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Dating Advice: What American Idol Can Teach Us about Attracting Women

Date: 2007-09-17

When used correctly, arrogance can be an amazing tool to help you attract women. When you’re slightly arrogant, females want to find a redeeming softer side to you. If you're too arrogant or rude you will blow your chances.

Let's look at Simon Cowell for a minute. When we first saw Simon on American Idol our first instinct was to hate the guy. We all said, "What an arrogant bastard". Now us guys thought that and probably never gave it a second thought, but women around the world starting digging deeper. They thought, "There's got to be something more to this guy". Then as the season went on Simon began to give credit where credit was do. What began to happen was incredible. Whenever Simon gave a compliment, the audience and all of America (particularly women) began to cheer like crazy. Why did this happen? The reason is because people were so excited to see that redeeming quality they were searching for shine through. They knew there was some good in this guy. They found themselves wanting to like him. Randy Jackson who never played the mysterious, arrogant role at all didn't get nearly the same response when he gave kudos to a contestant.

The key is to balance this confident arrogance with a sweet, vulnerable side. You can actually create a pattern with women where they'll start being nice to you and doing all kinds of favors for you just to see that redeeming side of you peek through. It's an amazing thing to watch when it's done right. Personally I hate the idea of playing the arrogant role because I'm genuinely a nice, humble guy but it really works so I do it anyway. It even annoys me that women react well to this kind of attitude but unfortunately it's a fact of life.

Remember not to be mean for the sake of being mean. I wouldn't go as far as Simon, who actually crossed the line sometimes and became mean. Remember - you don't have months and months on a TV show to redeem yourself like he does so you can't afford to go as far with it as he has. But done properly, arrogance can really work for you.

A simple way you can begin to create the kind of dynamic that Simon does is to start calling girls out on things. Start "breaking her chops" in a playful way. When they are being lazy, call them lazy. If you don't like her outfit, say, "I'm not really feeling that. You should wear something else". Please don't take this as a cue to go out and be MEAN to women. Instead it's a cue to go out and be HONEST with women. Her behavior will actually begin to cater to making you happy and she’ll start working hard to bring the complimentary side out of you.

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