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Answering your letters . Table of content

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[2006-03-30] Answering your letters
The article of the previous issue developed around the question: "Why don't you give flowers to women?". You can read it here: If you have an interesting story on this subject, share it with us! Hello to everyone at Chance For Love, I would like to say a warm Thank You to you all for the wonderful service you provide, in bringing people together, and making our dreams happen :-) I read the latest newsletter, I liked the article about men buying flowers for a lady, this is important I think, men must show their feelings for a lady [...]
[2005-10-31] Answering your letters.
This week one of our girls told us an unpleasant story. She was delivered a bouquet ordered to her by her fiance through another web-site, but her joy was clouded by an unpleasant circumstance. Here is what she wrote to him: “You have a really fine taste. Cream-colored chrysanthemums with yellow herberas look stunning. The only thing that upsets me is when I unwrapped this bouquet it turned out that half of the herberas were broken. I was unpleasantly amazed that they were tied by scotch tape, i.e. it had been initially known that they were broken. Well, never mind. You know, that for me y [...]
[2008-03-13] Answering your letters.
=Hot issue= The issue of “Organize your trip to Russia” seems to have become the top of the season! :)As you had asked we made pictures of the apartment we are ready to offer you for renting. You can see them on the renewed page «Services». By the way, two our clients are staying in Kazan now (English and American). Perhaps they can share their experience one day.Now I’d like to pay your attention to a very important issue. Of course, everyone take camera when traveling. Just while making pictures of each other don’t forget about the pictures of you together. Be sure that your country’s emba [...]
[2006-11-01] Answering your letters: what would be the best currency to bring to Russia: pounds, dollars or euro?
Dear CFL, I have arranged a trip to you city at the end of October and I wonder what would be the best currency to bring with me. Would Euro's or American Dollars be the best? I know that there is a problem with the British pound, as it is too strong for a good exchange rate. As the Euro and the Dollar are on a par at the moment, the only think that would make any difference is that I get a better exchange rate on the Euro than the Dollar. Do's the hotel accept different currencies or will I have to withdraw local currency on the way to the hotel? I look forward to hearing from you [...]
[2007-02-21] Boost You Sex Life The Natural Way!
A look at some natural aphrodisiacs. There are many well-known ways to boost a sagging libido, from oysters to zinc to Viagra. But what about some holistic alternatives? First of all, with age our libidos go south — estrogen, progesterone and especially testosterone in men and women,” Cass said. To combat a low sex drive, Cass first recommends eating right and getting enough fatty acids in your diet. “Fish oil particularly or flax oil because that’s a precursor to the sex hormones.” There are a lot of herbs that actually enhance sexuality, Cass said. Here are a few: Sex-Boosting Herbs [...]
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: A Woman’s Genetic Programming
Whether we want to admit it or not, human beings are to a large degree victims of our genetic programming. No matter what a woman says or how civilized, cultured or progressive she tries to be, she has very specific evolutionary characteristics that she’s attracted to. This is great news for us because all we have to do is embrace those characteristics and we’ll have women falling all over us. A major character trait that females of all species are programmed to be attracted to is status. In the animal kingdom females are told by Mother Nature to mate with the dominant males of her speci [...]
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: Don’t Let Her Hurt Your Feelings
If you want to make the battle of attracting women easier for yourself, you need to sharpen your weapons. If you went into a battle would you be content with rusty tanks and outdated guns? Of course not. In the same way, you shouldn’t go out to meet women with a sub par appearance. All you need are 3 great pairs of pants/jeans and 3 great shirts - spend the big money on them. Don’t but 50 cheap $10 shirts. Until you get a serious girlfriend. Then you’ll have to get more variety because she’ll start to notice that you only wear the same shirts. But in all practicality you only need a couple [...]
