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Answering your letters

Thanks so much for the newsletter, I look forward always to read them. I want to say a little about my trip to Russia, before I go to Russia, I heard horror stories about Russia, I was scared, as I was going alone, and have been on airplane once for 1 hour, and have never been out of the United States, let alone, I have been to only 5 states in America, and I drove to these states, so I was very scared. I go to Russia in January, WOW, it was very cold, as I have never seen this in California. Anyway, I want to say to everyone, that I had the most fun, everyone was kind to me, I had no problems in Russia, and I will go back again, in summer this time, as it is very beautiful in Russia!!!!! But I want to say, that if I not had Nadezhda that speak a little English, and was there to help me out, I would of been LOST!!!!! If I could of speak Russian, I would of had no problem, but I do not. People that go to Russia, need help, like your agency, so you can help them in every aspect of there trip. And people should not listen to what they hear about Russia, as there is good in bad in Russia, just like the United States. Just mind your own business and people will leave you alone, make trouble, and you will have problems!!!!!! I just want to say you have a beautiful country, and everyone should see Russia and there culture, as it is amazing!!!!!!

Thanks Douglas

Thank you, Douglas! Your comments as usual are very precise. It is a completely exact observation that Russia is not a frightful country, especially if you have enough information about it before your trip. Our newsletter is just for this purpose. You are welcome in Russia!

Chance For Love,

I want to thank you for all your help. Everyone in your agency is very nice and flexible when it comes to a person’s needs or questions. I selected one and only one lady from your website. I felt she and I had the best personal connection of all the ladies that I wrote. As fate would have it.............we still had that personal connection during my entire stay in Kazan, Russia. I am in the process for applying for her fiancee visa to America. I am very happy and satisfied! She is an incredible woman with a great family. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the agency and wish anyone else looking for a Russian bride good luck and patience. I am excited at the thought of living a happy life with Elina. Elina is very special to me and meeting her is the best event to ever happen in my life. Her family welcomed me with open arms, love, and hospitality. I enjoy! ed every moment that I spent with this woman and have such great respect for her. Thanks again for your help and good luck!

Kevin Sullivan

Kevin, we are very glad for you and Elina! We hope that the US Embassy will examine your application as quickly as possible. :)

And here is the response to the letter from Ken that we put in our previous newsletter. He gave there a lot of useful advice for those who are going to Russia and also shared his observations. In particular, he remarked about ineffectiveness of love-tours, i.e. when one man meets a great number of women.

Hello Slava,

All of this is very true. It makes me so angry when I hear about men going to meet more than one lady. These ladies are human beings with thoughts and feelings just like us and they should be treated as such, not like a commodity. Marianna told me that if I had come to meet more than just her she would not have met me. Good for her. More of the women should do that. Slava, she is the most wonderful woman I have ever met in my life. If all women over there are like that and the word gets out, there will be a lot of single and sad American women. I will owe you my gratitude for the rest of my life for helping me find happiness. Now the long 6 months wait begins. I'm so happy that I found that law firm to do the paperwork for me. I feel very confident now that this dream will come true. Thanks again,


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