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Answering your letters

> Hi Slava,

> Sorry I am not Christian.  I think your news bulletins should be more

> abstract and not treat religion as an assumption that people must have.

> Here many of us here are offended by classroom prayer, and our money saying

> 'In God we Trust' (Smile)

> Ken

Thank you, Ken, for the letter and your opinion.  

One can be a believer or not, but he should treat tolerantly the values of close people. The traditions of the Easter are laid deeply in Russian women and even the years of the Soviet Regime, when the religion was aggressively burnt out of people, failed to beat them.

I just want to say to you, Ken, that if you marry a Russian woman, then you should know her mentality. And treat it with respect. You can treat it as the cultural layer of folk traditions, if you want. :)  

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