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Answering your letters

Date: 2005-12-27

Is there a proper way of asking a lady for additional pictures? Possibly pictures of her hometown, family or friends? Places she likes? Thank for the help.


Thank you, George, for so interesting question!

First let’s answer the question why you want to have such photos? All know that women in Russia get photographed by a professional photographer to place their profiles on dating sites. Partially it is a requirement of the agencies and partially it is a requirement of the time. ‘Cause if there are some professional photos on the site, the girls on them get a lot of letters and girls with amateur pictures don’t even attract glances!

What is so magical about professional photos?

First of all, if light is set correctly, it helps to emphasize the advantages of her looks and face.

Secondly, professional make-up and hair-do. They alone make a woman much more attractive than in everyday life, as we don’t use the services of professionals every day.

Thirdly, if a woman is photographed for the dating service, she tries to look beautiful. As a rule, amateur photos aren’t of very good quality, people are small there (it is nearly impossible to make a good portrait), but their advantage is that they are natural.

So if you are interested in a girl, there is sense in getting to know her better, including seeing her “in real life”.

A good way of asking her for natural photos is your own example. Send her many pictures of your home, your area and yourself in life. Tell her that you would like to see her pictures too. I am sure it will stimulate a woman to do the same in return.

However, I faced the situations when women were shy to send pictures of their homes, because in Russia the houses aren’t so beautiful as in the West. Nearly all people live in blocks of flats. So, please be tactful concerning this question.

The second way is to pay a compliment to a lady. If she is sure that you like her in any forms, she won’t be shy to send you additional photos. You can say that you want as many photos of her as possible, that you look at them all the time and even placed one on your desktop. If a lady is attracted to you, it will captivate her :)).

Certainly, you shouldn't ask for her photos straight away, when you haven't started relationship yet. Because it will reveal your distrust. A lady will find it unpleasant.

Also you shouldn’t forget that there are non-photogenic people. Don’t insist on new photos, if a woman states this reason. Women are very vulnerable about all things that have to do with their looks and you shouldn’t suspect something bad at once.

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