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A fiancée visa to England: much easier now!
    In the previous newsletter I promised to tell you about how to get a fiancée visa to England. Several girls from our agency have gone successfully through it recently and now has the status of fiancée. But last week I got the following e-mail:   «Thank you for the newsletters, as I was reading your letter I noted about the hard questions they would ask which is not uncommon in my line of work, i.e. I work for the home office in England so I know a bit about the immigration rules. And I know it’s not easy to get in to some places. Ian»     Dear Ia [...]
Active Tourism Offers The Ability to View Russia From A New Angle
If you ask a glamorous suntanned lady with a big suitcase returning to Sheremetyevo airport from Sharm-el-Sheikh and a bearded guy in dirty hiking boots sitting next to an enormous backpack outside the Kursk train station whether they consider themselves tourists, there is a high probability that both would answer in the affirmative. But there is an equally reasonable chance that the two would have different ideas about the concept which, in a broader sense, represents diverse lifestyles. For many of its adherents in Russia, self-organized tourism is a sort of a lifestyle and a set of values, [...]
All about how to make Christmas merry!
Less than 10 days before Christmas! What presents to give????? This is the most important question of the year! Calm down, guys! We have thought it out for you. Look: a gift for your dreams girl should be: - romantic, - sweet, - show your care about her - and it also should be uncommon to make your girl charmed with it. You might find it impracticable. But it is not! Morning coffee with love Do you know that every morning you can make coffee for your beloved? How??? Present her a coffee machine! Even being on different continents, you will constantly take care of your lad [...]
Can Your Afford A Russian Woman?
At first glance this may strike you as an odd subject. After all how could a normal American man not be able to afford a Russian woman? Isn’t the average wage in the FSU around $100 a month? I make $3,500 a month (or whatever). Certainly this does not apply to me! Not so fast. All of the above may indeed be true. However life in America and life in the FSU are very different. The most basic difference is that Russia and the FSU is a cash economy. Meaning that if want to buy something, you must have the cash physically on you. There is very little use of credit, and checks are almost non-exist [...]
Divorce - how long have guys in America reported paying alimony
I've been divorced three times and on my way to the fourth. Nothing to be proud of but i've got enough experience in the matter to give an opinion. For one thing, if you are worried about how much you are going to lose in a divorce, then don't get married because you lost already. If you have this in the back of your mind you are never going to love the woman you are with, you are going to look at her as a walking wallet ready to be filled up the minute you screw up and you certainly will after a few years of suspicion wrecks your personality. Your wife is going to be glad to leave you but whe [...]
Do really less Men Coming To Russia or Ukraine?
In the past year or two we have seen a significant decrease in the number of men who are visiting the FSU (Former Soviet Union) to find a suitable marriage partner. This is especially true for America, but also Europe and Australia as well. Why is this? I think there are several reasons. First, the news media has been very aggressive in reporting any type of terrorist related “gloom and doom” story they can find. I believe this has made many people a little concerned, if not downright afraid, of international travel. Never mind the fact that Russia, Ukraine and the other FSU countries are som [...]
Does age matter?
So it happened that all dating services work with pictures. It is awful! As it is impossible to see personality behind the picture, but only appearance. So it happened that age influences our looks. So it happened that age becomes one of the major factors in choosing a partner. Age matters! And we must know all advantages and disadvantages of different age groups. 1. I am older than she is. It is the most numerous group. In nearly all international marriages spouses have disparity in 5-10-15 and even 25-35 years. I say “nearly all”, because I need to tell something in the next [...]
Drinking in Russia
What do you drink or not drink in Russia? Let's start with the water. We have noted that it is not the norm to find ice in soft drinks, etc. This is typical of many European countries. Hotels and restaurants, which cater to tourists, will offer ice. But, take caution. Scientists consider about a fourth of Russia's water to be unsafe. Some areas are tainted by a parasite which will cause most unpleasant results. In short, the best thing to do is consume bottled water. If the water is not considered safe, then, neither is the ice! Tea was introduced in Russia by the Mongols in the 1600's. It is [...]
Hotel or apartment?
Lately I often receive the following question: “I am going to Russia to meet my girl. Where should I stay: at a hotel or apartment? What are pluses and minuses?” Let’s talk about it today. First time in Russia? If you visit the country for the first time and feel uncertain, then it is better to stay at a hotel. What are the advantages: the personnel of the hotel render a lot of services. Minuses: Each service is individually paid! They will cook you breakfast, wash and iron your shirt (you will pay the cost of a new short for that), make your bed, wake you up, call a taxi f [...]
How do Russian people celebrate Christmas and New Year?
In a quite different way from your celebration! I am 100% sure. It would be interesting to invite you to Russia for these holidays. Sadly, you can’t come here this year? Well, then, let me tell about the Russian way to celebrate New Year and Christmas.   First of all, I want to note that Christmas is celebrated in January 7 in Russia. I wrote about it in the last newsletter. It is concerned with the fact that Orthodox world lives according to old calendar. Orthodox calendar is two weeks behind. The majority of Russian population is Christians and Moslems. Few people belong to o [...]
