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[2007-08-25] 30 reasons to stay in Britain
British citizens are starting new lives abroad at the rate of one every three minutes. With 385,000 people emigrating in the 12 months to July 2006, we're witnessing the biggest exodus for a generation - which has reignited the debate about what exactly is wrong with our country. Jim White confronts the naysayers with reminders of what is still great about Britain 1 There's never a problem getting a Polish plumber. 2 The walk from Solva to Whitesands Bay, round St David's Head in Pembrokeshire - probably the world's most scenic stroll. 3 Barbecuing in the rain. 4 Somewhere in virtually e [...]
[2007-05-30] 7 HUGE Mistakes of Dating That Most Men Commit
...not getting much action on the dating scene? ...wondering why it's so hard for you to score a second date?I know...just when you thought you had the game figured out; here you are again alone on a Saturday night bonding with your TV. No date and no action...again!Don't worry, you're not alone; there is hope for you yet.Believe it or not, there are several major mistakes that you should never commit on a date that most men do. Here's a rundown of the 7 Huge Dating mistakes that you should never commit.Huge Mistake #1: The "All About Me" SyndromeYou need to watch yourself on this one. No one [...]
[2007-12-06] A perfect soulmate for life and perfect love is like impossible these days.
For me finding a right person in my lifeis the greatest challenge of my life. Year after year we meet a lot of newfaces. Soon they become your friends, and in no time you are in arelationship. The fact still exists that it is hard to find the right personof same choices and similar behavior. The relationship soon breaks if thereare lots of vast differences. Most of the people in different countriesstill follow the traditional way of arranged marriage system. In arrangedmarriage, mostly the groom and the bride just meet up on the same day oftheir marriage and they have to cope with each other f [...]
[2007-02-21] Addicted to sex
Sexual addiction is hard for many people to take seriously, but for sufferers and their partners it can be devastating. Relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall explains what it is and what you can do if you think the problem’s affecting your relationship. What is it? Experts define sexual addiction as any sexual activity that feels out of control. A sex addict feels compelled to seek out and engage in sexual behaviour, in spite of the problems it may cause in their personal, social and work lives. Sexual addition can take many forms, but it’s generally characterised by behaviour that feel [...]
[2007-11-19] Age Gap Marriages With Young Russian Mail Order Brides
When it comes to love, age is nothing but a number. For instance,count on any of these celebrities, Tom cruise and Katie Holmes, Madonna andGuy Ritchie, Salman Rushdie and Padma Laksmi, Michael Doughlas and CatherineZeta Zones, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry.... the count is endless. Agedifference between the couple is not a big deal for many. It has been a common belief that the strongest families are those inwhich husbands are several years older than their wifes. I believe it is afine cultural norm in Ukraine - with five to fifteen years difference in ageon the average, and maybe more in som [...]
[2005-10-31] Amazing facts
=Higher education favours divorces= According to the recent research of the Study and Settlement of Conflicts Center which belongs to the Russian Academy of Sciences, people working in intellectual sphere divorce much more often than those doing manual labor. Scientists also note that town-dwellers divorce more often than countrymen and they explain it by the fact that in villages a married couple is more controlled by relatives and neighbors. =Americans can’t make a step without God= According to a new NBC News poll, it is not just in times of crisis that many Americans reply on religi [...]
[0000-00-00] Answering your letters
HELLO, I want to thank everyone at chance for love, as my fiancee just got her visa to America yesterday!!!!!! You made it possible, as I would of never met this wonderful woman if it were not for you. When I sent her candy, or I called her, you were always prompt, and always on time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never met you all, but you are like family, as I know if I need any information, or any help you will be there to answer questions. I want one day to come to Kazan, and see your office, and meet all of you. I wait always for your newsletters, and I will for years [...]
[] Answering your letters
An event that has to do with international marriages has happened this week in Russia. Some people didn’t notice it, some were shocked and we got awfully upset. But let me tell about it in details a bit later and now one more letter - to the point. I'm recently new to your service and I am speaking to a few women. The question I have comes from friends of mine concerning the safety of traveling to the Ukraine or Russia. There are reports of kidnapings of men going over to meet women. How do you address safety issues for men traveling to see these women and how common are safety iss [...]
[] Answering your letters
Let me remind you that last week I told you about the program about international marriages that was shown on Russian TV.  In that program they collected all the negative cases and presented them as natural state of affairs. As a result we have many scared women. On the weekends, by the way, again in prime-time this film was shown again. To reinforce the effect. We’ve received a lot of responses on this subject. Here are some of them. Dear Slava, Thank you for the newsletters you sent every time. I like to respond about the issue in your latest about fear from Western men to [...]
[] Answering your letters
Slava, Since you already have a setup for articles and people who have questions about how the service works, I would add a new article. Something similar to "What is a 'mail order bride'". Then go into an explanation of what the difference is between your service and a typical "Click and order a person" like they are coming over through Fed Ex in a big wooden crate ;) As you know, the term mail order is very demeaning and degrading to some of these women, and I am certain they don't want to be looked at in this fashion. I would make it understood that this isn't [...]
