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Date: 2005-10-31

=Higher education favours divorces=

According to the recent research of the Study and Settlement of Conflicts Center which belongs to the Russian Academy of Sciences, people working in intellectual sphere divorce much more often than those doing manual labor. Scientists also note that town-dwellers divorce more often than countrymen and they explain it by the fact that in villages a married couple is more controlled by relatives and neighbors.

=Americans can’t make a step without God=

According to a new NBC News poll, it is not just in times of crisis that many Americans reply on religion. Eighty percent say that God influences their decisions about marriage and raising children and more than 60 percent say that it shapes a major health care decision. More than half of respondents say faith plays a role in their family’s financial decisions and almost two thirds say it affects how they interact with co-workers. Michael Cromartie, a vice president of Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, is not surprised at the responses. “Religion is not only a personal relationship with God, but it has social and personal implication”, he said.

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