How Many Letters Does A Russian Woman Receive?
This is a question I had been asking myself for a while. It has been simply a curiosity for me. Recently I have been thinking about this quite a bit, and think it might serve to make us men more effective by being a bit choosier with whom we correspond. I talked with a number of agency owners and workers, including some translators who are the main group that observe the flow of letters in and out of an agencies office. They all say basically the same thing. The prettiest 15-25% of their ladies receive about 75% of the letters! So, apparently, us guys are most concerned about finding a beaut [...]
How To Choose An Honest Russian Marriage Agency
Finding an honest agency is a huge help in this process. However, you should know that most of these places, especially the agencies that are based in the FSU, are only interested in separating you from your money. The advice in this chapter will save you much confusion, money and heartache. It is too bad that more Russian women and Ukrainian women do not advertise themselves independently. However, without having an internet connection of their own and with only limited knowledge of English the agency alternative is their most realistic choice. Also, many of these ladies are not aware of how [...]
How to give a ring being far from your sweetheart? Helpful advice to those who want to make a proposal.
Ring is an ancient meaningful symbol. It means: - Faithfulness: shows to others that one’s heart belongs to his wife or husband. - Eternity: the ring is round, i.e. it has neither beginning nor end. - And, at last, the ring is made of pure and solid metal. So, the wedding ring symbolizes love and faithfulness, purity and eternity. Naturally they are the integral part of our business and in the course of time we have accumulated a lot of amazing stories connected with rings. How to define the size? The most difficult thing is to choose the right size being far from your [...]
How to use the dating service in the most effective way: what the doctor ordered!
Are you intrigued by the title? Yes, really today I will open your some secrets that will help you strategically. All people are different, there are no universal recommendations that could help all, but! The dating service is only a device and as any device it has a manual how to use it effectively.   I tried to look at the dating service not as its owner, but as a client in order to be impartial. And I must admit that some tips won’t be in my favor (and you will understand why).  But it is just the way I would act if I were the one who seeks a Russian wife. Are you dying [...]
I made one fatal error: I lowered my age in the profiles
I've been a member of a dating Web site for almost two months. I wrote a heartfelt magnum opus of an introductory essay and answered questions with brutal honesty. The photos I posted are so current I don't even need a haircut yet. I don't pretend to love sports or to know the names of players to get men's attention (actually, I do love sports and could talk about, say, LeBron James until the cows come home.) But I made one fatal error: I lowered my age. According to my profile, I'm 38 - a full six years younger than I actually am. My rationale for such wild exaggeration was that many men [...]
If you come in contact with evil people who's intentions are to steal and hurt
Because the internet is such an easy medium to contact others, it is naive to think that you will never come in contact with evil people who's intentions are to steal and hurt. We could include "online players" in this category, but we want to warn people of two other groups that can be potentially dangerous.The first group are the worst. They are predators and their hearts are full of evil. They may seem to be the most sincere people in the world, but are in reality wolves in sheep's clothing. Fortunately, these individuals rarely carry out their sick fantasies. We only mention them because [...]
Is my russian girl Real?
You must find out that the woman you are writing to is real, a woman, and genuinely interested in writing to you! This may seem very basic, but let me ask this question: how do you know you are writing to a real woman? How do you know she is genuinely interested in you? How do you know she is actually a woman? Yes, there are men in Russia and throughout the FSU (Former Soviet Union) that troll around these free dating sites and marriage agency sites (sometimes they even have a business arrangement with some of the agencies!) and impersonate women! They may even find a girlfriend, wife or mi [...]
Jewish wedding traditions in Russia
“An engagement and the signing of a Ketubah (a marriage contract) at times precede a Jewish wedding,” said Borukh Gorin, head of the public relations department of the Federation of Russia’s Jewish Communities. The Jewish ceremony usually starts with the bride and the groom being escorted to the huppah, a Jewish wedding canopy, by both sets of parents. The canopy is held up on four poles by unmarried Jewish men. The huppah is installed outdoors under the starry sky (because the Lord promised to the forefather Abraham that his descendents would multiply like stars in the sky). The ceremony ki [...]
Know Yourself
These are just a list of general tips and procedures that you should keep in mind as you search for your Russian or FSU (Former Soviet Union) wife! Know Yourself: You need to know who you are. By this I mean you should honestly sit down and decide what kind of qualities and character you have. This should prepare you to be better able to determine what kind of woman you want/need to have in your life. You need to be very honest and realistic as you do this kind of soul searching. Know the Type of Woman You Want: Based on your qualities, character, attitudes, etc… decide upon the type of w [...]
Language barrier.
Instead of epigraph: > Hi Slava,> > I am corresponding with a lady from  She's almost exactly> the kind of girls I am looking for.  However, I do have serious concern about> whether the language barrier could be overcome.  I do not speak Russian, and> she only understands written English text with help of dictionary.  I can> communicate with her with your translation at this time, and we would not be> able to get any help in our daily life if we got married and lived together. > What is your opinion?  How other co [...]
