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Answering your letters.

Date: 2008-03-13

=Hot issue=

The issue of “Organize your trip to Russia” seems to have become the top
of the season! :)
As you had asked we made pictures of the apartment we are ready to offer
you for renting. You can see them on the renewed page «Services». By the
way, two our clients are staying in Kazan now (English and American).
Perhaps they can share their experience one day.
Now I’d like to pay your attention to a very important issue.

Of course, everyone take camera when traveling. Just while making pictures
of each other don’t forget about the pictures of you together. Be sure
that your country’s embassy is going to require then as a proof of your
meeting. Mind automatic date marks on your pictures.
Fiancée visa is given if there is the fact of your meeting only.
There are some exceptions when Muslim women are able to prove that
according to their religious rules meeting is not necessary to get
married. However, after the recent events in the world I guess they’ll
abolish this alternative either.
So ask people to make pictures of you together. Hugs, smiles and holding
hands are appreciated. So to say, you need to show all the signs of what
people call Happiness. And of course be happy!

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