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    You are the only Russian I know so please accept my sincere condolences. I am speechless, I am enraged and at the same time I am confident that they, animals who can kill children, only made our orthodox soul stronger.

    Three days after the tragedy the newspapers here are talking politics, that lack of compassion I cannot understand. I will never understand how anybody can talk politics at the scene of even one dead child. Please accept my apologies in their name, their soul is misty and they can't see clear. They know only of this present moment, yesterday is for them something that happened long ago.

    Forgive me, and them but never forget that in the moment of your greatest tragedy your people were alone. They could extend the helping hand and ask how can we help, but no, they extend one finger and start pointing and talking politics.

    They can kill your man, they can kill your women and elders and they can kill your children, many before them have tried, but never your soul and that is what they really want to kill. One heart filled with love and compassion is stronger than all the hate of this world. They will never win!



To Chance for Love,

I wish to express my condolences and deepest sorrow at the loss of your men, women, and children at Beslan, Russia. My hope is that God will give Russia and the Russian people peace and happiness in the future. Best wishes always.

Jeff Yeager

Rochester Hills, Michigan USA

Thank you, friends, for all warm words that you keep sending to us. It is very touching to know that the people from all over the world have opened their heart for Russia and her children…

Thank you!

    Dear Slava, I would like to respond to the man from Colorado. I am most certainly not a liar. If he wishes to see copies of my visas of the various East European countries I have been to the past 10 years, I would be able to provide it. I have had to add pages to my visa pages twice already and I have 4 more years before the passport is expired!! I have been to Estonia over 40 times, as I was first there in New Years 1990. I have been to Belarus 5 or more times, to Russia 7 or 8 times, to Ukraine over 10 times, currently holding a 4 year visa and I am currently in Berlin, Germany leaving once again for Ukraine tomorrow. I am from New Hampshire, USA. I have been in Kazakhstan once and Moldova once. I have the visas in my passport to prove all this and I have a tremendous desire to Fax a copies of my pages to you Slava! Maybe you have a Fax number and I can do it anyway. As to being stupid, well, no doubt I have done many stupid things in my life and I will continue making mistakes. I am however, a doctor with several degrees and I was not just handed these degrees without earning them through hard work, study and a bit of intelligence. I am only able to travel so much because I work very much between my vacation times. Therefore, the income is from my work, as I was not born with money. I own an apartment in Ukraine, in Sevastopol and I will go there tomorrow. With women I have met, I have perhaps been incredibly unlucky. NO, I am not fat, bald or look like a monster. I am of average appearance and average build. I am looking for someone very cute and sweet. So, I am very particular and that is the problem. Those that I like very much do not happen to like me and those that like me, I do not care about, it has always been this way. I am not aggressive and I do not push myself on anyone. I agree with the German fellow, who brings perfume, good idea! In fact, I agree with this man from Colorado, maybe one rose is a good way, but not a big bouquet. Maybe a teddy bear, too, I admit gifts of clothes should come later, which when I would present them, but not to be condescending or in a way to a make a woman feel that she dresses poorly, as suggested by your staff. I am sure the fellow from Colorado would think differently of me if he were to meet me and I am sure he is a good fellow. I wish him good luck and I would hope he would wish me good fortune, as well. I hope to visit Kazan on a near future trip



Dear Richard!

Nobody doubts that you really have been to the countries of the former USSR so many times! It is just everyone has his own experience and we share and discuss it at this newsletter. Sometimes it is very discrepant :)) But there are no identical people in the world!

I am very glad that you were able to derive something useful for you nevertheless. Hope to see you in Kazan soon!

Hello Slava

    I was reading the last newsletter with great interest.

I am a man who has just been to Nikolaev, Ukraine. And what a great trip I had! I met a wonderful woman. We had some communication problems, as she didn't speak too much English. But Ludmila, our interpreter, helped us. To all your men who are unsure what to expect on the first date, or what to bring. Just remember the universal rule: You may bring flowers, and perfumes, or whatever gifts you like. But if the woman doesn't like you as a person, or as a man, all the gifts in the world won't help you. The reason I write this obvious thing, is that there seem to be so much writing about that you should bring this or that. It's of course very important to bring the lady a gift, but it doesn't mean it will be a successful date.

In my case we liked each other very much as woman and man. And despite our communication problems, not being able to express our thoughts and feelings, we both refused to give it up. Because we liked each other far too much. And we separately went to Ludmila for help. (Not knowing that the other had done the same.) Through her we sorted it all out, and had a wonderful time together. My point is this: If two people like each other and fall in love, the rules are universal. Be a gentleman. But don't worry about this or that. People are people no matter where you are in the world. And if you sit at home, not sure if you should write someone, or travel to see them. Don't hesitate. Do it. The people I met were all honest and decent. I made new friends in Nikolaev. And I'm going back as soon as possible. I took the chance, and I had the time of my life! If you worry about the woman using you to come to the west, then write someone your own age. I did. Not only because I don't like women who are much younger than me, but also to be sure of that if I met a nice woman, and fell in love with her, as I did, the chances for success are much, much higher with someone your own age. And they most likely won't leave you after a year or two. At least not for the wrong reasons.

    Greetings from the luckiest man in the world


Dear Peer,

    It is magic, when two people from different parts of the world meet and understand that they are the right ones for one another. Our congratulations! We are happy and proud of you.

Thank you for sharing your experience of first date with us and your considerations about this hot topic on gifts. I fully agree with you!

I received one more letter, it is quite large. Its author, Kevin, asked to analyze his story and tell where he had made a mistake. I think it will be useful for everyone to learn it, that’s why I will try and analyze it in details in the next week newsletter.

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