Man, woman and telephone
They say that in love three is a crowd! It is not true, if you are on one continent and your loved one is on the other and between you is a telephone. You shouldn't underestimate the role of telephone conversations. Let's talk about it! When is it timely to ask for the phone number? Not to make personal remarks, let's make up two characters. Let one of them be called Bruce (I like «Die hard»), and the other one – Bill (I don't like Microsoft). :)) Bill dials up the number of some pretty Russian woman and hears the man's voice. - Hello, may I speak to Natasha? - (in reply he [...]
Mealtime in Russia
As in many cultures, the kitchen is the favorite or central spot of the home. Russia is not different. It is where families gather for meals, friends get together to chat over a cup of tea and welcomed guests feel the warmth of Russian hospitality. Depending on where you are from, we refer to the three meals of the day differently. To most Americans, these are breakfast, lunch and dinner or supper. Russians start the day with breakfast or zavtrak. It is a hearty meal, unlike most Americans who either skip breakfast or just grab a quick bagel. A Russian breakfast will include a protein such a [...]
Miscellanous Dating Safety Tips
Here’s a list of dating safety tips that I have gathered over the last few months from various sources: 1. Let a new Sweetie know up front that you want to meet their family, friends and co-workers. If he/she resists making that happen, you need to suspect that he/she may not be telling you the truth. Like he/she may be married or unemployed. 2. Watch out for vagueness or secretiveness about basic information. If your date is being honest with you, they should easily answer questions about their lives. This goes particularly for men, who don’t have the same safety concerns as women do. Hon [...]
Muslim wedding traditions in Russia
According to Muslim wedding traditions, an offer of marriage is made by the woman’s father or guardian. However, a “blind wedding” is frowned upon in any case. At least one encounter between the future man and wife should precede the nuptials. In light of the above circumstances, one may wonder if love has anything to do with the Muslim marriage. “According to Islam, love comes into being after the wedding,” said Valyulla Hazrat Yakupov, the first deputy mufti of Tatarstan. Divorcees or widows may make an independent decision on issues regarding marriage. Nowadays most women in Russia make a [...]
Not all pretty Russian girls are trying to scam you
Those of us from [...]
On the great Ukrainian bride hunt
“These are not American women,” our guide was telling us. “They do not care about your age, looks, or money. And you are not going to have to talk to them for half an hour and then have your testicles handed back to you! Let me tell you: over here, you’re the commodity; you’re the piece of meat. I’ve lived in St. Petersburg for two years, and I wouldn’t date an American woman right now if you paid me!” It was three weeks before Christmas, and I was sitting in a Ukrainian business hotel with perhaps thirty men, mostly American and mostly on the later side of middle age, listening as a muscula [...]
Online Dating: Truth Beyond the Misconceptions
According to the popular web-baseddating service,, somewhere near 100 million peopleworldwide are hooking up on line. Of course, who's counting?, which began in 2002 with one customer, now has morethan 1 million customers. That's a lot of notions about who's dating whomand why -- a generation of linked people that have spurned, or added aresource, to the more traditional modes of meeting. People are stillgathering at bars and clubs, and connecting on public transportation orblind dates. But the internet is becoming a powerful option, and with itcomes a ho [...]
Russian Orthodox Church wedding traditions
“A family is seen as “minor Church” in the Christian doctrine. The purpose of forming a family is not only procreation. The primary purpose concerns mutual help required for finding salvation. I know that some of the clergy demand that those parishioners who are no longer of childbearing age refrain from having marital relations. This viewpoint is erroneous. The marital relations establish a strong bond. The fathers of the Church said: ‘The marriage is fair and a marital bed is not filthy,’” said Professor Alexei Osipov at the Moscow Seminary of the Moscow Patriarchate. “The Church teaches a [...]
Several ways of getting a positive answer from your woman.
You’ve sent your letter. Know what happens next? Let’s miss some technical details of its registration in our database and a telephone operator’s work. The most interesting things are just starting.Our operator calls a girl and informs her about your letter. Now she is to come and take it. But she doesn’t! She calls back and says the following:- You said I got a letter. When did it come?- Just a moment, I’ll check. Right, you got a letter of today’s date.- Who’s it?- It’s Nilson. His first letter to you.- Hm… Nilson… And what about John?- Not yet.- OK, this Nilson… Where’s he from?- Well, anyw [...]
Sex and the Future of Russian Society
The prevailing Cold War perception of the Soviet Union and Russia was that of a very conservative, restrained society. In school, we were led to believe that this was simply a society of dark clad folks, mechanically going about their predetermined daily routines. They were not associated with images of promiscuity of any kind. Sex and Russia are terms not typically used together. Today's reality is much different and tragic. As a result of 'freedom,' sex related magazines, and other products, are sold openly and it's not unusual to see couples 'making out' in public. Ironically, a park benc [...]
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