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: Don’t Set Off Her “Player Alarm”
A major mistake that many guys make is dimming the lights as soon as they get the girl onto the couch. This is one of several “Player Alarms” that men often do that make women think, “Oh God, he’s about to make a move”. Another thing that a lot of guys do is turn on some romantic music right away. This is another major alarm that screams, “I ‘m a player and I’m about to try to get into your pants”. A smooth guy is careful not to set off these alarms in women. A smooth guy let’s her flip through the TV channels for a while, keeps the conversation going for a little bit and then casually s [...]
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: What American Idol Can Teach Us about Attracting Women
When used correctly, arrogance can be an amazing tool to help you attract women. When you’re slightly arrogant, females want to find a redeeming softer side to you. If you're too arrogant or rude you will blow your chances. Let's look at Simon Cowell for a minute. When we first saw Simon on American Idol our first instinct was to hate the guy. We all said, "What an arrogant bastard". Now us guys thought that and probably never gave it a second thought, but women around the world starting digging deeper. They thought, "There's got to be something more to this guy". Then as the season went on [...]
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: You Have To Make a Woman Feel
You can buy a woman flowers for the next ten years and it won’t matter unless you make her FEEL an attraction to you. Women don’t care how things work; they care how things make them feel. In all of the romance novels and soap operas women have been devouring since they were kids, the leading males are always untamable, strong men who sweep women off their feet. This is the quality that many “jerks” have. Women don’t like the fact that the guy is actually a jerk – it’s just that jerks have a tendency to have more of this primal, uncontrollable dominance that the weaker, “nice” guys don’t h [...]
[2007-01-18] Dating Someone Shady?
Most of us have experienced the push and pull of dating. Two people meet, they start to explore things, and before long, the majority of your free time is spent together. Then one of you gets spooked and starts to pull away. Or maybe they decide they have a stronger connection with someone else. Sometimes, single people like to keep their options open as much as possible. If there isn’t a serious relationship, then many feel it’s open season. That is when the ever so lovely shady behavior rears its head. How can you tell if someone you are dating is shady? Since I have both pushed and pulled [...]
[2007-01-05] Dating To-Do List
My New Year's Resolution is to not eat any chutney this year. Since I probably haven't eaten chutney once in the last ten years, I figure I'm destined for success. Yes – it feels great to be a winner. As you can probably tell – I'm not one to make big-time resolutions every New Year. I used to… but the idea of annual failure started getting me down. But, in the spirit of the season and in the spirit of this particular forum, there are a few small things that I'll be trying to work on in my dating life. Let's not call them resolutions because if they don't pan out, I won't have to feel bad. [...]
[2007-01-04] Differing viewpoints on the K1 fiancee visa
From a newsletter:When I heard “fianceé visa,” I was immediately skeptical. But the story sounded plausible. Since Abby is a nice kid, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. But before long, my suspicions were confirmed. thought today it would be good to show some examples of alternative views on the K1. It also goes to show that everyone, clients, attornies, agencys need to be careful to make sure what we do is for legimate love and not something unethical. I apprciate this guys candor and can't say that some of his thoughts concern me a [...]
[2007-11-30] Do years of dating cancel out years of relationships?
Over Thanksgiving weekend, I went out on the town with a group of myfriends--all couples and then little ole me. One of the couples was arguinga bit through the night. It was awkward and all of us were trying to ignoreit. (My least favorite thing about hanging out in a crowd of boyfriends andgirlfriends.)As the night wore on, I was standing outside of a bar with one of my guyfriends and he asked, "Why are [Coupled Guy Friend] and [Coupled GirlFriend] arguing?I shrugged my shoulders and made some opinionated statement about thesituation."You're absolutely wrong," my guy friend said."Oh really? [...]
[2007-07-21] Family sponsorship in the Immigration Regulations in Canada
Sponsoring parents or grandparentsAs you are undertaking to sponsor your relatives, you will need to show proof that your income meets the guidelines. Your spouse can co-sign if he/she agrees to. If your parents or grandparents are wealthy, and you are not, they may need to legally "arrange" an income for you. Sponsoring children or adopted childrenIn some circumstances your own children, or your spouse's children, may not have come to Canada with you, and it is nearly always possible to sponsor them, provided they are under age 22. If older, you may still sponsor them if they are financially [...]
