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A typical Russian lady willing to marry a foreign man: her portrait
Each of us has some typical images in mind: an ideal man, an ideal mother, miss Perfection and so on. It doesn’t mean we try to make our fellow mates fit all these criteria. But clichés can help us understand what we want. I’ve seen a lot of descriptions of a typical Russian lady. Some of them are too lofty or idealized; others are too ironical and even cynic. I guess the truth is middle. We’ve met thousands of such women for 7 years and I’ll try to paint a typical portrait of a Russian lady seeking a foreign man for marriage. The ground: Age: about 30, looks good   [...]
Children of Russian-American marriages
"Mom, what are we having tonight, pelmeni or pizza?" asks Misha, a 13-year-old boy from St. Petersburg, known to his schoolmates in Minneapolis as Mike. Mike's Mom, or Mama - depending which language, English or Russian, her son is in the mood for that day - is Irina, an electrical engineer from St. Petersburg. She and her American husband, Rob, together with their two children from her first marriage in Russia, Misha and 9-year-old Sasha, are a microcosm of a phenomenon that grew unexpectedly out of perestroika. As hundreds of Russians traveled to the US for business and pleasure, as American [...]
Church marriage ceremony.
Nowadays many couples opt for a marriage in a church but church marriages in Russia still do not have official status, and the church requires a civil marriage certificate to arrange the ceremony for the couple (the couple must be officially married by ZAGS before the marriage in church). So if the couple plans to have a church ceremony, they will usually go through the civil ceremony a few days before the wedding. The Russian church ceremony is colorful and solemn but the complete traditional ceremony is very long, and as guests and the couple have to stand during the ceremony (there are n [...]
Don’t humiliate women!
Just so: don’t humiliate! There are things that are impossible to change: this awful term “mail order brides” or the stereotype opinion that the economical situation in Russia is really bad and people live poorly and therefore women are ready to marry even a devil for the sake of a sweet life in the West. But if you are looking for your soulmate, your other half, your love, throw such thoughts away out of your mind! Yes, most likely, she isn’t rich. It is quite possible that she earns a month what you earn a day. But she is a personality with her own dreams, values and dignity, looking [...]
How to count in Russian.
Here's a list of the Russian numbers showing how they should be pronounced:
1 = a'deen
2 = dva
3 = tri
4 = chetyre
5 = pyat'
6 = shest
7 = sem'
8 = vosem' [...]
How to send money to Russia?
If you plan a mutual travel or just want to send money to your fiancee, you face the problem: how to do it in the best way? There are 4 ways and it depends on the sum, purpose and regularity which way is the best. That’s the topic we are going to discuss today. 1. Sending money through the International systems of transfer without opening an account. There are many systems like these now, I will name only well known to me: Western Union, Money Gram and Contact. Their system of work is similar: You bring money, pay commission, say the woman’s surname, name, country and city of reside [...]
Meeting people, getting with someone, rude words in Russian.
Useful Russian phrases shown as they are pronounced [...]
Moving around, transportation, and time.
The Russian phrases shown as they should be pronounced. [...]
Place of dating: not Paris alone!
Dear Slava! I want to spend a week in Europe with my fiancee. But she writes that it will be difficult for her to get a visa, because she is young and unmarried. I don’t understand why it is so? Explain, please. What would you do if you were me? Maybe she just doesn’t want to meet with me? Rick     First of all, I want to say that what this girl says is true. Really, for young and single girls it is very difficult (next to impossible) to get a visa to Shenghen countries. And it is explained easily. Since the moment when “iron curtain” collapsed and Russians were allowe [...]
Popular Russian Names For Girls
Russian full name consists of: First name + Middle name (Patronymic) + Last name (Surname) e.g. Nataliya Alexandrovna Ivanova Russian middle names All Russian children are given only a first name by his or her parents. The middle name is constructed of the father's first name of a child. This name is called a patronymic. A daughter of Alexander will have a middle name or patronymic called Alexandrovna. This name was constructed by adding the ending "ovna" to the father's first name. This indicates that she is a female child of a man named Alexander. As for a boy his patronymic is "Alexa [...]
Questions and Answers About Russia and Eastern Europe
Q: Some Muslim Slav nationalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina claim that the language they speak is totally distinct from any other language used in the former Yugoslavia. Do the Bosnian Muslims have their own separate language? A: Bosnian Muslims, Croats, and Serbs all speak variants of a single language, which most international linguists still refer to as Serbo-Croatian. As is the case with the differences between the Serbian and Croatian variants, there are specific accents and vocabulary items that are unique to the variant that the Bosnian Muslims speak. Bosnian Muslims are more likely [...]
Reading street signs.
Street & Metro: [...]
Russian alphabet & grammar.
Russian words are pronounced the same way they are written. The only problem is that the words are written in russian alphabet, and in this alphabet there are some letters you might've never used and seen before! So here we provide you with the russian alphabet and analogues of the sounds in english: [...]
Russian Christmas
Thirteen days after Western Christmas, on January 7th, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates its Christmas, in accordance with the old Julian calendar. It's a day of both solemn ritual and joyous celebration After the 1917 Revolution, Christmas was banned throughout Russia, along with other religious celebrations. It wasn't until 75 years later, in 1992, that the holiday was openly observed. Today, it's once again celebrated in grand fashion, with the faithful participating in an all-night Mass in incense-filled Cathedrals amidst the company of the painted icons of Saints [...]