[] Answering your letters
With all the Russian bad press you've been describing in your newsletters over the past few months, I decided to take the liberty of sending you this old American poem. Why? On a personal level, I've found it very helpful to read several times over the last 25 years. Perhaps your readers may have the same reaction that I did, reading it so many years ago. In today's world, the words still ring as true as ever, perhaps your readers may enjoy it as much as I. The poem is called "Desiderata", and I believe it was found in a old Christian church in the city of Baltimore, State [...]
[] Answering your letters
I received many letters in response to the previous newsletter. Here are some of them: Slava, It is an impressive newsletter, very informative and easy to read! I am sure your newsletter is helping many couples and prospective couples. I always look forward to receiving a newsletter from you. But I wonder if you also have newsletter for your women as well. I think, both the men (foreign) and the women (Russian/Ukrainain women wishing to have international marriages) should be equally informed. I have the impression that Russian women (this is just my impression and opinion), in ge [...]
[] Answering your letters
Hello Slava; I've just read the newsletter and must say that I feel bad for John but at the same time feel like he should have known better about sending money to a woman he has never met ... But I guess sometimes love makes us blind in many different ways... I am also glad that he doesn’t hold anyone responsible for his misfortune other than himself... My trip to Russia and the Ukraine over a year ago convinced me that the Russian people are great people to get to know, they would sooner give the shirt of their own backs rather than see you cold.. Those are values that unfortuna [...]
[] Answering your letters
> Hi Slava, > Sorry I am not Christian.  I think your news bulletins should be more > abstract and not treat religion as an assumption that people must have. > Here many of us here are offended by classroom prayer, and our money saying > 'In God we Trust' (Smile) > Ken Thank you, Ken, for the letter and your opinion.   One can be a believer or not, but he should treat tolerantly the values of close people. The traditions of the Easter are laid deeply in Russian women and even the years of the Soviet Regime, when the religion was aggressiv [...]
[] Answering your letters
Dear Slava, You guys are, in many respects, so professional! So, I think I'll propose to you, Slava! (No, relax!) But, - nevertheless: Why do you talk about marrying almost as if it was buying a car? Personally, I would certainly not approach a woman and think one second about marriage before I was 1) fallen totally in love and 2) knew if she could possibly get used to life abroad at all, 3) or if I could live with a half-happy woman, who missed her country and family most of the time - etc. etc. Point is: You guys don't have a clue what it means to change country! Sorr [...]
[] Answering your letters
Thanks so much for the newsletter, I look forward always to read them. I want to say a little about my trip to Russia, before I go to Russia, I heard horror stories about Russia, I was scared, as I was going alone, and have been on airplane once for 1 hour, and have never been out of the United States, let alone, I have been to only 5 states in America, and I drove to these states, so I was very scared. I go to Russia in January, WOW, it was very cold, as I have never seen this in California. Anyway, I want to say to everyone, that I had the most fun, everyone was kind to me, I had no p [...]
[] Answering your letters
- Must I be officially married in order to apply for a Ê-1 visa in the USA? You don’t have to be married in order to hand in documents. Ê-1 visa is also called “a fiancée visa”. According to its main condition the girl should make her mind to stay in the USA or leave for her country within 90 days from the day of arrival to the USA. Does she find that everything really meet her expectations? Does she really want to get married and stay in America for a constant living? You know that it is almost impossible to make a tour trip to the USA for single girls. The Embassy finds dif [...]
[] Answering your letters
Slava,     You are the only Russian I know so please accept my sincere condolences. I am speechless, I am enraged and at the same time I am confident that they, animals who can kill children, only made our orthodox soul stronger.     Three days after the tragedy the newspapers here are talking politics, that lack of compassion I cannot understand. I will never understand how anybody can talk politics at the scene of even one dead child. Please accept my apologies in their name, their soul is misty and they can't see clear. They know only of this present moment, yes [...]
[] Answering your letters
Hotel or Apartment? What is the difference between your hotel for $50 per night and the apartment for $45 per night (ifstaying for less than 2 weeks)?  Is one nicer than the other or what are the differences? Is one closer to the agency or the women I invite to meet will they be staying in one particular hotel or your hotel? The apartment is situated in the center of the city and the hotel is also not far from the center, near our office. The difference is that at the hotel they will offer you breakfast and will clean your room every day, but they will also turn out all yo [...]
[] Answering your letters
Dear Slava,     I rejoice with your growth, and with the many more possibilities of dear wives you give us at Chance for Love. But remember, don't get so big that you lose the PERSONAL TOUCH that I see only in your business.     I really liked Jeff's letter. It does make things look promising. God bless you and the staff! Peter Peter,     It is always a pleasure to read your encouraging messages.     We avoid talking about it, because it sounds too grandiloquent. But, nevertheless, PERSONAL TOUCH is our chief principal in work.
