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All about how to make Christmas merry!

Less than 10 days before Christmas! What presents to give????? This is the most important question of the year!

Calm down, guys! We have thought it out for you.

Look: a gift for your dreams girl should be:

- romantic,

- sweet,

- show your care about her

- and it also should be uncommon to make your girl charmed with it.

You might find it impracticable. But it is not!

Morning coffee with love

Do you know that every morning you can make coffee for your beloved? How??? Present her a coffee machine! Even being on different continents, you will constantly take care of your lady! She will start every morning with a cup of hot coffee and thoughts about you. It is an awesome gift, isn't it? Coffee machine is easy to operate and doesn't need special care. It is meant to give pleasure.

Another option: to give her hot tea or coffee in long and cold winter months (Did you know that it can get to -30C in Russia???):

I find it very romantic to start every morning with coffee from someone special! Or to finish a hard day with hot nice-smelling tea. She can make herself comfortable in the armchair with her legs on it and dream that probably you will celebrate next Christmas together in a warm family atmosphere!

For those who find that the above presents aren't surprising enough, we have an idea of super-gift! But let me tell you a bit later about it.

And now a couple of idea for practical men.

What kind of gifts do women find the most desirable? Well, scratch your brains! Ok, I took a walk over the Internet and overheard about the most desirable gifts in women's forums. The hit of all times is a visit to a beauty salon. Relaxing massage, masks, creams, sauna, Jacuzzi, manicure, pedicure, etc. It seems that women are willing to stay in those spa-clubs for ever.

The second most desirable gift is all sorts of cosmetics and perfumes.

Further, the types of most desirable gifts vary greatly, but let me just give you some ideas: books, household appliances, nice knick-knackery for home.

How to use this information? How to present a visit to a spa-center? How to choose perfume so that she can use it, but not place it on the shelf to collect dust? What book to choose, what if she has already read it? By the way, do you know that Russians consider themselves to be the most reading nation in the world?

There is a simple answer to all these questions: gift certificate!

Beauty and Spa Gift Certificate – relaxing massage, masks, creams, sauna, Jacuzzi, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser are the real paradise for a body!
Cosmetics Gift Certificate - everything that makes a woman beautiful and attractive: perfume, cosmetics, body care products.

A book for choice Certificate - fiction and non-fiction literature, albums with art reproductions, photos, calendars for a lady’s choice.
Electronic Certificate - small household appliances, audio and video equipment, telephones, digital devices.
Home accessories (textiles) – all sorts of things for home coziness: sets of fine bed linen, soft towels, bath dressing gowns, table cloths, table linens.
Home accessories (kitchenware) – beautiful crockery, pans, griddles, convenient supplies for kitchen, baking forms and molds, house utensils and so on.

If your lady has a child, don’t forget about him! Christmas is a family holiday. You can order stuffed toys and sweets to a young child and a player or cell phone to a teenager.

Month of passion

It is a very special gift and we offer it to the kind of men who love to surprise a lady, who are very romantic at heart and willing to court a lady in a very special way!!!

- If you proposed to her,

- if have just returned from the trip where you met with her,

- if there are holidays in the calendar (or in your heart),

- if you want to win a lady’s heart,

- and many, many other “ifs”…

Well, we’ve settled all about presents. It is time to go and drink a glass of something! :)

And meanwhile read about the way Christmas is celebrated in Russia. What is more important: Christmas or New Year? When is Christmas in Russia? Are you sure it is in December? Not at all!

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