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Answering your letters

Hi Slava,

I just read your newsletter about the man who was upset about letters from the lady.  One thing you didn't mention is that a lot of Russian women don't have cars and don't drive.  I know Marianna has to walk from her work to the agency to get my letters and then she walks home.  When I found that out I told her not to worry about answering me right away.  If she ends up coming here I think she will like her new life and she won't have to worry about waiting for March 8 to be treated nice.

Have a nice weekend,


You are absolutely right, Randy! Though the number of female drivers is constantly increasing in our country, but this phenomenon cannot be called habitual yet. The present economic conditions do not allow women to earn so much money as men do. Most of Russian women cannot afford to buy a car. That’s why most of our clients use public transport to get to the agency. So it requires a lot of time, patience and efforts from them. It is great that you appreciated it!

And you are twice as right, saying that a woman must not worry about waiting for March 8 to get attention and tenderness.

But I would like to tell you something else about that holiday to make it clear why women wait for attention from their men on that very day.

1. Habit.

Since their childhood girls are accustomed to this holiday. They know that on that day boys from their kindergarten group, fathers and brothers will tell wishes and compliments to them and give presents. Almost every family has a party and cooks some tasty dishes on that day and everybody has a festive mood. This day has always been an official day off. And in those places, where the production cannot be stopped, men try to take most of the duties on themselves.

2. Desire to be loved, to change, to renew.

The first spring sunrays change women. The 8th of March is just at the beginning of spring and women want to look especially beautiful. On these days the beauty shops and hairdressers’ are overcrowded by women. Every lady wants to look like a queen for her man on that day.

3. Feeling that you aren’t lonely.

If a woman has someone to smarten herself up for, then she is not lonely. It is sad to see women who bite their lips out of pity for themselves.

I am writing in detail about that day – the 8th of March because nowhere in the world it is celebrated like in Russia. You should be Russian to understand what this day means for our women. However you needn’t be Russian to make your beloved happy on this day :)

I would like to remind you that you can order any present from our catalog. Especially nice are flowers: fine spring bouquets or eternally beautiful roses.

Every woman will be happy to get a basket of fruit or sweets. For more practical men there are also presents for choice: mobile phones, digital translators, certificates on beauty services and on the purchase of perfume. Hurry up, there are few days left till the 8th of March!!!  

What do you associate a woman with? With youth, beauty, lightness, spring aroma? Present her this!

And we add you 10 extra days of  Membership free of charge, if your order will cost more than $50. And, of course, at the moment of each delivery we will take a photo – specially for you.

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