[2005-10-17] Answering your letters
Dear Slava,     I rejoice with your growth, and with the many more possibilities of dear wives you give us at Chance for Love. But remember, don't get so big that you lose the PERSONAL TOUCH that I see only in your business.     I really liked Jeff's letter. It does make things look promising. God bless you and the staff! Peter Peter,     It is always a pleasure to read your encouraging messages.     We avoid talking about it, because it sounds too grandiloquent. But, nevertheless, PERSONAL TOUCH is our chief principal in work. [...]
[] Answering your letters
Just a little comment. I want to express my agreement with Mr Ian's comment and praises for Mr Slava, Indeed, unfortunately, many Americans are narrow-minded with regards to religion and many things. Mr Slava does not back out in expressing the sentiments of his nation and culture (may it be appearing in contradiction to Americans'). Expect your Russian ladies to be somehow similar to Mr Slava (they wont back out as well with regards to their convictions.. though they may not assert themselves sometimes- its because of language barrier.. but I find Russian women generally well [...]
[] Answering your letters
A lot of e-mails have come in response to arguing about religion, i.e. to the question if we should make our newsletters more abstract or keep telling about these things as about Russian traditions. > Hi Slava, > I wanted to write back to your newsletter and say thank you for standing up for your culture and the women you represent. I say this in reference to the note from Ken about religion. Too often Americans are extremely narrow minded to other cultures and their values, even though we are for 'democracy'. God forbid we make the world in our own image. I loved y [...]
[] Answering your letters
Hello Slava, Sabine and Marsha, Thank you very much for the newsletter, it contains interesting subjects about matters, which are helpful to know the way of life of the Russian and Ukraine Lady’s. I hope you understand it is for us Dutch (European) very easy to think in European way of live, sometimes it is very easy to forget Russian and Ukraine values are different as here, you know what I mean? I also have a question. My brother and his wife have a 3-year-old daughter and she is going to kindergarten, there is also a child from a Ukraine woman and a Dutch man in kindergarten. [...]
[] Answering your letters
Hi Slava, I just read your newsletter about the man who was upset about letters from the lady.  One thing you didn't mention is that a lot of Russian women don't have cars and don't drive.  I know Marianna has to walk from her work to the agency to get my letters and then she walks home.  When I found that out I told her not to worry about answering me right away.  If she ends up coming here I think she will like her new life and she won't have to worry about waiting for March 8 to be treated nice. Have a nice weekend, Randy You are absol [...]
[2005-11-15] Answering your letters
In our previous issue of newsletter we published the letter of the Russian girl named Anna. She was reflecting on the topic: “Why Feminism isn’t popular in Russia?” To refresh this letter in your memory, you can read it here: A lot of letters have come in response, thank you, guys, for the interesting and very helpful discussion! Niels Bang: What do I think about Anna's letter? You ask. I'll tell you my opinion. Anna's thoughts and opinions, is the thoughts and opinions of the dream woman for me - she shows self-c [...]
[2005-12-03] Answering your letters
In the previous issue I published the article “Does age matter?” You can read it here: At the end of it I offered to discuss what age difference you consider to be ideal? As always I received a lot of letters. Here are some of them. Let’s read them! Dear Slava and Irina Chernova, I must congratulate both of you for the face up-lift of your previous newsletter. It is excellent. The contents of the inbred culture, the psychological behavior, the home economic stability and the topic of age difference and Russian wome [...]
[2005-12-19] Answering your letters
Hello and best wishes Looking through the profiles, I have seen some very stunning and beautiful ladies, but I can't help wondering are some western men to frightened to write to these ladies, thinking they are to beautiful to be interested in them? Some of the ladies if they were in my country (United Kingdom) I wouldn't stand a chance with. Yours from England Richard Hello Richard! Thank you for your interesting question! Really, the beauty of girls is not only a trump card, but also a hindrance. Either they receive a lot of letters, but not from the men they are looking for, or [...]
[2005-12-27] Answering your letters
Is there a proper way of asking a lady for additional pictures? Possibly pictures of her hometown, family or friends? Places she likes? Thank for the help. George Thank you, George, for so interesting question! First let’s answer the question why you want to have such photos? All know that women in Russia get photographed by a professional photographer to place their profiles on dating sites. Partially it is a requirement of the agencies and partially it is a requirement of the time. ‘Cause if there are some professional photos on the site, the girls on them get a lot of letters and g [...]
[2006-02-02] Answering your letters
The article of the previous issue developed around the question: “Why don’t you give flowers to women?”. You can read it here: If you have an interesting story on this subject, share it with us! Hello to everyone at Chance For Love, May I first of all wish you all a happy new year and offer my best wishes for 2006 to everyone at Chance For Love. I would like to say a warm Thank You to you all for the wonderful service you provide, in bringing people together, and making our dreams happen :-) I read the latest newslet [...]
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