our managers who’ll tell you the stage of your letter (if your woman is aware of it, if she’s going to answer positively and when she is going to do it). They will just contact the girl by the phone and find everything out. You don’t have to write, just click the button. But wait 5 days before doing it! :))

5. How long takes the process of immigration?

So, you wrote letters, had telephone conversations, then met each other and got charmed. You made a marriage proposal to her! Great. Now starting the process of immigration.

Well, the longest immigration process is in the USA. I don’t think I should explain the reasons (the 11th September). It may take 6-12 months, could be more. The length depends on:

- The state law.

- If you are going to do it on your own or use the lawyer’s services (a good professional lawyer can make the process quicker while a bad one can slow it down).

- The set of the documents you have to convince the immigration service that your marriage is not a fiction.

- The correctness of your documents (each mistake means a several month postponement).

European laws are not so drastic but anyway your immigration process is going to take at least half a year.

6. When is she going to come to my house?

After you send all the documents your girlfriend will have to wait for the interview with the embassy officers. As a rule, if everything’s OK, she’ll get her visa in the day of the interview. After getting a fiancee visa your sweetheart is free to do whatever she wants (leave Russia for your country) and whenever she wants.

7. When are we going to marry?

The point is that if a woman is staying in her fiance’s country for a certain period and not getting married (the period is different in different countries) she is certain to be departed. For example this term in the USA is 90 days. She has time to get to know you and your country better and live with you. If everything is up to her expectations she will marry you. If not, she is free to come back to Russia. Don’t press her and don’t hurry with your marriage. You should always remember that marrying a foreigner is a very responsible step for a Russian woman and requires her courage. Just show your love and support and you may be sure that she will pay you back!

Be happy!

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