[2007-02-21] Female Body Article
Article about ovaries, sex and sexual intercourse: My ovaries are only vaguely attached to my vagina, but because they are involved in many vaginal activities I am including them on the site. It might seem like an ovary would be a passive, silent internal organ like a liver or a kidney, which you would never really be aware of, but I find quite the contrary. Ovaries are bizarre. I can feel one right now, as I write this. The main times that I am aware of my ovaries are during ovulation and bleeding times in my cycle, and sometimes during or after sex. Also sometimes during gynecological exa [...]
[2007-05-30] Five Things a Man Must Never, Ever do if he Wants
So you've finally decided to meet the sexy woman of your dreams through internet dating services or a dating site. Congratuations!! You've taken your first step towards meeting your future sexy wife. Yes, there are tons of sexy model quality women looking to hook up with you through an adult dating site. Dating services are used by millions of attractive, sexy, wealthy people who have great success stories to share. If you'd like to be one of them, there are five things you must never do if you want to meet that beautiful sexy woman. Here they are:1. Tell a LieIf you're only five-foot-six and [...]
[2007-11-30] Here are some tips from relationship experts to help singles and their married friends play nice:
. It's hard to be alone, and it's hard to be in a relationship. Eachsituation requires a different kind of effort. Cut the other side someslack. If you are married, try to remember what you had to endure when youwere single. If you are single, imagine the new, unexpected challenges yourmarried friends are having to deal with.. Keep in mind that some single people choose to be single. It's not wrong,aberrant, immature or commitment-phobic. Sometimes, it's nothing more thanan alternative.. Bear in mind that smugness on the part of the recently married might be aphase. Just as someone can suddenl [...]
[2007-01-31] How many relationships are based on true love?
Dear Sir: I see there is a column on Caribbean Net News about the ever interesting subject of relationships and all around it. Here are a few things I would like to talk about: First, how many realtionships do you know that are based upon true love, not economics? How good or bad is it when a relationship is based upon mutual understanding, not on "love". Most women cannot work and have kids at the same time, family planning is still not well applied in our countries so most women tolerate the behavior of the man who provides the funds, although she would like him to be exclusively he [...]
[2007-09-21] I don't believe in love anymore.
have been sitting here, thinking about my past relationships, and how they have failed. I don't believe in love anymore. I used to. I used to believe that someday I would fall in love; I even fancied myself in love once before, but I don't think that was love anymore. Not everyone gets married, or has a significant other when they get older. Society seems to view this as lonely, and questions are always asked. Why? Why isn't she married at such and such an age? Maybe no one loves her. Maybe she was too cold for anyone to stay very long. Maybe she was too afraid to ever be in a relationship. [...]
[2007-10-05] If you are longing to meet someone you've been chatting to online or you've got your first date lined up, make sure you follow these basic guidelines.
Use your instincts You can meet some fantastic people online, however, until you get to know someone well online be cautious about meeting them offline. Use your instincts to know how much personal information (for example your telephone number, address & your surname) to tell them and only agree to meet other members when you feel comfortable in doing so. You're in controlOnline dating is a great way to meet people and one of the great benefits of dating online is that you are in control of how fast or slow the relationships you develop go. Never feel obligated to meet someone face to fac [...]
[2008-01-02] Interesting Wedding Facts
¨ There will be about 2.3 million weddings in the US and about 375,000 destination weddings (originating in the US and occurring globally). ¨ In the UK approx. 300,000, and in AU approx. 165,000weddings are expected. ¨ Of the 2.3 million weddings in the US about 1.9 million will be of the Traditional, Unique or Extravagant categories. Ratios for other countries are expected to be similar. ¨ Of the 1.9 million in the USapprox 1.8 million weddings will use the INTERNET to buy at least one service for their wedding. ¨ With the average weddin [...]
[2007-12-27] Internet dating can be daunting at any age. Here, our relationship expert offers smart advice for finding love online after 40.