Russian Easter
There are many feasts, which Russians like to celebrate. The main is the spring feast Easter. It is a light and kind feast brings belief, hope and love. Approximately 5 thousand years back Judaic tribes celebrated this spring day as a feast of calving of cattle, and then Easter was connected with beginning of harvest, later - with leaving of Jews from Egypt. Christians have enclosed other sense of this day and celebrate it in connection with resurrection of Christ. The First Ecumenical council established day of commemorating of Easter in 325 year: the first Sunday after the first spring [...]
Russian food: are you ready?
We have the widespread Russian legend telling that English people prefer oatmeal porridge for breakfast. We adore reading The Adventures of Sharlock Holmes and if you ask a Russian man or woman: “What is served for breakfast in Baskerville Hall?” you are certain to hear, “Oatmeal porridge, sir!”:) It’s just a myth but I learned it’s false not so long ago. An English man who came to Kazan complained about terrible breakfast in his hotel. They served only porridge and sausages, no fruits. “We don’t eat this for breakfast, he said, it’s too hard and rich for morning meal.” Art is long, life is sh [...]
Russian phrase you may need when changing money or checking in a hotel.
Useful Russian phrases: Changing money: [...]
Russian phrases - Learn Russian basic phrases & Russian words
Some basic Russian phrases and words:[...]
Russian Visas - different types of visa to Russia
All foreigners visiting Russia require a Russian visa. In order to receive one, travelers need a Russian visa invitation from a Russian citizen or a company (sometimes called a voucher for tourist visas), which is then taken to a Russian Consulate, where the actual visa is issued. Within three working days of arrival in Russia, the visa should be registered by the person/organization that issued the invitation either at a hotel or at a local registration office (OVIR). Registration is important because people lacking registration may have trouble leaving the country. Russian visa process [...]
Russian women about feminism
    I often happen to participate in discussions that Russian women are going to become like American soon. They watch American movies, catch American lifestyle and American values.     Really, we can feel American influence in Russia today. And the matter doesn’t lie in Hollywood or McDonalds. Women’s independence is becoming trendy. According to the last population census, there are more women with higher education than men now. Some women have several higher educations.     Nevertheless, Russia has its own way. Our history counts thousands of year [...]
Safe ways to carry money to Russia
    Those who have never been to Russia, are inclined to judge it from movies. I have seen some American movies about Russians! :-)) They have nothing to do with reality! Nevertheless, you may be scared with “Russian mafia”, lack of development, instability. In reality Moscow is one of the most expensive cities of the world, equally with London, New York and Tokyo.       The word combination “Russian mafia” became obsolete long ago. Now Russia is governed by oligarchs – those, who in their time managed to buy oil, gas, etc. at cheap price. As you can see, it [...]
Shopping and buying food.
More useful Russian phrases and words. Shopping:[...]
The meaning of a smile? Why do Russians smile so seldom?
We often hear from foreigners that Russians rarely smile (especially people living in big cities). We don’t notice it but in comparison to other eastern and western countries it is right. Meaning what? Russians rude, impolite, ill mannered, non-hospitable and so on??   I think it is deeper in national traditions. Lets’ see how it is! I have found a wonderful work in the Internet written by one of the Voronezh University Professor I.A. Sternin. I think he has given a good scientific base to this phenomenon. He points out 14 distinguishing features of a typical Russian smile: [...]
What is a 'mail order bride'?
What does this term mean? Where does it come from? Why do dating services use this term? Let’s dot our “i’s” and cross our “t’s” once and for all!   International marriages are very popular now. Though many people can’t understand them. Sometimes they just need to “mature” for it.  Nevertheless, developed communications and Internet have done their part. It has become convenient, accessible and quick to meet people from other countries. But it hasn’t always been so! However, international marriages did exist. How did people meet?   Here is the version of Yale Profes [...]
What it is like to be a wife of an American Man
    Interview with Elena who has been married to an American Man for two years.     Today I’d like to acquaint you with Elena Davis. She married our client Kevin two years ago. If you saw our page “Success stories”, then you know them already:) Elena has come back to her Motherland, to Kazan for the first time and she has a lot of stories! But we decided to ask her what it is like to be a wife of an American. Maybe your bride will tell you the same after she’s been married to you for two years. But why waiting for so long? Let’s learn the future. - Lena, what did you [...]
Who are male scammers?
We often talk a lot about female scammers. These ladies meet men in the Internet and start telling stories about being so poor and needing so much!… Mother is gonna have an operation, father needs a new wheelchair, sister cannot continue her education and brother is desperate to start his own business (of course in a year it is going to grow up and you are certain to have your interests, trust her!), and she… she is modest and needs nothing, perhaps, except… payment for using Internet, translator service, visa, plane ticket…   Let alone those noble men who are ready to give money [...]
Why Feminism isn’t popular in Russia?
Not long ago we discussed this subject and then I came across the letter of a Russian girl in the Internet. Take your time to read it! It is very arguable, but it shows well the state of public opinion in today’s Russia. Sometimes I see an opinion in the Internet that strong family traditions of Russian women is a myth made up by dating services. But such letters as this one – emotional and honest – prove the opposite. The letter was written by the girl named Anna. She is a feminist, or want to become such. She reflects on the future of feminism in Russia. [...]
Your safety: criminals in Russia.
One we have a client in Kazan we called him a brave man. Sometimes I hear some sad stories about postponing meetings between Western men and our women. They can fail because men's close people and relations persuade them not to go to "dangerous Russia". Bandits all over! If you are lucky to escape them you are certain to be caught by KGB.It would be very funny but: I see this argument works and some men take it really serious!Yes, we have a high level of criminal activity in Russia.Yes, our criminals tend to form bands.Yes, Russian laws work poorly.It's true. But how can [...]
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