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Answering your letters

A lot of e-mails have come in response to arguing about religion, i.e. to the question if we should make our newsletters more abstract or keep telling about these things as about Russian traditions.

> Hi Slava,

> I wanted to write back to your newsletter and say thank you for standing up for your culture and the women you represent. I say this in reference to the note from Ken about religion. Too often Americans are extremely narrow minded to other cultures and their values, even though we are for 'democracy'. God forbid we make the world in our own image. I loved your strength in not backing down,

> Regards, Ian

Hi Slava. I want to react on a newsletter, I am from America, and I am a Christian, I think it is great that you talk about religion. I would not want a woman that did not have some kind of religion, or beliefs in god. People in America that do not like prayer in classrooms, and do not like our money that says "In god we trust" then go live in another country, and see how you like it. We have it good in America, so this person that says that some people in America, our offended by religion, and prayer in school, is ignorant. I think a lot of Russian people, would trade places with this person.

So keep up the good work Slava, and God bless!!!!!!!!


Thanks to all who expressed their thoughts! Keeping the “democracy” we let have the floor to everyone. I think there have been a lot of Ken supporters as well, but they were too lazy to write :-). That’s why you can’t see any letters from them here. Anyway, we are pleased that you supported us!  

Living in a multinational country we realized the following – we should be very tolerant and forbearing to everything concerning religion and national values.

> I don’t know If Slava is a real person . But I have to say the way you run the Agency ,does you real credit. It is almost like belonging to a "club". I have communicated with some very nice people, Maybe to many. Now I need to be more discerning. More specific. In my "choice. I will turn to you for help now that I appreciate you humanitarian attitude. Thank you Robert.

Thank you, Robert! If we managed to create a “club”, we are very glad to it! We are trying to work in this very way and we will be happy to help you.

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