After her husband of 31 years died, Francine Pappadis Friedman joined In 9 months, the then 50-year-old went on 25 online dates -- all first and last dates. Recalls Friedman, author of MatchDotBomb: A Midlife Journey Through Internet Dating, "One guy met me for a drink on what turned out to be the day after his wife's funeral." Yes, this is a groaner, but also proof that a sense of humor is a key requirement for embarking on the adventure that is online dating. Joelle Kaufman, VP of, says, "There is not as much pressure in boomer online dating. These women are not necess [...]
[2007-01-04] K1 Visa Recall and its effects
Well I'm not surprised that this happend, but on May 6th the U.S. State Department issued a recall of all approved K1 visa whose NOA date was on or after March 6, 2006. This will delay all approvals and likely throw the entire process in a slight case of choas for awhile. For those approved I would suspect that it will add 1-2 months of delay before the interviews can be scheduled. For those that applied but have not been approved, I think another 2-3 months on top of their old wait times will likely be the case.Here is a link to the DOS notice regarding the recall of the K1 fiancee visa's: ht [...]
[2007-01-04] K1 visa Warning
Although this is quite rare it should serve as a warning to those engaged in long distance overseas relationships. K1 fiancee visa clients should really take their time before sending money to their new love. Look for the warning signs noted in this article and be aware. I'll see if I can dig up a few other articles that talk about K1 visa fraud and oversea romance problems. [...]
[2007-09-17] Learn To Attract Women: Preparing For the Approach
The First step when mentally preparing for the “task” of actually going out and meeting women is to think of the absolute worst that can happen. The absolute worst thing that will happen is she says something like “get lost loser”. Now the chances of her saying this are very slim. If she’s not interested she’ll be more likely to say something like, “I have a boyfriend” or she’ll just try to ignore you and turn to talk to her friends. So - now that you have a clear vision of the worst thing that can happen, say to yourself, “If that does happen, I can handle it. I can walk away with my prid [...]
[2007-01-18] Men's Online Dating Email Tips!
Dear friend, Have you been dating online and are frustrated with poor responses to your emails? Or even worse, women not replying to your first emails at all? This is enough to make you give up isn’t it? Especially if you are recently divorced, split up and single. I know the feeling and have been there and felt the pain. Well, I have good news for you because in this article I am giving away extremely valuable information for free. If you follow the steps I’m about to outline, you will have a lot of success with online dating. These online dating tips will triple your response and dates on [...]
[2008-02-14] Pitfalls and Ways to Succeed in Dating Game
Internet dating has become a more popular form of meeting new people,and to potentially finding your life partner. This form of dating has grownin popularity together with phenomena's like speed dating and its like.Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and its likes have also begun toplay a role as match makers. But overall, matchmaking sites have the majority of the market at themoment and will probably do so in the near future as well. When it comes to regional popularity of these match making sites, itis clear that sites which contain Eastern European people, have a majorityin the market. [...]
[2007-01-06] Prowling the local single scene
Occasionally, The Examiner releases our two stalwart singles, Joanie and Dan, on the world to see just whazzup in the hook-up trenches. Back from a recent safari in the dating wilds, our intrepid explorers report on Maryland Upscale Singles ... JOAN: Many of my matchmaking clients hire me to find them suitable matches because they quake in their boots and break out in a cold sweat when they consider going to a singles event. Enter Jamie Braman, founder of Maryland's Upscale Singles. She explains, "Maryland's Upscale Singles is a social club. There's no emphasis on dating and matching. It's a [...]
[2007-01-04] Return to Sender: New K1 fiancee visa law takes effect
Here's an quick release on a new law that effects the K1 fiancee visa program and folks who meet through marriage brokers. This take is from a fellow K1 visa lawyer: this law doesn't effect the majority of my K1 clients it does provide pause as to the future of this successful program. I hope that congress doesn't build on this law and make it more difficult for citizens to meet and marry foreign nationals. We'll have to see what shakes out, I do know that other K1 lawyers and those who do it themselves need to be informed of this chang [...]
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