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Dating Advice: Don’t Let Her Hurt Your Feelings

Date: 2007-09-17

If you want to make the battle of attracting women easier for yourself, you need to sharpen your weapons. If you went into a battle would you be content with rusty tanks and outdated guns? Of course not. In the same way, you shouldn’t go out to meet women with a sub par appearance.

All you need are 3 great pairs of pants/jeans and 3 great shirts - spend the big money on them. Don’t but 50 cheap $10 shirts. Until you get a serious girlfriend. Then you’ll have to get more variety because she’ll start to notice that you only wear the same shirts. But in all practicality you only need a couple of good outfits. A great belt is very key too. Remember - women notice details!!!! Always match your shoes to your belt. If you have a red shirt - go the extra mile and get red shaded sun glasses to match. Your friend Joey won’t notice that you matched them but women will - Trust me! Think about how much time women spend shopping and reading fashion magazines. This should be a big red flag that lets you know that they really, really care about this stuff and if we as men don’t start worrying about fashion then we’ll be dropped like a bad habit.

Don’t wear pants or button down shirts that are over 2 years old. Yeah they might be your favorite pair of jeans or it might be a shirt that your favorite Aunt Tessie bought you but you have to throw them away or give them to charity. YOU may not notice what’s wrong with them, but WOMEN will. Fashion designers use a technique called

planned obscelesence. They change the fit on clothes slightly every year or sometimes every few months to make older clothes look out of style so you have to spend money buying new ones. Women are well aware of this concept; hence they spend half of their paycheck trying to keep up with the latest fashions. You might not notice the variations in the size of your shirt collar or the taper of your jeans but women have eyes like hawks for this kind of stuff.

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